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Found 8 results

  1. 10283 is a listed set on this site. I saw a similar mention of the same set on Instagram recently. The info has also come from The given information is: 10283 Space Set? US$199.99? July 2021? The recent expert-style sets (Creator Expert/Ideas/18+) have been: 2010: 10213 Shuttle Adventure (Creator Expert) 2011: 10231 Shuttle Expedition (Creator Expert (Rerelease of 10213) 2014: 21104 Curiosity Rover (IDEAS) 2017: 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (IDEAS) 2017: 21312 Women of NASA (IDEAS) 2019: 21321 International Space Station (IDEAS) 2019: 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander (Creator Expert) 2020: 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V (IDEAS) (Rerelease of 21309) So... 2021: 10283 ????????????????? (Creator Expert / 18 Plus) Discuss below.
  2. Back in 2017 Andrijan94 posted a model of the JWST on Lego Ideas. He was so kind to give me the LDD file (an older version than the one now shown on ideas), and it took a while but now....: The LEGO space agency LESA was able to beat NASA when building their JWST copy! In fact, the Lego Brick Space Telescope was already secretly launched, although mysteriously it missed the orbit entry and is now flying in some office space deep in a forest near Heidelberg in Germany:
  3. hello, i just finished work on 4 spacecraft which achieved great things, feed back would be great
  4. MrLegoCollector

    Mini MOCs: Nomad Probe (Star Trek)

    Here are two versions of the Nomad Probe from 'The Changeling' episode of Star Trek TOS. With Dr McCoy for scale. Heres a reference pic:
  5. Location: G10 Onix Tags: Exploration ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I think I've found it, boss!" "Looks like a Kawashita probe, alright. The sensor dome's still intact!" "Good. We'll need that." "Bot, crack the dome open." "Wouldn't it be simpler just to take the whole thing back with us, boss? I bet Octan would pay well for something like that." "Trust me, Jason, we don't want Octan to know we've been here. See that little green thing in there? It's this probe's onboard computer. That would tell us what ship launched this probe." "So what?" "Let me ask you something, Jason. Which would be better: finding a space probe that we can't use and can't safely sell, for fear of getting turned in for theft of proprietary technology? Remember, Octan and Kawashita aren't at war any more. Or, getting our hands on Viktor Kramer? And the navigational codes for the entire Kawashita Group quadrant?" "The second one, of course. But what's the connection, boss? I don't get it." "What do you think the odds are, eh? A red and black ship captures Dr. Gregorovich, a top Octan scientist, and his top-secret prototypes. Then, out of the middle of nowhere, a Kawashita probe shows up, in the very same system where Gregorovich got grabbed. Pretty interesting, no?" "How do you know it was Kramer?." "I saw the footage of the ship. Octan may not know what the ship is, but I do. It was the Variga - I'd stake my life on it. This little thing is what's finally going to let us get our hands on Kramer - and maybe a few nice secrets with it? Bots, push this dome into the lava. We don't want Octan to figure out we were here. Let's get back to the ship and see what this baby can tell us."
  6. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Satellite and Infrared

    Hello to everyone, today I post my Telecommunications Satellite and Radio Space Telescope. For the Telecommunications Satellite I used parts from 6458 set and Discovery sets line (the photovoltaic panels). Above view illustrated the main parabola antenna and jointed photovoltaic panels: The rear with other antennas: The bottom with the hydrazine thrusters: This is the Radio Space Telescope, with radio sensor, parabola antenna, jointed photovoltaic panels, and on the bottom hydrazine thrusters. I used parts from 6458 set and Discovery sets line.
  7. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Space Probe "Explorer"

    Today I post my Space Probe "Explorer", the design is inspired by Space Probe "Voyager 2". I tried to recreat it with the best possible realism. A detail of the Space Probe: the planetary radio astronomy and plasma wave antenna and the RTG on the right. In the middle the "Platinum Record", a hydrazine thrusters and the bus housing electronics. On the left sensors antenna and the low-field magnetometer. At the top, the telocommunications parabola; at the bottom other hydrazine thrusters. Detail of the other side of the Space Probe: high-field magnetometer, a second hydrazine thrusters and the '90 Lego Space Program symbol in the middle. Seen from above
  8. rx79gez8gundam

    Arakyd Viper Imperial Probe Droid

    Unsatisifed with any previously released example, I thought I would tackle the project and create my own MOC of this sinister looking droid. The arms articulate, and the head can rotate. Please leave feedback!