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  1. Enough F1 models by RoscoPC?

    Awesome collection!!!! How much do you estimate was one only?
  2. [TC13]Roadster 2

    Very nice, you may have my vote!
  3. (MOC) sennebogen 880 eq

    Looks nothing like a fail!
  4. All it is is there was more topics to look through, not everyone has hours to look through topics. It's good, keep working.
  5. Wrong topic @Davidz90, it goes here: read the rules carefully.
  6. 42069 - C MODEL

    Superb work! Not much to say!
  7. [MOC] Tracked 4x4

    Nice, do the tracks still ocillate?
  8. [TC13] The Tiger Pull Bug

    Does it just drive? Or do the legs move?
  9. CAT 434E by Martin Zbikowski

    Absolutely massive! Hall of Fame!
  10. [WIP] Snow trial truck

    Good work, the body is nice.
  11. Very good, l love the exterior.
  12. [TC13] Retro-futuristic racecar

    Like this? On the edge for me.
  13. [TC13] Sprite

    Sad, it is slow. Maybe you should try direct drive.