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  1. 42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Just because it's realistic and also creates sufficient tension of the rope (with smaller dimensions compares to brick-built one)
  2. [MOC] Indominus Mark III

    @Lucio Switch yeah, that's great! BTW, do you like performance of two BuWizzes on video?
  3. [MOC] Indominus Mark III

    @DugaldIC Thank you so much! P.S. More penguins on video! And some offroad fun on ice and snow!
  4. Such a funny Rex Looks very badass and a bit ugly, but in total you catch all the forms of fearsome dinosaur very well (and with humor) I like how you used all this panel and even Bionicle parts, good job! Last photo is my favorite!
  5. [MOC] Indominus Mark III

    @Permo, @Seasider thank you! @Lucio Switch oh, I have to say that I really like such distracton Can't wait to see something new from you! Such a pity that this "amphibia" can swim only in vertical direction and in one way only
  6. [MOC] Indominus Mark III

    Thank you for kind words, guys! I hope that some offroad tests, which I want to include in the video-review, will show you the power of dark side how much torque can lego gears and CV joints handle I. Rex from movie will stay in my heart (like all my previous lego trucks). Oh, sentimentality
  7. Hi everyone! I'm glad to present you the third version of my trial truck with a long prehistory and a slightly unusual design Lego Indominus Mk3 by Alexey Tikhvinsky, on Flickr Some history now: In the far-distant 2015 @Lucio Switch has built a titanic airfield firetruck that made a strong impression on me. The stunning set of functions, motorization, scale and appearance of this monster inspired me to build a modification. Searching for parts and construction took about a year. I wanted to not just change the color scheme or somehow improve already perfect truck - I wanted a total rework of the entire transmission, body and concept in general As a result, we got a truck with a loud name "Indominus Rex" and a claim to conquer the off-road. The 4 most powerful motors (5292) produced by Lego ever, differentials with limited slip (thanks @efferman for idea), planetary gear reduction in each of the eight wheels - all this allowed to overcome quite serious obstacles, even with weight of the model (6 kilograms) and dimensions (92x25x25 centimeters). Modification, judging by the opinions of AFOLs and the victory at the MOCs exhibition in Moscow Megabricks museum, turned out quite good. The flatbed body, a thin (3 pins) frame, a relief roof with air intakes and off-road rubber did their work - the truck moved away from the original as much as possible with the help of some solutions and design features. In the same 2016, in a New Year eve, I made another modification of the ACT truck. Indominus-2 was created specifically to participate in the winter truck trail competition in Moscow. No differentials, reduced weight (3.5 kilograms) with the same dimensions. Design was primitive, while preserving the common features of the original "front end". No serious ambition in the construction of this truck, it was initially clear that with its dimensions, it will not pass the road for off-road trucks. As a result, of course, the distance was overcome, but at the cost of one repair and loss of drive on three wheels out of eight (actually twelve, the two rear axles were with twin wheels) But a large number of positive emotions and feedback pushed me to an idea that this truck has not been exhausted yet. There were several attempts to build modifications of the same airfield truck in different versions, which ended, however, at the stage of creating the chassis (I wanted to do something fundamentally more light and durable). Later, I was distracted by building the truck with a crane from, again, @Lucio Switch This truck, being assembled completely in the original version, absorbed almost all my electrics, the technic frames and, in general, almost all the parts (17 motors, three battery packs, 13 meters of pneumohoses, 16 pneumatic cylinders and 131 technic panels). The idea of building another truck on the same scale from the remaining assortment of parts seemed simply insane. And at the beginning of 2018 I found a solution to two problems at once. I figured out how to build both an original and not too expensive in parts truck, which at the same time would inherit design and performance from its two predecessors. Why build the next four-axle monster, when the 4x4 format for trucks is still looks pretty? In addition, there was an opportunity to test my strength in terms of creating a MOC, and not modification. Lego Indominus Mk3 by Alexey Tikhvinsky, on Flickr I left only some recognizable elements from the original truck, which allowed to identify it as Indominus-3: сontours of the cabin, individual elements of the body kit, doors. The functional was done with an eye to the fact that this truck will participate in the February truck trial in Moscow (by the way, riding at -15C degrees turned out to be very "fun", even filming was not possible, everything was frozen, including phones and cameras). But, despite the "competitive" orientation, the equipment turned out to be more like the first version of Indominus: limited slip differentials (three pieces: front, rear and center), chains on wheels (homemade, from the jewelry chain), complex exterior and interior (with Duplo penguins!) Lego Indominus Mk3 by Alexey Tikhvinsky, on Flickr In additional: old pneumatic shock absorbers (very soft and long-stroke), anti-roll bar on both axles, portal gear reduction in pair to wheel planetary gear reduction. I used: 2х Buwizz v2, 4x RC buggy motor (5292), 1x Servo motor, 4x extension wire and Android app made by @imurvai to control this truck with gamepad (works very well and smooth, by the way) Lego Indominus Mk3 by Alexey Tikhvinsky, on Flickr In the end, in my opinion, this truck turned out quite bright and sturdy, and even with 4.5 kilograms weight can handle some offroad in the conditions of russian winter Lego Indominus Mk3 by Alexey Tikhvinsky, on Flickr I hope you liked this orange buddy as much as I do If someone is interested, I'll try to make a detailed review of technical features (with schematics and colorful pictures, yes ), video and some photos of the "nude" chassis. In conclusion, I want to thank @Shurik for great photos and @Limga for his endless patience and support throughout my entire AFOL path! Thank you all for attention! Update: I found a photo from the competition. One of the participants struggled to help me with a loose climb up the hill Update #2: Just filmed a little adventure in snow
  8. [MOC] Crane Truck

    Hello guys! Finally, I finished the construction of this brilliant truck! Whoa! That was most difficult and complex build in my life Except some changes in colorscheme, the only differences between my version and Lucio's one: Correct castor angle (slightly positive), full RC functions via smartphone (2x SBrick + Buwizz) and 2x Servo replaced by 2x L-motor with clutch gear (like in Madoka's 8x8 Tatra). All other features are the same and they work like in original truck. Here is video test of driving with Buwizz (4x XL-motor connected to two different outputs) Hope you like my little MOD
  9. Wow! Neat and compact design, and looks very cool!
  10. [MOD] Icarus Buggy

    @Aventador2004, @technic_addict thank you for kind words! I can make some photos during disassembling the model. Tires on the front axle - Fischertechnik tires, they were discussed at "3rd party tires" theme in this forum.
  11. In the era of dust, sand and rust there is no place for shiny and glossy supercars, decorated with chrome, carbon fiber and aluminum. Only one thing matters - durability. Any large enough scrap of metal that you find in the wasteland can harden your car and give you a few more minutes of life. But some cars, assembled from bits and pieces in garbage pits, still remain a work of art, reminiscent of a past life. I'm glad to present you my new mod of Madoka's Icarus supercar. Driven with 2x buggy-motors, it has minimal chassis changes, except upside-down portal hubs on rear axle. Model utilize about 10 metallic and pearl colors plus some unusual for Technic series, like tan and reddish brown And here is comparison with original model made by @Madoca 1977 You can see full gallery here I'll try to make some video in "desert" for fun, but don't sure about how soon it will happen. Hope you enjoy my mod! I will be glad to hear comments and suggestions about model!
  12. @Lucio Switch I'm glad that I can still surprise you Your works are really inspiring, it's a great pleasure to work with them! @M_longer There is need for mirrors when you driving trial truck in Russia @Technic Jim Torque is not enough for serious trial competition, but more then enough for breaking UV-joints Both my PF batteries are slightly modified, because original LiPos are too weak for 4 buggy-motors. @Toni-23 @Victor Imaginator @Lox Lego Thank you so much for your feedback!
  13. @Imanol BB Good luck to you with building your truck! @deraven Laughing a lot, I imagined such a picture @Aleh @Leonardo da Bricki @Edwin Korstanje Thank you for kind words, guys!
  14. Hi everyone! I am glad to present my new trial truck based on @Lucio Switch and @efferman ideas. All photos are clickable, you can see full Flickr gallery Main goals were: Enormous size of the model Durability High speed (relative to most lego trial trucks) Double wheels on rear axles Features: 8x8 drive (no differentials) with 4 buggy-motors (12 wheels total) 2 servos for steering 2 L-motors for winch 2 SBricks 2 LiPo's In-wheel planetary reductors (4:1 gearing) Anti-roll bars Durable 3-stud thick chassis Total 22:1 gearing with fast buggy-motor output Weight: 3,5 kg And here are some WIP photos: Axles with 13:1 gearing Rear chassis part with motors installed Chassis assembled Almost completed truck, with bottom view First steps Video from Moscow 2016 TT meeting As a final note, I can summarize that such heavy and hulking truck looks good only as a show-stopper, but there is nothing to do with it on trial competitions Thank you for attention, hope you liked this little fellow
  15. [MOC] Curbjumper T4 Dakar Truck

    This truck performing like a real beast! Great work and amazing video!