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  1. Ballabreek 2017

    Great to see the latest news however everytime I read these updates the tune of Balamory pops into my head
  2. Winter Green Grocer [Winter Village MOC]

    Looks great. Really liking that stairs.
  3. [ MOC ] Mail Box at V City

    Very nice and slick. Fine job.
  4. MOC: Weekend at the Sea

    I'm looking for my sunglasses already...
  5. (MOC) Constitution Bar WIP

    This is excellent and as others have said the exterior and interior colour combinations are just right. The details inside give it a great bustling atmosphere. Is this based on a real bar? My only possible recommendation is that perhaps the bar-stools should not have a back on them (ie maybe use round 2x2 plates rather than seats)? On this side of the pond barstools would tend to have no back but perhaps they do where you are or perhaps they just look better using the seats. Can I ask is that mirror pane from a current set?
  6. MOC Special Oldtimer Vehicles for the Lego Town - Vol. 4!

    The white car looks excellent, especially with that spare tyre. Slick designs capped off with a firm handshake. Good job.
  7. Rome - Forum of Nerva - 962 A.D.

    You have captured the evolution superbly here. The finer details such as the tile designs are top notch, well done.
  8. [MOC] Amsterdam Canal Houses

    You've done a fine job with this. Particularly like the corner building's colour coordination. The cheese store's ground floor exterior is excellent and those plant techniques are clever too, I'll be using those ideas.
  9. [MOC] Roman History Museum

    This is great. Interesting how the bricks on their side to show the studs look very well in this building. Its a good size for a neo-classical style building and uses the planet semi-sphere proportionally very well. I particularly like the neatness of the crypt / tomb. Very well done. My only suggestion is not to use flash and only take photographs under a very bright light, the close ups with Macro on and the camera's Indoor setting selected. Kudos.
  10. [MOC] Edificio Metropolis Madrid

    Looks great and the stickers have been made and applied very well! I'm sure that was fun. Nice street scenes too.
  11. [MOC] City apartment block

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! @STHLM yes, I agree with your point of view here, some variance to the path could add something. @Captain Genaro as it is relatively large I plan to have it off to one side (in the suburbs).
  12. [MOC] City apartment block

    Thanks everyone for the comments and interest in this build! Great to get some feedback. I have seen the blinds and glass barriers done this way before from other builders so kudos for the original idea goes out to them. The apartment exterior was built initially with no intention to do an interior so retrofitting the block was a challenge, probably the biggest of which was attempting to achieve a fairly spacious look with in reality quite cramped spaces. The living room and bedroom were most trouble here as the available space was very small. @Delbaerov this is the reason for the lack of a washroom although as mentioned in my initial post a number of apartments have a toilet and all, it is just this feature is a real luxury. The other tricky feature was accommodating the many windows, especially in the kitchen. This forced the relocation of the fridge in the eating area as a fridge up against the kitchen window wouldn't look too good. @antp yes, that's exactly it. @eanair thank you! It is loosely based on apartments around here. Before I started clicking bricks I googled 'apartments' and 'dublin' for some ideas!
  13. [MOC] City apartment block

    Happy Holidays Everyone! My town has finally got what it was missing, a more habitable apartment complex that has some green space (a rarity due to a severe land shortage problem). Ending the long tradition of single-room flats the new spacious units include a mind-boggling 4 rooms. Some even have toilets, although these cost extra. The development consists of 12 apartments, 3 stacks of 4 built one on top of another. Around 1,500 dark tan masonry bricks were required. As these are more expensive than standard bricks some believe they were intentionally used to funnel state aid to mining companies although this could be just a conspiracy theory. Despite the obvious design improvements however most of my minifigs are not happy at all which is not a surprise really as they can’t afford one. The few that can are also not happy do to bad choices when picking friends. Hope you like the build. David Edit: it didn't take long for my 2 year old daughter to dip her hand into interior decorating
  14. Château of Cheverny, and more...

    Firstly a great build - no matter the colour. It isn't easy possible to capture a real building's exact colour simply because LEGO colours are so limited. I think the choice of tan is probably best to allow some contrast and judging by the second photo it looks more than acceptable. It appears the actual colour is somewhere between a White and a Tan but there's been a lot of fading in the real building, just look at that 'black roof'. I had the same difficulty with a building whose real colour lies somewhere between white and LB Grey. I chose to build it in LBG as otherwise, like this moc, it would be too garish and offer no contrast with, eg window panes. I'd like to see this building surrounded by some gardens. Will you build a surrounding?
  15. Perhaps you could use some masonry bricks in the walls or 1x2 bricks with groove. The van is top notch though, nice job.