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  1. Still maintaining hope for episode 9 though!
  2. A fast paced Isekai for your enjoyment!
  3. GEF


    Here is a fight practice video that we did the other day, enjoy!
  4. This is a promo video for the agricultural Agricultural Power and Equipment Technician program at WITC (Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College). This was made as a college assignment, but I ran short on time so it is not quite as complete as I had wanted it. So I already am aware of the lack of actual animation and the lengthy still shots. This was the first time we had touched LEGO stopmotion in almost two years, it was fun to have a reason to do something again.
  5. GEF


    An aspiring security guard mixes with the wrong surfer!
  6. GEF


    Spring! that wonderful time of year to look forward to. Here is something to help take your mind off those long and cold days to come. Animation: Gideon Feldick (GEF) Editing: Abraham Feldick (AnW)
  7. GEF

    Order of the Phoenix (Part 1)

    I feel about the same way, good job.
  8. GEF

    The Survivor

    Thanks man, much appreciated.
  9. GEF


    Thanks for the warm welcome!
  10. GEF

    The Survivor

    Being an evil minion is only bad most of the time. Animation/some Editing: Gideon Feldick (GEF) VFX/Editing: Abraham Feldick (AnW) Sound FX: Music: Incompetech
  11. GEF


    Hey everyone, name's Gideon. I have been a Lego addict for several years now, specializing in the creation of brickfilms. But Lego is not my only hobby, I also farm, ranch, bike, play sports, hunt, and have a growing interest in aviation. I look forward to being a member here and associating with others who have the same passion for Lego.