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  1. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Trains 2024

    Apologies - I’ve changed it now. It seems that although it’s retired in most of the world, European shops still have it in stock with no issues. There’s a ** which says this which I’ll later delete when it sells out in Europe.
  2. Vilhelm22

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The Loop Coaster is also predicted to require this year which would otherwise leave us with nothing which hasn't happened since the range properly began (between Grand Carousel and Fairground Mixer there was a gap but I don't think the Grand Carousel really counts as it was before the regular series kicked off).
  3. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Trains 2024

    @mod123 @Murdoch17 That's bizarre - in the UK there are no signs of it retiring anytime soon hence my inclusion of it on the list. I may therefore keep it that way for the moment - when did it retire in your country?
  4. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Trains 2024

    According to Brick Fanatics, 76405 Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition is going to retire this year. Not surprised in the slightest though - hopefully this might tell TLG that bigger is NOT always better, and we want an actual train we can run! It won't have even lasted 18 months assuming it has a December 31st retirement date. In the Harry Potter theme you would expect a big market too - the Hogwarts Castle 71043 will have been around 6 years this September and shows no signs of retiring any time soon.
  5. Vilhelm22

    [MOC] Medway 4703 "Maria"- Siemens Eurosprinter

    Another stunner from you @Sérgio! I’m always so impressed with your MOCs with how you so rarely use stickers - many for the arrows would have done so but you’ve achieved it without! Perfection is one of your many skills.
  6. Vilhelm22

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    A grand station and a grand masterpiece! Very recognisable shape and style as well - I travelled from Bratislava to Budapest and then Budapest to Krakow and saw many of these on the way. Can’t wait to see pictures of the full station in operation in the near future!
  7. I mean religious buildings aren’t generally something they do (exceptions are mentioned above) but it’s a shame really considering the amount of money that goes into these architectural wonders because of their significance and the resulting ornate creations. To name a few others I would love to see: Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Saint Paul’s Cathedral, London Westminster Abbey, London Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow Hagia Sofia, Istanbul Saint Stephen‘s Basilica, Budapest Berlin Cathedral, Berlin Sainte Chapel, Paris Europe alone has countless examples and there are plenty of others elsewhere. Unfortunately, LEGO’s attempted neutrality will likely never allow these to come to fruition as 7/8 of these are churches themselves and the eighth (Hagia Sophia) although a mosque was formerly a church. P.S. Following Notre Dame, I can imagine the vast onslaught of complaints they would receive from making just one more church after that and none from another religion.
  8. If it really is Notre Dame, I think it will be very interesting to see the finished product. It's an extremely ornate building, and there are a lot of complex building techniques involved. However, it's larger than some of the stadiums and previous Creator Expert sets (for example Old Trafford, Tower Bridge and the Sydney Opera House) - it doesn't belong in Architecture where smaller sets should reside. I was there that night when the fire took place, and the feeling the next day was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I remember it having been extremely hot and dry outside two hours before the fire began, and the next day it was like the city had lost an old friend. Luckily, restoration is underway (I've revisited Paris several times since although the cathedral is closed) and she'll be back and open soon.
  9. Vilhelm22

    Maine Central 470 - "Mascot of Maine"

    Nothing like one of your stunning locomotives Glenn! Always fascinating to see the techniques you use each time. The perfection in your piston rods and valve gear is always outstanding.
  10. Another fantastic expansion to the layout! Are we able to see multiple modules together or is this not possible with the amount of space you have?
  11. Vilhelm22

    10330 McLaren MP4/4 F1 Discussion

    Well I've (unfortunately) updated the thread title and description back to MP4/4, but not a great set in my opinion. We'll have to see how it turns out with more pictures beyond that one, As I'm not a completist I won't be picking this one up, but seeing as several sets I want that are retiring this year cost £1600 total it's probably no real shame that I don't want this one as well.
  12. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Art - Rumours and Discussion

    Funny that we just mentioned this as it’s been leaked this will be being released this year along with The Milky Way (interested to see how they do that). 31212: The Milky Way Galaxy 3091 pieces US$199.99 May 2024 release 31213: The Mona Lisa 1503 pieces US$TBA Summer 2024 release That seems to be all the data that we’ve got so far.
  13. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Art - Rumours and Discussion

    Wow this thread’s been dead. So much so, in fact, that I forgot about it and I started it to begin with. I think both that and the IDEAS Starry Night have been highly successful so I hope we can see more like them as well. Personally I’d really like some Monet water lilies. I wonder if they might extend ‘Art’ to sculptures rather than just wall art - Rodin’s Thinker would be cool. I’d also like Whistler’s Mother, although admittedly that’s because of Mr Bean more than anything else . Unfortunately because it’s religious they’ll never do Da Vinci’s Last Supper though I think it would be great. Having given it a name I’ll be really excited to see how the Fauna Collection expands - I really like the Macaws and they’re a great price.
  14. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Trains 2024

    I’ll be interested to see what the tram looks like - the last one I thought was a real let down compared with the previous 2. Never liked that 60197 train nose which they also used there. Also will be interested to see how people motorise it afterwards (even though we don’t know what it looks like yet). I’ve also updated the first post accordingly.
  15. Vilhelm22

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hahahaha not exactly. Definitely not the olive green and without the dome. But in cream, old city schools did used to look like that sometimes. In a modular street I picture it as looking like that myself.