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  1. jotta93

    Bodywork General Discussion

    This really got me thinking. In most of my (unpublished) MOC I usually get the lines (give or take) but I end up panelling the easiest areas, living some big gaps that look inconsistent. I think this is really good advice, at least it will really help me
  2. Thank you guys! v2 is coming along just fine, hopefully I can post pictures soon
  3. I everybody! Gee, it has been over a year since I posted my last MOC here. I've built others since but I'm yet to take the photos and videos of them. Nonetheless, in order to force myself to post the full MOC here in a near future, I present you the current MOC I'm working on. A self-loading concrete truck. In case you are wondering, it's one of these: Concept 1 had the following working functions (here are some renderings of it): - 4-wheel steering via the beacon on top if the cabin; - 180 degree rotating seat in the cabin (unlocked by the 2L liftarm on the bonnet); - rotating the drum via the 12-tooth double bevel gears on each side - tilting the drum and raising the bucket via the 12-tooth double bevel gears on each side under the white covers (left one is open) It had some issues that needed tweaking namely: - the wheels touch the front arches when steering; - the wheel-base is too long; - it looks a bit crude and is missing taillights and exhaust and other details Concept 2 is currently on my desk but I do not have my camera on me to take photos. So far it has just under 700 parts and better looks and functions and I'll try to post a few renderings of it soon. Hope you've liked it so far and comments, tips and critiques are always welcome
  4. Looks very interesting! I can't offer much help other than suggest that you use flex-axles and hoses to build the body rather than panels, build it old-style I'm really impressed with what you have achieved, way better and more complex than anything I could have ever done!
  5. jotta93

    Effe's MOC Corner

    That makes two of us
  6. Looks really good and really interesting. I'm looking forward to see it in action
  7. I hope you can solve this problem, this is a very interesting build and one I'm very much looking forward to seeing the full MOC
  8. jotta93

    Technic Pub

    I love to do some mountain biking, gardening (sometimes I build LEGO outside in the shade) and reading history books, besides playing PC games (mostly Civilization and Football Manager)
  9. Having acquired 8258, I guess it now is either 42042 or 42054. Or maybe the classic 8459/8439/8464, I just love the looks of it
  10. jotta93

    Caterpillar 990

    It looks great, makes want to build my own!
  11. jotta93

    How your building style has changed

    I have changed as much as others, mostly unintentionally (I only realised I had changed after looking back at my models). From too many parts to more efficient building, from original gap-full Technic to panels, from too big/small to scale modeling (sort of). One thing I've been intentionally trying to do is use different mechanisms for the same function (i.e. steering, outriggers, suspension, etc.) One thing that has not changed at all is the way I build: through the night, like 4-5 hours straight until 2 a.m. (If only I didn't had to be at work at 8 a.m. every single morning ) BTW, I think this is a very interesting topic, great idea @jorgeopesi
  12. This thing is becoming really massive ... and really interesting as well!
  13. jotta93

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    8288 is a great set! I played for hours and hours with it when I was a kid Contrary to you I don't own 42042 so I can't compare them, but I doubt LEGO will create a crane anytime soon since we've had 42042 and more recently 42082. I would love one though
  14. I couldn't have said it better. If you look at a MOC and think "What if I did this and changed that?" then do it. Keep building for as long as you are having fun