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  1. General Part Discussion

    I don't want to start this discussion but I think it's a sign of how times have changed. Back when there were few panels, axles were more important to create the shape of a model. But nowadays it's all panels and we have dozens of different pins to connect them. But don't pay much attention to this, it's just a bit of ranting
  2. General Part Discussion

    Thank you for that. I wonder why it didn't show up in my search
  3. General Part Discussion

    Not sure if this is relevant, but I've found that none of the 2017 flagships (42066, 42068, 42069, 42070) has a single axle-axle connector. Worst of all, only 4 sets have them in a grand total of 21! They seem to be getting more and more rare It might be a little weird, but this makes me kinda sad
  4. Nico71's Creations

    Congratulations on such a beautiful creation! It is instantly recognizable as a NSX. The rear is perfect! I agree with you Nico71 on the front bumper but even that is beautifully done with the amazing pop up headlights. And great idea for the rear differential! And you're so lucky you got to drive the original NSX!
  5. [TC12] The Toaster

    You could add a stop sign attached to the sides of the bus that could be deployed and hit other racers. Something like this:
  6. Can you ever have too much Lego?

    I don't have much to add to what has already been said but I just want to share my two cents. Since I tend to keep the sets/MOCs that I like assembled, I used to have a pretty small collection until very recently. And looking back, that pushed me to be more creative with the solutions I came up with given the small number of parts available. Nowadays I tend to build similar things (steering, for example) in a similar manner just because I have the parts to do so. There is also the matter of storage. To me storage is essencial and l my system is pretty efficient to me. Sure I had to rearrange it a few times as my collection grew but it payed off. But this is because I can keep all my parts relatively close to where I build. If I had to walk downstairs every time I needed an especial part it would seriously deter me. And then there is time. When my collection was smaller, I always had time to build what I wanted. But then parts started to pile up and so did ideas and LDD creations for future MOCs. So, to sum it up, I guess it depends. If you have the time and space to build and store your collection, more equals better. But I guess for most AFOLs (at least for me) there is a point at which you already have almost everything you need.
  7. Medium size mining truck

    I really like this model, small and simple yet so well executed and highly playable! Nice job!
  8. I don't think TLG will make another engine mold. We've seen in the past (most recently with 42070) that not all the sets have fake engines similar to the real life. Since this is a licensed set, if it were to have a fake engine then it would have 62.4 tires to make it in the same scale and closer to the real Mack trucks. But since is only 1H, it will most like have 49.5 tires and no engine. But I'm secretly rooting for the first option, how cool would it be to have a fully functional Mack truck in the same scale as the Arocs. And I can only dream about how awesome 2H sets would be in this case
  9. I've only seen 2 pictures so far, not sure if there are more, but there is one thing that is slightly bothering me: Technic sets are becoming more similar to city than before. It the (not so distant) past, Technic sets we're all about functions. Sure they had some nice looking details but the focus of Technic has always been always the mechanics. But in recent times, since the advent of the new panels, looks have started to shadow functions. Take a look at 42064, it's just a bunch of panels with little functions. And for 2018, the catamaran and the hovercraft seem to be the same. Now I hope TLG proves me wrong and that these two sets have awesome functions. After all, we've only seen some blurry pictures and there is still a long way until January Sorry for the long post but this was really bothering me.
  10. Didn't work on Android phone using Chrome
  11. I tried it again on my laptop and it worked using chrome and with adblock on!
  12. I have no ad-blocker either
  13. Didn't work for me on my Android phone, same problem as before
  14. A proper forklift would be nice. And the other day I've stumbled upon this Sennebogen 305 and it would be a perfect set (new proper telehandler, in a relatively unusual colour - green or light green, another use for the bucket in 42030 and it could also have other attachments like a fork and a grab)