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  1. marceriusLV

    [MOC] Reform Metrac H7X

    Oh man, this model is very cool. Inspiring for similar builds. Great work!
  2. marceriusLV

    [TC10] MTS Dino Suction Excavator

    Crazy! MOC and video, both perfect! You got my vote!
  3. Congratulations to builders that got in top 20! All cars ar awesome :)
  4. marceriusLV


    Sides of cabin was a struggle, could not find a proper solution aesthetics/rigidness wise. To others: thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
  5. marceriusLV


    Hi! Yes, you have stumbled upon another Porsche in this forum :D Built for LEGO Technic Ultimate Contest "BUILD THE PORSCHE OF YOUR DREAMS" I present you my dream Porsche. A blend of past, present and future: sleek and curvy lines, rear mounted flat 6 engine, 4 gear manual transmission, rear wheel drive, full independent suspension grand tourer - Porsche GT X. I did not base on particular car, just went with flow. What started as a base for something like 911 developed to something Targa like car and ended up as next gen 928? I am quite satisfied what I managed to achieve as this is first completed so called supercar for me. Yes there were tons of things I wanted to put in the car, but I decided to scrap them, because they worked like crap (for example: raising rear spoiler in high gears, sequential gearbox). I believe that the greatest challenge to implement high number of functions is to make all mechanisms as small as possible and at the same time incorporate them in chassis and that takes time. For me it takes 2-3 months to figure out how to fit all wanted things in small places :D It was great experience to build this car, I hope, that next supercar will be better looking and more functions packed :) Some WIP pictures Gallery with more pictures here Just wanted to share my creation and get some feedback from other members, so please share your opinion. Cheers!
  6. marceriusLV

    [PORSCHE] Porsche Prototype

    Wow, genius gearbox!
  7. marceriusLV

    [MOC] Dump Truck 8x8

    Just epic!
  8. marceriusLV

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Epic! I have built your brick built version, works good but I had problems to route all pneumatic tubes. This design is so clean and good looking! Great work
  9. marceriusLV

    [MOC] Mark 1 VW Golf GTI

    true, it troubled me too, but could not find a way to squeeze it in :D
  10. Hi! Wanted to share my latest RC car. So here it goes: Built for fun and for use in Latlug events. I used Nico71 Honda Civic chassis as a base, small modifications here and there (different placement of shock absorbers, reinforced servo motor with more brackets). The goal was to make something similar to Mark 1 VW Golf GTI Hope you like it :) More pictures here
  11. marceriusLV

    Top 15 of 2015

    Good list of great MOCs! Thanks for mentioning my Phoenix, no doubt there were better trucks than mine, I was sure that the E-Core will take the prize. E-Core design & modularity is just mind blowing.
  12. marceriusLV

    [MOC] Baja Trophy Truck with SBrick

    Awesome build! I really like that this is an option for those who do not have buggy motors to have fast and at the same time big and cool model.
  13. marceriusLV

    BMW i8 Spyder

    Awesome car! Amazing as always