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  1. Today will (possibly) be the day, when NASA will finally launch the first mission of it's new moon program - Artemis The mighty Space Launch System will start from pad 39b Taking it's payload - the Orion ship and ICPS stage to the moon This little copy of SLS is made using the same technology - from the leftover parts of the shuttle (from ideas set) The launch tower is no less interesting It has a black stick that holds the rocket upright And it also has a function - by turning the knobs on it's top you may swivel the umbilicals and service bridge I hope you like my model. Don't forget to watch the launch today at 18:17 utc Godspeed, Artemis! P.S. We'll hope that it won't be Scrub Launch System for the second time
  2. Upper sections of the tower with winches.
  3. The building continues. I've made prototype for Quick Disconnect Arm And some very early prototype for the Orbital Launch Mount.
  4. The Mechazilla rises! Up and up. This first iteration with 15m beams on sides was a bit too much for the scale. Also I don't have so many of these beams. So I rebuilt it with 13m beams. Thats better. SmartHub and motors for operating "Chopsticks" are mounted on a carriage inside the tower. That is why I need to have this slot for the whole heights of the tower
  5. IMG_20220217_235955 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr After finishing the Clockwork Locomotive (which you may find in Trains theme) I've returned to Mechazilla. This is the current progress on chopsticks. They are reworked and reinforced.
  6. cyberdyne systems

    [MOC] Voralberg's Clockwork Locomotive - Syberia

    IMG_20220331_221659 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr Here are the insides of the wind-up station.
  7. cyberdyne systems

    [MOC] Voralberg's Clockwork Locomotive - Syberia

    Thanks. Yes, I forgot to show it in the video. The lever to start up is this d.b gray angled beam. It locks and unlocks gear wheels on pull-back-motors' driveshaft. 51965498335_6f0b1b3d54_h by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr
  8. In memory of Benua Sokal IMG_20220322_164231 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr I wanted to publish this MOC on the day of the release of Stberia: The World Before, but... well, it's better later than never. MOC consists not only of Locomotive itself, but also of rails, train platform with wind-up station and Yukols' Winch which was used by Kate to pull the train into the cave in the second game. IMG_20220321_102639 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr The train itself has three important features. First - it tries to look as close as possible to the one from the game. IMG_20220322_211220 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr IMG_20220321_103140 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr Second - it really IS a clockwork train. It has two pull-back motors in the rear section and an intricate mechanism,which consists of gearing up and flywheel so the spring can unwind slowly and clutch, so you can wind-up spring with no need to drive wheels backwards Trainsmission by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr The lever in the cabin engages the clutch and the lever above the right bumper locks and unlocks pullback motors' driveshaft IMG_20220321_103034 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr Third - it has a linear actuator on the inside which pushes out what should be a steam generator exhaust as it was seen in the second game. To drive the actuator you have an axle which can only be driven with a special voralberg's key IMG_20220321_103556 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr IMG_20220321_102654 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr IMG_20220321_103604 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr Stand on the platform has an axle which winds up the train. To push it into the pull-backs' shaft you turn the lever on the left of the stand IMG_20220321_103322 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr Finally, the winch is just a nice looking winch Here is the video: I hope, you liked this train and I hope you like the game of Syberia
  9. Well, I think the time has finally come to start creating the biggest thing I have ever built - "Mechazilla". Officially known as Orbital Launch Integration Tower (OLIT) located in SpaceX' StarBase in Boca-Chica. Boxes that I want to be checked: -Tower should has as much functions of original one as possible. (Like QDA and Launch mount) -Functions are in higher priority than looks, but it nonetheless needs to resemble the real structure -It has to be power by C+ Hubs and motors -The most important - Tower has to be able to lift something Starship-ish (But i'm still no sure what exactly, may be I'll make something from Saturn V) For the beginning, I've made this prototype of a "chopstick"
  10. Good day, everyone! Each winter I hope to build some offroader to drive in snow, and each winter something goes off. Finally in 2022 I,ve finally built what I wanted - big orange snowmobile with control+ electrics and sprockets from Liebherr/ SNOWMOBILE "TRIDENT" Two main parts are the chassis and the body. Let's start with former. Front side - as it is snowmobile it is fitted with two steerable skis. Suspension consists of parallel levers with two big yellow shock absobers and two hard small shock absorbers between the levers. Suspension is strong enough to bear the weigh of control+ smart hub with 6 battries, body parts and optionally Darth Vader as the driver. Skis are 5M wide and each one has two small rubber wheels inside to add traction on smooth surfaces (with them you can steer even on smooth floor - without only on snow) front suspension has positive castor angle. Which looks cool, but required some tricky techniques to implement steering - for example - for steering I used Large Angular Motor (or simply LAM) it is in parallel with suspension levers, but connected to chassis and smarthub with angle. Next - rear part - all driving motors (2 XL) are inside the tracks. Reduction gear is 28:36 (or 1:1,29) - keeping motors inside the tracks reduces the weigh of body which is good for suspension travel. Long shock absorbers work for vertical movement of only rear part of vehicle, whereas short sh.a. are used for vertical movemnet of whole body (long sh.a. act as parallel levers) And finally - the bodywork. I think this is for now the best bodywork I've ever made for MOC - it is orange, it looks good and its reliable and rigid enough so you can grab this Snowmobile by most of it's orange sections and nothing will fall away. Furthermore, all panel are locked in places and don't wiggle at all. I've even used aquaman's trident from brickhead as mascot when I figured out that Snowmobile looks a lot like trident from above. For everything else that you need to know i invite you to watch the video: P.S. I wanted this snowmobile to look loke a fish. But it turned out to be closer to shrimp or prawn :)
  11. cyberdyne systems

    Jurassic World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Well, I'm a bit disappointed with JP set. All cause of the Park Ford Explorers - they look OK-ish, but not for the 18+ set. Especially the lack of antennas, too simple light on the roof. A bit weird proportions and small wheels. (I suppose it's due to being able to place all the characters insise the car, but it is strange to add this possibility to the display set instead of better look) But, most of all, my biggest disappointment is the lack of stripes. Just four stickers for whole car just don't do the job right. Too many places left without stripes - front section over wheels is the most obvious. By the way, model from the videogame had these stripes without any stickers. Also, I've made this version of Park Explorer based on improved in-game model I had hoped, that official model will look better than mine, but I don't think it is the case after all.
  12. Good day, everyone! I understand, that this is really obvious idea, but i still want to share it with you. So, when I got this amazing typewriter for christmas - my first thought after building (and half an hour of playing with it) - can it be used to do something at least minimally useful aside from just nicely standing on a shelf? I've done some simple measurement and so happens that my bluetooth keyboard (which i'm using to type this text right now) has almost the same measurements as Typewriter's keyboard. Then I've made a simple frame, Added axles under each button on typewriter. Due to proportions of the frame most fitting axles are - 6m for the lower row, 8m for the middle row and 10m for the upper row. After placing typewriter with axles on the frame - and securing it with pins - I've got a pretty useless but nice and simple invention which can be used to feel yourself like a proper XIX-XX century journalist or writer. Of course it has less keys than actual keyboard underneath, but as it is lego you may simply add more. Or make a lever for the Enter and Tab keys - possibilities are endless. Here is the video explaining it once more. Also it is showing that you may even play games, using typewriter as controller. P.S. Video has no music, so you may use it as ASMR with typewriter clicking sounds Thanks for watching!
  13. Thanks a lot. I figured out, that the cheapest way two build this robot is to buy Zetros (and use M instead of one L) or buy two Buggies or two TopGear cars. Liebherr is retiring, CAT has way too high price, Volvo and orange Xtreme-thingy gives only three motors out of four.
  14. cyberdyne systems

    Attachments -- and how to delete them

    @Peppermint_M As I may see, the problem with undeletable attachments is still here. I found this out when I accidentaly pasted picture from photoshop instead of it's URL into the post and it has been added into attachments. And now I can't get rid of them. And,as I am the clever one, I have experimented with other pictures, so now I have three stucked attachments in this post:
  15. This is R.O.R.S.H.A.H Robot Of Remote Speech Human-connection And Handshake EXPLANING THE IDEA Well. this is not just another MOC which sole purpose is to collect dust on a shelf. No. This one has a real purpose and it is been in use in my family for quite a while now. As you all very well know, there are all this pandemic thing around the globe. And because of it a lot of people lockdown-ed in different countries and not able to travel to meet their relatives and friends even on holidays. So, to solve this problem at least a bit, a have created this little one. It is not actually a robot, but wheeled platform with attach point for tablet. Idea itself is not anything new, as example, you may know BUDDY the Emotional Robot by French company Blue Frog Robotics, model of which I once have made. Point is that actual robots are complicated (include more than just that function), not close as cheap as even big lego technic sets, rarely customizable and not available on market or can be purchased by only very big hospitals with political connection or smth like that. Lego on the other hand is affordable (mostly) and easy to use. So, why not to use it instead! WHAT YOU WILL NEED To build yourself such a Robot you will need: -At least two motors for each wheel -Optional third motor for tilting tablet -Optional fourth motor for extra function -SmartHub -Two wheels (use may use whichever you want, but narrow ones are better choice) -A bunch of technic parts to build the chassis -Smartphone to control the robot -Tablet or second smartphone for videocall HOW TO USE IT The idea is simple, imagine, that you have a family member or friend who has stucked in other city or country. But you want him to be present on family gathering, usually you would connect with him via videocall, which is good,but boring - as he will be present only as picture on the screen. Why not to place tablet with opened videocall on a wheeled platform and give the person on the screen an ability to control this platform. Such he will have some kind of a free will of movement around your table or floor. This is a purpose of such robots - and of this one too. After you've built your own RORSHAH - you should set an interface to control it in app that you prefer to use - my app of choice is ControlZ Then you should share the screen of your phone with the person you want to use the robot. (I recommend using Parsec - as it is free) - make sure to share the screen in app that allows to control scren via sharing. After this you make a videocall and place tablet with active call on your robot - and voi là - your friend can see you,talk to you,drive around your room,look around and even shake your hand! Here is the video,demonstrating RORSHAH in use: Thanks for watching! P.S. What do you think? As for me - this is really useful invention which really enhances connection between people divided by borders.