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  1. JintaiZ

    [MOC] Off-grid camping

    Very nice build. Great job!
  2. JintaiZ

    [MOC] Dino 246 (based on 42115)

    Fantastic build!
  3. @Peppermint_M - To be honest, the best thing to do is lock it. I don't really like how other members picks on other members. Also, the number of voters shows there are people interested in the discussion. OK, please be nice.
  4. JintaiZ

    [moc] 1670 6-gun barque longue 'La Reine'

    Fantastic build!
  5. Okay, then a lot of people are enjoying it. Some may not but I see most people enjoying it. Also, brickset and Jay's brick blog does these type of discussions too
  6. @Toastie - My writing skills aren't the best...
  7. Not just that. I also respond to other people's MOCs and discuss other stuff. Also, many LEGO fan websites discuss about these questions too. I actually haven't posted much stuff myself.
  8. JintaiZ

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    @Guyon2002 - What's it about? Photo isn't loading on my computer
  9. JintaiZ

    [OL-MRCA] The guns of Terraversa

    Fantastic build!
  10. Should be. The shuttle looks like a 2000 design...
  11. Just... wow. I forked out the full price for my D-O. It seemed expensive at first but I just couldn't not get it. I don't regret my purchase but I'd be happier if I could find a deal like that
  12. But still. They are both LEGO and Adidas/Ikea/Levi
  13. Correct. Though TLG is just releasing sooooooooooooo much stuff all of a sudden!
  14. Nobody had an issue with the Architecture sets...