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  1. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    A little bit of chucking could be heard from Germ. At the apparent lonely Norseman. Looking at the Faerie Dust. "It looks like some sort of Faerie Cloak, it might be useful." He thought to himself. What is the matter, the cat used you as some sort of toy? It is probably with a Demon named Rosier I ran into "her" once. And it seems like "she" was going after the fairies back then. Clear something up from me we are next to Dastan, right? Couldn't help but chuck some more at the Norseman's discomfort. How big can this Triffid get to be? The only plant monsters I can think of being "big" are the Marlboro and the Ochu. And both of them are mean "K'nex". At this point Germ smacked the "egg" with blunt side of his sword. To see if he could get any sort of reaction.
  2. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    Keeping quiet, Germ wasn't really impressed with the witch. The only question he had about her is she an orc? Staying in the shadows tries to get a better look a the bodies.
  3. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    Actually, now that I think about it. It could be one of the wooded areas near the city. I believe the one to the south east side (of the city). I had a mission to protect a fellow called "Bookeater". We (the team) ended up going into the woods to get a "cure" Mr. Bookeater was trying to make. We ended up stopping a crazy "plant lady" and a couple of "Red Assassins". And then my next mission, the meeting place was next to the very same woods, before we ended up going to Spesialia. But, something tells me it is not that woods. It seems like the one in Dastan. As he follows the others down the path. Their was that big hole back at the Temple. So it wouldn't surprise me if their was something else.
  4. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    Basically talking to himself not sure if any of it is out loud or in his head. No, no, no, not here again. The place that started my journey in Heroica, could be the place that ends my career with Heroica. This place might be my first "red flag", that tells me I shouldn't of joined Heroica. Their is other "red flags" but this might be the worse one...Come to think about it I had that weird "dream" (with the dragons) back then. Was I "sick" back then, how long has this "stuff" been going on? It looks like Dastan. The Dark Forest or Lost know what I don't remember what it was called again. If it is the same place I am thinking, and their are clues to suggest it is. Their are more of those "Druid Zombies" around and their master Rosier the "Arcing Demon"...Was "she" after the Fay One? That would explain why "she" took this "Oracle". Thinking the "Oracle" would be able to get into the Fay One's Realm. A piece of advice, don't go off on your own. You might draw "her" out...Maybe you should, I don't think I will be able to do it, even if I wanted to draw "her" out.
  5. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    Grabbing a couple of Candles from the Closet, thinking might need them. Before Germ goes through the portal.
  6. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    Coming back from the marketplace, wondering if the portal was still active and everyone has gone through already. But for the first time noticed the broom closet and decided to look through it quickly. Before going to check the atrium.
  7. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    It is a little less now.
  8. Heroica RPG - Marketplace

    Avoiding the patrols, Germ buys some items before returning to the "Temple" he just came from. 3 - Deadly Venom; 4 - Holy Bomb(s); Telescope & Magic Compass Starting Gold 411-(50×3)-(5×4)-40-50= 151 Gold Left
  9. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Since I have written it down, I will just share what is left in Portia's stall. Tonic 1 left Grand Tonic 2 left Elixir 2 left Neutralizer 2 left Tiger Balm 3 left Soma 2 left Ambrosia 1 left Myrrh 2 left Venom 3 left Deadly Venom 3 left
  10. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    And like that he walks in...can you still here me. I am heading for the marketplace before I am going in there. Anyone else want to come along with me?
  11. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    Memories come flooding back of the time spent at the last dark Forest Germ was in... Noticing the gasp from the demon symbiont. That feeling you are getting might be from a very strong Demon. If it is going where I think it is going, it is very far away all the way to Dastan. I feel safer going down that "hole" before we collapsed it. I am definitely going to the marketplace. Before you guys Force me to go through that portal.
  12. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    Would the marketplace have something we could use? I guess I could get one of those "Magic Compass" (and "Telescope") it seems no one has any. We could get a few other things too.
  13. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    Use a Potion on Skuld As Germ is holding the empty bottle. And looking at the Orange Spores an idea pop into his head. These Orange Spores could make some decent bombs. I could use some help gathering the Spores, if I do this right we will have some extra fire power. Germ start to gather the spores. He goes into the other room to grab some lose papers. And makes a funnel to stick in the empty bottle. After filling the bottle with the Orange Spores, he twist the paper to make a wick. As he is holding the home made bomb, Germ ask. Should I test it, or just make some more?
  14. What was the last movie you watched?

    I was watching TV and a movie came on. Paycheck with "Batman", "Two-Face", "Poison Ivy" and special guest star the "Rhino" (from Spider-Man). I never realized that this was a "Batman" movie. Or more reasonable "How Bruce Wayne got his millions."
  15. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    Confusion or fear? I can not tell a "friend" from a "foe". Repeating