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  1. JintaiZ

    REVIEW: 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum

    An excellent review for an excellent set! I really like the idea of licensed modular buildings, just wish it was little bit cheaper...
  2. JintaiZ

    [LEGO IDEAS] Armada Port

    Amazing build as always!
  3. Would love to join but I'm a bit busy at the moment. Have fun everyone!
  4. Scummy is an opinion, not a fact.
  5. Thanks! I'm so sorry for voting for you, you were the only one who truly understood me on day one. After a scum placed a vote on me for no real reasons everyone else just followed the bandwagon. I thought you may have been scum teammates with Milford, so my theory was off as well.
  6. Thanks! Fantastic job for blending in so well, I couldn't tell you were scum until Vivian was about to be lynched! Sign me up!
  7. I thought you were scum until I read the "Spencer no!" part, but it was too late to change my vote by then. We were all in the wrong until town numbers started thinning down. Thanks @Bob for hosting! I'll say more later.
  8. So ye're a traitor? I don't know why ye wouldn't want to find the other traitor if you were a loyal pirate. If ye're actually a traitor with a weak kill ability and a dead teammate, I completely understand your frustrations.
  9. Why? If there self-targeting wasn't allowed who would you vote for?
  10. Vote: Murphy Blake (Duvors) For several reasons: You've proven yourself to be town by not voting for other townies, though that may be the trick. I understand this is a pirate game, but you're talking pirate-y to the extreme. Did you do a fake vote on Newport because the majority won't be reached and you're trying to make us believe Newport is not your scum teammate?
  11. @Duvors So you are following the bandwagon when the majority can't be reached without your vote, but you're not following the bandwagon if the majority is reached anyway? Strange behavior...
  12. But then again, there are already a lot less scum than town, so they wouldn't want to not use their action.
  13. The scum would have almost no advantages in this case. Why do they need to take it as a challenge? All they probably want is to win the game.