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  1. Being a doctor during a very serious world pandemic, I can completely relate to this. However, more often than not, I found myself not having the strength to do anything other than sleep. Thus LEGO took a hard it. The only thing I've managed to build since March was to buy 42082 after buying it on a discount. And it took me three weeks...
  2. jotta93

    Grum's Shed

    This is awesome, a little home inside home
  3. jotta93

    Pull Back Motors Usage

    I've tried to use them a few time in winches but one thing I could never get around is the fact that they have a very high torque output for a very short period of time and then mostly spin freely and so I could never use them to pull big loads. Even when gearing them down and using gearboxes
  4. jotta93


    @Blakbird I'm so happy you're back! I've been a huge fan and an avid reader of Technicopedia ever since I came out o my dark age and the detail you put into you're reviews helped me to learn the story of LEGO and to love it even more. Thank you!
  5. jotta93

    Posting moved

    Great room Doug, I especially liked the Christmas lights! You've made me kind of envy. Being a doctor a during the lockdown, I only have a small desk and a MOD of 8295 with a few parts to work on my rare days off
  6. Hi everybody! I hope everyone is well and safe in this hard times A couple of years ago I bought a few sets with pull-back motors on a huge discount and I've never used them. Then, a few months ago I was thinking about uses for them. So, I decided to try and incorporate them into a telescopic handler I'm building. Sadly it didn't work. Now, I know pull-back motors have a very high torque/speed for a very short period of time. So, I tried gearing it down and ended up with a 1:52 reduction. Nothing happened. Then 1:28 and again nothing. I progressively lowered the gearing up until a point in which the older big LAs were ever so slightly extended by the pull-back motor. I guess pull-back motors cannot be used that way. My question is this: has anyone had a go at something similar? Cheers João
  7. I guess I could be called an untidy-ish builder. I keep piling on parts when MOCing and only clean the desk and sort the parts when there's no more space. However, I really enjoy doing it
  8. jotta93

    Effe's MOC Corner

    It's awesome Michael! How far away from the tower have you tested it? Does it threaten to tip over?
  9. jotta93

    Generic machinery

    I have the same struggle, often I leave my MOCs unfinished because I don't have the motivation to do the aesthetics and details. The functions and "engineering" are far more interesting
  10. jotta93

    Generic machinery

    Look great Jorge! Just on suggestion: I don't know if you have them, but what if you used 7x5 frames in black?
  11. Thanks guys! I'm going to take a look at improving the bucket mechanism (when I do not know, since I have almost no time)
  12. Hello fellow Eurobrickers! I can’t believe that’s been almost a full year since I posted on this topic . But truth is I haven’t had much time to work on my MOCs. I did manage to catch a break from work last week so I managed to finish this project. It’s fully manual and has the following functions: - 2-wheel steering via the beacon on top if the cabin; - 180 degree rotating seat in the cabin (unlocked by the 2L orange liftarm on the bonnet); - rotating the drum via the 12-tooth double bevel gear on the left - tilting the drum and raising the bucket via the 12-tooth double bevel gears on each side under the white covers (via one mini-LA) Here is a small video. The quality is not so good but it was filmed on my phone Suggestions, tips and comments in general are always welcome! Thanks for reading!
  13. jotta93

    Limited Technic Reviews

    Whatever format you choose Jim, you have my support. I love your reviews, they provide tons of very useful information. Almost all my LEGO purchases have been somewhat based on your opinions (although sometimes I disagree with you ). I also think TLG should send sets earlier for review, but I do get it that ultimately it's all business. And posting a video on youtube with a couple of minutes that shows all the functions of a model generates more interest (and potencial buyers) than a fully thorough review that took hours of work to write and requires a genuine interest in LEGO and time to read (which most people don't seem to have on this day and age). My point is, I'd love for you to continue to do your reviews in the same way you have for years, but I surely won't dislike it if you choose to do more picture oriented ones. BTW, I'm still waiting on 42053
  14. A very ingenious solution!
  15. Sad to hear this Doug! But maybe it's for the best and you'll come back to it in the future full of new ideas