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  1. You are true, this is what I said in an earlier post: 2 studs more is not so much, but because my ground clearance (compared to the real one) is too low it distorts the image Thanks for calling it a 'masterpiece' @I_Igor
  2. Okay, but that's pretty difficult because I break it down while I'm making the instructions. So if I make instructions, they will be the wrong way around.
  3. Try to make a stop block so it cannot tilt to much.. Hope that helps
  4. Thanks! I searched for blue render, but i think you can only make a render image and not instructions with it. Is it easy to make instructions (with LPub3D) out of or do you also need to change every step because it's not logical (like with LDD)?
  5. Hello everyone! As you probably understood, I went to Agrifac with my Lego Agrifac Condor. I made some photos and a video, but the video needs to be reviewed by Agrifac so I can't post it right now. I hope you appreciate this. Currently I'm making a LDD file, and I want to make instructions. Is there a fast way to do this or can I just better sell/share the LDD file?
  6. Land Carrier Khagaan

    Okay. I put it next to my photos/video I made and you added more (purple) details. It looks even better!
  7. RC Trabant 601

    Nevertheless, it's a good car with a very good inside
  8. Yes, I understand what you mean... I tried to make the wheel hubs more with axles and that workes for my. I really like your design and maybe you can reinforce it with some 5L/3L beams instead of the bush... Also a beam between the gear racks.. Just saying, I don't tried it myself
  9. RC Trabant 601

    Wow, looks very good! The front axle is stunning . Did you know you put the front licence plate upside down?
  10. Looks good! I really like the solution with the driving. Do you also have the play on the wheels? (I had with the wheel hubs..)
  11. Good question. If you only want to do 'simple' things with the EV3, I think you can use the remote. You can also make an app with AppInventor, but that's a bit more challenging. Hope this helps... And welcome to Eurobricks!
  12. Land Carrier Khagaan

    Me too! @mahjqa it looks very cool! Did you change anything after Lego World (2016)? The edit and the filming techniques are very cool!
  13. Worked for me too (Chrome and adblocker). Even if I pause the adblocker...
  14. Thanks for your kind comment . I agree with the tyres. They should have a 'Claas' tyre profile. And with the wide Claas tyres it's more to drive over grass (which a sprayer also does ). This tyres are more meant for water the potatoes and more vegetables. (Credits to my father ). Thanks for commenting!
  15. Yes, you are true. I made the sprayer wider than the 'original'. It's 2 studs more than it should be. Otherwise it should be (almost) impossible to put the wheel hubs into the chassis. And as I mentioned earlier, the 'arms are also shorter than they should... I'm hoping that you still forgive this.. Thank you @Leonardo da Bricki and @Jody Meyer!!