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  1. I'd think this set would look pretty poor next to 42136.
  2. I also like how the product description contains blatant lies, emphasis mine: "Forage header tool – Kids can learn how a real John Deere harvester works as they raise, lower and spin the forage header tool to replicate the actions of a real corn-cutting machine" "Engineering insights – LEGO® Technic™ buildable model sets (sold separately) feature realistic movement and mechanisms that introduce young LEGO builders to the universe of engineering" Lawl.
  3. Maaboo the Witch

    MOCs versus sets

    42053, 42054, and 42082 are three that jump out for me. While I would deem 42114 as being far from the best Technic set, it does have a MOC-like feel, especially the dump skip.
  4. Still think it's a shame that TLG couldn't do blue tyres for Sudden Impact considering the rainbow of tyres coming next year.
  5. I think the reason for that omission is that this is not a CAT-branded product.
  6. The Creator roller skate set for release next year includes pink tyres!
  7. @R0Sch Well of COURSE this set is gonna pale in comparison when you bring up that set.
  8. That wheel lift is simply genius! Love it.
  9. That's why TLG uses icons and logos for the box art. Any set that's motorized or pneumatic has that functionality specified on the box. This set is clearly based on a Mack electric truck, so I don't think the name is misleading at all.
  10. It's modelled on an electric vehicle, which basically means "model with no exhaust pipe".
  11. The type of bulldozer. It's clearly based on the D11, and bulldozers do not come more heavy-duty than that.
  12. Sorry. I do mostly agree with you, though. Late 90's Technic was my era, so I'm actually liking the space stuff 'cos it's vaguely reminiscent of the futuristic models of the time. But there are indeed some grim trends that have firmly taken root in this theme and sucked out a lot of the appeal. It's not the same theme with which I fell in love ten years ago - couldn't be further from it, actually.