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  1. [WIP] Forest Skidder- 42054 C model (ALMOST DONE)

    You are not updating for no one, I was going to comment, but had to go do something. I like it, thanks to you, I am making a helicopter, and then trying to make a saddletrac claas.
  2. Still not working for me.
  3. You may want to fix your caps lock.
  4. I wasn't sure, a youtuber I watch was ordering one, and he also has a lego mini, so I asked.
  5. What color is the actual car, and what color is the lego one?
  6. I already found a wacky idea, minifigure cannon anyone? I think that would be whacked enough. He is working on poll, with invision. I thought guns shot from bottom are silly, but they are not wacky I guess.
  7. Collapsed, but the theme is cool. Wait @Jim, it works in your poll topic from 5 hours ago, I was able to vote and see results.
  8. [MOC] Big ferris wheel

    So the second version was light? It looks great! Can you show a picture of the black and blue car?
  9. Semi dump truck

    Your son must be spoiled with all these excellent mocs!
  10. It says no legs in the rules. I wouldn't mind mindstorms.
  11. Does a bottom mounted gun count as wacky? My test model is done already.
  12. Someday I will get one, I currently own only the pneumatics from it (at discount!).
  13. Newbie

    Hi rob, If you are introducing yourself, there is also a forum for that, but I think it will be fine. There are plenty mocs out there that you will like, that are construction related. I have made a few myself, and they are very interesting to make. Enjoy you time here! (Could you make your post easier to read?)
  14. [WIP] Forest Skidder- 42054 C model (ALMOST DONE)

    Forgot the small one, sorry.
  15. [WIP] Forest Skidder- 42054 C model (ALMOST DONE)

    2 turntables came with the set.