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  1. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I did find a link to the new Nexo Knights sets. In a Transformers site (TFW2005) you might need to do a little digging but it should be easy to find.
  2. Greetings from Canada!

    Welcome to the site, Gordovision.
  3. Hey everybody, I'm Rubellious!

    Welcome to the site, Rubellious.
  4. TOYS R US Files for Bankruptcy

    We will see. Besides they only filed for Chapter 11. They could still be operating for a couple of years before the company completely close up shop.
  5. What's your favorite Star Wars character?

    What? It is not Jar Jar!
  6. How to spend US $800 without buying UCS MF

    To be honest I would probably do something odd and get 80 $10 sets or 160 $5 sets or some sort of combination of the two.
  7. HELP! ! !

    I got a question about a member and his rank. How did @MeMan75 get to be a "Knight" with only 17 post. It make me think he did some questionable stuff... Thank you in advance.
  8. My name is Lowflyer

    Welcome to the site, Lowflyer. It sounds like you should check the "Creator" set.
  9. My name is RNG

    Welcome to the site, theRNG. For some reason you name makes me think you are a fan of Ninjago.
  10. introducing myself

    Welcome to the site, wrilzbach.
  11. Another newbie from the Netherlands

    I am not to sure what is so funny. Maybe you could could enlightened us. @Quota Welcome to the site. But you should do some proofreading before you post. The moderating staff likes to think everyone is of age for this site. (Plus, it does not seem to me that you are not a native English speaker.)
  12. Hello from USA!

    Hello, welcome to the site.
  13. What's up Homeslices?

    Hi Bob! I take it you are a Bob Newhart fan. (And to me it seems like you are all over the place lately.) Oh, welcome to the site.
  14. [MOC] Millenium Toilet Falcon Lid

    So, that what it is. At first I thought it was a lightsabers handle. As for the falcon lid, if you wanted to make something like this in real life, I would use a different "falcon toy".
  15. Is LEGO entering a Dark Age - or am I?

    First off it you want to quote multiple persons use the "+ button" next to the "quote button". I only said what I did because I got tired of seeing it in the "Historical Theme" section. To me it seems like everyone was crying to bring back LotR &The Hobbit sets. And sadly I really haven't went back there to that section because of it.