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  1. Sea Haven

    Could you elaborate on this? I quite often build wooden structures so maybe I might miss some aspects :) Its always great to see you building in Mitgardia Blufiji :) As said on Flickr, I love how the light bley topping on the rocks brightens the whole color scheme.
  2. Henjin strikes again! believe it or not, I was coming to this topic just to ask if someone could tag that guide, because I stumbled upon it somewhere a few months ago
  3. The Western Wall of Lleidr

    Saw this one on flickr already, it is really just awesome, has to be one of the best texturings I have seen
  4. So, lets say I build a dragon with some kind of Mûmakil palace on his back, its OK? XD
  5. Book II Challenge V Voting

    1. Henjin_Quilones 2. MiloNelsiano 3.TitusV For me, the number one was clear when I read it, but it was really difficult to determine the others. Everyone has such great stories and their own plots to it!
  6. AoM: Ginnon Valley(Tower phase one)

    Thanks guys! I'm quite happy as well with how the rocks turned out. Ill try to get some rounded parts from BL and curved slopes to get a more organic form, but I really like to mix snot with studs-up, as it doesn't give a too-boring rock :p Also thanks for the photography feedback: I know this was an issue for me, but your tips are good examples of quite simple things to fix, which will improve pretty much without having to worry about camera details ;) thanks!
  7. The training camp has been expanded again, for the governor decided the horse training would be moved here as well. The horses will be trained to overcome their fears, like dogs, and knights can come to practice here with their lances .. and here is the complete assembly of the Ginnon Valley training camps: I built the tower first, and some people thought the rocks were a bit bare, and some vegetation would be nice. Then the idea rose to create an archery range next to the tower, which could 'connect' to the rock where the tower was built on. I tried some tree design there as well, though I am not too happy with it (stability is too bad, alas) I found some tan bricks as well, and came with the idea to make straw bales to catch arrows gone wild. Then lastly I added the horsegrounds, for I was playing with a horse when I came up with the dog-scaring-the-horse-scene, which I quite liked. The idea of the tan sand is that its trampled all the time, which serves as an excuse not to add texture, as i do not own much tan except for the tan being in a WiP right now:O Main reason to build this was to get started on the tower phase 2, for which I can now make a big build (if I would put the big build as phase one, I couldnt surpass myself anymore xD) The stable was a bit rushed, but I wanted to finish it before the weekend because I would be gone for a while, and now I can immediatly start on my new project :)
  8. While the city of Falconstone keeps expanding, the training camp in the nearby Ginnon Valley is also under constant development. An archery range has been put up, from which archers and axe throwers can practice hurling their projectiles at targets placed before a wall of straw bales
  9. Hi guys, after doing a large build for the SJ17 I did not have much motivation for a new large project immediatly. Then I remembered how I have many uncompleted Age of Mitgardia builds left to do :P Here is my take on the tower phase one! My first focus was on the rockwork, and when I started the tower I had no idea where it was going, but im quite pleased with the result.
  10. Nice, looks great already! I like the diagonal bars in the stairs construction, as I used it as well in the build im uploading right now XD
  11. Good luck Z, I bet we all know the struggle and everyone would agree with the choice you made!
  12. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    have my best (and most detailed, which equals best) moc ever in progress since day one and almost finished for the Homestead category! Alas I will not have time to make more entries although there are so much awesome categories
  13. I also missed this completely... how is this possible :O I wil gladly join for sure!
  14. this is amazing man! love the trees and such