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  1. jotta93

    Limited Technic Reviews

    Whatever format you choose Jim, you have my support. I love your reviews, they provide tons of very useful information. Almost all my LEGO purchases have been somewhat based on your opinions (although sometimes I disagree with you ). I also think TLG should send sets earlier for review, but I do get it that ultimately it's all business. And posting a video on youtube with a couple of minutes that shows all the functions of a model generates more interest (and potencial buyers) than a fully thorough review that took hours of work to write and requires a genuine interest in LEGO and time to read (which most people don't seem to have on this day and age). My point is, I'd love for you to continue to do your reviews in the same way you have for years, but I surely won't dislike it if you choose to do more picture oriented ones. BTW, I'm still waiting on 42053
  2. A very ingenious solution!
  3. Sad to hear this Doug! But maybe it's for the best and you'll come back to it in the future full of new ideas
  4. jotta93

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Looks really good! Can't wait to see it paired with 42100
  5. I hope you finish your new project fast so that we can seen the end product of this
  6. Go to account > account settings > from the drop menu choose signature. Looking forward to what you've been working on
  7. jotta93

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Interesting mechanism there Effe
  8. 7 : 10 8 : 6 3 : 4 6 : 3 2 : 2 5 : 1
  9. jotta93

    Technic Model Comparison

    Thirteen years apart... Interesting how the "Heavy duty forklift" is considerably smaller than the warehouse forklift (different scales, I know). I still prefer 8416 though Great topic by the way!
  10. This is very sad. My condolences to his family. Some sort of tribute would be nice
  11. Very interesting so far! But it seems that you are missing the toilet
  12. jotta93

    LEGO Table Idea

    I'd love to have one of this at home But I agree with others, I think the groove could be a bit bigger to handle more parts
  13. It was tough call I bet! But if by making everything in the undercarriage manual you can now make a more detailed model, I'd say it was a good choice
  14. That makes two of us. But one thing I do not do is take apart a failed MOC so than I can always get back to it in the future if I have an epiphany. @MangaNOID, You don't have to be thankefull, I meant every single word and I'm happy that you solved some of the issues