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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Everybody, I started since long with an ambitious MOC, a mobile port crane. I'll try to make it to a finished product, parts and motivation permiting. I'm not so good at inventing new models from scratch and design them well. but here goes... It will be sort of a combination between to models, one frome Liebherr and the other from Kone cranes. My model has 8 sets of 2 wheels, all of them are steered and 2 sets of wheels are driven by an XL-motor. The Steering mechanism is driven by an L-motor. The outriggers are also driven by 2 L-motors. In the above picture, the 4 centre bogies were driven, but I already changed the design, so only 2 are driven now, and the drive itself has been changed also. The centre outrigger mechanism and the outriggers are based on the design of IVAN MOCS concrete pump. Here two outriggers are completely finished, I'm waiting for spare parts to finish the other 2 outriggers. in this foto I already put the slewing arrangement based on the one from the 42082 RTC.
  2. Dear all, It's a long time ago that I ventured myself into a new moc. So here it is.... A Rope Shovel used in the open mining industry, i'm using an example from P&H Here's what i came up with so far, I reused the tracks and the quadrant gear racks from the 42055 BWE and also a large part of the body is reused. It has until now 5 motors, I'll use standard IR receivers As always comments are always welcome, I would like to have the operator cabin built in system bricks in minifig scale, But I would be grateful if someone could make an LDD drawing of that cabin with system bricks or technic bricks. I'm planning to make a video when the bucket is attached and everything is more or less operational
  3. After collecting enough cranes i've decided to try to compare them all somehow... So here is the result: The most interesting thing is the conclusion of all the tests in the video. P.S, It is not about some serious calculations. It is more about fun with cranes. So, have fun and rest with Mozart! P.P.S. I may say whatever i want about cranes' ability to lift things, but 42082 is the only set that actually had chains for attaching the cargo. :)
  4. Hello all, I would like to present a new project. It's a rotary drilling rig based on the Liebherr LB44 and based on the chassis of the lego technic crawler crane 42042 Here are some WIP pictures, I used the carriage (with some mods) and part of the superstructure (mainly the gearbox) of the 42042 because it's quite a good design and starting point. I already have put a reduction gear on the upper LA's (not visible in the pictures) because with the direct link the motor was not able to lift the boom. On the real machine the winches are located on the boom, but on my machine I will use the existing winches of the 42042. Also the driveshaft of the upper LA's will be modified to make it a bit stronger. Next picture is the boom in a more or less rest-transport position As always comments are always welcome.
  5. My next MOC is a freelance version based on a Liebherr 120 Crane but will only have four caster steering units instead of six. Following the build of my mobile ship loading conveyor, a number of problems arose and were solved & almost all due mainly with the various steering modes. 

For my new MOC initial thoughts were to have a mechanical solution to control the steering using only one M motor and a selector gear box (see image) Black = M motor input. Red = output to caster units 1 & 2 with direct drive from M motor. Yellow = output to caster units 3 & 4 via selector gear which can either turn units in same direction as 1 & 2 or in opposite direction, plus stop the units turning. Result: selector unit too large and complicated and suffers from the excessive backlash due to the red gear clutches, about 90 deg. lag when reversing drive to units 3 & 4 resulting in caster units out of step. REJECTED. For the the previous build I used the small c/o switches on the PF controllers to set the steering modes but found this to be confusing to get right.
 Reverting to a two motor solution for steering as per Mobile ship loading conveyor, except I will use PF switches this time to select the required mode for each M motor. 

 This will allow for 3 steering modes:
 1/. Normal steering using only 2 caster units with other set in straight position. 2/. All caster units turn together same way for straight, crab & sideways movements. 3/. Pairs of caster units turn in opposite directions to give radius steering. 
A 4th function is possible if used an M motor for each uint plus four PF switches.
I but don’t plan to install this due space constraints. The build so far: " MOC will have these functions:- 1/. Drive travel - XL or L motor. 2/. Steering - two M motors. 3/. Drive outriggers - ( may be HOG ), depends on space in the under carriage. M motor with PF switch. 4/. Slewing of crane - M motor 5/. Luffing of jib - L motor. 6/. Hoisting - M motor. PF receiver and battery in the undercarriage & the two PF Rx & battery in the rotating structure.
  6. Hello everybody, Here's my modification of the B-model of the 42042 crawler crane. It has power functions with remote control. The motors are used for slewing, moving the trolley and for hoisting/lowering the hook. the base is still provisional, also the hook and the hoisting wire still have to be added. as it turned out the crane has a good weight balance, it stays upright even with the the batterybox removed. Later I'll upload a video and I'll do a load test. The spring is used to keep the tension on the trolley wire, the trolley itsel is a little bit colour vomit, but I lack the correct parts And the last photo, together with the the modification of the A-model of the 42042 I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to comment
  7. As a boy I used to play with Meccano mainly building cranes and dreamt of building the Meccano Giant Block Setting Crane - but I never did as it needed a No. 10 set. Much later in life I took up building Lego Technic models and have recently started building MOCs. I set out to build a MOC of the Block setting Crane that use to be on the South Pier at the entrance to the Tyne - NE England and my home town of South Shields. This was used to maintain the pier and lowered 40T concrete blocks onto the seabed to prevent scour of the breakwater foundations. The original crane was steam driven use shafting, gearing and wire ropes to operate which I have replicated in my model. My MOC has four functions: 1/. Under carriage travel with all 8 wheels driven. 2/. Slewing of upper part and boom. 3/. Traversing along boom of hoist carriage. 4/. raise and lower lifting hook. The 4 motors ( 2x L & 2 x M) are house in the rear structure. All four drives use worm gears to give realistic speed and to make 90 deg drives down the legs. The boom made of parallel sides - as proved impossible to replicate the tapered boom of the original crane. Most difficult part was getting the rope drive to traverse the hoist carriage to work. Full size Lego Trains can run underneath and this will be part of my lego train layout once i build a breakwater for it to run along with maybe a lighthouse at the end ! For photos and video click here: MVI_0748 by Doug Ridgway, on Flickr Next project is to try and make a rail mounted dockside container crane using similar transmission to the rail wheels..
  8. Aussie BJ

    WIP The Brick Garage (Town Layout)

    Hi all It's been a while since I posted last but as you'll see I've been busy working on a new layout and storage. I was sick of having to pack up at the end of the day so decided I needed something permanent. But it was catch 22 with our Lego room being in our cars home too. After some research I came up with this and I hope you all enjoy. Trains on the cold concrete floor are no more. The new large table so I can now have a permanent display. But what about the car? After a few rough layouts and a bit of paint we now have a base to start our township. But what about the Car? Well, I hooked up a winch, added some cable and pulleys and now the car can park underneath while I get to enjoy a permanent layout (when down of course!). Here's a link to a few more pictures of the lifting design. It's still a work in progress in regards to the layout but it's getting there and I'll post a few updates soon. and done...! Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers Brendan
  9. So, although not all agree, I think there is more or less a general acceptance of third party tires for Technic builders. Again, not universal, but perhaps a majority of people are okay with it. We regularly, if not a majority of the time, see large crawlers, trucks, etc, on this forum with third party tires. Why the acceptance? And given whatever rationale, can we apply this rational to others parts as well? For me... so much cranes lately (I just got done voting) has given me to think about the Lego metal hook. I mean, technically, I guess its Lego, but literally.... hmmm difficult argument here. If the viability of the hook being Lego is debatable in the first place, why not use other, third party hooks that can be so much better. The Lego hook is what like 20-30 bucks? 30 in the US where I am (more or less). If it is just metal, why not perhaps use like a third party block hook? So much cooler, and just like the Lego hook, all metal. I get that these can be built out of Lego, I have done several myself, but given the popularity of the metal hooks, personally I would prefer just to use third party hooks. Here is one example: Hook blocks such as these can be purchased for about the same price as the Lego metal hook, but IMO are much much better. Smaller hooks are also available. What do others think?
  10. Anyone who has built a large crane understands that treading the string to additional pulleys (like below) increases lifting capacity, but it is a pain in the rear end to do. Playing around with my crane this weekend resulted in the string coming off the I am re-threading. Pain. Big pain. However, I found a video that is helping me out. Using some putty and rubber bands helps. Fast forward to the end of the video to speed things up. approx. to the 7 minute mark
  11. A long, long time ago, I stumbled across the great site called Cranes Etc. It's a site that reviews models of construction vehicles, as the name implies, and I've seen some fun stuff to build here. I really like this site because the pictures of the models are really good, and they do some things with the models that is not often shown with the real vehicles. Also, there are some uncommon vehicles and configurations that are hard to find pictures of in the first place. Some of my favorites: Mammoet PTC Crane Goldhofer AST-1 X 1360 Aircraft Tractor Peterbilt 379 with Nelson 3x3x3 Trailer Terex AC 1000 Mobile Crane (My current project ) Isn't this stuff cool? I think you should check out this site if you need inspiration.