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  1. [MOC] T-55a

    Oh I like it, the amount of functions you were able to put in it without disrupting its shape or making compromises is astounding. Its a very nice model!
  2. [MOC] Vignette: the Griffin monument

    Thank you, Faladrin.
  3. Game Of Thrones - Westeros Architecture Skyline [MOC]

    Big GoT fan here - this is really neat. The heart tree beats it all.
  4. What are you listening to?

  5. [MOC] Vignette: the Griffin monument

    Thank you! Also I really like your minifgures, the Minotaurs-Demon is awesome.
  6. VW beetle Sport/Classic 1970

    Looks great so recognizable at this very small scale. I especially like how the front turned out.
  7. Cat 7495 electric rope shovel 2018

    I think beautiful is what beautiful does. With 12700 tons and 64 meters total height it was the biggest earth moving machine ever built, even bigger than Big Muskie. There is even a cast model of it:
  8. Classic 1990 Ferrari Formula 1

    Thank you all for the nice comments, I really appreciate it !! Thank you! Funnily, the hardest part was to find a proper solution to mount the front wing. I had to integrate the nose into it and at the same time find a good mounting solution that was both compact and sturdy. I came up with several ways to attach the wing to the nose but they were all problematic because they all resulted in mounting the front wing so low that it nearly scraped across the floor. Those that did not were too clumsy. Finally, this solved all of the problems, sturdy, small and the wing is slightly more than 1 tile off the ground:
  9. Cat 7495 electric rope shovel 2018

    Those were among my favorite machines back when I was a kid, and I still love the gigantic drag lines, strip shovels and mining excavators. Your is stunningly beautiful and very well executed, especially with the lights on it looks just like the real thing. Its wonderful. How about the Marion 6360 as next project? Go big or go home as they say.
  10. [MOC] Medieval Tower

    This looks very good, you don't see hexagonal medieval buildings very often and the roof is a work of art.
  11. [MOC] Vignette: the Griffin monument

    Thanks guys! Yes, I just saw them in your creation - the legs work really well, the butt is a little naked though.

    This is beautiful, I especially like the fountain!
  13. [Moc] Greek Spartans 'Come and Get it'

    Awesome creation, I'm a fan of the LEGO Greek theme and you just nailed it. Besides the temple I think the boat is really good, it looks just as in all the ancient frescos.
  14. [MOC] Vignette: the Griffin monument

    Hey fellow Legoheads! This is my first attempt at a vignette. Kind of. I actually just wanted to make a fitting ''Stand'' for my female hoplite minifig so it does not get dropped / lost, but it ended up as a little more so I wanted to share it with you, hoping you like it a bit. I only had a very limited supply of bricks since it was not a planned creation.
  15. [Moc] Looking for the Holy Chalice

    This is excellent, especially when considering its small size. The church shows some nice architecture and the colorful autumn foliage mixed with the white of the snow is a beautiful touch.