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  1. Aventador2004

    Help on shifting gear linearly precisely

    The actuator is probably the best choice, worm gears have too much slack.
  2. Aventador2004

    [MOC] Aston Martin Vulcan

    Nicely designed! Great instructions too!
  3. Aventador2004

    [MOC] Volvo Mars Mission

    Is this your account @desert752? https://ideas.lego.com/challenges/a729fbcf-03f3-439b-9140-9b9ba4f34910/application/03651aff-7c05-473f-a165-328d4d224d99 Just telling you because the watermark has been cropped out.
  4. Aventador2004

    Build The Impossible

    That's some nice mechanics! Rube Goldberg lego contraption!
  5. Aventador2004

    Lancia Delta Integrale

    That's really nice, well represented all around.
  6. Aventador2004

    [Ideas contest] Volvo Hare 20XX FR

    Really cool idea! This is very futuristic. It seems unless lego can reset my account, I can't compete. Good luck!
  7. Aventador2004

    Horrible looking mold marks on brand new panels

    Every panel I have that is 11x5 has the line. Even ones from 42000, 42053, 42052, 42066...
  8. Aventador2004

    [MOC] The Monolith

    Working on a parts list? Like the imagination here.
  9. Aventador2004

    (Ideas Contest) Volvo HL550 - (Heavy Lift Crawler)

    Well, my account on lego ideas won't activate, so for now I am stuck just building here. One of the people awnsered, but left now. Thank you all for suggestions.
  10. Aventador2004

    LEGO Technic Turbo Polyp / Kraken

    That's epic, too bad it took so long, would have been a awesome entry for TC14.
  11. In what way, I never used them. I do believe I hard some foil once though.
  12. Medium sets for sure, around 900-1500 parts. They give the most fun mechanisms, creativity, and long enough build time.
  13. Aventador2004

    (Ideas Contest) Volvo HL550 - (Heavy Lift Crawler)

    Working on that. Need to make the arm better.
  14. Aventador2004

    (Ideas Contest) Volvo HL550 - (Heavy Lift Crawler)

    Good points, here are my ideas: 1. It is a Larger (by perspective) machine than a skid steer, so definitely a redesign to be larger. On the other hand, it has the characteristics and same uses or more. 2. The cab closer to the ground lower to the ground is better for seeing when driving, but not when loading, A Fix: Lifting cab maybe. The length of the arm can be increased, but I don't have room for extension. That is a good reference. Thanks for help!
  15. Aventador2004

    (Ideas Contest) Volvo HL550 - (Heavy Lift Crawler)

    Yes, even as normal-ish vehicles like 42081 can be renewed. Thanks for the criticism, maybe I will find better forks, or change to a bucket.