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Found 20 results

  1. Here is my review on 40658 Millennium Falcon Holiday Diorama: THE GOOD: Refreshing ideas to have a seasonal set other than just Advent Calendar. Surprisingly large surface area to place more minifigures than the ones included in this. The build is also enjoyable. THE NOT SO GOOD: No QR codes for extra 20 points being a seasonal set. I really like this set. I enjoyed the build and found some of the details really great. I think it's great to have a holiday themed set other than just Advent Calendar. It has a surprisingly large surface to place other minifigures and despite being a small set. Some nice Christmas themed decoration and once again, LEGO continues to find new ways to build Christmas Tree. There are only 2 exclusives minifigures in this and I think this is the first time we have Rey with her Yellow light saber. and it's always good to get licensed theme holiday jumper torsos. At $50 NZD, it's a very competitive pricing considering how sets are being more expensive these days. The only thing that I'm a bit disappointed is that this set is considered a seasonal set, so you don't get the QR code for the extra 20 VIP points. Otherwise, it's definitely a recommendation for everyone =)
  2. Klaus-Dieter

    Seasonal 2021

    Hello everybody! Since I couldn't find any other topic about this theme, let's discuss this year's seasonal sets here. Here is what is known so far - apart from the Chinese New Year sets: 40462 Valentine’s Brown Bear - 14,99 Euros - already available via S@H 40417 Year of the Ox - GWP (with 85 Euros) ? - mid January? 40450 Amelia Earhart Tribute - GWP (with 150 Euros) ? - late February til early March? 40463 Iconic Easter Bunny - 14,99 Euros - March? 30579 Easter Chick - GWP (with 55 Euros) ? - mid March? What are your thoughts?
  3. Here is my review on the other 2022 Chinese New Year set, 80109 Lunar New Year Ice Festival: THE GOOD: The frozen lake is the star of the set, both the look, design and building experience are excellent. Great display piece. Love the fishing hole. Ice Planet Homage!!! 2 variation of the Photo standee. Surprisingly no stickers! THE NOT SO GOOD: Lacking Chinese New Year vibes. Overall, I had a great time building this set. The building experience and in terms of display piece, it's probably a better one compared to 80108 Lunar New Year Traditions. The frozen lake is just great, as I never built anything like this before so the feeling was so refreshing. (It's like the first time building Ninjago City on how you build the water with clear tiles). I'm surprised it wall panels they used as when the set first revealed I thought it would be flat tiles. It's also great how many little things they fit under the layer of ice. Even the edges around the lake were fun the build. It's not just about the lake but a lot of little things around it as well, the fishing hole was nicely done. The end product just look great, and the same techniques could probably be used to build a huge ice skating arena. Surprisingly no stickers too. Well, 80108 did have a few so I thought the signage pieces would be stickers but it came as printed. Now I do really question what exactly is LEGO's policy on whether it's going to be printed or stickers. One thing though, I do feel the set lacking Chinese New year vibes. May be because the focus in the lake or the big portion of white colour but even so, there are minimum Chinese New year decor compared to other chinese new year sets. So in terms of a Chinese New Year set, 80108 is probably better in this regard. This is more like an oriental winter village. Anyway this is no doubt an excellent lego set that I would recommend to everyone. I was also one of those who wished LEGO to continue with base plates and modular compatible but after building this, I think the current design totally works, and it's massive (way bigger than what I thought it would be compared to the photos). Hope you enjoy this set the way I did if you bought this or going to buy this.
  4. Local stores put this on shelf earlier than expected and here is my review on 2022 Chinese new year set, 80108 Lunar New Year: THE GOOD: Good concept and enjoyable building experience despite the base of each section are the same build. The mandarin tree is one of the best plant build in recent years. God of Fortune minifigure is awesome. Some fun call backs to previous sets in the form of stickers. Some great new minifigure parts. Love the sleeping dad face. Each tradition can be displayed on its own based on your preference. Some great new printed parts. Designed to be a fun family building experience. THE NOT SO GOOD: The modular stacking is not as easy as it seems. Can be a bit flimsy too when stacked up. The central piece has a few decorations but you can't really see if all connected. It doesn't look that good on its own. Overall, this set exceeds my expectation. Originally, I was more into 80109 but after building this set I started to appreciate this a lot. The concept of small section with LOTS OF DETAILS that can stack up in a modular way is great. And some of the small details in each section just blew my mind. (the mandarin tree). Once again the CNY theme delivers excellent minifigures and parts. The god of fortune is really authentic. Now I really hope all these new parts can be ordered from B&P from 1st Jan. Having each section to be built separately and having individual instruction booklet for each really promote the whole family fun idea. While this is a great set, I did find the stacking do not work as smooth as I would hope. However, the set is still too good to not recommend to everyone. The price is a bit high but I do believe the enjoyment and satisfaction from this set overweights the price. Highly Recommended.
  5. Review - LEGO 40187 Flower Display INTRODUCTION My girlfriend sent me a picture of this set, labelled with "Could this be Review material?". Isn't it nice when you have someone reminding you that you should do another review now, because that last one was soooo long ago? She found it at a local second hand store, but seals on top and bottom were still intact and the contents thus untouched. So my thoughts were "Hell, why not, it's about time for another review indeed". And what a better opportunity to do it now, when you need to #StaySafe and #StayHome anyways . The picture on the box shows us two cute flowers, a red Rose and a white Daisy. Both can be built and displayed at the same time. The set itself is quite small and comprised of exactly 100 pieces. The box measures 12 cm in height, 9 cm in width and is about 6 cm deep. Originally released in 2018, it can still be ordered from most LEGO Online Stores, thought availability varies from country to country. LEGO had it originally labelled unter "Miscellaneous", it goes along the Seasonal theme. By the way: Left click on a picture takes you to the bigger resolution on Flickr, as usual. SET SPECS Number: 40187 Title: Flower Display Theme: Seasonal Released: 2018 Part Count: 100 pieces Retail Price: DE - 5,99 € GB - 4,99 GBP US - 5,99 $ DK - 50,00 DKK With 100 pieces, the retail price of 5,99 € equates to a price of 0,06 € a piece (rounded to the second digit). This is pretty good and a way better parts-per-price ratio than most other sets. For comparison, 31078 Treehouse Treasures from my last review had a price of 0,12 € per piece. According to Brickinsights this set's ratio is way better than the average for System sets of 2018. LINKS 40187 @ 40187 @ LEGO PRODUCT SUMMARY Say it the LEGO® way with these 2 buildable flowers, featuring a rose and a daisy with interchangeable pots—perfect for Valentine’s day, Mother’s day or just because! THE BOX The 100 parts are packaged in a plain and simple box with flaps, not much text is found on the front of it. Pictured are the two flowers that you can build, the red Rose and the white Daisy in their pots, put on a digital backdrop featuring a window sill with a view into the countryside. Recommended age for this set is 7+ according to the front of the box. No set number on the front. The daisy is also featured on the right side with the set number, while the back shows us the usual warnings in countless languages and information about where this product was manufactured as well as distribution partners. The left side features the red rose, while the top of the box presents a 65° slope in red in 1:1 scale for size comparison and both sides also feature the set number. Finally, on the bottom we have trademark informations, the barcode and the internal item number for this product. As we can see, this box is recyclable (for those who tend to throw away the boxes after stripping them of their innards ). THE PARTS Inside the box, we have two unnumbered bags with parts. One is a little bigger, holding the pot parts for the Daisy. After unpacking both and spreading out their contents, this is what we get. The parts are nothing special by todays standards. Colours are mainly Green, White and Red (Viva Italia ). A few Yellow parts for the Daisy, 2x Bar 6l with stop ring and 2 round 1x1 plates in Reddish Brown as well as 4 macaronis in Pearl Gold are also there. The few Dark Blueish Gray and Black parts mostly hide away inside of the flowers or pots, only the 1L bars with clip will be visible later. Back in 2018, when this set was released, the Green Barbs (Part No. 16770) had only been included in Set 10255 Assembly Square before. Today this part comes in 5 sets, one of it being Set 30555 Poppy's Carriage, which is a polybag from the new Trolls theme. MINIFIGURES Well, there are none. Zero, niente, nada. But I think you didn't expect any, given that this set is called "Flower Display"? INSTRUCTIONS The instructions are kept as simple as the box was. Plain folded paper, nothing fancy. They fold up to the size shown in the upper left on the picture. Two instructions are provided, one for each flower. What I found interesting is the fact that there is no parts list, neither on instructions nor box. MAIN MODEL - ROSE AND DAISY Simplicity continues. Building the two flowers is as simple as the box and the instructions, nothing fancy here as well. Even if the builds are indeed pretty simple, there is a certain amount of SNOT on the Rose. Building the Daisy uses clips with an Octagonal plate with bar handles, the pot is a ridiculously simple build. And then you're then, Rose and Daisy are finished and ready for the shelf. Not many spare parts are left after building the flowers. PLAY FUNCTIONS Errrm, yeah.... Nothing much to say about the "play" functions because this is clearly labelled as a display model. You can swap out the pots between Rose and Daisy, but that's about it. B MODEL Well, no instructions for a B-model. However, given the range of parts in this set, I think it would be quite possible to create several other types of flowers with a little bit of imagination - which I am completely lacking at the moment... but maybe I'm not the only one with that problem. Doing a short search on the Internet didn't reveal any alternative builds so far. That shouldn't stop you from having a bit of fun with this set, it's LEGO after all . Flowerpot Girl is clearly happy about her new neighbour, and Cactus Girl made first contact with another thorny lifeform. (Minifigs are not included with this set, of course) SUMMARY & RATING I had a hard time judging this set, as the play functions are practically non-existing and there are no alternative or B models. The fact that it is a pure display model and the price per parts ratio is astonishingly low both compensate for these issues. But still I could not give this set a better rating than 7 out of 10 points (translating to a 4 - Above average in the EB rating poll). Maybe that's because I do have a problem with pure display models. Given that the parts are quite usable, I would still recommend this set, even if it was just as a parts pack. On the other hand this turns out to be a rather nice gift for your beloved ones, even if they are not at home in the world of bricks. Be it for Valentine's, Mother's or any other day you have an opportunity to bring a lovely present, this set really is a pleasing surprise to gift. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I missed the deadline with this review for Mother's Day, but some people say every day of the year is a Mother's day If you bought this for yourself, because you are a bit into flowers, you should definitely look at 30404 Friendship Flower from the Friends series. It uses similar techniques as for the Daisy and goes nice along with the two flowers from this set. Design: 8 / 10 - Pleasent looking builds Build: 8 / 10 - Instructions are clear and easy to follow, building did indeed make fun despite the low part count Playability: 2 / 10 - Only meant as display models, so no play value whatsoever (besides switching the pots ... *cough*), no B-model or alternatives Minifigures: no rating Price: 10 / 10 - Price per part ratio pretty good, lots of reusable parts too because of the simple colour palette Overall: 7 / 10
  6. Hohoho. Year-end holidays are coming. Everyone is busy with Christmas shopping and whatnot so this will be a very quick review of the recent free gift-with-purchase that I got. Without wasting time, here's my 18th RA review, set # 5005251 - Penguin Winter Hut. Overview Name: 5005251 - Penguin Winter Hut Theme: Promotional Year: 2018 (December) Pieces: 6 pcs Minifigures: 1 Price: free with purchase Offers vary per country/region. I'll update this section as I get more information. Singapore: Free with purchase 80 SGD or more (Toys R Us exclusive) Malaysia: Free with purchase 249 MYR or more (Toys R Us exclusive) Note: TRU Asia, which operates TRU MY and TRU SG, is a completely different entity from TRU Canada and other spin-offs. Introduction The packaging for this small set is very similar to the Banana Juice Bar that was released earlier this year. It has a glossy paper sleeve that covers the pentagonal prism box shaped like a hut. Apart from the packaging material that is shaped like a hut and printed with a hut graphics around it, the set should be really called Penguin Girl because the content is really just the female version of Penguin Boy. You can't really play with the hut so I can't fathom what's the thought process on coming up with a misleading name. Will collectors display the set using the winter hut? I know I won't because it doesn't add any value to the minifigure. This is similar to buying a book and then displaying a blurb or its hardcover. You don't buy the minifigure so you can display the box. If anything, it encourages collectors to keep their toys inside the box, "MISB" - which I totally disagree with. Anyway, I digressed. All I am saying is that from here onwards, I'll call this set Penguin Girl. Front (sleeve removed) The front panel of the box has perforated line traced at the edge of the door. Once pushed, this serves as the door to open the package to get the minifigure out of the box. But before getting into the minifigure, let's explore what's printed on the packaging because there are some interesting items printed on it. Back view (sleeve removed) At the back, there are medium azure skis, trees and a bench in front of a fire bon and a warm coffee . Bottom Below, that's where we can find the 7-digit code for the set. Noticed that just like any ordinary box, the box has a flap that you can open if you don't want to use the 'front door'. You can find the other pictures such as the side panels in my Flickr album. Minifigures This is how it looks like when you unbox the minifigure without using the front perforated door. Inside, you get a pair of skis and Penguin Girl minifigure. If you read my previous review about the Vestas Wind Turbine, the entire set is a pitch about sustainability. Then here we are, looking at the same black plastic material used in previous advent calendars. It should have been the same white recycled paper material used in the newer advent calendars to be consistent with the aspirations for sustainability. Maybe TLG is reading this so please take note. Anyway, let's focus on the minifigures, shall we? Front view Penguin Girl is using the same black flippers used in Penguin Boy minifigure. The printing of the short black legs are also identical. The torso is based on similar white penguin belly but with the scarf printing on top. Perhaps in the penguin world, scarf sets apart the girls from the boys? ? Back view The scarf printing continues at the back. It is simple but I have no complaints about it. Unfortunately, there is no side printing so we're not getting more printed parts apart from the back of the minifigure torso. Front view the penguin headgear removed I am not sure if the face print is new as it looks like an opened mouth version of this face. Sadly there is no dual face print in this minifigure. Skis Of course we need to talk a little bit about the skis as it is the only accessory that comes with Penguin Girl. It is magenta in colour & comes with white snowflakes print. It is not necessary to add the additional print on the skis but the designers decided to go for the extra mile add the lovely snowflake patterns. Conclusion I like couples in CMF. We've got Forestman & Forest Maiden, Caveman & Cave Woman, Weightlifter & Fitness Instructor, Disco Dude & Disco Diva, Lifeguard & Lifeguard (S12), Skier & Downhill Skier, Surfer & Surfer Girl, Tennis Player & Tennis Ace, Tribal Hunter & Tomahawk, Punk Rocker & Rocker Girl, Clockwork Robot & Lady Robot, Cowboy & Cowgirl, Computer Programmer & Librarian, Cyclops & Lady Cyclops, Grandpa & Grandma, Lederhosen Guy & Pretzel Girl, Spooky Girl & Spooky Boy, Spider Lady, LEGO Brick Suit Girl & LEGO Brick Suit Boy. I know there are more and if I miss, do let me know below what's your favourite pair or couple. As for the animal costumed CMF, there is Unicorn Girl and Unicorn Guy. Then now, there is Penguin Boy and Penguin Girl. Isn't that cute? So, having said that, here's the verdict. Drum roll please: Review summary Playability: 6/10 - Having only accessories limit the playability but this is definitely aimed at CMF collectors so the omission of any build is not an issue. Design / Building Experience: N/A - Not applicable / not scored. Minifigures: 8/10 - Makes the Penguin Boy happier now that he has a partner. It's also a good addition to animal costume collectors. Price / Value for money: 10/10 - You should get this free of charge but if you can't, the price should be quite fair for a limited release minifigure. Overall: 8/10 - Cute and satisfactory. Don't buy this for the winter hut, ok? Buy it for the Penguin Girl. Once again, thank you and enjoy the year-end holidays. Until next time!
  7. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Robin

    Hello, I built a seasonal MOC. A lifesize robin in the snow. Merry Christmas! P.S.: The robin is available as a set at MOCHUB! The Red Sneaker is also available as a set!
  8. Greetings fellow Mortals! Halloween comes creepin around the Corner and all those Monsters,Creeps,Ghosts and Ghouls are coming from the Underworld in our World to feast on tasty Treats, scare Mortals for Fun and Party like the rotten Corpses from a thrilling 1983s Music Video. Most of them are okay with floating,crawling or lumping all the Way,but some undead Folks prefer a more comfortable Mode of Transportation. The mysterious Gentleman we see here in the Driving Seat obviously prefers a powerfull and somewhat monstrous Chariot with a huge blown Engine that might even wake up the Dead. The Gearshifter has a mysterious Ruby embedded (i bet it just hides the NOS Button) and on the back a huge and impressive Coffin is carried around. Probably just his Unmentionables inside but who knows....whoooo! IMG_20171030_183743 IMG_20171030_183806 IMG_20171030_183816 IMG_20171030_183831 IMG_20171030_183843 IMG_20171030_183905 IMG_20171030_183930 IMG_20171030_183952 IMG_20171030_184008 IMG_20171030_184145 IMG_20171030_184206 Well,i wish you a happy Halloween Season and i hope you like my seasonal MOC.
  9. LEGO Seasonal sets the NEED to be made. This list is will be composed of seasonal sets that haven't been made or are bigger remakes of previous sets. There will be 3 sets on this list. 1: Christmas tree truck with Christmas tree lot. This set would be loosely on set 40082 and 40083, but be a much bigger set. The truck's cab would be green and the trailer would be red The truck would be like a logging truck and would be around 200 pieces and the lot would be around 50 pieces, and it would come with 10 trees, 5 molded, and 5 built up, with ornaments on the built up trees. The price would be $30.00 USD 2:A remake of the Winter Village Cottage.set 10299 and 10222. We need a set like this that is on the cheaper end, but has good builds and fun building experiences. I don't have any of these sets, but it would be nice to see these sets in a remake mash-up. The set would have 500-550 pieces. The Mail Truck would be 50 pieces, and it would be red and green. The Snowplow would be 80 pieces, and be green vehicle and orange snowplow. The buildings would be a snowplow shed, 75 pieces, and would use the brick-like LEGO bricks in dark red and tan and have a door that you can put down, a LEGO store that is 115 pieces and will be made of red and white pieces with a "mannequin" LEGO minifigure on each side of the door, a Coffee/ Hot Chocolate stand that is 15 pieces and that is made a brown bricks and a white sign, and, for a final building, a town square that is 200 pieces and would have a tree made of 100 pieces and would be like the tree we got a few years ago and the square would have 2 snow-covered benches. The figures would be a male LEGO worker, a mailman, 3 kids, a female LEGO worker, a snowplow driver, and 5 adults, one of the adults is an older worker. the set would be $50.00 USD. It would also have a light brick and snowy backdrop. 3: The final set is Christmas Square Fun! This set will have 450 pieces and will have mostly minifigures, kind of like the Fun at the Park set, except only bigger. The main builds would include a snowmobile, a Christmas tree, Santa's Workshop where you can meet Santa, and a snowy Christmas night backdrop. The minifigures would be Santa, an Elf, 6 adults, 10 kids, 2 dogs, and a marching band with instruments. The set would retail for $35.00 USD.
  10. INTRODUCTION Ever since January 2015, the mini seasonal sets started to appear in a new format that would appeal to a wider audience. They represent a piece of life in the appropriate season, built on a tiny 8x8 vignette. Usually these sets include some interesting parts or rare colors and are jam-packed with cool accessories. This added detail makes them especially attractive to "afol's", "moc" builders and collectors while the older style sets seemed to mostly rely on novelty value and targeted children and the common buyer. So far, they've proven extremely popular. Painting Easter Eggs comes after the Valentines set, and will be followed by Halloween and Thanksgiving accordingly. TECHNICAL: Set Name: Painting Easter Eggs Set Number: 40121 Number of Pieces: 153 Theme: Seasonal Availability: LEGO Exclusive / retail Year Released: 2015 Price: $ 9.99 / € 9.99 Stickers: 0 New elements: 0 Exclusive minifigures: 0 Brickset entry Bricklink Inventory The set consists of 153 pieces, two minifigures and one animal. Most of the pieces are very small so it's advised to build in a controlled environment, (leave your cat in the other room) The box is the smallest available LEGO box after polybags. There is usually a short and simple story printed on the back, in this case the kid dropped one of the eggs on the floor while his mom observes unamused. PARTS SELECTION: The obvious stand out is the white chicken, but there's also a number of cool accessories included; you get a paint brush (plus one extra), a painters palette, a black pot, one green bottle, some cookie tiles and the common mug in red. These vignettes have a habit of including 1x2 bricks in rare and interesting colors, you get 7 masonry 1x2's in dark red and two in dark tan. The 1x1 transparent brick is also infrequent and you get 3 of them, 1 of which is hidden in the build. I believe the bricks representing white eggs were previously seen in Bionicle used for eyeballs, but are pretty cool as eggs, although in Europe our eggs are closer to tan than white. Did I mention the awesome chicken? MINIFIGURES: Two mini figures are included, a child and what is presumably his mother, or sister or whatever you like. We have seen her torso before in many creator and city sets. I am personally not a fan of the blue blouse, but the kid's torso print makes up for it. The cosmonaut t-shirt is fairly uncommon and popular. Both characters have double faces which adds to interactive play features. BUILD: Building is straightforward, The instructions start with the tiny additional plate of grass with the chicken's nest, I guess the chicken isn't allowed in the kitchen. The kitchen is built entirely on a 8x8 base and has a neat tiled floor in a checkered pattern which gives it a great finished look. The appliances and sink are in very lively colors and the dark red masonry forms the outside wall. The cookies are in the oven, the egg is boiling, almost ready for Easter. The espresso machine, transparent oven door and lively green colors give the kitchen a modern-day look, but still very cosy and cute. Almost done, The top shelf is up, the clock is ticking we need to start painting those eggs. There are four different colors of 1x1 round bricks included which represent paint cans. I think it would have been cool to have one or two of those egg pieces in a new color to represent an already painted egg, but the white's are more versatile if you want to use them to stock up a grocery or something, so I am not complaining. And the kitchen is done. I tried to copy the setting that was depicted on the box with the kid smashing one egg on the floor. That smashed egg is a nice piece to use on a plate too. The back view is not lacking in detail, The great color combination and texture of the outside facade could easily work as is, even in it's flat form. The light bright orange window curtains are a nice touch... uh oh, what's that kid up to? Given the size of the set, you get a lot of pieces left over, this is off course due to a lot of small 1x1 pieces. Nice to get an extra paintbrush and cookie. CONCLUSION: I consider myself fairly critical, but there is simply nothing to critique about this set. LEGO always put special effort into staying neutral in regards to race and religion, so depicting Easter may be a slight bend in those principles, but that could be said of almost any seasonal set. It's amazing how much value can be fitted into a tiny box, this set excels at "playability", "collectability" and parts selection, something that is generally hard not to compromise at this scale. I can picture anyone buying this, from an office clerk as his desk ornament to a little kid who wants to interact with the characters. It just has a hugely wide appeal which is probably why they sell out so quickly. If you collected some of the older Creator houses that came with sparse or no interior furnishings, and you are short on "moc-ing" ideas, these seasonal sets could serve as greatly detailed packs to fill the void. Overall Design: 10/10 - There is nothing I can think of, that could have been designed better, nothing falls off nor is clumsy to handle. Parts selection: 10/10 - This set must have skipped the optimization process as no element is spared or recycled. + you get a chicken! Play features: 7/10 - While the set provides sufficient scene for play and plenty accessories, there are no specially added play functions out of the obvious. Challenging build: 6/10 - The build is simple and easy, but far from boring or repetitive. Minifigures: 6/10 - Minifigures are not what makes this set, but from all the generic prints we could get, one of them has the best of the bunch. Price: n/a - I am sorry, but i don't like to comment on price as this varies between countries and individual expectations, but compared to sets of similar size and piece count, sans licence, I consider it good value. Overall: 9/1
  11. Brick Corner

    Lego Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving Day! Here is our latest brickfilm
  12. Manor

    Winter Village Train Station

    Winter Village Station_4 Introduction Lego have released two trains and a lot of nice buildings for the winter village, but it still misses a nice place to stop. This is a station with a nice clock tower with two bells so that the citizens can keep track on the time during the Christmas shopping. Inside the station building there is a waiting room, full ticket booth and a small workshop in the tower for maintaining the clock and the bells. On the right side of the station you have a nice fountain and the train schedule. As you can see in the pictures this would be a very nice supplement for the old holiday train (10173) and this years new winter village set (10254). Basic Info Approx Dimensions: Length 62 cm x Width 12.8 cm x Height 37,4 cm Number of pieces (with minifigs, without track): 1200 Clock print: 17038 Input and support will be appreciated. Winter Village Station_with Train Winter Village Station_Detail
  13. Hello, in BIllund (of course...) I have found two older Easter seasonal sets, I like a lot. Happy Easter to all of you! Andres
  14. Robert8

    Seasonal 2015

    Valentine's Day Easter Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas
  15. Halloween is round the corner. Seasonal sets are always widely received, regardless of whether you celebrate it or not. This is the first seasonal vignette released in Singapore. As such, queues were long and stocks always ran out within 2 hours of restocking. Vignettes seem to be more popular than the brick built animal seasonal sets, like the 40090 Halloween Bat. Interesting point to note, all of the seasonal vignettes do not introduce new colours for existing moulds, or new prints for minifigures. Nevertheless, they always include semi rare parts, like the olive green stems as well as offer great re- use of minifig parts, like this pirate torso. Name: 40122 Trick or Treat Halloween Set Theme: Seasonal/ Exclusive Year: 2015 Pieces: 133 Minifigs: 2 minifigures Price: £8.49/ $9.99/ 18.90 SGD Resources: Brickset, Bricklink Rebrickable Inventory: LEGO Official Shop@Home Description Dress up as a witch for a Trick or Treat fright night! Role-play an eerie Halloween scene with this spooky LEGO® Trick or Treat set! Dress up the girl minifigure as a witch, complete with pointy hat and broom, and take a bucket for the treats you hope to receive. Tiptoe past the bat perched on top of the dead tree to the doorstep of the haunted house. Watch out for the big spider and the tombstone on the front porch and be prepared for a big fright when a skeleton answers the door! Includes 2 minifigures with assorted accessories: a female and a skeleton. Includes 2 minifigures with assorted accessories: a female and a skeleton Features a buildable haunted house entrance scene including an opening door, tombstone, plus assorted elements including a spider, pumpkins and sickly green plants Also includes a dead tree with a bat and pumpkin elements Role-play a spooky Halloween scene! Creep past the bat in the dead tree Get a fright when a skeleton answers the door! A perfect Halloween gift for LEGO® lovers Measures over 3” (8cm) high, 2” (6cm) wide and 2” (6cm) deep Image of original box: It was deboxed and flattened on the spot and put in my file. As a young AFOL, I couldn't bring myself to lug LEGO boxes to college, even for a short 1 hour. I enjoyed the various role play scenes on the back of the box. The lack of a theme logo like "Limited edition 2015" may suggest it may make a comeback next year. Purely my own speculation. After all, sets like Birthday Table Decoration had an extremely short shelf life, but on S@H, it says it is in production. Last year's halloween bat made a comeback this year, in my local stores. Front: Back: Random page of instructions: Here are the sealed bags. Eyes lit up upon earth green plates.. haven't had those in my collection since Winter Village Post Office.. Everything laid out. This is quite therapeutic. Some parts of interest My first 65 2 x 1 x 2 slope. Surprise find was the dark orange brick with stud on side. Didn't think they'll include that colour in a halloween theme set.. The olive green stem is solid, for those who didn't know. Had always thought they were rubbery. One of those nice elements you can't help but wish they included more. Finished build. The roof looks smoother than expected, but the tip is a bit off. The centre should have had another 1 x 2 plate before putting the double slope. But what's LEGO for, if you don't customise things. The transparent brick and plates were used nicely. This is a good time I seen it being used, other than stained glass windows. *cough* Pet Shop *cough* I love the miniature pumpkins. Always nice to have plain minifig heads. Small tree build is beautiful. 4 x 3 leaves simple and elegantly placed. If they had the bigger leaves instead, it would look out of proportion. Spare parts. They gave extra bones. Pleasant surprise. After all, this is my first skeleton since 1997.. "Trick or treat" Old and new skeleton..from 1997 Witch's Magic Manor. I like the new torso mould. Now the arms are posable. The old hands were great for play though. Used to connect 2 arms together and treat him like a gorilla, since they swing freely. Now I just take pictures. Size comparison The height seems to be standardised for vignettes. Around 8 studs tall. Personal thoughts: At first I had no intention of getting the halloween or thanksgiving sets. Only wanted the 2 christmas ones. However after looking through the parts list.. price per part was pretty good, and I needed something small to practice for Reviewer's Academy. Previous submission hasn't been graded, so I posted this here. I love the colour combination of purple and black as the primary colours. Much better than orange and black, which tends to be overused around this season. As a town builder, this is a great set for inspiration on how to beautify your door fronts. Summary Review: Playability: 7/10 (Lots of knock knock jokes) Design: 7/10 (Roof is a little off, but transparent colours used to great effect) Parts: 8/10 (They were great, but none exclusive, and no printed tiles) Minifigures: 8/10 (Detailed back printing, no dual face print, but nice hat) Price: 8/10 (Great price per part, not the best. But the best always comes in big sets..) Overall: 8/10 (A solid affordable set)
  16. Name: Painting Easter Eggs Theme: LEGO Year: 2015 Pieces: 153 Pieces Minifigs: 2 minifigures Price: USD $9.99 First the box, these holiday sets are theme-less but honestly it would fit well into Creator. The back shows the vignette's scenario in detail with the kid dropping the egg because he's busy thinking of chickens... The one picture is a bit odd to me, it shows the egg falling AND one already broken on the floor. A chicken for scale, cute. Three bags, two loose plates, and the instructions were well preserved and not excessively bent. No numbers on the bags for the small build. The instructions have a plain baby blue backgrounds that provides great contrast compared to some of the overly busy backgrounds these days. Some of the great parts in this set. 7 dark red masonry bricks are the big standout. These currently sell for upwards of $0.75 so half the price of this set can be represented just in these bricks. The round plate with jumper is a fairly recent and very useful piece. The orange 1x1 round tile may not seem too special but it has only appeared in 6 sets previously. Of course the chicken, classic space themed torso, and painting supplies are all great pieces as well. The first stage of the build is the chicken in the wild with its egg. Simple but a nice way to get the chicken into the set. Here is the base with tiled floor and beginnings of the back wall, the alternating tiles and plates provides a nice flexible base for positioning the figures. Note the cookies in the oven, I also like the simplicity of the "fume hood" represented by a 1x2 cheese slope. The completed back wall, of course it must have a coffee maker. Simple but very evocative of a kitchen scene. The completed vignette! The brown flowers make good egg holds but I kinda wish they'd used the normal 1x1 round with hole as those are more versatile than the flower shape. The leftovers, the brush is the main standout. Playability: 7/10 You can splat the egg, get the cookies out, but in general this is meant for display. Thats not a bad thing in this case. Design: 9/10 Very evocative of a home kitchen with nice parts use throughout. Price: 10/10 Good price per piece though many small pieces, however the unusual parts like red masonry bricks elevate this. Minifigures: 8/10 Good prints, the kids shirt especially. Perfect figs for the scene. Parts: 10/10 Great selection of rare parts for such a small set. Total: 44/50 Colorful and creative build with great parts. Thanks for reading!
  17. brickpreviews

    Review: Valentine's Day Dinner Set

    Hey all, with Valentine Day coming up I thought I would share my review of the Seasonal Valentine's Day Dinner Set. This set is pretty easy to build and contain a bunch of rare parts which make it worthwhile to have as a collector's item.
  18. Ranger_Elegost

    Winter Village: Holiday Cafe

    My Entry for the "Winter Village" Contest. For my entry I decided to create a Holiday Cafe Moc for Santa's Village. People come from all around the world to experience the great tasting Coffees and Hot Chocolates from Santa's Village. More pictures will be available on my MocPages account; and my Flickr account; I hope you guys enjoy this, please leave a comment, Thanks :) Sorry, but I'm not sure how big the photos actually are, if this is a violation of the "Winter Village" rules please let me know and also please tell me how to identify how big a photo is.
  19. A man participating in holiday festivities realizes he is in danger from forces beyond his reckoning... This is my first attempt at a horror-type film. While I am pleased with the result, there are (as always) places for improvement. Comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions for the future are most welcome. Please enjoy Predation!
  20. ResIpsaLoquitur

    Review: 40054 Summer Scene

    So the new seasonal beach scene has been out a few weeks. It looks like Lego is doing one of these Store/Shop exclusive seasonal scenes every few months. A few weeks ago, we had the Spring Scene, and in a few months we'll get the Fall Scene and the Thanksgiving Feast. I guess you could also count last Brick Friday's Christmas Scene as the winter set. But what about the good old summertime--is it represented well in Lego form? Read on! Here's your usual oversized polybag. Not much to see here, except that you know up front that you're getting 40 pieces for 5 bucks (about 12 cents a piece). The build is actually simple enough that you could probably construct it just from looking at the package. (There's actually few enough pieces that you could build this while it's still inside the I did while waiting in line at the Lego Store for the monthly promotional build.) Your standard one-sheet directions. By step 8, you're practically done with the build! If you're a fan of sand-colored bricks, this set is for you. You get a lot of them in all shapes and sizes, including a number of cheese slopes. Other fun pieces include a yellow flag and hinges, and one of those old-style ladders that I haven't seen in forever. I think many people will agree that one of the big drawbacks of this set is the minifigure. Since this is a beach scene, let's call him "Frankie." Compared to other beach figures we've seen, Frankie is pretty plain vanilla. He's got the same helmet hair that's been around since the 1980s. He's dressed somewhat oddly for the beach. At least in the United States, we tend to think of beachgoers as wearing little more than a swimsuit. This guy is dressed for a summer stroll on the boardwalk, not a stroll on the beach. The shirt is certainly interesting, but it'd be nice if he were wearing a tank top and/or shorts. Plus, he's alone. Unlike the Springtime Scene or the other upcoming sets, Frankie is by himself. It would have been nice if he'd came with a female or child in a swimsuit. Sure, this probably would have driven up the price, but it would have given it a little more completeness. Frankie comes with the clever-yet-annoying addition of a beach chair, made by cleverly combining the ladder, the hinges, the flag, and some clear pieces to give the illusion of the chair standing on legs. The chair certainly looks nice when lying down, but this bottom view shows you that it can't plug into anything. If you want it sitting on your Lego beach, it needs to sit unsecured. The other problem... that Frankie can't secure into it, at least on his back. He can lay on it, sure, but he falls off at the slightest bump. The best you can do is turn him over and plug his feet into the ladder. Even then, it's a bit awkward--usually, when someone reclines on their stomach, they're lying fairly flat. As for the rest of the scene? Well, it's not too bad. You get a little side scene with Frankie's umbrella (why he needs one since he's covered up, I don't know) and a crab. The sandcastle itself is the main draw of the set, and it doesn't look bad. The combination of cheese slopes and cones makes for a pretty sandcastle-like structure that will work well in any beach scene. I personally like that it includes a few darker-tan pieces, since buried sand tends to be wetter and therefore a deeper color. The bucket and flag make nice sandcastle accessories, but again raises the question of why no child minifigure is included. I mean, adults can build sandcastles too, but a kid and a shovel would have made a nice touch. There's also two yellow 1x1 studs included, but I have no idea what those are supposed to represent. Any takers on that one? The usual spare parts. If you like studs and cheese slopes, this set's for you. So what's the final verdict? Design: 7/10: I think it ranks a little bit higher because of the lovely sandcastle. The chair, although clever, has no meaningful use. If Lego wants to produce a different style of chair, they'll need to redesign the classic standard chair. Parts: 5/10: It doesn't really have any phenomenal parts. If you like sand-colored pieces, then maybe this is for you. Otherwise, there's nothing terribly out of the ordinary, except for maybe the crab and the printed umbrella-top. Build: 9/10: It's pretty easy to put together. Like I said, you can probably do it without even reading the directions. Minfigs: 4/10: You only get one, and Frankie's a bit boring. He might have looked better with a more modern hairstyle and painted shorts instead of blue jeans. The shirt is interesting, but not the best choice for the beach. Playability: 4/10: Another low score here. The playability's in the name: this is a scene, not a playset. Frankie's job is to literally sit there and not get sunburned. The upcoming Fall Scene apparently has a wheelbarrow and "leaves," so you'll at least be able to play "cleaning the yard." This? I guess you could have Frankie get pinched by the crab. Price: 4/10: 5 bucks for 40 pieces (or 12 cents per brick) doesn't really impress, especially since the recent Springtime Scene came in at 9 cents per brick with 2 minifigures. It does seem to be on average for polybags these days--the recent Uruk-Hai and Iron Man polys have even fewer pieces for the same price. Still, I can't help but feel like a dollar cheaper would have made it a better value. If you want to take your chances, you could wait and see if your Lego Store will drop the price on clearance. Conclusion: Summer Scene is an alright-looking set, but falls short without a second minifigure and the lousy chair. I'd recommend it only for completists who want a full set of seasons to go with the Springtime and upcoming Fall Scenes.