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  1. dathil

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    And to add to that, can a submission contain more than 1 build, especially for the history part?
  2. dathil

    Larkspur, Hunting Lodge

    Yeah I love how you integrated all those roofs and hinges that can be opened. Also great job on the interior
  3. @Blaze your finale build was amazing! I loved the techniques you used and the waterfall and story references were amazing
  4. dathil

    Elon's Retreat.

    Ah, I still remember this! The woodwork with dark bley tiling gives the whole a really great color scheme. I love that you added interior for the whole castle.
  5. I really love how this turned out! The rockwork is great and that staircase just stays superb. I'm getting skyrim-draugr vibes out of it, I like the concept of a catacomb used as some sort of armory/barracks.
  6. I must admit I had not noticed this post yet... but this is some great writing! When the horn sounded, I did hope for the winged hussars mitgardians to arrive but the bear cav charge was awesome!
  7. Nice! great to have you back
  8. dathil

    [Freebuild] Unsought but Welcome

    I also had to read back your stories, but I love your way of writing. The map is really well done, I have encountered the idea before but this execution is really clean!
  9. dathil

    Mitgardian Border Village House

    I love it! I too love the guide from DC, that particular guide is the cause of my discovery of Eurobricks, the AFOL community and GoH, when I was browsing for a guide to help me out in LDD some 6 years ago...
  10. dathil

    AoM Tower Phase 2: Herfin Telosuren

    I love the ornaments in your architecture. You obtained a lot of detail while still keeping it smooth and elegant - really an elven structure
  11. Wow, I have been watching the program but had no idea there would be a Guilds member in there, awesome! Which one was you, because now I'm rooting for you of course ;)
  12. dathil

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Hi guys, Since there isn't a really actual general discussion topic, I will post this here. Recently I have been in several discord servers dedicated to specific contests or groups, and I talked with a lot of builders, and saw many WIPs and technique sharing, much more than on my occasional flickr/instagram scrolling. I also thought it was a great way to connect with our fellow builders. So, you probably know what is coming: would there be any enthusiasm towards a discord server dedicated to the guilds? Mind you, I am not in any way suggesting to place our final builds and stories there, for they belong on this forum, or to substitute anything already existing here. However, I dó think casual chitchat and sharing possibilties can stimulate other people to build more for the guilds as much as it stimulates me. I'm curious about your opinions on this!
  13. dathil

    Fighting elephants of Mophet

    I really love how you made the cloth barding, it looks really dynamic. The ground texture looks great too! and, those shields are great for Kaliphlin builds! :)
  14. dathil


    It was great seeing this on LW! The mere size of the fortress is overwhelming. You manage to place tons of details in large scale mocs.