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  1. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] Cozy Cottage

    The color palette is interesting, very risky color combinations but it works extremely well here and makes the creation unique. Kind of reminds me of the color and lighting right after sunset. Also the brown technic connectors used for the window frames is a cool idea. I like it a lot!
  2. GiantAmbushBeetle

    Waffles and Milk

    I love it, this is the first Lego creation that makes me hungry. At first sight I too thought that some parts of the MOC were not LEGO, but its just so well made.
  3. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] 300-Ton Face Shovel

    Thank you! I was definitely looking at the Demag H285, the Terex RH170 and O&K models when I was designing this shovel. Size-wise there is only one real limitation, and thats the dreaded turntable. I used the 50163 turntable on this model and strengthened it with a central axle. For this size of model its absolutely fine and strong, but if I would go any bigger, like doing the 500 or 800 ton monsters this turntable would not work well, especially because it only has three holes on each side on top and bottom. Its simply not big enough. If it weren't for the turntable I could go MUCH bigger, I'd love to make one of the 1500-ton strip shovels but thats not possible right now. I tried a few bearing systems turntables but they weren't really strong and hard to implement. Actuators is not a problem if I went with a hydraulic version, I'd simply switch to the bigger steel lined actuators and drive them with the LEGO motors and worm gears for extra strength. I wonder if there are any after market turntables?
  4. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] 300-Ton Face Shovel

    Thank you all for your kind words, glad you like it!
  5. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] 300-Ton Face Shovel

    Hey Lego People! So a couple weeks ago I posted my model of a 105 ton mining excavator. I liked it but I thought I could make it bigger and better, so here is the result of its transformation. It now resembles a typical face-shovel excavator in the 300-ton class. I hope you like it! With its 300 tons its a medium-sized specimen of its kind, but due its flexibility and effectiveness this size is the most popular in mining sites all around the world. The operator needs a ladder to get to the cab, which is is located next to the boom 6 meters above ground. Standard semi dump trucks are filled with one scoop. Typically those excavators are paired with very large dump trucks. The shovel it is equipped with is specifically designed for medium overburden, consisting of loose rock and dirt. This kind of excavator unloads the shovel simply by swinging it open, dumping the overburden directly into the truck. The little semi truck: Powered by a 27 liter 1350 bhp Cummins V12 diesel. The engine extracted from the excavator for maintenance and repair.
  6. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] JCB style Backhoe excavator with various attachments

    Saw it on Flickr before you posted it here, I think its really good. The 1992 JCB backhoe was my favorite LEGO set when I was a kid, this is the next generation version of it. The little vignette also adds a lot to the creation.
  7. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] Mining Excavator

    Thanks! None of the LEGO excavator shovels really fit, I also thought its more fun to build it myself. I built the buckets for three excavators now, I think I'll stick to that practice.
  8. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] Mining Excavator

    Thanks! :D
  9. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] Mining Excavator

    I built a LEGO mining excavator in minifig-size! I've always been a little sad that LEGO never got around to make proper sets of the big machines used in surface mining, with the mining experts franchise they're only doing some rather underwhelming very unrealistic mining equipment, so I have to build my own. These excavators are used in large coal pits, they load the rocky overburden that is covering the coal into large dump trucks. They have a so called face-shovel, unlike traditional shovels it is turned around so it can dig into the rock piles, and the shovel simply swings open to unload. Those machines are quite big, the smallest already weigh 70 tons, with the biggest up to 1000 metric tons. I installed actuators which can be operated via knobs on the right side of the machine to move the arm. The operators cab is protected from falling rocks via a protective lattice, in the rear sits a large displacement diesel V8, the shovel swings open just like a real one. 850 bricks. I hope you like it!
  10. GiantAmbushBeetle

    MOC - LEGO 360 Coral Reef Aquarium

    Terrfic. I've seen a few coral reef MOCs, they are out there, but yours is by far the prettiest. That is one creation I'd absolutely love to buy to put it on my desk.
  11. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] Group-C 1990

    Now with stickers too:
  12. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC/TECH] 6-wide cars. There may be stance.

    Negative camber especially on the front wheels is used in racing to increase the tire contact patch in corners in racing as the car tilts to the outside of the corner, but we're speaking of max 4 degrees of negative camber here. More camber quickly results in poor straight line breaking, excessive tire wear (rim-tire pinching), unpredictable handling and poor acceleration characteristics. The tuning crowd picked that up and use an excessive amount of camber for fun and show.
  13. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] Super-GT

    Found some sponsor stickers on Amazon, they work really well for LEGO cars in this scale.
  14. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] Skeezicks

    I like it a lot, its very original and its fingers remind me of daddy-long-legs. Looks really spooky, especially the way you photographed it. (I think it needs a little more film grain though. )
  15. GiantAmbushBeetle

    [MOC] Group-C 1990

    Ah, why is none of my creations ever finished. Update: swapped the flat tile with two 6191 curved bricks at the front splitter for more realistic diffuser aerodynamics and curved the rear wing endplates inwards with 4 15068 slopes for reduction in drag. .