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  1. All look quite nice! Good job.
  2. I do not really know where they are...
  3. Ok, good to have some feedback.
  4. Light idea: (Kinda eh right now) The structure of body: New colors: I will make a few more color ideas.s
  5. Doors changed to new (Offroadcreat1ons) https://bricksafe.com/files/aventador2014/LB-X18 - exp - JO (7).lxf In my LXF, i made a temp solution, it only holds the backside, allowing the middle to open, but securing the sides slightly. Currently 1254 parts.
  6. Okay, 1, It seems I missed that, I also will fix the new door. 2, now that I look again, It does look nicer how you have it. I will now fix the door.
  7. Ok, I can fix the doors easy.
  8. Fixed file. Jeroen, would you mind if I helped with bodywork? Idea for rear arch (Left out so you could do your version.) LDD
  9. Oops, I linked the wrong one, sorry. I shall fix it.
  10. Addition, the build is currently around 1200 parts!
  11. Took an hour or so, also fixed some things: In front of the door, a 4210857 collided with the door. I changed it to a 32557 (What a odd looking brick.. ) The rear 3x11 curved panel could not be attached like that. Added 2 bushed pins instead. Don't mean to step on @Imanol BB, but I made a test seat: I could not flex the door soft axle.. Got some ideas for lights (Just ideas. Hope this helps @Jeroen Ottens. LDD File (Doubled body..)
  12. It looks very nice, @Jeroen Ottens, can I copy the finished side to other for you? Also, what if the finished model is seen through PM, to be a reveal?
  13. Aventador2004

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    I think I see the back of another in the second bag.
  14. I think it looks spot on, now we're getting there.