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  1. [MOC] Crane Truck

    Hello guys! Finally, I finished the construction of this brilliant truck! Whoa! That was most difficult and complex build in my life Except some changes in colorscheme, the only differences between my version and Lucio's one: Correct castor angle (slightly positive), full RC functions via smartphone (2x SBrick + Buwizz) and 2x Servo replaced by 2x L-motor with clutch gear (like in Madoka's 8x8 Tatra). All other features are the same and they work like in original truck. Here is video test of driving with Buwizz (4x XL-motor connected to two different outputs) Hope you like my little MOD
  2. Wow! Neat and compact design, and looks very cool!
  3. [MOD] Icarus Buggy

    @Aventador2004, @technic_addict thank you for kind words! I can make some photos during disassembling the model. Tires on the front axle - Fischertechnik tires, they were discussed at "3rd party tires" theme in this forum.
  4. In the era of dust, sand and rust there is no place for shiny and glossy supercars, decorated with chrome, carbon fiber and aluminum. Only one thing matters - durability. Any large enough scrap of metal that you find in the wasteland can harden your car and give you a few more minutes of life. But some cars, assembled from bits and pieces in garbage pits, still remain a work of art, reminiscent of a past life. I'm glad to present you my new mod of Madoka's Icarus supercar. Driven with 2x buggy-motors, it has minimal chassis changes, except upside-down portal hubs on rear axle. Model utilize about 10 metallic and pearl colors plus some unusual for Technic series, like tan and reddish brown And here is comparison with original model made by @Madoca 1977 You can see full gallery here I'll try to make some video in "desert" for fun, but don't sure about how soon it will happen. Hope you enjoy my mod! I will be glad to hear comments and suggestions about model!
  5. @Lucio Switch I'm glad that I can still surprise you Your works are really inspiring, it's a great pleasure to work with them! @M_longer There is need for mirrors when you driving trial truck in Russia @Technic Jim Torque is not enough for serious trial competition, but more then enough for breaking UV-joints Both my PF batteries are slightly modified, because original LiPos are too weak for 4 buggy-motors. @Toni-23 @Victor Imaginator @Lox Lego Thank you so much for your feedback!
  6. @Imanol BB Good luck to you with building your truck! @deraven Laughing a lot, I imagined such a picture @Aleh @Leonardo da Bricki @Edwin Korstanje Thank you for kind words, guys!
  7. Hi everyone! I am glad to present my new trial truck based on @Lucio Switch and @efferman ideas. All photos are clickable, you can see full Flickr gallery Main goals were: Enormous size of the model Durability High speed (relative to most lego trial trucks) Double wheels on rear axles Features: 8x8 drive (no differentials) with 4 buggy-motors (12 wheels total) 2 servos for steering 2 L-motors for winch 2 SBricks 2 LiPo's In-wheel planetary reductors (4:1 gearing) Anti-roll bars Durable 3-stud thick chassis Total 22:1 gearing with fast buggy-motor output Weight: 3,5 kg And here are some WIP photos: Axles with 13:1 gearing Rear chassis part with motors installed Chassis assembled Almost completed truck, with bottom view First steps Video from Moscow 2016 TT meeting As a final note, I can summarize that such heavy and hulking truck looks good only as a show-stopper, but there is nothing to do with it on trial competitions Thank you for attention, hope you liked this little fellow
  8. [MOC] Curbjumper T4 Dakar Truck

    This truck performing like a real beast! Great work and amazing video!
  9. Porsche Pricing & Availability

    This is absolutely right point! All this discussions about price are useless because of different possibilities and wishes of different people.
  10. [MOC] Dump Truck 8x8

    That sounds like a challenge!
  11. Great mod! Looks really impressive. Good work, as always ;)
  12. [MOC] Dump Truck 8x8

    Congratulations with a new title, Lucio! Oh, well, jokes aside I looked to the suspension, and saw that you used an axle with negative castor. Why did not you use the same scheme as in your ACT's 1st axle? Not enough room in the front?
  13. Well, I just put some buggy motors here and there, make some unnoticeable changes in chassis, create some weird bodywork with strange colors aaand voila - new mod is ready And here is some "progress" with truck - now he is ready for reincarnation Truck? by Alexey Tikhvinsky, on Flickr Pins and some of connectors do not fit in the picture, this truck is such big, that even being disassmbled, he still does not fit on any surface
  14. This is Chinese NoName crawler tires (RC4WD copy). They fit original Lego 98 rims perfectly. I'm glad to hear you like it! Your new dump truck is great target for mods too ;)
  15. Yes, there are 2x turntables, 5x 8z gears and 4:1 total reduction ratio on each wheel.