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  1. The two BJ Baldwin large models. One has very little description.
  2. Bugatti Chiron 1:8

    Just absolutely magnificent, lego better make theirs really good!
  3. [MOC] 2018 Supercar

    Your gears are reversed, Fast to slow is what it should be.
  4. [MOC] 2018 Supercar

    Very nice, hope i can build something like this soon.
  5. You mean bevel and spur, that is what they usually are called. Envy your workspace!
  6. Looks nice, but like Eric said, a differ color would give it a way better look.
  7. [MOC] Trophy Truck

    It looks short, but great for first moc.
  8. Lego Technic Compact Excavator

    I wanted simple, so that's what I did. You're welcome.
  9. Lego Technic Compact Excavator

    Its way less complex than it looks, take a look at this: Video is to be uploaded.
  10. Nice tank! Hope to see more of these from you.
  11. Up to @letsbuild. Also that would cut @TechnicRCRacer .