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  1. Using a technic-brick instead of 1L connector can create an limited slim differential effect in some sense. Maybe there is no sufficient friction difference between this two parts, but when speaking about offroaders, I prefer to create a little bit more friction in a drivetrain (in differentials and after them, i.e. portal or wheel reductors), sometimes it helps a lot in crawling.
  2. SilenWin

    BuWizz Small car competition - Voting

    12 : 10 4 : 6 7 : 4 14 : 3 15 : 2 2 : 1
  3. SilenWin

    [MOD] 'Rusty Bucket' buggy

    Thanks! There is LDD file in main post. And no, Didumos only made LDD and LDraw files, no photo or PDF instructions. Thank you! 😊 Looks like that was some kind of taxi cab in past 🤣
  4. SilenWin

    [MOC] Indominus Mark III

    Thanks! Yep, there are 3rd party tires, you can find them on Ebay or some chinese online-market. I bought 2 packs (8 wheels) for about 15$ Also this topic is just like El Dorado
  5. SilenWin

    [MOC] Indominus Mark III

    And another small update with fun video. Even some easy obstacles can be a big problem when you have 3 open differentials and almost 5 kilograms weight
  6. Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! I'm glad to introduce you a modification of @Didumos69 Greyhound buggy Yeah, "Mad Max" inspired vehicle again First idea was just "increase durability and add some crawler abilities", but result exceed all my expectations. Adding planetary gear reduction 4:1 to all wheels increase offroad capabilities to sky high (keeping in mind perfectly working suspension of original) And final step - I decide to prepare for summer offroad Lego event in Moscow and for future festival, so I reworked exterior in postapocalyptic style. Other photos Here is LDD model of front hub with planetary gear reduction I used in my modification. Rear hub is done similarly, except for black connectors to suspension arms and without U-joint. Bonus: video from "King of the Hammers" race event in Moscow and photo from "Summer Brick" Lego festival in Taganrog, Russia Thanks to @Didumos69 for his amazing buggy and instructions, and also to @Shurik & @VerSen for cool photos! Hope you like this rusty piece of metal!
  7. SilenWin

    [MOC] Dakar Truck

    Wow! What a monster! I'm in love with it, so much power (and no clicking or cracking noises) and such a great exterior! Perfect build! Pneumatic diff locks - nice touch, very useful in trial-like activities Hope some day I build a mod or 6x6 version
  8. Lucky devil! I hope that they will help me too. Strange noise is not that serious as broken firmware (I think so, cause this "x.x.xx" symbols as firmware version is totally not normal, my working v1 Buwizz shows numbers as version, not this x's)
  9. I want to share my problem too. Maybe @Ron1 can help or give me some advice, cause Buwizz support not responding for about 5 days or so. Two Buwizzes constantly ON, but do not react to any of my actions, except one (blinking red), which can be connected with the phone, but only for few seconds and official Buwizz app can not start any profile or do something. This situation frightens me, since both Buwizzes have not yet reached half a year, and they have already broken down. Moreover, tech support does not respond to my emails, which leads me to despair.
  10. Another week, another update Now Greyhound can crawl over some serious obstacles thanks to planetary gear reduction inside wheels! I try to make some photo review with all changes I make, and share it with you, guys, as soon as possible.
  11. Some footage from Moscow Downhill summer event with @Didumos69 buggy and other cool cars. I hope you will like it!
  12. With smaller (98mm) tires I had no more accidents with U-joints :) "Boom" was caused by pin with "hammer" inside, I think it has some wear after previous runs, because only one steering link on one side falling down again and again. My fault, I should replace it.
  13. Another day with this irresistible buggy Two fully charged Buwizzes lasted exactly 20 minutes in "ludicrous" mode
  14. SilenWin

    [MOC] Indominus Mark III

    Sorry for topic bump, but I had just a great summer day in the open air and shoot little video with country offroad Hope you like it!
  15. Yeah, all photos were made after play. I think that one of the options to avoid part wear is cleaning all parts after driving in dust with a compressed air (can or compressor), carefully wash all moving parts trying to avoid any flooding of electrics, and using air cleaning again.