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  1. I tried it again on my laptop and it worked using chrome and with adblock on!
  2. Didn't work for me on my Android phone, same problem as before
  3. A proper forklift would be nice. And the other day I've stumbled upon this Sennebogen 305 and it would be a perfect set (new proper telehandler, in a relatively unusual colour - green or light green, another use for the bucket in 42030 and it could also have other attachments like a fork and a grab)
  4. Thank you Green is a major lack in my collection
  5. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your support! Thank you, I too love your family car! Indeed all your suggestions would make it even better but sadly I only have one thin 20z single bevel gear. And my initial thoughts were to make this pneumatic which would allow to extend the blades and tilt the hopper individually but I couldn't tear down 42053. Maybe in the future I'll make an improved version 2.0
  6. I've just added the video to the original post
  7. Looks much better now! Too bad you had to ditch the propeller blades
  8. I like the interior but I think the front could do with bigger headlights or maybe some fog lights. Other than that, great project, very detailed and unusual
  9. I'll be patient waiting for your reviews as they are perfectly done. And I do hope you review 42053, despite having bought the set I would love to hear what you have to say about it
  10. [WIP] Supercar in 1:8 scale

    Congratulations on such a nice model Erik I must confess I liked the original model better as it reminded me of the 80s supercars, but the final model is very fine indeed. It sort of looks like the Lamborghini Reventon with its aggressive front end. But if you like the final model that's all that matters Looking forward to your next creation
  11. I'm looking forward to your review Jim (although I've already made my mind about buying 42069 One thing I'm not too fond of is the excessive use of stickers, especially because they stop when they reach the purple panels. It seems incomplete
  12. Nice work, looking forward to this! I had the same problem with one of my photos and have already alerted Nathan to it. He's working on it (I hope)
  13. [MOC] Telescopic handler

    It's a good functioning model and good looking too Interesting steering as well. Good job!
  14. Thank you  I think that being unusual only makes it more interesting