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  1. wooootles

    LEGO Health Care in Tabletown Revisited

    Funny and interesting read! But no love for the 4429? It's not exactly a full hospital but it's like a precursor and a nice complement (literally and architecture-wise) to the 60204!
  2. wooootles

    MOC: Corporate Plaza

    Thanks! And as for your question - naah. Just a few floors, at most.
  3. wooootles

    MOC: Corporate Plaza

    Thanks! I do feel rooftop details are easy to ignore sometimes. Anyway, here's some interior images of the office. The office has a receptionist's desk, 3 office desks and a manager's office, as well as a storage room.
  4. wooootles

    MOC: Corporate Plaza

    Thanks again fellas, here's an update: The rooftop. I tried to make it one of the most detailed rooftop/HVAC/mechanical layouts ever to be MOC'd The mechanical details are surely a step up from my previous attempts Again, let me know what you guys think!
  5. wooootles

    MOC: Corporate Plaza

    Thanks guys! Always appreciate the nice words. As I said, check my flickr for more images, and Instagram for WIP pics. Also I will update this thread once I post the interior. Should be posted in a few days (finishing interior touches lol!) The District is up to 3 (all over 10+ storeys tall)... More coming? I was literally done with the majority of the exterior in about 2 weeks, the rest of the time is the finer details and the interior. Truthfully the exterior is a very simple design, which is how I was probably able to do this quickly.
  6. wooootles

    MOC: Corporate Plaza

    Hey guys, Here's the third skyscraper in Wasabi District: Corporate Plaza! At just over 3 feet tall and over 5000 pieces, this 10-storey building is the first office skyscraper in Wasabi District! Yes, it's smaller than my previous buildings, but I finished it in 3 months, a record time for me finishing anything larger than a car! Granted, it's also a pretty basic design, one expected of modern, run-of-the-mill office skyscrapers. Interior shots should be coming up soon. Please, let me know what you guys think! In the meantime, you know what to do if you want to see more pics, check My flickr account for more shots. Check my Instagram account for more WIP pics of the skyscraper, as well as the general WIP status of Wasabi District. Thanks for looking!
  7. wooootles

    How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    Thanks for the shoutout! Inspiration - Real-life, American/modern buildings. Think Chicago, Seattle, New York. Sometimes, even doing a Google Streetview of some random busy intersection in a big city and seeing how everything's laid out. Design - LDD, though I'm slowly switching to Stud.io (just because when buying BL parts the categories and labeling of parts and colors is much more familiar than the official LEGO names). UsualIy pretty much design up to 60%, up to the facade in most cases, just to see how it looks like, and do the rest with bricks. This way I can preview my MOC, but at the same time, I don't commit to all the finer details that may actually not look as good in real life. Building the MOC - I always keep a healthy inventory of brick and plates of white, light/dark bluish grey, black, and tan. Since my last 3 MOC buildings are skyscrapers I actually start the middle first (the repetitive floors) as they're the biggest part and what you will see for the most part. Then I do the base floors and top floors (if it changes). I just do interiors with whatever I have at the moment and finish it off with another BL order.
  8. wooootles

    [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Hey guys, you should check his Instagram handle as well. He's got some good stuff on there. And this MOC is also great, of course.
  9. wooootles

    MOC: 505 Wasabi (Skyscraper)

    ^Thanks! Here are sample shots of a 1 bedroom / 1 bath unit. I tried to keep it minimalistic and clean.
  10. wooootles

    MOC: 505 Wasabi (Skyscraper)

    Thanks guys! If you want to see anything else in detail, like the cars, or the roads, both my flickr and Instagram account have detail images of them, just dig deep!
  11. wooootles

    MOC: 505 Wasabi (Skyscraper)

    More than 42 inches tall, More than 6000 pieces, this hip, modern apartment skyscraper is my second tallest and second biggest MOC, located in the heart of Wasabi District. 505 WASABI Includes amenities such as a rooftop swimming pool up top and Wasabi District's first Dunkin Donuts. (Competitor to my Starbucks!) More interior pics coming soon, I'll keep you guys posted! But for now, enjoy the pics, and let me know what you guys think. Thanks for looking!
  12. wooootles

    Wasabi District 2017

    Thanks Eurobrickers I aim to have more skyscrapers as long as I am employed but stay tuned. I'm not the fastest builder but I'm close to finishing this one off!
  13. wooootles

    Wasabi District 2017

    Hey guys! Have you been following wooootles on Flickr? Or @wooootles on Instagram? Well, you guys should. Something big is coming to Wasabi District. I have been updating my progress log. Check it out! Full build coming soon!
  14. wooootles

    [MOC] - Italian Restaurant - Modular Building

    You rocked this MOC. Good job. Loving the bustling presentation of the interior, it's like something I'd see on Travel Channel.
  15. wooootles

    MOC: The Cars of Wasabi District

    9.) Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (6/27/17) Whew, it's been a while since my last update, eh? As usual, 6-wide chassis, seats 4 minifigs. With the other Jeep! More car MOCs to come, unless I hibernate again