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Found 6 results

  1. My new MOC consists of a couple of items to form a big earthmoving plant package. 1. 42078 c model, Renault AE Magnum tipper and dual axle plant trailer. Truck -HOG steering -tilt cab -opening doors -working E9 V8 Mack Diesel engine -tipper with lockable tailgate -hitch at the back to couple to a wide range of different trailers. Trailer -floating pin hitch -folding legs -droppable rear ramps via small actuators -bed toolbox to store wheel chocks, chains etc. 2. 42053 c model, backhoe -4 wheel steering -quick hitch on the loader -tilting hitch on the loader -outriggers -sliding back actor with pin locks to hold actor in place. -quick hitch bucket on back actor -swinging actor with locks to hold in place for transport purposes -lift and extend functions for back actor -pneumatic functions for back actor and front loader tilt hitch -manual functions for back actor bucket angle and front loader lifting and lowering. 3. Mini excavator made from my spare parts box. -lifting and lowering as well as extension of excavator boom -front blade -swinging of main frame -tilting bucket Altogether this creates an ideal construction and earthmoving plant package. Hope you all like it.
  2. Now 99% happy with this, my interpretation of a backhoe excavator, based originally on the red farm tractor by TLG and evolved from there, enjoy, hope you like it like me, comments feedback welcome.
  3. Another 42054 C model. It'll have 3 power functions, and at least 4 manual functions. The front will have a grabber like in @M_longer's C model, though without any function: -Front stage 1 (powered) -rotation rear excavator (powered) -rear excavator stage 1 (powered) -front stage 2 (manual) -rear excavator stage 2 (manual) -HoG steering (manual) -opening doors CURRENT STATE: Here are some pictures: Leave a comment! More progress soon. BrickbyBrickTechnic
  4. Hey everyone, Presenting what will most likely be my last model for 2017: The backhoe loader. It features 3 motorized function and 5 manual functions. Here's a video: Here are some pictures: Thanks for watching/reading! As always, comment and criticism is much appreciated. BbBT
  5. Hey everyone, not a huge city builder, but thought I'd share a few small MOCs I gone and done: - minifig playable vintage Mini Cooper - old model Actros with long heavy haul trailer - good ol' backhoe I wanted a playable mini for my family minifigs, although in my quest for playability, fitting two minifigs in parallel and aesthetics, I made it a bit big, I will try out a 4 wide minifig version soon front rear front engine interior and functions I'm mainly a castle and space builder, but something needs to deliver all those castle wall stones and spacefaring engines! I tried ot make the front in the older Actros style, with engine playability and sleepability on the interior front interior with bed engine trailer hauling the Medieval Market Village And finally a simple backhoe to terraform the ground for the castle buildings and spaceports, for some reason I feel like the official Lego backhoes never get it quite right... front rear in action
  6. SheepEater

    MOC: Backhoe Loader

    Hello all, This is a MOC of a backhoe loader, inspired by the style of the 2015 city contruction sets, and in a similar scale. My desire to do one had a lot to do with my disappointment with the one that came in the train set that came out around that time. I spent a long time finding similar city MOCs before starting, and photos of the real thing, making sure it would feature everything that I could think of.. namely, articulated actuators, outriggers, front and back shovel. I used mostly recent parts, the only real exception of a discontinued part being the back shovel, Lego never created a click-hinge update of that part. LDD (missing: the back shovel) http://backhoe01 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe02 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe03 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe04 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe05 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe06 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe07 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe08 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe10 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr This is how I made the backhoe rotation assembly very sturdy. http://backhoe11 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr The prototype, before I placed the bricklink orders to make the MOC in the colors that I really wanted. http://backhoe12 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr http://backhoe13 by Sheep Eater, on Flickr