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Found 10 results

  1. Tractor 851 was the first set I had when I was 8 or 9. I wanted to make a new version but the set was already chosen by BrickBuildingFox for the contest. No matter ! So I will show you a studless version of the 2nd set I received few times after 851: the bulldozer 856. 856-01-original by avantime78, sur Flickr I will build it at he same scale, and try to respect as well as possible the color scheme. First step was to find the bag containing the parts, wash them, and after replace the parts (bushes, connectors 3651), brocken by the age, I built this old 856... Hopefully the gears were OK ! After I started by the bucket. I wanted it to be build with parts and not an all in one like black buckets. So here it is, the size matter the original version, 13 studs length and a flex on the Botton to close the hole. 856-02-benne by avantime78, sur Flickr 856-03-benne by avantime78, sur Flickr Now it's time to imagine and built the bull itself !
  2. Hello, I have almost finished recreation of this set and I have some photos in the process of creating, so this is a small WIP
  3. Hello! I am finally back from a long 3 year dark age... Though I will be disappearing again to finish my senior year away at university. I logged on just in time to see that I had 3 days left for this contest, so I challenged myself to a one-day build. And I think I have successfully completed the challenge! Here is my revamped take on the classic Technic 8408 Desert Racer. Clean and proper photos will be forthcoming tomorrow, with daylight, alongside an entry topic. Basic info: 1. The original model, being studfull, had a lot of half-beam differences. I have tried to replicate these as closely as possible, leaving the chassis an even width (4,6,8 studs) while the front axle has a half-stud offset, along with the fake engine, not to mention the entire steering system... 2. Some colors have been changed, including, but not limited to: the front bumper is now Dark Bluish Gray, as I don't have the cams in Light Bluish Gray, the flex axles are not black instead of Dark Gray, and all the bevel gears are now Tan instead of Light Gray. Also, the Light Gray 24-tooth crown gear that drove the engine is now replaced by the modern Dark Bluish Gray 24-tooth gear. The fake steering wheel is Dark Bluish Gray, as I apparently cannot find my Light Bluish Gray steering wheel... 3. All original functions have been kept, including rear differential, HoG steering, and fake V2 engine, driven by the rear axle. Please give feedback on this model, I would love to hear what could be improved. Photos: [TC20] 8408 [TC20] 8408 Revamp [TC20] 8408 Revamp [TC20] 8408 Revamp [TC20] 8408 Revamp Cheers! - Leo
  4. I couldn't sit this contest out. It pulls on my nostalgic strings too much, so know I had to participate. I started with a list of 32 sets that I wanted to consider. Some were immediately thrown out for lack of interest (6537, 6615, 6524, 6590, 8836, 6698, 6669, 8835, 5541, 8286, 5935, 6331, 8839, 6646, 6334, 6670, 8840, 8872, 8280). I had a top thirteen, and started throwing more out for various reasons (How do I do the canopy of 6887, 6542 and 6541 would be too big to do them justice today, 8880 is too sacred to do well, how do I do the motorcycle of 6354 or the cars of 6337 and 6335 (I'm watching you close @mpj)). Some I would like to do at another time (6344, 8858, the helicopter of 8062). Finally I came down to three that I created a MOC up for: 6357, 8855, and 8854. I may still do one of the others at another time, but for now I am going to focus on 8854, unless I run into problems. The set is iconic, well loved, and the right size. I am going to keep the scale pretty close (1.07:1), and I'll keep all the features. At this point, I plan to add a fake engine and suspension to the features 8854 already has (steering, outriggers, boom slewing, boom lift, boom extension, winch). I was hoping to have more done by now, but I guess it took me a while to decide on which set to do. It's pretty rough right now, but I have the size set, and a schematic of where all the mechanical parts are going to go. We'll see how this goes....
  5. So, I had a lot of ambition, and good ideas for my studless remake. Originally, I was going to do a studless version of set 6957 Solar Snooper, a set from my childhood. Unfortunately, my mental illness kicked in, and I was left at a week before the original deadline with no model to enter. But, I wanted to build something, so I looked at Technicopedia for inspiration, and landed on set 858 Auto Engines. This set is unique, because as many Technic sets feature an engine, only this one is dedicated to engines. The model I chose was the 'Boxer" engine, as that is one that I could improve on, without adding any functions. Now, the original engine is not actually a boxer, as the pistons do not reach top dead center at the same time. In addition, a 6 cylinder boxer should have the pistons clocked 120 degrees apart, which would have been impossible to do with the parts at the time. With all of the advanced parts introduced since 1980, I was able to correct both of these issues. Now, the engine is a proper boxer, with the pistons clocked 120 degrees apart. Aside from that, there is one other major functional difference. On the original model, the distributor is just a rotating shaft that does not actually do anything. On my model, I was able to add a rotating contact piece that connects to each of the spark plug wires in sequence. The engine also has a belt driven fan, just like the original. My model also features the detailed exhaust pipes and spark plug wires. As for scale, I think my model is about 50% larger, given that I used 3 stud diameter pistons, versus the 2 stud pistons of the original. But, the scale increase allowed me to make the crankshaft and pistons much more realistic and functional. Believe it or not, the fan was actually one of the biggest sticking points for me in terms of what to use. No brick built fan felt right, so I used the fan tail from 8068, which is actually a repurposed wheel cover. Unlike the original, the belts are configured in such a way that they can be added easily, without any bent paper clips. Size comparison with 42123. My engine is roughly the same width, and about 2/3rds the length. LDD cutaway to show the crankshaft. Video:(No Sound) So, that's my entry, a new version of the 858 Boxer engine.
  6. My entry for the TC20 contest will be one of my childhood dream sets: 6335. I chose 30.4mm tires for the truck, which have a look similar to the original ones, so the overall dimension of the set will be 1,5 bigger than the original. I only started the chassis of the truck, this is a preliminary photo:
  7. this competition i will make the 1972 go cart: more will follow because i can't take pictures at this time
  8. I have started building the 8846 Tow truck studless remake for the "[TC20] Technic Studless Recreation Contest" I have started with the front axle: As you can see, I will use a bit wider tires, also It will be one stud wider, so it will be 13, not 12 studs wide. Then, I have built the rear axle, and almost finished the chassis. This is all progress for now, more in next post.
  9. Dear All, It's my first time entering a contest, but here goes. I'll be trying to recreate the set 8660 arctic rescue unit. I can rememeber that a nephew of my had all the sets of the arctic line, and it was really fun to play with. I'll try to do it with the pieces I have and I'll try to finish it in time. The hardest part will be to include the snowgroomer in the mother vehicle, but I'll make the best of it.
  10. This is my first Eurobricks contest and also my first airplane moc. I picked this set because most of my technic pieces are black and orange which is close enough. For now I am building in LDD but I will start the build in real life later today. This is what I have so far.