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  1. Wow @Nura! Stunning job One question: How does the DSG work? I see that you have a neutral and 4 more gears in the video.. Are you pressing neutral and then to the next/previous gear or does the car/SBrick/app that automatically for you? Again, amazing work!
  2. Very nice build! The details without the 'normal' bricks are absolutely amazing! And it's so strong
  3. Hi everyone, First, I know that this topic is very old, but I wanted to do one last update. After a busy year the technical details video is done. And if you are interested, the building instruction is available for a small price (for backing upcoming projects ) at my website. Hope you don't see this update as spam, have a nice day and happy building!
  4. Wow! This thing is just amazing . You did an amazing job building this potato harvester. Thanks for sharing and explained details.
  5. Very cool creation! I usally don't like 'old' cars but this one is very recognisable. I looks very good with the red accent color.
  6. As I said, I went in September tot Agrifac located in Steenwijk (The Netherlands) . The video was delayed because I was busy with school and because Agrifac wanted to see it first. This morning I uploaded it on YouTube and here it is... Enjoy! (if you don't want to see the 'factory stuff' skip to 1:24) Also, me and my father wanted some photo's from above. And with some photo-editing this is it...
  7. That normal mower (0:48 in the video) I think would be very cool! You can use the front PTO for the mower and you need to build some sort of tube (don't know exactly how ) connected to the container on the back. But you can also design something yourshelf
  8. Looks like a very cool project! (+1 following) How many attachments are you going to make?
  9. Looks very cool! You did a nice job, but a simple question. What are the dimensions?
  10. Looks good! I love that you used this to learn your son the basic principles . ope he will build something like this himself
  11. You are true, this is what I said in an earlier post: 2 studs more is not so much, but because my ground clearance (compared to the real one) is too low it distorts the image Thanks for calling it a 'masterpiece' @I_Igor
  12. Okay, but that's pretty difficult because I break it down while I'm making the instructions. So if I make instructions, they will be the wrong way around.
  13. Try to make a stop block so it cannot tilt to much.. Hope that helps