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  1. I’m pretty disappointed with Lego’s publicity standards recently. They are, as you said, sticking with the high subscriber and view channels. They aren’t caring for custom builds, lego ideas or otherwise, and letting their salesperson side show. They are a large company that should care for its fan base, not use it to sell to those who don’t understand. This has been happening everywhere. If you don’t have a massive fan base, most people don’t care. Thankfully most people on this site do care. I hope LEGO can see the light, not the profit of larger sets.
  2. Hi everyone! Its been a long time since I've been on this site, caught up in PC Gaming, RC Aircraft, and plain life. I had been slowly building some things, deciding they weren't good, rebuilding, etc... With that said ive finally completed a model to my satisfaction. I hope you like it as well! I'll be providing a video in a few days and instructions if there is interest. Features: Steering Wheel Style Flight Controls, Spinning Prop.
  3. Aventador2004

    42097 Spider Crane

    I like the direction this set has gone in. Great work LEGO!
  4. Cool! Just saw the post today. Maybe I will get out of my slump for this. Just been tinkering lately.
  5. Cool build. I only have seen a few of these too. Great incorporation of the steering and keeping the color black.
  6. The book is correct, they want you to mirror it into X2 because they save ink and paper with less of the exact same pages. If you look at everything else, it is exactly the same, unnecessarily wasteful to use extra materials for no reason. I do notice there is a mistake on one part in the next pages, I see that you are correct on that. They were wrong on the OX part, but correct on the springs. Not sure why. Hopefully Lego recognizes this mistake
  7. Great build. Just please don't aim it at me...
  8. @Erik Leppen I was needing it right now! So many times I need a part like that.
  9. Aventador2004

    Technic Pub

    Be wary that the Falcon is often delayed at least a day. Last launch was delayed twice. Hi everyone else. I haven't posted any replies for a while, but I have been simply reading all the topics. Have a lot of time doing other studies now. will be breaking out of the short dark age soon.
  10. @Jim Maybe this should be pinned. I think this a great cause.
  11. Very nice. Also a good feature to have a removable shell. Maybe you can make a second vehicle to swap with it!
  12. Congrats Rudivik, Braker-23, & Koldovag! Unfortunately, I was distracted by other hobbies, so I didn't enter. We shall see next time!
  13. Sorry i've been gone for a while, kinda have been on other things. Its great to see some good models entered. Best of luck everyone!
  14. While this model is well built and intricate, there is on thing wrong with the tail. The Elevon Roll is backward. The Picture below is how it should look.