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  1. Yes, the front is really good as well but I just love the rear view. But with such major renovations, let's wait and see what Jurss has done
  2. I agree with Igor, it looks a bit too tall. But if you say it looks good sideways, then it must be a perspective problem. And I love the rear, instantly recognisable!
  3. Looks very promising, I can definitely see a Renault 5 in there
  4. Effe's MOC Corner

    Simply amazing Michael, incredibly detailed! Could you please share the LDD file with us mortals?
  5. This is really massive and beautiful done! Are you planning on making a video? I would love to see it in action
  6. I really like this Doug But I have a doubt: a single XL motor drives all wheels right? How did you do that? I assume that when turning the caster units on each side have different radius and thus different turning speeds Maybe you have explained this before and I missed it. If so I apologise
  7. Scrap metal hauler

    As far as I'm aware, you don't need a SIM card. If your phone has a camera, I'm pretty sure there must be a way to connect it to a computer (USB cable, Bluetooth, etc.) Just transfer the pictures, create a Bricksafe account as mentioned, as post the link. You can even e-mail them to yourself and access them from a computer. Anyway, welcome to eurobricks, I'm looking forward to seeing said pictures
  8. I agree with Ivan_M, we had two "unconventional" contest, so why not building something real that is not a vehicle? Plenty of things have intricate technical mechanisms and functions.
  9. Looks promising! Building the BCE before must have been helpful, some of its features should be usable here. Keep up the good work
  10. General Part Discussion

    Maybe this is the reason, I certainly don't have this kind of care. But perhaps I should start doing it
  11. General Part Discussion

    I have a couple of ones that have cracked, same with bushes and half bushes, but none of them has snapped like Mechbuilds. They are still usable in some builds
  12. Please don't take my comments in the wrong way. I like this MOD/MOC very much, I was merely giving some advice. In the end this is your set and if you like it this way, you should leave it as it is, no matter what others say
  13. This is great, way better than the original set! Personally, I would remove the side cranes at the front, it looks a bit crowded in my opinion. Other than that, it is very good, great job! Looking forward to a video of the functions
  14. General Part Discussion

    I see it. And it shows better in the b-model in the fire hose at the back of the truck That's strange It never happened to me before
  15. General Part Discussion

    You're right, I didn't do a great research on this. I should have been more careful. But thanks everyone for the help