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  1. Aventador2004

    [WIP] LIEBHERR LTR1100 Crane

    I believe @Sariel used it here:
  2. Aventador2004

    [TC14] Catapultanium -Finished!

    Okay, thanks for criticizing me. It seems I needed some motivation and I and definitely getting some from you guys. 2 weeks is plenty. Thanks!
  3. Aventador2004

    [TC14] Catapultanium -Finished!

    Well, it seems like I will be doing some redesigns anyway. Thank you for comments. I think I agree, this is a little too functionless, so making it launch mechanically is a good idea.
  4. Aventador2004

    [TC14] Catapultanium -Finished!

    I know, not to all tastes, but I think simple is much better right now. Also I do have a video in case anyone wants it. I don't think it is the best I can do, but it is something no one else is trying, and I want it to take the least amount of parts, still look realistic, and function fine.
  5. The Catapultanium: After so may large and complicated models, I have decided to use a lighter, more structural approach. Hope you like it! After 2 Months, this is my finished model: The finished model simply uses paddles to launch. While this is not realistic, it gives the fun factor of seeing it fly. Video later today. Original progress. Thanks for looking! Comments are appreciated.
  6. Aventador2004

    [WIP] LIEBHERR LTR1100 Crane

    Good start, but the boom definitely needs work. Try researching the 42009 boom. It can give you some ideas.
  7. This is stunning to the point that it looks like a amazingly done model car, filled in, carefully detailed, and made with the availability to get one yourself. Amazing job!
  8. It involves his nationality and another company. Decide for yourself.
  9. In no way disregard to his skills. There is one small detail that lego will not allow (PM for more). @shineyu Great work, looks like this was not the last we see of you.
  10. Aventador2004

    [TC14] The Whip

    Is it green car missing? Nice progress!
  11. Aventador2004

    [MOC] Sports Car - 42077 C model

    Nice car. It does look good for the amount of pieces. Also cool idea to do FWD, not a common thing.
  12. Looking good, but is there a different color string you plan on using? It detracks from the paneling. Also the book is a little sloppy. Good luck!