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Found 11 results

  1. did a bunch of these over the summer; the image hyperlinks to flickr if you want to see more photos Or You Can Just Follow My Insta Or look below They've all been built irl trust me
  2. Pirean_Grammaticul

    The Falcon

    seems like everyone forgot this bird --- entered into lego ideas' 10th anniversary contest: i fully expect to lose but w/e follow me on insta! ... and that's it
  3. Probably should've done this one first. LDD link here. Using this classic poly as a basis, managed to pull together a more modernized model with a subtly "mechanical" aesthetic (being Zane and all) and a bit more (hopefully requited) flair in . Should've added tan or "plastic wings" just for the sake of color, but it's too late to change the render now, isn't it? And back shot. That red button is a homage to the original, but does play a role in the principal function: it can be pressed to let the wings, uh, "flutter." I dunno if I need to add much to this beyond a couple lines, but do click the links if you can. The LDD one in particular has some neat insight into the model's function. Edit: I've added the words "plastic wings" above. This doesn't negate the entry, does it?
  4. I´ve never been the biggest fan of oversized motorcycles in Lego sets (i´m looking at you, various Ninjago sets and especially 2019 Captain America Cycle!) so i decided to shake things up a bit and reimagine the weird bike/snowmobile thingy from the recent Ninjago set 70667 into some sort of hotrodded Ice Trike. I tried using most of the parts that are characteristic to the original build and/or get stickers. What do you think of this remoddeling? Better or worse than the original?
  5. Ghost Onyx

    Ninjago: Project Rebuild

    Hi! I didn't know where else to put this so I hope it's ok if I post this here. Hey random person on the internet reading this! Did you watch the Lego Ninjago Movie and were unable to help but feel like the trailers sold you a very different product? Did the Lego Ninjago Movie feel lacking in any way, as though many scenes were cut from the finished movie? Did you feel that the other Ninja, or anyone without “Garmadon” in their name, were given the shaft in terms of character development, or any substantial characterization? I feel you, reader. I feel you as keenly as one feels a stray, unsuspecting brick on the floor when the lights are out. Last question, are you looking for quality Ninjago content? Then look no further! I’ve got you covered! Welcome to Project Rebuild! What is Project Rebuild, you ask? It’s my script rewrite of the Lego Ninjago Movie. My goal is to condense the essence of 7 seasons of the tv show into one cohesive story, while following the basic plot of the Lego Ninjago Movie. But wait! There’s more! Tirelessly seeking out all promotional material for the movie, (i.e. trailers, junior novel, the “Making of Lego Ninjago Movie” book, etc.) I have struggled to reconstruct (pun intended) this cohesive story with as many deleted concepts as I could fit in. It’s an adaptation distillation, if you will. Oh and this just in! As an added bonus, I’ll be attempting to incorporate the toys sets into the story too. Here’s the synopsis: Lloyd Garmadon, the Chosen One, stands at the center of the battle between good and evil. As the Green Ninja, he is beloved by all as the constant savior of the city of Ninjago. But as the son of the Evil Lord Garmadon, he is hated by the very same citizens he saves. Under the guidance of the wise Master Wu, Lloyd and his team, the Secret Ninja Force, will need all the help they can get to keep it together and defend the city from Lord Garmadon and greater threats. Without any further ado, here's Chapter 1: EXT. MOUNTAIN TOP – NIGHT TWO FIGURES stand locked in combat against each other atop a tall and craggy mountain. Rain pours down heavily. Lightning crackles and thunder booms to emphasize every movement. Blow after furious blow is struck. Lightning strikes illuminate the faces of the combatants. We see a close up of MASTER WU, a wise-looking old man with a long white beard. He wears a white robe and a conical hat. His weapon is a long, wooden staff. Opposite him is his brother, LORD GARMADON, a far taller adversary owing to his towering horned helmet and double torso that sports four arms. He wears black samurai armor that matches his skin, which has been charred black due to his corruption. His red, glowing eyes are also signs of his corruption. His weapons are four katanas, one in each hand. Despite Lord Garmadon's extra arms, Master Wu defends himself well. The two appear locked in a stalemate. Lord Garmadon makes a demonic, fanged smile as he speaks. LORD GARMADON: You will never defeat me, brother. MASTER WU: It is not my destiny to defeat you. But it will be your son's. Angered, Lord Garmadon uses his swords to push Master Wu away in a burst of energy. LORD GARMADON: You leave Luh-loyd out of this! Master Wu remains calm but his eyes fixed on Lord Garmadon. His voice is resolute. MASTER WU: One day, your son, LLOYD GARMADON, will defeat you, as the prophecy foretold. I invoke it! A powerful burst of thunder and lightning strikes ominously as Wu says this. We pan up to see a large object fall from the sky. It is a non-Lego fortune cookie. It breaks apart as it crashes on the ground, revealing the fortune prophecy within written in glowing, gold ink. LORD GARMADON: Prophecy? Well, two can play at that game. One day, my son, Lloyd Garmadon will join me and my evil ways. MASTER WU: (shocked) What?! LORD GARMADON: Together, we will conquer Ninjago and we shall be unstoppable, as the prophecy foretold. MASTER WU: No! LORD GARMADON: I… MASTER WU: You… LORD GARMADON (CONT’D): …invoke… MASTER WU (CONT’D): …wouldn't… LORD GARMADON (CONT’D): …it. MASTER WU (CONT’D): …dare! Another powerful burst of thunder and lightning strikes ominously as though to punctuate the gravity of their words. Another non-Lego fortune cookie falls from the sky. It falls between the two brothers, causing them to jump away to safety. Both witness the fortune cookie splitting in half before them as the glowing prophecy fortune writes itself into existence. LORD GARMADON: Oh, I dare. I have every right to dare. Our entire realm has the power to invoke prophecies on a whim. We control the destinies of every citizen in Ninjago! We should be gods! MASTER WU: Father would not have wanted this! LORD GARMADON: Well, father is no longer here. We've squandered our potential long enough, brother, and now it is to time to re-make Ninjago in my image. MASTER WU: I may not be the one to defeat you, Garmadon. But I will make sure you don't succeed. Lord Garmadon sees something behind Master Wu. He smirks confidently knowing he has the upper hand, all four of them. LORD GARMADON: Hey, whatever lets you sleep at night, brother. A large shark-shaped flying vessel, the SKY SHARK, arrives from the clouds. It lowers its anchor, which Lord Garmadon grabs onto as it flies by. LORD GARMADON: Looks like my ride's here. Another time, brother. Garmadon leaves on the Sky Shark. His evil laughter echoes in the distance. Wu is left on the mountain but he has a determined look on his face. MASTER WU: I, Master Wu, swear the solemn oath to form a SECRET NINJA FORCE to stop Garmadon at every turn. I invoke it. Dramatic thunder strikes. Cut to black as the last fortune cookie falls from the sky.
  6. Ninjas in tricked out Hotrods?Why not?This wild Ride belongs to the Ninja with the Titanium (and everything else) Heart,Zane. The loud Pipes and the growling Engine might not be very stealthy,but this hotrodded Van is definitely cool like a Ninja. Ninjago-In-ZANE-Van #2 Ninjago-In-ZANE-Van #1 I tried to incorporate some notable Parts from Zanes Bike out of the recent S.O.G. Ninjago Sets and thought about how a mean Custom Car for Zane would look. Well,the Renderings show pretty much how the final Model will look. So,what do you think of it?
  7. Zane is arguably one of the coolest characters in the NINJAGO Universe and he deserves a cool ride. In my 10th RA review, I will take a cold hard look at 70616 Ice Tank to examine if it fits his character and if this tank is actually worth one's while. Now let's get it on. Overview Name: 70616 - Ice Tank Theme: The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Year: 2017 (2H) Pieces: 914 Minifigures: 5 Price: USD 79.99 / EUR 79.99 / GBP 79.99 / SGD 149.99 / MYR 399.90 Resources: Brickset & Rebrickable Official Set Description Introduction I made a video review of this set for a local launch event and you can jump at the very end to watch the video review. Today, I am doing a more detailed review of this set so that I can address some of the most common comments I read about this set online. The front box panel shows the 2 civilians running away from the Shark Army guys. If you're not familiar that Zane is fighting with the good guys, you may think that he's also running after the civilians even if he is supposed to be saving them from the Shark Army bad guys. The back panel shows the play features of the set. I find it amusing that there are 5 frames at the lower portion of the panel but only 3 of them actually shows the play features. The other 2 just shows Zane hiding behind a plant and another one showing the length of the Ice Tank. A decent amount of minifigures are included in this set - 2 bad guys, 1 good guy and 2 civilians, for a total of 5 minifigures. One of the side panels shows the same box art shown in front, while the other one shows the LEGO Life App logo. Now let's start building. Build There are 7 numbered plastic bags, 1 clear plastic bag without a number, 2 loose wheel rims and another plastic containing the instruction manual and sticker sheet. The quality of the manual is on par with the more recent perfect bind manuals (book binding with adhesives). I don't think it needs to be printed this big (about the size of A4 paper) but I remember these are meant for kids. I almost forgot because the box art does not have the usual recommended age in front of the box. Flipping through the manual, there is a checklist of TLNM sets towards the last few pages. Below is the sticker sheet for this set and for the first time after doing 10 reviews here in EB, I applied the sticker on this set because I used this set for exhibits as well. I'm not going to go through all the details but #11, #14 and #15 reads "Zane". #5, #6 and #11 are symbols for Zane's elemental power. If it is not obvious enough, those are snowflake pattern variations. The next 2 pictures below are the preview on how each numbered bags contribute to the build: Now, let's go through the actual build. Bag #1 contents What's not displayed on the picture is the additional 2 trans-light blue half cone 5x10x6 pieces from the plastic without number. Bag #1 build Right from the beginning, we see the cheater wheel that adds grip to the vehicle. The mechanism also turns the axle of the "ice container" so that when you push the vehicle, the mixer axle turns as well. Bag #2 contents Whenever I see part 32531 Technic Brick 4x6 Open Center, I usually associate it with strengthening frame build. Bag #2 build Nothing much happening except it looks more sturdy after adding more technic parts. Bag #3 contents Like the first numbered bag, what's not displayed on the picture is the additional 2 trans-light blue half cone 5x10x6 pieces from the plastic without number. It's needed to complete the ice container as seen below. Bag #3 build The most notable thing in the build progress so far is that the Ice Tank is looking like a cement mixer. Also, in the picture above I have attached extra parts from bag #4 that should not belong in bag #3 -- mainly the black thread sprocket, the DBG slope with 4 slots and LBG wheel holders. The tip of the "ice container" uses 8 white plate 1x1 rounded with handle. I think TLG should create this piece in more colours because it is so useful. Bag #4 contents The loose wheels included in the box are not from the bag #4 but it's needed to complete the track wheels, Bag #4 build The repeating pattern on the bigger wheels adds a little finishing touch on the wheels but I find it interesting that the designers used the inverted curved slope instead of just the normal 2x1 curved slope which could have produced the same look. The inverted slope is more expensive in the aftermarkets so I am glad they use this part to create that detail. Bag #5 contents You almost can't see it but there are 2 trans-clear canopies there -- same mould used in X-Wing and U-Wing but without any printing. Bag #5 build So far everything looks symmetrical until the cannon at the left side of Ice Tank (your right) was added. Bag #6 contents There are lots of ball joints included in this set but not a single one of them is used for articulation. So where is it used? Bag #6 build The combination of hinges and ball joints make the triangular shape possible. This is the highlight for me on building the Ice Tank because I never thought of using ball joints to achieve this kind of shaping. I came across the use of ball joints to hold the position of the U-Wing deflector shield (the wing prongs) but the designer of Ice Tank explored this technique further to use it for permanent fixtures and it works surprisingly great. Bag #7 contents Bag #7 is just like bag #6 but with additional pieces needed for the hanging flags or banners. Bag #7 build Finally, we're done with the build... but without all the stickers applied yet. It looks decent without the stickers but the flags or banners are screaming out loud "you need to put the stickers on here!". Top view Here's the top view of Ice Tank with all the stickers applied. The stickers help the cockpit area look more interesting because without them, it just looks too white and bland. Surely, it looks imposing when viewed from the top angle. I read some reviewers criticising the gap in the middle but I did not mind this gap because it shows the icy core of the tank which totally looks intentional and not a folly of the designer. Why would you close the gap in the middle when it's meant to be seen? Close the gap and you would think that the Ice Tank is trying to pull off an upright Super Star Destroyer (SSD). In a way, it does look like an SSD combined with a mammoth tank already. Right side view I appreciate the trans-light blue tiles at the edges. I like this colour in general so having these parts for MOC is most welcome. Left side view Only the left side has six studs shooter and this sort of cannon weapon does not move. When you think of tanks, you think of rotating cannons and turrets so I was expecting it should move in at least one axis so that you can pretend it can aim at target -- but it's just fixed in one position. You can only turn the tan gear to fire the six studs shooter. I suppose durability comes first in designing this set. Since I mentioned durability, let me segue there briefly. My problem with this durability thing with LEGO sets is that while the designers try to create sturdy sets, they seem to forget that no matter how sturdy the sets are (frame wise), when you put flimsy things on the set such as those 4 flags/banner sticking out and circular details on the big wheels -- they kind of contradict their own design philosophy. While Ice Tank is definitely built like a tank, if I pick this tank up by the edge or even by the "ice container", it will break apart easily because the weight of this set cannot firmly hold itself together unless you hold it at the right spot. The circular details on the big wheels easily come off also when I try to pick this up by holding both thread wheels because my fingers go in the recessed area of the thread wheels sometimes and the inverted slopes detach when I flick them accidentally. I might be nitpicking here but this is just a general observation. The ice container "mixer" I'm also not convinced that this is a 'play feature'. it's just a gimmick that could be appreciated by kids below 10 years old. My son enjoyed it but it annoyed me several times. It's totally optional to put those trans-light blue round bricks if you do not want the rattling noise. Overall, I like the build because of the interesting techniques used in this set. There are little annoyances but those are very minor when compared to the good things about this set. Parts I already mentioned in the build section which parts I find interesting so let me do a quick round up. For big parts, these are the more interesting ones for me -- not only they are rare recolour of existing parts, they seem useful in MOCs also. For the small parts, again the plate 1x1 rounded with handle should appear in more colours. It's really a useful piece. I also found other use for the Technic link threads so I like having different colours of that part. The other 2 small parts that I really like are minifigure headgears, namely the new conical hat and sand blue angler headgear. Below are the extra pieces that I got from the set. For the entire parts list here is the picture taken from the instruction manual: Minifigures We have Zane, Torben, Patty Keys, Shark Army Angler and Shark Army Thug in the set. Overall a decent minifigure selection. I like the fact that we get 2 civilians even though they are not entirely unique. Patty Key's head piece is also used in the minifigure named Pat in set 70613 Garma Mecha Man. It's likely the same character, just in different torso and legs combination. What's interesting is that Pat in set 70613 is using the same torso and legs combination of Torben. Torben's attire is also used by Takuma which has the same hairpiece as Patty Keys, just with a different headpiece. Meanwhile, Patty Key's torso and legs are also used on a character named Ham found in set 70607 City Chase. The removable armour with air tank with "1 bar / low battery" printing used by Shark Army Angler (sand blue) can also be found in 70614 Lightning Jet, used by Crusty (orange crab headgear). A variation of this armour with "3 bars / medium battery" printing can be found in the CMF TLNM series used by Shark Army Octopus and Shark Army Angler (sand green). Front view with accessories Back view with accessories Front view without accessories and head gear Back view without accessories and head gear Fun fact: The TV version of Patty Keys appeared in at least 10 episodes. Her inclusion in this set is likely a homage to one of the early NINJAGO episodes where she cheered for Zane as a fan. TV version of Patty Keys (minifigure in pink torso) cheering for Zane A quick side by side comparison of the sand green and sand blue anglers Quick side-by-side comparison of TLNM Zane (CMF), TLNM Zane in ninja suit and the classic Ninjago TV Zane Swapping hair and head gears Just swapping out hair and head gears to see how the movie Zane looks like with the classic hair and classic ninja head wrap. Conclusion Before I proceed, let me address the proverbial elephant in the room about the price of this set. Different regions have different pricing strategy and I realised this when doing price research for this set. All data I used are available publicly and to present this easily, and objectively, I created a bubble graph. Price Per Gram, Price Per Part and Price Per Minifigure chart for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie sets in USD On the X-axis I put the price per gram (PPG) and on the Y-axis I put the price per part (PPP). The size of the bubble corresponds to the price per minifigure (PPM) which means that the bigger the bubble the more expensive the set is, per minifigure. For all metrics, a smaller value is better. EUR, GBP and MYR versions are also available but let's focus on the USD chart. Either way, the focus here is the Ice Tank set and it shows the same story across all versions. Ice Tank is only expensive if you look at the price per part but if you consider the amount of plastic used in this set, it's really more decent than the Green Ninja Mech Dragon both in PPP and PPG, in most markets. The problem is that the Fire Mech set offers about the same number of pieces and weight, and yet it comes with 1 more minifigure. Overall, Fire Mech just offers more value and there is no contest. What adds more insult to injury is that Zane also comes in the Fire Mech set and the cheapest set as if the decision makers in TLG deliberately made it easy for buyers to make a pass on the Ice Tank. I have no freaking clue why. Seriously, why? If you can move past the idea that Ice Tank price is ludicrous, then we can move on to my next point. The value of TLNM sets are incredibly high. I feel that the scaled down models are scaled so well that it achieves a good price point while maintaining a balance of details without pushing the price too high. I think Ice Tank retained majority of the details intended to be seen in the movie. It is still sad, however, because I know for sure that the Green Ninja Mech Dragon has worse overall value and yet it will surely sell more than the Ice Tank simply because it is cheaper and looks more iconic even though you're really getting less. Outside TLNM however, you'll realise that the Ice Tank is very competitively priced. Sets such as 60141 City Police Station (2017) and 41318 Friends Heartlake Hospital contains slightly fewer pieces but retails for $99.99. If you want to compare this to a licensed set -- 75179 Star Wars Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter retails for the same price at $79.99 and yet it contains less than 200 pieces! So you'll be the judge if the Ice Tank is overpriced. The value of this set comes with the big pieces such as the trans-light blue half cone 5x10x6 pieces, trans-clear windscreens 8x4x2, wheel 81.6x15 as well as the 62 pieces of track wheels threads. It is definitely a must-buy for track wheels enthusiasts and those who are willing to use the technique from this tank as a basis for other tank MOCs. This how my son posed the minifigures for the "money shot" Review summary Playability: 7/10 - Track wheels are fun to play with but the rotating 'ice container' is a gimmick that only kids below 10 y.o. will likely appreciate. Otherwise, there is not much you can do with the tank other than roll and shoot. Wish there is at least 1 rotating/articulated turret included. Design / Building Experience: 8/10 - I enjoyed the build. The eccentric and asymmetric design fits Zane's character very well. There are lots of unusual techniques used to achieve the angles. Minifigures: 7/10 - Getting 2 civilians is good and the sand blue Shark Army Angler is a great addition. There should have been 1 more minifigure to make it a better deal. Price / Value for money: 8/10 - the set has tremendous value but when compared to immediate set of similar piece count, there are other sets that easily overshadows it within the same theme. Look outside The LEGO NINJAGO Movie theme and you will realise it's very competitively priced. Overall: 7.5/10 - There are many things to like about this set but it lacks the oomph that other TLNM sets offer. Yes it is a land vehicle but it would have benefited for some articulated play features. Of course, if you're a track wheel enthusiast this is a must buy. If you are not after the good big parts and exclusive sand blue Shark Army Angler, there are better sets in TLNM that you can easily prioritise before buying this.
  8. JamPotStudios

    Ninjago: Skylor's Quest

    What has Skylor been getting up to, aside from taking over her father's noodle business? A new Ninjago saga begins! Created by Jack Rizzo. -Cast- Skylor - Sara Dunham Sensei Wu - Jack Rizzo Chamille - Annette Rizzo If you follow my Instagram, you've probably seen that I've been getting into Ninjago lately. I've accumulated some of the sets over the years, but only got into the show about a montha and a half ago, and since then I've been bouncing around ideas and Bricklinking parts, etc. The world has such a unique aesthetic to it, and making up new storylines has been really fun. I'm hoping to bring a couple to you; let me know in the comments if more Ninjago videos is something you want to see! Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  9. I wanted to display all the ninjas I have collected in their elements so within a day I put together this to parade all the ninjas (except Nya as I am unsure how I can fit Nya in this display) but I am happy how this came out after only spending 2-3 hours for this very simple MOC. Haven't put the stone army Kai yet.... and once I get the 2016 wave I will update this for sure. here's the plate without the ninjas --
  10. Everything's better with ninja - even bathroom cleaning! Here you can (hopefully) see the details better; basket & newspaper, sink, towel, vent, trashcan, toilet, toilet paper, and a plunger. Closer view: Feedback is appreciated! (SK, I folowed your advice with the windows!) Edit: Knew I forgot something: More pictures on my Flickr!
  11. The terrible snakes have stolen the Golden Shurikens of Ice, and only Zane can use his spinjitzu to retrieve them! But the Constrictai aren't about to give it up without a fight! Adn they have enshrined the weapon high atop their walls! Building a tornado took me quite a while, but I actually ended up likeing the design! C&C are welcome! Edit: Knew I forgot something: More pictures on my Flickr!