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  1. Thanks, still plenty to do - a few rows of terraced houses are on the list, but not sure when we can access the model to continue at the moment, as it's stored in a friend's warehouse when not at shows. Hopefully later this year... Thanks - good shot of the Pendolino there!
  2. Thanks - that’s our aim. We run mostly British locos and stock from many eras, and wanted a nice backdrop to run them on. Thanks! Still lots to do, but it’s a good start. Stockpiling parts for our next modules at the moment.
  3. Hi all, Realised I have quite a backlog of displays and photos to share, so here's another one for you - Darrington LEGO Railway layout. This is currently our club's main display layout, and measures around 15ft x 12ft, or 4.5m x 3.4m in a doughnut configuration to allow space for operators in the centre. The photos here are from its last outing (thanks to COVID!) at Shildon Brick Show, held at Locomotion, a railway museum in the North East of England and part of the National Railway Museum here in the UK. The display has 4 operational lines ("Up" fast and slow, "Down" fast and slow), and centres around Darrington Station (below), which is accessed from a road bridge. This station is loosely based on Loughborough Central station on the Great Central Railway heritage line here in the UK. Darrington Station (labelled as Paxley, which we've since changed!), featuring the ticket office at road bridge level, and the waiting room on the platform. Darrington Station from the road bridge. Following the railway in this direction, we pass an abandoned wagon body, and approach Darrington Sheds. Darrington Sheds provides some basic facilities for steam locomotives, with a water tower and coal bunker for crews to use. Opposite the sheds sit some allotments - which British model railway would be complete without some?! Following the track around again in a clockwise fashion, we reach the final completed module, Felpersham TMD, a depot for more contemporary locomotives: LNUR is a cooperative of LEGO train fans - I built the majority of the landscape you can see here, and members contributed their locos and rolling stock for the weekend.
  4. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] LEGO KTMB 24 Class Narrow Gauge

    Good job - looks like the prototype. Nice choice of livery, too!
  5. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] PCC streetcar - TCRT 322

    Love the curve of the roof - that's really satisfying to look at!
  6. BricksMcgee

    EuroBricks - Brick Train Awards for LEGO train fans

    Aha, another lurker :) That'd be great, thanks Scott.
  7. BricksMcgee

    EuroBricks - Brick Train Awards for LEGO train fans

    Good question, and one I don't know the answer to - I would suspect you can't trade them, as they're being gifted.
  8. BricksMcgee

    9V Shunter

    Really nice - even without moving rods it looks the part!
  9. BricksMcgee

    EuroBricks - Brick Train Awards for LEGO train fans

    Thanks. Yep, I know our members have been disappointed about lack of shows this year (as have I), but understandable given the situation. We plan to add the winners to a new section of the website, this might include some runners-up too. We're posting a good handful on Facebook / Twitter too. They can be models of any age, no restrictions on when the model was built.
  10. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] Ambridge and Paxley LEGO Railway

    Yep, we found quite a lot from Pick A Brick walls in stores, and ended up buying some in bulk from Europe too. I used to live in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire. Small world! Thanks. I think this is going to remain a standalone display, but with more (potential) display modules to add in the future. We could length the section in the middle, or expand it at the Paxley end; we've had an idea for a seaside scenic section similar to Dawlish, which is enticing to me. The Angel of the North is one of the favourite things I've built - took a few iterations, but got there in the end. I keep meaning to get round to making one at twice the scale...
  11. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] Ambridge and Paxley LEGO Railway

    Thanks - it's a technique I really like and doesn't add a huge amount of time to set up / tear down. It's documented in more detail here, if you're interested - essentially, tracks are raised by 2 plates and we spread the ballast over the track. It takes a bit of running in - it can get caught in points in the the running space a loco needs, but it's usually fine after 15 minutes or so.
  12. Hi all, The Brick Train Awards are new virtual, worldwide awards for LEGO train fans. The event is a collaboration between LNUR, the UK LEGO train club, and Brick Model Railroader in the US. In our first year, we have 10 categories: Best steam loco Best diesel loco Best electric loco Best "other" loco (for narrow gauge / smaller / larger scaled models) Best passenger wagon Best freight wagon Best TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO) model - this can be a loco, wagon or display Best individual display Best group display Best building/ structure Each entry is judged at a regional level (Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe - we hope African LEGO fans can join us next year), and then a global winner for each category is awarded from those. We have a few prizes for our winners, as well as an exclusive Brick Train Awards winner’s brick, thanks to our really generous sponsors, including TrixBrix, BrickTracks, BMR, and BrickTrainDepot. Entry to the awards is free, and you can enter up to 3 models per category. Entry closes on July 10th 2020. Other rules are explained on the Brick Train Awards website at Questions welcome, but our FAQ hopefully covers almost all eventualities! For those who don’t fancy taking part, the awards Facebook page and Twitter account is posting a sample of entries which showcase some excellent train builders from around the world. Richard
  13. BricksMcgee

    [MOC] Ambridge and Paxley LEGO Railway

    Thanks - that was sort of the look I was going for. Used to live near the Great Central Railway as a child! It's brilliant - belongs to Isaac Smith (aka Smith Movies). His 121 Bubblecar ran on the layout too - looked fantastic! Thanks - I suppose the benefit of a smaller layout than normal is it gave me more time to think about smaller details. I've since added some hedges near the level crossing, and a water tower and coal bunker at the Ambridge end too.
  14. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards Prizes

    Good point! EB missed our initial sweep of places LEGO train fans hang out, so should correct that I’ll post something in the next day or so.
  15. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards Prizes

    Thank you. It’s been a pleasure to see so many models, and interact with many members of the LEGO train community I haven’t met yet, too. OcTRAINber is still going ahead - this won’t replace it - BMR guys put a lot of effort in to that too!