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  1. Vilhelm22

    [MOC]: The Moon Rocket - from Tintin

    Amazing! I love Tintin, owning all 24 books in English, plus 3 in French, and two posters - I actually have the 'Explorers on the Moon' poster above my bed. They are some of the greatest comics (though I hate to use that word as I associate it with lesser products) of all time - and this is a very accurate representation of the rocket. I'd love to see more Tintin MOCs from you in the future!
  2. Welcome @daiichigo! Greetings from across the pond! This generally reliable site says that they both are released on January 1st, so you can expect them then. You might want to buy them pretty rapidly on January 1st, as there is certainly a risk that they will sell out fast, particularly with the increased demand and reduced production of sets because of Covid-19. Good luck and happy shopping! Vilhelm22 Just as a reminder to all: Flower Bouquet / Bonsai Tree 10280 / 10281 756 pieces / 878 pieces USD49.99 / EUR49.99 / GBP44.99 Release January 1st 2021
  3. Vilhelm22

    [MOC] The Return

    Ah that makes sense. Well, the amount you put on is perfect!
  4. Vilhelm22

    [MOC] The Return

    Very impressive, and certainly works excellently as a single build with a story behind. Contrary to @JintaiZ, I am of the opinion that the number of studs you have showing is optimum. Tiling over what is meant to be grass makes it look too fake, like a football pitch where it is controlled, or even a simple smooth floor. The texture gives it some life and naturalness. A fantastic MOC!
  5. Vilhelm22

    [MOC] Rainbow Bird

    Fantastic! I have to admit I agree with @JintaiZ on this one, as I think that the use of those arch bricks is just a bit too simplistic compared to the rest of the build. I'd try to get a no-studs-showing result on the beak if I were you. But otherwise, very well executed indeed!
  6. Vilhelm22

    Cole Statue

    Awesome! It's a fantastic way to honour him, seeing as he will never be the same again. It reminds me of the statue erected in the series from when Zane 'dies'.
  7. Vilhelm22

    City on just ONE baseplate? City City MOC

    Very impressed! I always find unusual creations like this particularly interesting and enjoyable to read about! The choices of buildings make it far more interesting to look at too, particularly the Norse bridge and the wizard's tower. Congratulations!
  8. Vilhelm22

    Top 10 Sets for a City Layout

    Trust me, if you've seen the real things, the London buses look amazing. They are also iconic. As a Londoner, I can say this with confidence - red works really extremely well on a bus. Each to their own though.
  9. Vilhelm22

    10278 Police Station

    Doubt it. This is just a post office, no modular has ever had any branding in it at all. On a different note, I find the use of 1x2 jumper plates on the front facade of the police station really interesting.
  10. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Unfortunately, yes, it could be. But I'm really hoping it's not! I think for a train the type we have the highest chance of getting is a steam train. An electric immediately after an electric won't happen, and I think a diesel would be too much competition for the Crocodile, as they are generally far more similar in looks than the steam vs diesel/electric. Here's hoping....
  11. I'm not so sure. We're getting Flower Bouquet and Bonsai Tree, both completely new expert builds. Who's to say the others won't be maintained in the same quantity? On a different note, I reckon Old Trafford is going to have a relatively short lifespan, and will be replaced by something of similar size quite quickly, hopefully next year. I'm not interested in football, never have been, never will be. I've watched 1 match total, when England lost to Croatia in the World Cup Semifinal, so Old Trafford is a no buy for me.
  12. Vilhelm22

    MOC Coral reef

    Very impressive! One of my favourite things on Eurobricks is seeing how people use parts in ways that they were never designed to be used for. This is a perfect illustration of this - thanks for sharing!
  13. Looking on this site recently, I noticed that there is listed on there set 10295: ? Considering that the modular Police Station is 10278, that means we should get at least 18 Creator Expert sets next year. Considering we got 2 in 2020 from 8 sets, I think that's a pretty good sign for landmark buildings in 2021....
  14. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Just found something which though not actually specifically train news, makes the chances of getting one higher in 2021. On this site the advanced Models section at the top lists 5 sets: 10278 Police Station 10280 Flower Bouquet 10281 Bonsai Tree 10283 ? 10295 ? The important thing here is not what these particular sets are, but actually their numbers. 10278 up to 10295 inclusive is 18 expert sets in one year at least. I think this raises the chances of a new expert train next year, or something related...
  15. Vilhelm22

    [MOC] Winter Gazebo in the Park

    Seconded. Particularly on the snow, I actually think it looks better untiled - it makes it seem less smooth and more natural.