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  1. MOC: 505 Wasabi (Skyscraper)

    ^Thanks! Here are sample shots of a 1 bedroom / 1 bath unit. I tried to keep it minimalistic and clean.
  2. MOC: 505 Wasabi (Skyscraper)

    Thanks guys! If you want to see anything else in detail, like the cars, or the roads, both my flickr and Instagram account have detail images of them, just dig deep!
  3. MOC: 505 Wasabi (Skyscraper)

    More than 42 inches tall, More than 6000 pieces, this hip, modern apartment skyscraper is my second tallest and second biggest MOC, located in the heart of Wasabi District. 505 WASABI Includes amenities such as a rooftop swimming pool up top and Wasabi District's first Dunkin Donuts. (Competitor to my Starbucks!) More interior pics coming soon, I'll keep you guys posted! But for now, enjoy the pics, and let me know what you guys think. Thanks for looking!
  4. Wasabi District 2017

    Thanks Eurobrickers I aim to have more skyscrapers as long as I am employed but stay tuned. I'm not the fastest builder but I'm close to finishing this one off!
  5. Wasabi District 2017

    Hey guys! Have you been following wooootles on Flickr? Or @wooootles on Instagram? Well, you guys should. Something big is coming to Wasabi District. I have been updating my progress log. Check it out! Full build coming soon!
  6. [MOC] - Italian Restaurant - Modular Building

    You rocked this MOC. Good job. Loving the bustling presentation of the interior, it's like something I'd see on Travel Channel.
  7. MOC: The Cars of Wasabi District

    9.) Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (6/27/17) Whew, it's been a while since my last update, eh? As usual, 6-wide chassis, seats 4 minifigs. With the other Jeep! More car MOCs to come, unless I hibernate again
  8. MOC: The Cars of Wasabi District

    8.) MOC: Dodge Viper GTS (12/11/16) Another addition to the streets of Wasabi District, a Dodge Viper GTS, rocking a classic blue-with-white stripe scheme. Front is somewhat similar to my Z06 design, because in real life, the Vette and the Viper do have similar styling cues. But the rest of the car is constructed differently. No Speed Champions Mustang were harmed in making this MOC. Ane here's the render. (I'll get the Jeep soon, LDD not complete) Hmm, I need to add more "family" vehicles! But I think I'll keep building cars :D
  9. MOC: The Cars of Wasabi District

    Hey guys, There's a couple of new updates that I wanted to roll out. There's this one, where I took some new Speed Champions pieces and improved my old MOC. 3B.) MOC: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Redesigned (11/26/16) But it's mostly the same. Here's an all-new MOC: 7.) MOC: Jeep Cheroke XJ (Lifted) (12/04/16) Inspired from my friend's Cherokee, which was red, and had 31" tires and black steel wheels. This one's a commissioned work (for him) As usual, let me know what you guys think!
  10. MOC: The Cars of Wasabi District

    Update! As I'm currently working on my next building MOC, I found myself doing a little side project. This was really a week-long build, coming up with a sketch early last week, followed by a quick design in LDD, putting 85% of it together the same day, and ordering what I didn't have, coming in 3 days later and finishing it. So this is the Range Rover SVAutobiography, the top of the line of Land Rover Range Rover. 6.) MOC: Range Rover SVAutobiography (10/23/16) 6-wide design, and can sit 4minifigs comfortably. This is in scale with the rest of the cars here. I know I also have a Truck thread, but for now I'll keep that one reserved for the more commerical-type vehicles. This SUV is more or less used as a city/suburban car. anyways. And of course, the LDD Let me know what you guys think!
  11. 10255 Assembly Square

    I'm excited about that diagonal door frame. If there was only sane/easy way to come up with 200+ of those... (TLG hurry up and put these things in your next Police Station/$40 CREATOR building set)
  12. 10255 Assembly Square

    I thought that question was already answered when they released the mini-modulars set
  13. 10255 Assembly Square

    Wow, what a crazy design!!! 4000 pieces! (Nearly the same price/piece ratio as the OG Cafe Corner) I can see people wanting to mod these 3 buildings into proper 32x32 modulars. But I would imagine it would be harder to buy 2 right off the bat (would be a month's rent in some places). I should save money for one (or three)
  14. MOC: Barnes & Noble / Starbucks Store

    ^Yeah, would be great if you can link my post over there or quote my words
  15. MOC: Barnes & Noble / Starbucks Store

    What's more shameful is that now people are implying that someone like me may have in fact struck a deal with these knockoff companies. From brickset: It's sad that I have to say this, but here goes. I DID NOT TEAM UP WITH ANY KNOCK-OFF COMPANY TO GET THIS MOC PRODUCED AS A SET. I will NEVER accept any money from anyone to reproduce this set. I am in no way "aggrieved" that my MOC didn't get selected. I did not feel "rejected" by TLG. I did not build this MOC purely as an Ideas submission; I just added it later to see how far it would go. I wish I could reply directly to the guy over at Brickset but I didn't have an account and they have an archaic signup so it won't be for a while until I do so. Anyways, that's that; I didn't realize that I could be assumed as some "slighted" fellow who went to a knock-off company to get my ideas made and point across... This situation has now gone worse if my reputation is on the line. In the meantime I deleted my brickshelf files, so no more LDD LXFs for anyone.