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  1. Barthezz Brick

    [MOC] Custom minifigs - by Barthezz Brick

    Attempt 7 Teutonic Crusader Knight By Barthezz Brick 1 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr Attempt 8 Antioch Crusader Knight by Barthezz Brick 1 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr Attempt 9 - Balian The Baron of Ibelin has a working sheath! Balian The baron Of Ibelin By Barthezz Brick 1 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr
  2. Barthezz Brick

    [MOC] City mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Hi, I broke down my Spider-man moc after my convention in hardenberg last weekend. It took me 3 days to sort. pff... But now i can finally start with my Venice Italy build. It's going to be +-40cm bigger than my latest build. I did some testing and tinkering for my church (never did a church before). But i'm quite fond with the result for now (wip) Venice Italy the year; 1500, 1940 & 2018 by Barthezz Brick, on Flickr
  3. Barthezz Brick

    [MOC] City mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    For sure! You always think; oke now I have enough of that color/brick. But in the end it's always; dammit I'm coming x pieces short. Opens computer and placed another order + a large amount of other pieces that look handy/you need in the future.... Haha
  4. Barthezz Brick

    [MOC] Historic mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Haha, thx for the great comment 👍 And yes my first moc in 20years... I had to buy alot of parts/sets because I only had sets from 1985 towards +-1998.. those were yellowed and dirty 😉 so it was a good excuse to spend some cold hard cash 😂 I'm always regretting that I waited for 20years (33 now and yes my parents bought Lego even before I was born) before I started building again and doing the thing I love.. So thankfully there is internet nowadays so I had a bootcamp in Lego building for 1 month and builded the Lotr moc. So with each build I'm trying to improve (I think the GoT moc is a nice example) and buy to much bricks for my next builds.. 😌 Greetings Barthezz Brick Thx, glad you like it 👍 I'm more than happy with the 'Bear and the Maiden Fair' result. That took me quite some time to build and alot of rebuilding and trying out new thinks. The build started with the bearpit and I used the bear in the series as a reference for the whole build. So if the real bear fitted in the pit 7 times, than the Lego bear fits 7 times his length in the bearpit. So with everything I did the bear was my reference for width, height and depth 😊. And after 1,5 years I think the Lotr moc still stands out between my other builds. So it's not bad 😉 Greetings Barthezz Brick
  5. Barthezz Brick

    [MOC] Winterfell Castle from Game of Thrones

    Amazing GoT micro build. Lovely scene with great/small details and building techniques 👍
  6. Barthezz Brick

    [MOC] Aztec Pyramid

    Great build. Reminds me of apocalypto from mel Gibson 👍
  7. Barthezz Brick

    [MOC] City mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Thx for the great comment!! It was 3months of hard work and around 150/200hours of building/tinkering. I had a small top view sketch and 'designed' the build along the way. Having the build visually in your head is one, but making it real is two 😉 Greetings Barthezz Brick
  8. Barthezz Brick

    [MOC] City mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Thx for the comments, much appreciated 👍👍
  9. Barthezz Brick

    Enter New Scene

    Welcome 👍
  10. Barthezz Brick

    Hello there brick rangers!

    Welkom/welcome 👍 landgenoot 😉
  11. Barthezz Brick

    Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    Very cool and inspirational topic! Aliencat & Mark of Falworth are the reason I'm buildings mocs since 1,5years. There builds where stunning 👍
  12. Barthezz Brick

    Hi Eurobrickers, Im Ingels

    Welcome and enjoy your stay 👍
  13. Barthezz Brick

    [MOC] Historic mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Thx again 😊 It was my first moc but I'm still happy with how it turned out. Maybe I need to do a new Lotr build anytime soon.. Greetings Barthezz Brick
  14. Barthezz Brick

    Barthezz Brick says hi!

    Hi, Thx for the great comment, I really appreciate that 🙏 I call my style 'detailistic', a new word for the dictionary 😂. But in the end it's alot of trial and error to get the textures and details right. Venice is making slow progress. Alot of testing and trying new things, but where getting there 😊 I think Venice is going to be 40cm wider than my Spider-Man build. So it's going to be my biggest city build to date!