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  1. JintaiZ

    [MOC] The Narrow Bridge

    Great build, I especially like the parts usage!
  2. JintaiZ

    [MOC] Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter

    Nice build! The shaping is perfect, and the display stand looks great.
  3. JintaiZ

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Watched Home Alone. Really liked it.
  4. JintaiZ

    [MOC] Le musée des beaux arts

    Great build as always! The interior details are very nice.
  5. JintaiZ

    [MOC] Car Model in a BOX

    This looks so good! Very creative build.
  6. Excellent build! I really like the water effect.
  7. JintaiZ

    [POLL] Imperial Soldiers

    Dark green wasn't the first thing that came up to my mind, but this looks amazing!
  8. JintaiZ

    [POLL] Imperial Soldiers

    I voted for 2023 because it's the most detailed and looks the most modern. For the uniform, I voted for other as I thought it'd be cool to see one in pink.
  9. JintaiZ

    Hello all

    Welcome to Eurobricks! This is definitely a great place for that!
  10. This is amazing! I also like how the earlier designs are included the video.
  11. JintaiZ

    [MOC] Yellow Castle Lookout

    Great build! I really like the design of the stairs.
  12. JintaiZ

    [MOC] Fenek

    Looks great, the main features have been captured very well!
  13. JintaiZ

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    A reveal right now would probably be a little early but I assume we'll see one later this month.
  14. JintaiZ

    [MOC] MINI Yoda's Jedi Starfighter (CW)

    Great model! Very accurate to the source material, and the shaping is fantastic!
  15. Great build! I like the building techniques and the interior details.