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  1. dathil


    It was great seeing this on LW! The mere size of the fortress is overwhelming. You manage to place tons of details in large scale mocs.
  2. "So come take a drink and drown your sorrows And all of our fears will be gone till tomorrow, W'all take a pint thus for all it's a win, Here in the Royal Elk's Inn" The Royal Elk
  3. Looks great already! Hope to see the pictures soon. My summer holiday starts in a few weeks, then I'll have lots of time to build :D
  4. dathil

    AoM: Kervid's Mill

    Thanks for the tip! i'll look into it for the bigger layout; probably can be solved with adding 1x1 plates beneath them.
  5. dathil

    AoM: Kervid's Mill

    Thanks, glad you like it! I got the sand green pieces from a PaB, and this is actually the first time I found an use for them :) I haven't played the Witcher, I only know it from name. So it is not (intended as) a reference :)
  6. dathil

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Mill phase one: Kervid's mill
  7. dathil

    AoM: Kervid's Mill

    Mill "Mitgardia's farmers feed the guild. They are up before dawn and work till well after sunset. They face any number of challenges they can't control, from too much rain to not enough, from diesease to insect infestations." This will be integrated in a larger layout i'm working on. The mill is my entry to Age of Mitgardia - the mill category.
  8. I think I won't have time for this challenge, quite a pity, because there is much potential in this one! I am curious whatever horror stories the smallfolk will come up with
  9. Thanks for your comments, guys! As for the butresses, I know that they are originally meant for structural support, and that a tower like this will not need this support. However, I made my first design of the butresses after seeing Garibaldi Castle, which too has many unnecessary butresses added - just for aesthetics, I suppose. This butress design however, also functions as water lead / gargoyle. I am currently creating a working pump to demonstrate this, but water will flow from the top of the butress to beneath the mouth of the stag. as for the story, I am thinking how the story would progress :)
  10. dathil

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    Managed to sneak an entry in for cat A Outside the city walls
  11. From the log of Drakk, commander of the city guard. The unrest about the famine has grown in the town. The people are hungry, and some already begin to rise. Today, I received orders to take a batallion to the gates, with some of our last rations from the keep itself. There, we had to hand it out to the beggars. The men are not happy with this - these are our personal supplies. Some of them beggars even tried to steal more then we gave them. I ordered the men to use force if needed. No use to add non-lethal, it would only be less mouths to feed The beggars love the queen now. The men? well... Outside the city walls by David de Rijke, on Flickr
  12. Done! can we continue with our progress in AoM, or should we start over?
  13. I havent built much last year cause of studies plus a burnout, and have missed the complete start of book III ! However, I'll re-enter Mitgardia at last. Dargrin Galvinor (dathil) Short bio: The Galvinors go way back. Originating from Varlyria, Dargrin's ancestors came to Stagmont in Mitgardia looking for a new home, a place to follow their ideals. Within a few generations, they became a respected family, due to them using their coin investing in the expanse of Stagmont. The Stagmont Dargrin has been born and raised in, has become a serious town, and the Galvinors are accepted as its paramounts. Dargrin, his brother Edmun, and their uncle Drakk are focussed on solving the mysteries around the disappearance of their parents during the war, as well as on restoring the prosperity of their hometown. Hometown: Stagmont (sigil: Stag on a dark red and dark green field) Parts: Hair, Head, Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs, Cape