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  1. Minifig Lecturer

    MOC: The Money Laundering Launderette

    Thank you Lucarex. I would say we have a fair few similar looking buildings in inner city Dublin today. Thank you Beverly. A one-stop laundering location is a good business slogan The trash bags are official LEGO sacks I had a bunch in medium dark flesh but was very happy to see them issued in black for this purpose. The custom parts used are guns, police clothing and the 2 broken bottles on the roof and footpath.
  2. Minifig Lecturer

    MOC: The Money Laundering Launderette

    Thanks AFOLguy1970! When I first saw those Saturn V printed tiles I was hoping they might look well as a sign so I'm glad you like it.
  3. Minifig Lecturer

    MOC: The Money Laundering Launderette

    Very glad you like the general feel to the MOC LegoModularFan and thank you for your kind words! The building is modular too I should add although there are only 2 floors in the main building of course. The various roofing parts do pop off however which is useful for moving around the little people.
  4. Minifig Lecturer

    MOC: The Money Laundering Launderette

    I’ve always believed that that little minifigs can be big criminals and so I present the Money Laundering Launderette. This is a MOC I wanted to build for quite some time now and use up those spare (unfortunately LEGO) 100 dollar notes I have lying around. The scene is pretty simple, the good guys (the police) have surrounded and are about to raid the Soap n’ Suds launderette, a front company for a crime organisation involved in smuggling contraband clone brands and dangerous addictive plastic substances among other things. An accountant who works for the gang and two heavily armed gunmen are deciding whether to fight or flee (presumably through the backdoor into the boiler room and out into the adjoining yard but who knows…) Two oblivious customers are also downstairs. The launderette does also actually wash clothes with 6 large 10kg capacity washing machines and dryers. Washes from €5, wash and dry €8. Special thanks to miniBIGS, BrickArms and BrickForge for the custom parts. More pictures of the inside on Flickr
  5. Minifig Lecturer

    Ballabreek 2017

    Great to see the latest news however everytime I read these updates the tune of Balamory pops into my head
  6. Minifig Lecturer

    Winter Green Grocer [Winter Village MOC]

    Looks great. Really liking that stairs.
  7. Minifig Lecturer

    [ MOC ] Mail Box at V City

    Very nice and slick. Fine job.
  8. Minifig Lecturer

    MOC: Weekend at the Sea

    I'm looking for my sunglasses already...
  9. Minifig Lecturer

    (MOC) Constitution Bar WIP

    This is excellent and as others have said the exterior and interior colour combinations are just right. The details inside give it a great bustling atmosphere. Is this based on a real bar? My only possible recommendation is that perhaps the bar-stools should not have a back on them (ie maybe use round 2x2 plates rather than seats)? On this side of the pond barstools would tend to have no back but perhaps they do where you are or perhaps they just look better using the seats. Can I ask is that mirror pane from a current set?
  10. Minifig Lecturer

    MOC Special Oldtimer Vehicles for the Lego Town - Vol. 4!

    The white car looks excellent, especially with that spare tyre. Slick designs capped off with a firm handshake. Good job.
  11. Minifig Lecturer

    Rome - Forum of Nerva - 962 A.D.

    You have captured the evolution superbly here. The finer details such as the tile designs are top notch, well done.
  12. Minifig Lecturer

    [MOC] Amsterdam Canal Houses

    You've done a fine job with this. Particularly like the corner building's colour coordination. The cheese store's ground floor exterior is excellent and those plant techniques are clever too, I'll be using those ideas.
  13. Minifig Lecturer

    [MOC] Roman History Museum

    This is great. Interesting how the bricks on their side to show the studs look very well in this building. Its a good size for a neo-classical style building and uses the planet semi-sphere proportionally very well. I particularly like the neatness of the crypt / tomb. Very well done. My only suggestion is not to use flash and only take photographs under a very bright light, the close ups with Macro on and the camera's Indoor setting selected. Kudos.
  14. Minifig Lecturer

    [MOC] Edificio Metropolis Madrid

    Looks great and the stickers have been made and applied very well! I'm sure that was fun. Nice street scenes too.
  15. Minifig Lecturer

    [MOC] City apartment block

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! @STHLM yes, I agree with your point of view here, some variance to the path could add something. @Captain Genaro as it is relatively large I plan to have it off to one side (in the suburbs).