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  1. SearchFunction

    2021 roads bridge connection idea, but not sure if practical?

    I think I got it. However this is now a complicated 45 piece solution, so like the opposite of what I wanted , but I'm sure It can be done simpler by someone smarter than me. The key piece is #45590 which is a technic rubber piece (?!) which due to its "8" shape will allow the roadplate to bend a lot more when used in an L shape construction to be mounted beneath the plates: Bridge connection, 2nd try by SearchFunction, on Flickr Bridge connection, 2nd try by SearchFunction, on Flickr
  2. SearchFunction

    2021 roads bridge connection idea, but not sure if practical?

    I agree, that is one beautifull bridge Dazzzy. I havn't seen that part before koalayummies. That is also a nice solution. I wonder if maybe technic beams could be used also? Hmm gonna do some experimenting!
  3. SearchFunction

    2021 roads bridge connection idea, but not sure if practical?

    Cool! You don't need to connect it at the bottom though. You can just slide it up to the edge. Hmm OR I guess it would have to be connected through the white plate sticking out running along the surface and connecting to the pillar.
  4. SearchFunction

    2021 roads bridge connection idea, but not sure if practical?

    Not as bad as I thought. Bridge with 2021 roadplates render by SearchFunction, on Flickr I suppose one could just use regular 3938 hinges. It dosn't give a smooth gap, but its a lot less noticeable.
  5. SearchFunction

    2021 roads bridge connection idea, but not sure if practical?

    I looked a bit closer at it again. Unfortunately I don't think the inverse piece will allow travel in the downwards direction when placed underneath. But I realise that you really only need 4 connectors, not 8, so thats even less studs. The tube I used dosn't exist in DBG, but there are plenty of other options like moparacker mentions.
  6. Piece #18677 together with crossaxles and tubes could potentially be used for an easy bridge connection. I don't have any of the new parts, I was just fooling around in LDD. It does leave some studs, but its a quick fix. No need to make a connection in the bottom. Thoughts? Bridge idea by SearchFunction, on Flickr
  7. SearchFunction

    Need opinions about design of window labels for a house

    That there is and I would definately try and aquire some if there where some that fitted the purpose, but there are 3000+ stickers listed on BL and I'd rather not go through it all. I don't remember a set with a design similar to this. Do share if you know of one. That could be it. Seems a bit harder to find in white, but now I know where to start thanks. I was thinking of asking a proffesional print shop as well, but this is should be doable. And thanks for the comment as well.
  8. I have been trying to make custom windows that fit this style of building (colonial revival), by slicing up labels and putting them on standard windows...but I can't make them accurately, so I am unsure, if I would be better off just leaving the windows blank (no windows in top row, but you get the idea). Any advice?
  9. Been a while since I posted here, but finally got bored enough to whip out the old camera. This one has been sitting on my desk for some time but in short: Front changed as well as interior and the biggie - an actual engine in the rear. More in the Flicker album No tutorial for now. May do one at a later date.
  10. SearchFunction

    Minifig Cars dimensions... my black dog...

    I don't remember who built this or where I got the picture, but its possible, IF you provide room for the arms to rest on the doors:
  11. SearchFunction

    Project M- Introduction and Excavator

    Depending on what they are building, you could add a lot of equipment. Wasn't even aware lego had made one of these : but I have seen a similar one during road construction. You could also add an asphalt paver machine. And where do the crew eat? Where is their office? They probably have a few pick-ups/vans as well for surveying and similar tasks. If we are talking building construction there are carpenters, bricklayers, electricians and more to add as well
  12. SearchFunction

    Cars for Modular - my first collection

    Yeah thats what I was referering to. When I worked as an assistant at an architects office, I learned that for brickbuildings, the hole for a standard door was 2100 cm, so thats what I base my opinion around, but it would be for the standard 6 brick high doorframe, so we use different scales. Buildings come, as you have noted, in different shapes and sizes. The law sometimes call for certain requirements to be meet. Where I live for instance, the law says that when building a private home, there must be (at minimum) 2.5 m height from floor to ceiling, but its not written in stone. Sometimes a law can be suspended. Some buildings from the 1400-1600 era have quite a lot less headroom and often gets excempt from regulations. Its easier to be less true to scale, and find out what works well enough in bricks while also looking reasonably realistic, than be completely accurate, at this scale. I include a hairpiece on a fig when scaling for height . How does your car look next to a friends fig?
  13. SearchFunction

    Cars for Modular - my first collection

    Have not read through it all but I' m going to comment anyway. I have seen your Aventador design before, but it looks so much better in real bricks. It does makes me wonder, how the hell those pieces stay together, it looks almost unreal. The reason it looks low, is because supercars are pretty low compared to "normal" cars. Speaking of cars, they come in many shapes and sizes. Japanese cars in particular seems to be narrower, some are 160 cm wide, where as the big supercars from europe can be up to 200 cm. As for scale, the modular buildings seems to be in 1:36 ish scale going by the height of the doors they use(6 bricks heigh). The best scale for cars to match figs would be 5 wide for cars and 6 for trucks in my opinion. That would be the "real" scale. Personally I use a scale where the figs are a bit short so the cars end up beeing 6 wide.
  14. SearchFunction

    [MOC] Modular Tailor

    So many details. I'm going to bookmark this for later .
  15. SearchFunction

    My 50th car (3 seater)

    I recently realised, that this car was the 50th in my current collection. Its sort of a combination of the best techniques I have discovered in the previous models put together to something seemingly simple. There is a few new tricks in it that I thought could be of relevance to the eurobricks crowd as well, so here is the pictures: No actual instructions, but there is an LDD file: Link to actual entry on mocpages: