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  1. It also looks like the same thing is happening with BOBS builds.
  2. JintaiZ

    [MOC] The treasure..

    Check it out!
  3. What I meant was that staff can feature topics themselves, so there shouldn't be any blog posts required.
  4. Hi @Mister Phes, I know I am supposed to post in the topic, but I will post here since I don't want to make them public yet. Here are some quick suggestions: Sometimes the same MOC will be shown twice on the same page. For example this project has been shown on both the "Pirate MOCs" sidebar and the "LEGO Ideas" sidebar at the same time, if possible I think it should be prevented. Is it possible to implement the feature in other forums? The only issue is that it might make the Pirates Forum stand out less... Thanks in advance!
  5. JintaiZ

    [MOC] Outland TIE Fighter

    Nice build like always!
  6. @Mister Phes, I think the expired projects should be under the "LEGO Ideas" column as well, just without a support button. Thanks in advance!
  7. Markus1984 (@markus19840420) on Instagram has created the MOC "Sabre Island 6265 - 2021 Remake" Check it out!
  8. Great new feature! Really appreciate the link to the blog post.
  9. Great review like always! Price is definitely on the high side, but I personally think that the design justifies the cost.
  10. JintaiZ

    [MOC] Sabre Island Anno Domini 2021

    Check it out!
  11. JintaiZ

    10282 Adidas Superstar

    I think it will have a special baseplate which would bump up the cost. Most likely, but a pair of smaller shoes could work.
  12. JintaiZ

    10282 Adidas Superstar

    Thanks, I have added the new info into my first post. Promobricks still lists the set number as 10282 but I will change the title if necessary.