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  1. 53: 10 24: 6 59: 4 47: 3 20: 2 41: 1 The choice has become even more difficult, despite the fact that I need to choose from 9 works, not from 61 It’s hard to choose between a beautiful exterior, complex mechanisms inside and both in the another model And nevertheless - thank you all very much for interesting works and a real festival of technical creativity!
  2. 31: 10 20: 6 15: 4 32: 3 51: 2 53: 1 Good luck to all contestants!
  3. SilenWin

    [TC18] Hot Rodster

    Great pullback! Too pity that there is only a V4 engine, but proportions are so nice Another reason to love this build - a couple of available colors and detailing options (and quite easy and not so costly build at all)
  4. SilenWin

    [TC18] Jeep Wrangler JL

    Really nice work with all functions and interior details, true hypercar in an off-roader body Removable roof would be a great option, but even without it this car looks so pretty!
  5. SilenWin

    [TC18] Huguette Roadster - Finished

    Wow! This roadster really rocks! Love the front grille paneling so much!
  6. SilenWin

    [TC18] Marocchino Rat Rod Wrecker

    Thank you! That was really nice puzzle for me - to place all driveshafts and steering axles close to each other and save some space for driver's seat, fake pedals and so on This was the first tricky moment - placing 8t+28t gears (driveline from rear axle to gearbox) and 12t+12t gears (HOG steering) And another challenge for me - combining steering and fake engine drive via new 20t blue clutch gear As I mentioned above - I used the same steering mechanism as in Lipko's hot rod That was the only way to make a compact front axle and to have only 2 studs between the front axle and fake engine. Any other solution (except pneumatics) will instantly increase the dimensions of the front part of the car. Maybe I'll return to this design and make some rally hatch or wagon
  7. 30. Marocchino Rat Rod Dimensions: L39 x W15 x H15 Features: V6 fake engine 2-speed gearbox (1:1 and 2:1 ratios) limited slip rear differential working steering wheel detachable HOG steering on the roof ratchet winch (like in 42069) front single leaf spring suspension rear live axle with leaf springs opening suicide door
  8. SilenWin

    [TC18] Marocchino Rat Rod Wrecker

    After several days of procrastination, I finally finished building the hot rod! It was a great challenge for me to place all mechanisms into the flat chassis (keeping in mind size restrictions). First chassis version was longer then 45 studs I have only a few photos of the building process left, so the bulk of the photos of the finished model will be in the first post.
  9. Nice modular bodywork!
  10. SilenWin

    [TC18] Marocchino Rat Rod Wrecker

    I decided to take a break from trying to shorten pickup and that's what happened as a result: This is kinda rat-rod and so far I plan to build it for now. Building process began much easier than its predecessor, so I decided to postpone pickup for a while. At this moment the front axle, steering and fake engine are ready and I really like how this steering system works. The first time I saw such a system was Lipko's hot-rod and I was delighted with it. My version is more compact due the scale, but much less elegant. But it works and that is good news One of the options for bodywork is reddish-brown body with white roof and I'm still thinking about 2-speed gearbox (maybe at the cost of a passenger seat) What do you think, guys?
  11. SilenWin


    @februar88, glad you finally posted this tough VW boy! I'm very glad that I was able to see such a beauty IRL and I hope some day I could built such complex buggy as yours!
  12. SilenWin

    [TC18] Marocchino Rat Rod Wrecker

    Thank you, guys! I tried to shorten the hood yesterday, but it cause some problems with steering wheel (less space to make it working). Still tinkering all thigs around shortened V4 engine. Old Ford F-series is too curvy for me, my skills are nit enough I was thinking about something similar to VW Golf or some Group B rally-car. Another option with big fake engine - to make a rat-rod with open front part with engine. Will try all options a bit later. Again thank you all for support!
  13. All these angles and and bodywork solutions really blow my mind! Great work so far! Love this comparison photo, it would be fun to render a few more little Greyhounds near the big one - like the real wolf pack
  14. Wow! What a shapes! Look really good and curvy, very unusual build!
  15. SilenWin

    [TC18] Marocchino Rat Rod Wrecker

    Thank you for suggestion! High five! Front suspension - double wishbone with old gear rack And now some updates: Bodywork almost ready, except rear part and some details. Working steering wheel and 2-speed gearbox and rear limited slip differential in the rear live axle. But I don’t really like the proportions and I don’t know what to do with it TC18 WIP by Alexey Tikhvinsky, on Flickr