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  1. Thank you this is very helpful! I won't promise yet to make updates to the instruction, but this helps me tremendously with the next MOC :) I don't know about the battery drain - I have normal single use batteries in the model (still the first set), and have been driving it for hours when my nephews are here :) And indeed the access to the batterybox access is problematic with the tipping bed (and the mirror is in the way) But like I said I haven't had to change batteries yet About the 4L axles - I went through all my stock of the the thin liftarms and 4L axles the find the ones that stay put And please share some photos! Awesome, thanks for the pictures! Enjoy the model :)
  2. Wow, now I'm really curious! Tried to build a quick mockup today and its definitely not working perfectly yet . The first version was an absolute mess, then I sped up the reel and slowed down the conveyer, that was already much better, then I changed the conveyor from only treads (bricks just rolled back down) to 1 link 1 tread (worked much better) to 2 links 1 tread (current situation). But this is nowhere near reliable enough, both in pickups (as you can see they shoot all over the place) and sometimes one brick gets stuck and rips the chain links... Next I will try 3 or 4 links 1 tread but I don't have enough links so I ordered some, or maybe I will order some of these and try those:
  3. Really curious about the mechanism you will use to pick up the 1x1 round bricks, I've been pondering on how to build a functioning pickup header for a combine for some time, the only examples I could find were picking up paper or other lightweight / flexible things. I have some ideas but haven't started something yet... Awesome model so far, looking forward to the further progress, and also curious about the tractor and trailer!
  4. Any feedback that others can learn from as well would be much appreciated in the forum :)
  5. I'm proud te present the free instruction of this model, which can be downloaded from Rebrickable: I'd be honored if you decide to build it and look forward to any feedback on the design or the instructions :)
  6. That works amazingly well! Do you have just a string at the bottom or also one at the top? Edit: @vascolp my page wasn't refreshed, so I didn't see your comment - but great question! :)
  7. Thanks! It does have some bump steer, but mostly because the hubs are not stiff enough / play in the system. I think the rear suspension is fine but the front should be softer :) As in, I really like the suspension from the Defender set, where the model really sinks a bit into the suspension when you put it on the ground. It does that in the rear but not in the front. Yes that is a really good point. Do you think it would be nicer with some tiles on the sides? (I dont have them currently in the right color to try it, or maybe I could take some from the Defender...)
  8. Thanks! I look forward to some pictures! Pffff... nice idea but that price... Maybe I could work out how to somehow attach these:{"iconly":0} Mwah, that was mainly my inexperience and not using a proper blueprint (only pictures). There is still at least half a stud on each side of clearance between the motors and the wheels, even if you take the 'bending' of the wheels into account
  9. After I got a couple of requests, I have made instructions for the tractor! You can find them on rebrickable: It is my first set of instructions so any feedback is appreciated :)
  10. Hi Everyone, I would like to share my attempt at building a small, functional Willys Jeep. It is RC controlled using a Control plus Hub, and two Control plus L motors, one for drive and one for steering. I tried to "hide"the hub in the back by camouflaging it as cargo that is strapped down using the motor wires :) The Jeep has full suspension front and rear using live axles. It is four wheel drive, with differentials. The biggest challenges where the axles, especially the front one. I wanted the pivot point to be as close to the wheel center as possible to be able to keep the body tight around the wheels, and a decent steering angle. That combined with the four wheel drive, and the width of a differential plus CV joints was limiting the options quite a bit. I ended up building hubs that fit inside the wheels: The next challenge was to get both the drivetrain and steering to the axle. First I mounted the steering motor the other way around compared to the picture above and used U joints to the front axle, but there was way too much play in that solution. In the end I changed things and build the linkage as you can see in the picture, which works much better. The steering wheel also rotates while steering, but it uses a rubber band because there was no place for gears anymore :) The rear axle was also a bit of a challenge because the differential had to fit below the hub, and I didn't want to move it even higher than it already is. In the end I just put the differential one stud lower than the wheels and used a pair of 8 tooth gears. The model is a lot of fun to drive, it goes quite fast with the L motor and relatively low weight :) I'm curious to hear what you think of it!
  11. I have a ~80% studio model, if there is interest I can make instructions - will take some time though :)
  12. The dumping angle is indeed limited - spent many evenings trying to find a mechanism that was compact, had good range of movement and that would stay mostly horizontal during lifting (to also be able to attached a palletfork). In the end it was a tradeoff between dropping the parallel linkage and the range of movement and I settled on this :) No four wheel drive unfortunately - Would have no idea how to fit that in! (the motors for the loader take up most space under the hood, and right below is the servomotor for steering)
  13. Thanks! that opens up lots of cool possibilities to have some "interesting containers" that are MOCs of their own, like a sorting plant, garbage compressor etc
  14. Yes that was still on my list! I ordered the Zetros but haven't build it yet - so I just opened the box to quickly put them on, and man they look so much better!
  15. The loader looks really good and sturdy, including the functions. As does the Hooklift truck :) I had a small question - what is the maximum weight of the container that the hooklift can lift onto the truck? (I saw a container full of parts so it is pretty strong, but would be curious to know the weight)