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Found 9 results

  1. I was just on the 'Everything we know so far' page for 2021, which I check regularly, and realised that despite I having known about both these sets for at least a month, I've seen almost no discussion of them Eurobricks. If there has been, can a mod please merge or delete this post. Just for the details: 10280 Flower Bouquet 756 pieces US$49.99 / EUR49.99 / £44.99 10281 Bonsai 878 pieces US$49.99 / EUR49.99 / £44.99 These are the first two unbranded small 18+ sets. The PPP seems pretty good. 10281 is listed on Brickset now, but with no info. 10280 is not. Interestingly, 10281 has been put under 'Sculptures' - the fourth in this category, after Statue of Liberty, LEGO Minifigure, and LEGO Dragon (all released 20 years previously). Both sets are scheduled for release January 2021. A leaked image of the Bonsai was posted on Instagram today, probably resulting in Brickset adding it to their inventory. What do you think of these sets? Is the small size a good thing? Do you see many more being released in the future? If so, what? Discuss below.
  2. My creation from the official Lego bonsai for the competition organised by Brickset.
  3. sdrnet

    [MOC] Christmas Bonsai

    This was the year of the first LEGO Bonsai # 10281 and the start of the "Botanical Collection" line. Since its release, the network has been filled with magnificent bonsai works from hundreds of builders. I also wanted to make my own version and one day I came up with the right idea for me: to make a Christmas-style Bonsai! Initially I wanted to cover it with snow-covered white leaves but then I thought that bonsai are generally kept inside a house and then I made a classic bonsai with green leaves which I then covered with the typical Christmas decorations as if it were a Christmas pine. I think it is quite unusual and curious! This will be my last 2021 moc. Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas! Flickr Gallery:
  4. Once again I created a bonsai, this time for the Mini Bonsai activity on the Lego Ideas website. The creation must not contain more than 15 parts. Here it is : Mini bonsai with a green frog
  5. Stephle59

    Undead bonsai tree

    Here is my vision for the official Lego bonsai for the competition organised by Brickset : Zombillénium Bonsai Tree by Stephle59, sur Flickr No leaves here, just the dead trunk, in its pot, decorated with a few graves. The support consists of the white horns, which gives a small insectoid shape to the dark purple semi-rounded pot.
  6. Skalldyr

    Ishizuki Bonsai Tree

    Hi all! Ishizuki is a style in which the tree is rooted wholly within (atop or on the sides of) a large rock. Most of the time the roots are exposed and visible. When I saw all the different bonsai trees that are visible in the background of the Lego designer video of the new bonsai tree set I wanted to build my own bonsai tree. At the beginning of this project I was thinking of the right pot to "plant" the tree in. By chance I found this large Belville swimming pool that was perfect for a bonsai pot. It has a very striking color and a special form that gives a nice contrast to the brown and earthy tones of the bench and tree. While going through my Belville collection I realised that the legs and arms of the figures are pretty nice to form tree branches. Sadly, they are not that easy to connect to anything in the Lego system. But I tried out a lot of connections and in the end found connection points for all different joints. The result is this bonsai tree. Build for the "Build a Bonsai" competition at Brickset I think I need to keep on experimenting with these Belville joints. They are fun to mess around with Best Skalldyr
  7. Full Plate

    Bonsai Tree

    A bonsai tree, complete with a small table and a shallow pot. This is my entry for Swebrick's 'Build a tree' contest. Hope you like it
  8. drdesignz

    Bonsai Trees

    I typically only build large scale vehicles in the Model Team and Creator type themes, but recently have been trying more natural designs. Here are a group of bonsai trees. Multiple people asked me to submit it to Ideas, so I did: