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  1. BricksMcgee

    Small Train Layout (4x7 baseplates)

    Lovely little layout! Love the classic station in tan, looks nice.
  2. BricksMcgee

    Shunting Layout at SBS (now with pics!)

    Nice! Been wanting to build an Inglenook of my own and this is really well done. Like the back scene buildings.
  3. BricksMcgee

    [WIP] Signalbox Lever Frame with Interlocking

    Thanks - will likely be next year now anyway - I've got one big show left in me this year and I'm planning to start building for next year's displays.
  4. BricksMcgee

    MOC Blue Pullman

    The nose is really impressive - looks very smooth and incorporates the contours smoothly.
  5. BricksMcgee

    MOC: 1/33 two-axle open freight wagon

    Wow, great build. Barely looks like Lego! Any videos of things running?
  6. BricksMcgee

    Ideas for making a Lego Government building

    Bricklink is reliable, depending on the seller. Look at their ratings before ordering. And, as Blocklogo said, don't forget to include delivery/insurance costs.
  7. BricksMcgee

    9V Train Track Geoemtry Article

    No worries. Yeah, ME Models are a bit slow. I have some now (plastic, not 9V) and they're very good quality though.
  8. BricksMcgee

    9V Train Track Geoemtry Article

    This is great! Have you seen Michael Gale's, by the way? Another good resource for LEGO railway building. I also wrote an article on LEGO track geometry when I think Bill Pile's brilliant article was offline for some time. A few of my own ideas in there too. Richard
  9. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] 8 wide MAN dump truck

    Great model! The can and grille are particularly well executed
  10. BricksMcgee

    Volvo milk tank

    Great model - love the doors in particular, well built.
  11. BricksMcgee

    [WIP] Signalbox Lever Frame with Interlocking

    Superb! Has been in my mind to build one to use during shows and displays, but the mechanics behind it have largely baffled me. Thanks for posting!
  12. BricksMcgee

    Has Anyone tried doing an Operating Session in Lego?

    Some great responses here, really enjoyed reading this thread. Incidentally, I tried to incorporate some shunting in to my layout this year, mostly to entertain myself over the course of a weekend at shows. It only incorporated using a smaller shunter to re-order wagons in to an arbitrary order. There's a video here of the layout (albeit with no shunting)
  13. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] Butterfly Beauty Shop and Hair Salon (WIP)

    Nice build. Purple roof really works well.
  14. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] cooling towers

    Nice! Steam effect works really well at that scale. Currently working on sort-of-minifig-scale cooling towers for a display layout next year - hopefully it'll look as smooth as this!
  15. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] Grain Elevator for new layout

    Lovely build - like the "stained" bricks look - helps with making it look used and deteriorating a little. Love the little shunter too!