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  1. Hi! Lookin' for some paper or cardboard so I can make a map...
  2. JintaiZ

    [MOC] Ocean Drive

    Amazing build like always! Great to finally see a new modular from you.
  3. JintaiZ

    [WIP] USS Constitution Moc Progress

    @Dashiell brown Great progress so far! I have added all the images to the first post, hope this helps.
  4. JintaiZ


    Great build! I can blog this if the photo quality was a bit better.
  5. JintaiZ

    Boeing 747 Blue Livery

    Amazing build! This would make a great set for sure.
  6. JintaiZ

    [MOC] Pirate Barque: The Spectre

    A bit late to this, but Check it out!
  7. Points should not show up if you didn't even sign up for VIP...
  8. The question is... how did you get the points if you are not a VIP member?
  9. Congratulations to the winners!
  10. JintaiZ

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    That could be a possibility. But I wouldn't be surprised if LEGO has already quietly rejected the Ideas project...
  11. JintaiZ

    Lego 10290 Pickup Truck

    It's licensed.
  12. JintaiZ

    Lego 10290 Pickup Truck

    Great set, though I'm a bit surprised it's unlicensed...
  13. JintaiZ

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The conclusion is: We are all having fun talking about LEGO Ideas. Indeed, this is exactly what this thread is about!