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Found 8 results

  1. I designed a Lego Space Shuttle to scale with the recent Lego Saturn V set. Since I get this question a lot, it is more proportionally correct than the 10231 and 10213 Shuttle, and is also accurately scaled to the Saturn V :) I posted a version of it on here before, but this one has been adjusted and finally submitted it to Lego Ideas. Please share with friends and sign up and support if you like it! Click to see more images and support if you like it! Lego Ideas - NASA Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale)
  2. Been posting this around, and I wanted to share here too. I've been working on my own Lego Space Shuttle design for a while. While I like what Lego has put out, I was never completely satisfied (mostly with the proportions of past models). Then when the incredible Saturn V came out, I knew I HAD to rework the design to the same scale (approx 1:111). This is where I am so far (imgur album). Click through to see renders, graphics, and a scale chart:
  3. LeaderOne

    Hi, long time lurker!

    I've been lurking this forum for quite some time; I posted a couple of questions long time ago but I always come here to be amazed by the endless creativity of this Lego community. I decided to post a couple of MOC's that are inspired on the shuttles from sets 60080 and 60078. Since I love to collect Space Shuttles of different scales I got these sets as gifts but I was never satisfied by how the shuttles actually looked built. I decided to redesign the shuttles to look a bit better. I started from scratch in the LDD and then got the pieces from bricklink. The big shuttle (SSL) has 302 pieces and the small one (SSS) 200 pieces. Here are the lxf files (I hope these links work): SSL lxf file SSS lxf file The shuttles are ready to be modified to add cargo and other features; I want to add the carrier rockets (the small shuttle will sit atop of a rocket with an adapter for the tail). In this design you can see 2 minifigs in the cockpit arranged using piece 14704 so they can be tilted against each other to make them fit in the space available One of the things that bothered me the most with the 60080 shuttle was the huge gap for the elevon hinges.On my shuttles the hinges are hidden below the wing and fully functional. Adding another section on the cargo bay changed the shape to be closer to the real space shuttle. Of course on the minifig scale the cockpit is minuscule but at least I managed to fit 2 minfigs there. Flickr album Let me know your comments!
  4. With the 30th Anniversary of Space Shuttle Challenger's explosion this year, I've decided to put various sizes of the official Space Shuttle models in a row! From the left to right as follows: 1682 Space Shuttle (Small) 6339 Shuttle Launch Pad (Small) 60080 Spaceport (Medium) 10231 Shuttle Expedition/10213 Shuttle Adventure (Large) 7470 Space Shuttle Discovery (Large) 8480 FOS Light Space Shuttle (Extra Large) Which size do you prefer the most?
  5. HruppertDK

    NASA Final Launch - Atlantis

    Hey there. Does any of you have ideas for a set that depicts the final manned space shuttle Atlantis? Lets see your ideas! :D
  6. Hi my name is Jan I was trying to fix the battery box of our space shuttle set. The problem appears to be in the switch part as the circuit is complete from first battery to last. I decided to take the red switch top off. Unfortunately one of the metal strips inside popped out (the one that is not fixed in) and I am not sure how it fitted in. Can anyone please tell me where the metal strip goes and explain how the mechanism inside the switch works. I understand that it reverses the polarity when you press down alternate switches. Thank you
  7. Hi everybody! I'd like to show you my latest mini-moc. It try to represent the Space Shuttle in its most exiting moment: the launch to the space. Hope you like it: Other pictures: Ideas: Any comment or suggestion is welcome! Bye Teazza
  8. Here is a wonderful model of the space shuttle Discovery built by Ed Diment currently for sale on ebay.. Check it out..