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  1. Woah! I like this beauty! Those crawling abilities are great, nice video BTW Here you go:, Shock Absorber 9.5L (Hard Spring)&category=[Technic, Shock Absorber]#T=C&C=5 The springs are easily interchangeable, so you can use these red ones with any type of spring,
  2. No parts were damaged during the ride, but washing planetary hubs was kinda tricky Plenty of soft brushes, foam soap, and dental irrigator helps me a lot I apologize that I miss something during the washing, but axle/gears wear is a normal thing when we are talking about outdoor play. Water+electics also not such a big problem, Technic hub was always below the water level, and motors themselves have quite good water resistance (small clearances, a lot of lubrication, insufficient voltage for electropuncture in water).
  3. Sorry for bumping this thread, but old good VW underwent restyling and we shot a great video of him drowning in a stream The main change - Beetle has lost the winch, but the gearbox is now motorized and gears are switched by pressing one button (high 1:1 and low 4:1), and all 4 motors are now С+ L Everything else - all-wheel drive, planetary hubs and control via Control Plus remained unchanged. Later I will post detailed photos. Many thanks to @Shurik for shooting this amazing video!
  4. @trekman, @Mr Ogel - thank you! No, I didn't, but I think it has too much acceleration on start for this type of mechanisms Wow! Such a cute little thing! I'm very glad I inspired you, great build! Good news: I made a free instruction and it is published on Rebrickable. Have fun! Happy Holidays!
  5. Thanks. That's great idea, but second motor will cause additional bracing, and so weight will grow before we add some decorations like windmill. Maybe we can get about 10-15% more power when adding another motor, but height of the "chassis" will be too high
  6. @howitzer, @Milan, @nerdsforprez, @zweihander, @hollielucas, @steph77, @proran - thank you for kind words, friends! I'm really glad to know that you enjoyed it! Yes, they are much weaker and slower than regular ones. But for building a walker, a constant (albeit small) speed is an advantage. In this test video, you can see the speed of the main motor output (double round rotating brick on the top) Another rotating brown brick (single) is the wind-up input, which is also rotating, but with lower speed and greater torque.
  7. About 7-10 seconds on a single charge. All clips in the video were cut at the moment of the motor stalls :)
  8. Thank you, @JintaiZ Thanks! My bad, there was a mistake. I used this one: This motor appears in a few sets like Racers, HP and hockey but, AFAIK, it can be replaced by this one: Second motor appears in soccer and basketball sets.
  9. Hello everyone! I'm very happy to present to you my new MOC - a walking windmill The main idea was to use this motor, as it gives a constant flow of torque, without acceleration. Despite being quite weak, it does a pretty good job with a 12:28 gear ratio. It was fortunate that the axle could go right through the motor, allowing the legs and wings to be driven simultaneously The previous version of the mill was very large and heavy, which, even in combination with an 8:24 gear ratio, did not allow it to move fast or confidently By reducing the mill scale by almost half, I was able to find a balance between weight and speed. Pullback motor can be winded up both with the gear from the bottom and with the round handle on the left under the "door" I used pistons as the feet because when moving, one or the other middle leg turns out to be slightly lower than the other two, which at that moment have contact with the ground, and a "skew" occurs. Due to the fact that the pistons are attached to the legs with hinges, they allow you to always lean on the entire "foot" at once. Bonus - the mill is very funny waddling from side to side when walking It was a very fun and satisfying build, I love adding some steampunk details, even though the mill itself looks quite medieval (and even a little gothic) More photos Hope you like it! Feel free to leave comments below! Update: Free instructions available! Note that this is a slightly different version, using more affordable colors, details, and an added detachable handle for easier charging.
  10. I'm curious about the 3.0 version and like all the new features, but today suddenly face with problems with my 2.0 units. About 4 or 5 months ago I leave 4 of my unit in the box at home, charged for about 75%, and today I open the box and saw two of them were swollen. They are still in working condition, but cases are broken, and there no way to close them without glue. But the problem is that such distorted batteries will not fit into the case anymore. Also, I think that it's dangerous to have these batteries because they are LiPo and distorted LiPo batteries are always meant fire hazard What do you think about this, Buwizz Team? What are the guarantees that this will not be repeated in the third version?
  11. Hello everyone! This time I decided to come without trucks, supercars, and other wheeled vehicles. No, even without tanks or cranes In Russia, the traditions of celebrating Halloween are not well developed, but this does not interfere with the fun at all! This year I was unable to grow a beautiful orange pumpkin, so Lego came to my rescue! The pumpkin-mecha turned out to be a good decoration for the house, the guests were amused by its spider-like legs, and the absence of obvious signs of eyes and mouth made the imagination work hard while looking at the patterns from the panels that make up the body. This strange robot consists of 80 orange panels, weighs 378 grams, is 22 centimeters tall, and 15 centimeters in diameter. In general, the body of the "pumpkin" itself consists of 8 segments, exactly the same except for the inner part (8 ball-joint sockets for the feet did not fit inside one ring). It can be assembled quite simply from 4 parts (although the final connection may turn out to be somewhat tricky). The internal structure, consisting of three rings (one large and two identical smaller ones), allows all panels to be rigidly fixed and not to fall apart even when dropped from a low height. I am very happy that I managed to do without System parts, as well as without Bionicle elements. As a result, I can say that this is 100% Technic pumpkin I hope you enjoyed it, just in case I will leave the file if anyone wants to experiment with such cone-shaped structures. See you next time!
  12. 53: 10 24: 6 59: 4 47: 3 20: 2 41: 1 The choice has become even more difficult, despite the fact that I need to choose from 9 works, not from 61 It’s hard to choose between a beautiful exterior, complex mechanisms inside and both in the another model And nevertheless - thank you all very much for interesting works and a real festival of technical creativity!
  13. 31: 10 20: 6 15: 4 32: 3 51: 2 53: 1 Good luck to all contestants!
  14. Great pullback! Too pity that there is only a V4 engine, but proportions are so nice Another reason to love this build - a couple of available colors and detailing options (and quite easy and not so costly build at all)
  15. Really nice work with all functions and interior details, true hypercar in an off-roader body Removable roof would be a great option, but even without it this car looks so pretty!