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  1. Show us your Working Place

    Ha, agree, calorie control stuff...
  2. He said it was bumpy, in a previous post.
  3. You know, the reminds me of the famous Harry potter movie, when the driver says: " it's gonna be a bumpy ride, toot toot! " that applies to this.
  4. Need help! linear 1:1 clutching

    Oh, I did not realize the DRE holds it all together.
  5. TOYS R US Files for Bankruptcy

    Sales!! I think you may see some good set pricing!
  6. Need help! linear 1:1 clutching

    I mean using the grey element in this picture:
  7. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Yes, I was reading unread topics, when I read they put a thing that show controller settings in the manual. Thanks for clearing that up! Hope you have a large shelf...
  8. Need help! linear 1:1 clutching

    I noticed you are using the old gearbox element, when the new changeover fits both. Fits both old and new, and without extra backlash from extender.
  9. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    It was said that in the 42030, they labeled how to put switches for controller. I expect the same is true.
  10. Depreciation of Technic sets?

    I cannot stand the thought of selling a technic set of mine, system on the other hand, I could sell to get more technic, but for now, I will keep them, even if I have too much.
  11. FORD GT

    Icing on the top! Your car matches their excellence!
  12. [WIP] Supercar chassis with 3 steering modes

    Make a new video too, with different gearing.
  13. [WIP] Supercar chassis with 3 steering modes

    A bit to much backlash for my taste, it happens due to the clutch gears.
  14. [WIP] Supercar chassis with 3 steering modes

    1. Yes, it is bound to happen while using clutch gears. 2. I suggest 68 x 36 zr tires.
  15. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Oh, was it not stated in the booklet?