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Found 29 results

  1. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2023

    Good news train fans - The Brick Train Awards are back for its fourth year this September. An annual virtual event for LEGO train fans around the world, the awards showcase what the LEGO train fan community has been building in the last two years and is a great opportunity to see the variety prevalent in the hobby. The awards are split in to 15 categories including awards for best steam, diesel and electric locomotive, best freight, passenger and special wagons, group or individual display, and 3 categories for TFOLs (Teenage Fans of LEGO). There are also 3 categories reserved specifically for digital models created in Bricklink Studio, Mecabricks or LDD! Each category is judged at a regional level in one of three regions - Americas (including both North and South America), Europe and the Middle East, and Asia & Australasia. The winners of the categories at this level are then discussed by a panel of judges to nominate one global winner in each category. Each winner will receive a Brick Train Awards 2023 winners brick, and the 15 global winners will receive a $100 voucher from global sponsor The event is also supported by HA Bricks and You can enter for free at, and follow all entries on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for the awards. can’t wait to see what people have been building this year!
  2. Bulk Material Train Unloading Facility features: TRACK 1: Single Car Rotary Dump (Tipper) with electric drive, servo adjustable slip wall for various width cars, mechanically automated clamps that self adjust for various height cars, wheel clamps, car vibrators. Electric Cable Drive Car Indexer with adjustable cable tension. Works with metal axle, standard size wheel cars. Electric drive, jam proof apron feeder and conveyor belts. TRACK 2: Bottom Discharge Bridge with directional discharge chute.
  3. The Brick Train Awards are back for 2022 for their third year. The awards are open to all LEGO train fans to submit their models for free during September in 15 categories: Best steam locomotive Best diesel locomotive Best electric locomotive Best other locomotive Best consist / full train Best passenger wagon Best freight wagon Best special wagon Best digital locomotive Best digital wagon Best TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO) locomotive Best TFOL wagon Best TFOL display Public vote Best display 2021 saw over 750 entries from builders around the world, and showcased a huge variety of creativity in the LEGO fan community. Winners are judged for most categories at a regional level (Americas, Asia & Australasia, and Europe) and a global winner is then picked by a panel of international judges from the LEGO train community. The Brick Train Awards started in 2020 during Covid to try and provide some meaningful activity for LEGO train fans. The TFOL categories are aimed at teenage LEGO train builders aged 13 - 18 to support up and coming LEGO fans, and the quality of submissions is particularly strong here. Prizes for global winners are sponsored by, as well as contributions from TrainedBricks and Brick Model Railroader. Entries are open from 1st - 30th September 2022, and winners will be announced in the first week of October on the Brick Train Awards website,
  4. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2021

    Hello again all, The Brick Train Awards are back for 2021! These are a virtual awards for LEGO train fans around the world, and are they are free to enter via from 1st - 28th February 2021. If you followed them last year, you'll have seen the huge variety and a lot of brilliant LEGO models from railways, railroads and transport systems from around the world. Prizes We'll be announcing prizes shortly, courtesy of the very generous Trixbrix who have once again stepped in to support the awards, including the cost of shipping prizes and winner's bricks worldwide. Additional sponsors for individual regions may follow. 2020 winners If you missed them, winners from last year's Brick Train Awards are listed on the website here; there's a 15 minute announcement video of winners here. Entering the Brick Train Awards 2021 As before, the awards are free to enter. You can enter up to 3 models per category; this time, models must have been completed in the last 24 months (2 years). Digital models can be submitted in the first 11 categories below: Best steam loco Best diesel loco Best electric loco Best other loco Best passenger wagon Best freight wagon Best special wagon Best structure Best TFOL (teenage fan of LEGO) locomotive Best TFOL (teenage fan of LEGO) wagon Best TFOL (teenage fan of LEGO) display / structure The above awards are drawn at a regional level (best models in Asia, Americas, Europe and Australasia) before a global winner is picked from those. The two categories below are judged at a global level only (as there are relatively fewer entries for these): Best group display Best individual display Enter your models for free from 1st - 28th February 2021; see details at We look forward to seeing what's submitted this year! Richard - Organiser, Brick Train Awards
  5. Terry Akuna

    EMD GP9

    Here is my first go at building a 10 wide locomotive with full interior.
  6. Rail Co

    Teaser for Upcoming Train?

    Hello, just watched the designer video on the 10277 crocodile train. For a very short time you can see a drawing of another locomotive on a white board. I was thinking if this could be a teaser or just a mere coincidence. I have a screenshot from the video. The number on the loco is "1876" and looks to be more American in style. If people think it is possibly a teaser anyone know what train it could be? For anyone wondering this is about 3:05 minutes into the video. Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this? Screenshot: Thanks, -RailCo
  7. Let me know if there's place that you'd like me to visit :)
  8. Unit Coal Train at Brickworld KC 2019 Loading_Station_BWKC_2019_01 by Terry Akuna, on Flickr Loading_Station_BWKC_2019_02 by Terry Akuna, on Flickr
  9. This rail crossing is automated by two Arduino's. One Arduino will take care of the actual crossing (making the freight trains start/stop and the signals) the other Arduino controls the passenger trains which start/stop from two different stations. Because there's only one priority track for the passenger trains on the crossing, but both stations have two tracks, the latter Arduino also has to control the direction of the passenger trains on the crossing and also flip the switches to make sure the passenger train ends up at an empty track at the station. Both Arduino's have some low level communication between them: as soon as a passenger train is started, the crossing-Arduino is told to put the lights on red and to stop the track. The crossing-Arduino has a setting that tells it for how long the lights should be red. Oh, and there's of course also the Lego Terminator. Enjoy!
  10. Hello trainfans ... and everyone else of course, too ;-) Some days (weeks) ago, there: I said "hello" for the first time. Now - some days later, my first MOC is nearlly finished. I want to start with a video of it: Well, I guess, the kind of video (fogg) doesn't everybody like - however, I wanted topresent in a special way. I also thaught about presenting in the wood, at the beach or on a high tower - problem there would be the electric for the 9 motors - so I choose that was. Regarding my first post, you will know, it's just a very little start. There will come much more trains and even a nice setting - I hope, at least one new train per month should be possible... However, that's really expensive. (Especially the windows!) ... and there is still remaining a very little rest of the lego train sets, I still want to but. (Aim is getting every single set since 1966.) Pictures? Okay - in case, you haven't got the time or don't like youtube ;-) Well... they seem to be to big for the onside upload button ;-o What do you think about the train? ... I still need about 6 more cars for getting a realistic lenght... (an observing car and a bistro for example ;-) ) Best regards and a nice weekend!! ;-)
  11. rahziel

    LEGO 60197 Passenger Train

    2018 is becoming a good year to lego train fans, we wanted more of course, but give us material to moc at least, hehehe... 60197 Passenger Train (677 pieces - 129.99 €) As you probably already know, these two trains will come with a new Power Functions receiver and a 10-speed Bluetooth remote. For the passenger train, it will be necessary to acquire at least two copies to have a complete train ... This fun set includes a motorized locomotive with a 10-speed Bluetooth remote control, an opening train front, a driver's cab with an opening window, 2 cars with removable roof, seating and tables, a circuit complete oval with 16 curved rails and 4 straight rails, as well as a buildable dock with 2 seats and a map of rail services, train signage and 4 LEGO figures. Note that two packs that will extend the basic circuit provided in these sets are provided: 60205 Train Tracks & Curves (20 pieces) and 60238 Switch Tracks (8 pieces). (Seen on Promobricks and Hothbricks)
  12. rahziel

    LEGO 60198 Cargo Train

    2018 is becoming a good year to lego train fans, we wanted more of course, but give us material to moc at least, hehehe... The powerful LEGO® City 60198 remote-controlled freight train is loaded, it just has to go!This fun LEGO City set includes a motorized locomotive with a 10-speed Bluetooth remote control, a driver's cab, a crane wagon with an extendible and rotating pole, a container car with 2 containers, a log car, a vehicle with doors armoured cars that open, a forklift truck with a complete safety cage and forks.This LEGO set also includes a complete oval circuit with 16 curved rails, 16 straight rails and a switch with lever, a control center with a ladder and 2 pallets to build with banknotes, gold bars, a scooter. Snow and 6 LEGO figures. Freight Train will set you back 189.99€, source What do you think?!
  13. marbleman

    SNCF Class X73500

    Hello guys, here is my new work-SNCF Class X73500, it's a Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) train type operated by the SNCF in France. This train have various coler scheme I choose the dark blue scheme for my MOC Here is general view of my work. More picture for detail The interior is simple The electrical parts. The train drived by one train mortor. Here is video for running. I also plan to make a red scheme version in future Hope you like it, thanks for visiting.
  14. So far, only ONE AFOL has given me the right answer :-) Hi everybody, This one is a real challenge! After the quiz N2 that we had as warm-up, here we are with a harder quiz. I am really curious to know if anybody knows or can find the answer of this one. I would consider a prize for the winner(s). If you are sure you know the answer, please "DO NOT SPOIL", but only pm me. But if you have any guess together with some reasons for your guess, you are very welcome to comment under this post so that we can discuss about it and who knows, maybe we get multiple responses. Here is the question: WHICH INSTRUCTIONS have MORE THAN ONE VERSION? The sets in question are 7710, 7715, 7720, 7722, 7725, 7727, 7730, 7735, 7740, 7745, 7750, 7755, 7760. I believe you cannot find the answer by googling (I couldn't). Good luck :-)
  15. I have seen two variations of instructions 7860: 1) For the second release 1982-87, the code of instruction is 113483 ©1981. In the instructions, we can see this variation of "Straight Conducting Rail with Rail Interruption" 3242apb01:{"color":9,"iconly":0} 2) For the third release 1988-94, it is 120622 ©1981 in which we can see this variation of "Straight Conducting Rail with Rail Interruption" 3242bpb01:{"color":9,"iconly":0} 3) What about the first release 1980-81? Is there any instructions for it (do you have it?) in which we can see "Straight Conducting Rail with Rail Interruption" 3242a:
  16. Hi everyone, after a long time I'm back here to present the Tre Cime of Lavaredo, a Unesco World Heritage in the Dolomites, Italian Alps. A creation I built with some fellows of our CLV Lug. Well, I thought this huge moc built with thousands of bricks fits well on a diorama if there is a proper tunnel for trains. I built two portals for a double track with 2 different solutions. I developed a large arched classic portal for two rails inspired to those on the 5 Terre line in Liguria and a double portal inspired to the North side of Sempione tunnel. Hope you all would appreciate these solutions. The Tre Cime of Lavaredo were presented last weekend for the first time at the Model Expo Italy in Verona. This big mountain was positioned on the CLV diorama city of about 30 meters. Below you will find some images shot at Verona venue which are part of our Lego Trains show. The west portal is inspired by those of the Riomaggiore station, a railway that winds along the Ligurian coast of the Mediterranean Sea and runs through mountains, bridges and terraces just up on the sea. Here a double heading of R4C Vossloh Mak G2000 The East portal is inspired to the one at the North entrance of Traforo del Sempione, a railway between Italy and Switzerland. The ÖBB 1216 020 "175 Jahre Eisenbahn für Österreich" built by Massimo Bmacro The E414 heading a Frecciabianca built by Matteo MapuDJ A lego version of the ÖBB Feuerwehr Taurus Another Taurus in black MRCE livery A G2000 in a livery of a Company of my Town. A special thanks to Emanuele LT12Volts wich has developed an excellent interpretation of this machine which is apparently easy to built in Lego. He gave me his project. Here a video of some trains in action Finally, please allow me to post a shot that is very dear to me. It was taken at the Model Expo 2017 and collects many Italian lego train fans. Emanuele this year could not join us. Bianchino, LT12Volts, MapuDJ, Bolto@, Legofan99, Helos,Bmacro, Roby, Ex cinno, Jaymz HD
  17. Hi everyone! Few years ago I started thinking about a system to control my LEGO diorama because I did't find any "official" system (I found Mindstorms very expensive for my budget and limiting); so I create a system that allows me to control all the diorama and roll out automations when I show my diorama in fairs and exibitions. These are the features of ArduTrain WiFi: Control up to 8 Power Functions trains (but also 9v old trains with relays) Control up to 6 motorized LEGO switches Control the LED lighting and the Power Functions motors on your diorama thanks to the 4 relay output Roll out automations: detect passage of the trains by triggering up to 6 sensors on the tracks Watch realtime video streaming of your diorama thanks to webcam streaming (remote control of all diorama, I play with mine from smartphone when I'm in the bathroom ) Is multi-device and works on browsers without installing anything Easy to implement, does not require any specific expertise After a while I decided to share ArduTrain WiFi for free, so I made an easy guide (in english / italian) and I made software (in english) available on my website at this address: There is also a Facebook page to follow all the updates: Here you can see ArduTrain WiFi in action: This is not a commercial product but it's licensed; the project can be supported through donations from the website: in this way it will be kept free for everyone and there will be new developments. I hope you enjoy!
  18. This train which i built a year ago has not the lego train classic chassis but my own. It has also some seats and a table for people and it looks quite good, so it is not only about the speed. I am not sure if you will like the video, because it is quite old and the selfmade music is quite weird.
  19. Hey, A few years back I set up a layout which consisted of one big loop with a couple of side tracks where trains can be parked. So multiple trains were running on the same loop. This system had a central controller and the downside of this was that a lot of times the system had to wait for a train to come in or there were only two trains at the maximum running around. This time I've made a system with six side tracks and every side track has its own controller. So the choice wether to park a train on the side track or not is done locally based on a few variables like distance with the previous train and how long the side track was not occupied. A video says more than words so enjoy :)
  20. Hello fellow train builders, I would like to share my most recent project theme; Lego Trains & Internet of Things. Basically, I make connected trains and train related stuff. My aim is not to be 100% realistic or copy existing real world trains. My goal is to bring Lego into the IoT movement, learn many great things along the way, and eventually help the next generations to get interested and pick up the necessary skills for a better world through technology. Let's call this STEM through Play.(STEM=science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Sounds like a mouthful, huh? but that's what I want anyway ) Without further ado, here's what I have built so far; Automated Lego Railroad Crossing Lego Train Voice Controlled Lights via Amazon Echo Lego Train Controller App Please bear in mind that this project is new and under development. I welcome any sort of feedback and questions I will also update this thread but if you'd like to keep up, here's my website which aggregates all the social channels related to this project: Legongineer
  21. Hi, Short video of my 12v lego collection. Found the basic 7730 in the loft from my childhood about 3 months ago and been adding to it ever since,... Enjoy :) Choo Choo
  22. IMG_4907 by Canvas Rails, on Flickr G'day All, The 2016 Brick Expo was held in Canberra this weekend and was a whole lot of fun. We made it a celebration of 50 years of Lego Trains and had blue track, grey (golden) era 12v, 9v, power functions and monorail. So much monorail. For those who couldn't make it due to being in the other hemisphere, there was a 3D scan done late on Friday night that features the train layout so you can do a virtual walk through! I would love to know what you think of the layout and get pointers from the more experienced exhibitors in the group. My easy favourite is the 12v section because it looked like something straight out of the 7777 ideas book. The link is: https://my.matterpor.../?m=VR8uF8vPAwd Here is a news article with some additional information and the scan embedded. http://www.canberrat...729-gqgdbc.html CLUG train group layout at Brick Expo 2016, Canberra. 50 years of Lego Trains 1966-2016 by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Cheers, Rob
  23. Hello ! I developped a mobile application for android called BRICK collector (based on brickset). ★ BRICK collector, final nominee and honorable mention to the Best Entertainment App awards 2013 ★ It includes a lot of features : custom search, browsing and managing sets and minifgures collection, downloading instructions guide, barcode scanning and so on. Here is the link on the google play page. You can find some informations and demos on the official site. If you have any difficulties, questions or ideas for the app just send me an email or post in this topic .