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  1. Ah makes sense, I had assumed it should connect on 4 sides. Other question is about the path height, saw 2 bricks 2 plates mentioned in your earlier post, but also saw people with bigger/smaller sizes. My idea for a build is either 3 sided or corner, will look into it
  2. Hey guys, I am afraid I am still a bit confused about the Cedrica standard. Do all 4 sides need to contain the technic brick distribution as mentioned before? I do not see how this matches with the full edge of water I see in some mocs.
  3. Oh, I love this, I'll definitely revisit an old build! Have been quite inactive but checking for new challenges every now and a while, glad that I stumbled upon this :)
  4. dathil

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    And to add to that, can a submission contain more than 1 build, especially for the history part?
  5. dathil

    Larkspur, Hunting Lodge

    Yeah I love how you integrated all those roofs and hinges that can be opened. Also great job on the interior
  6. @Blaze your finale build was amazing! I loved the techniques you used and the waterfall and story references were amazing
  7. dathil

    Elon's Retreat.

    Ah, I still remember this! The woodwork with dark bley tiling gives the whole a really great color scheme. I love that you added interior for the whole castle.
  8. I really love how this turned out! The rockwork is great and that staircase just stays superb. I'm getting skyrim-draugr vibes out of it, I like the concept of a catacomb used as some sort of armory/barracks.
  9. I must admit I had not noticed this post yet... but this is some great writing! When the horn sounded, I did hope for the winged hussars mitgardians to arrive but the bear cav charge was awesome!
  10. Nice! great to have you back
  11. dathil

    [Freebuild] Unsought but Welcome

    I also had to read back your stories, but I love your way of writing. The map is really well done, I have encountered the idea before but this execution is really clean!
  12. dathil

    Mitgardian Border Village House

    I love it! I too love the guide from DC, that particular guide is the cause of my discovery of Eurobricks, the AFOL community and GoH, when I was browsing for a guide to help me out in LDD some 6 years ago...
  13. dathil

    AoM Tower Phase 2: Herfin Telosuren

    I love the ornaments in your architecture. You obtained a lot of detail while still keeping it smooth and elegant - really an elven structure
  14. Wow, I have been watching the program but had no idea there would be a Guilds member in there, awesome! Which one was you, because now I'm rooting for you of course ;)