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  1. MOC - German airfield, 1942 | +\- 25.000 pcs.

    This is very impressive and well made! Besides the gorgeous planes I love all the little details, like the little 8.8cm cannon and the aircraft search light.
  2. Rome - Forum of Nerva - 962 A.D.

    This is an excellent creation, I especially like the castle walls, very nice colors and details.
  3. MOC: Common Rat

    This is nice, I especially like the tail.
  4. [MOC] Group-6 75' Race Car

    Thanks, I'm glad you guys like it!
  5. [MOC] Build Your Own Wearable Bling

    Haha this is great, LEGO Fashion! Time to build me a LEGO chain mail for those medieval festivals!
  6. [MOC] The Most of Hong Kong

    There is a saying: sometimes less is more. Definitely true in this case, merging together the elements looks way cool. The Buddha statue face is great too!
  7. [MOC] Group-C Race Car

    Thank you!
  8. [MOC] Group-C Race Car

    Thanks guys! I'm happy with how the cockpit turned out, though I secretly wish the window was two studs wider..
  9. [MOC] Group-C Race Car

    May I present to you, my take on a car from the legendary 1980's Group-C racing series. Cars from that series were known for producing literally tons of down force through under body diffusers that accelerated the air underneath the car and vented it through two large openings in the back. The resulting low-pressure area underneath the entire car paired with aggressive splitters and light weight of the vehicle resulted in cornering speeds of up to 3-4 g's. Engine power in excess of 1000 bhp accelerated those cars to speeds up to 245 mp/h or 405 km/h. With my build, which consists of approx 1500 parts, I tried to visually capture the extreme speed and raw power of those cars. I hope you like it!
  10. [MOC] Group-6 75' Race Car

    Thanks! Yeah I like curves!
  11. [MOC] Man Cave Kitchen

    It took me a second to realize that this wasn't a real kitchen. Very nice!
  12. [MOC] Whitefang Evolved

    Astonishingly beautiful design, totally nailed the scaly wyrm-ish design.-.
  13. [MOC] Group-6 75' Race Car

    Thank you! Yes its a little...pragmatic. I have lots of experience with SNOT but when I designed this car I simply did not encounter a situation that demanded extensive use of ''advanced'' building techniques. I hope this is not a drawback , I like to think that some models can be rather simple yet at the same time attractive. Like some people.
  14. [MOC] Group-6 75' Race Car

    Hey fellow LEGO fans, may I present to you my latest creation! As the title says, this is a (fantasy / my own interpretation) version of a Group-6 race car from the mid to late 70's. I had a ton of fun building it as I never used so many smooth round bricks in a single model before. It consist of approx 760 parts, it has functional steering, its low-drag aerodynamic design is very realistic, it has a removable rear bodywork and a fully modeled cockpit. I hope you like it!