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  1. Oh, I see that Sariel has already posted his April Fools Special... Well, I am here for the same thing. Enjoy! P.S. Yes, I know its actually a remake of my very old idea, but i couldn't help releasing it once again on such a great day!
  2. Good time, everyone. It is actually a really good time to Iive in. With all this historical events like yesterday's landing happening around us. To celebrate the successful landing of Perseverance, I've created this Lego technic model of Marsian rover. I've tried to recreate as much detail as possible. because one of the goals was not just to make Lego rover, but a good educational model, which can be used to show people how the real one works, what instruments it has on board and which experiments they will help to conduct. So,the video serves the same purpose - to be entertaining and a bit informational. I hope, you'll like it. And if you liked this video, please share it with others, because science popularization is a good thing to do! Also, tell if you want, do you have such ticket to mars, like in the video? See you on the Red Planet! P.S. Music in the video is by soviet group called Zodiac.
  3. cyberdyne systems

    [MOC] Big Yellow Bulldozer with gearbox

    Yes! You're right!
  4. Good day, everyone! I'm glad to present you my newest contraption - Big Yellow Bulldozer. Originally it was built as an entry for Foundation Contest in russian lego community, but it hasn't won anything. As the contest has ended, i am now able to post the model here. The goal was to create bulldozer with as many functions as possible while using only two motors, so it can be controlled using only one RC (Two parallel XL counts as one) So the model implements complex gearbox which allows to switch between five funtions and to have V6 engine working on every one of them. I've tried to write a really long text about how this all works, but i think it'd be better to just watch the video: Thanks for watching!
  5. Good day, everyone. Nowadays, when everyone has to stay at home, I want to show you, how you can spend a lot of your free time with interest. As you know, all Lego sets with control+ system have special "achievements" in the app, which you gain for special actions with set. I've made this video as a tutorial, how to get all the achievements that I know about. Thanks for watching, stay at home! Your Cog In The Machine
  6. cyberdyne systems

    [ MOC ] General Grievous Kinetic Sculpture

    Hello there! I want to show you my first kinetic sculpture - Walking Grievous. Figure is activated by turning a little switch on the left side of a stand. This swith is connected to the PF Battery Box via interesting lever. The stand contains M-motor for the main function - walking. L-motor for battle mode. Walking mechanism consists of two levers to move legs forwards and backwards and lifting them. Also M-motor drives a crankshaft to move whole figure up and down for more realistic movements. p This is not a 75112 set at all. Only things thsy have in common are chestplate and head. Other thing are different. Legs have been completely reworked to match Grievous from TCW series, I've added tubes for his neck, trans-yellow barrel-pieces for chest container and removed a lot of spare plates and armor. Now the figure is much closer to the original proportions of General. It also has battle mode - Grievous is able to twirl his sabers with upper arms, which can be added and connected to the L-motor with an axle behind Grievous's back. I recommend you to watch the video to see how this all moves and works: Thanks for watching!
  7. Soon after I've got my 42100, I decided to use it for making something epic and funny. So, after a month of work I've made this "movie" which tells a story about the last battle between old and new. Don't take it too serious, just have fun! P.S. Moral of the story is that the winner hasn't won at all. Cos' all the fallen gained an ability to be revived into different models and live forever, but the winner will stay useless and untouched. :)
  8. cyberdyne systems

    [WIP] Mini Mining Excavator

    I like your progress really much! It seems soooo complicated! So, I've continued my research on miniaturization and came up with this really small crane which nonetheless has even more functions than my mini-Excavator! They are made in the same scale, so, if you want after the completion of your current MOC you may want to make RC version of my little crane ;)
  9. cyberdyne systems

    [MOC] Lego 42100 Mini-Replica

    Thanks a lot! Because you liked this mini-Liebherr so much, I decided to continue the "control -" line up, And the next one is already released: 42082 RTC mini-replica! I think, @Gray Gear would like this one. This crane has even more little functions inside. So, @johnnym and @msk6003 haven't guessed this "control -" thing, but may be next one will be one of their suggestions.. To find this out You can subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for updates. ;)
  10. Hello, everyone! I've mentioned that a lot of you liked my 42100 mini-replica so the time has come to release another Micro-model in the "Control -" line up :) This time I chose 42082 to be downsized. This crane and mini-Liebherr, both are in almost the same scale. The crane has all the same functions as it's "big brother": -AWD with fake engine -All-wheels steering -Deployable outriggers -Turning the tower -Lifting and elongating the boom -Winch All functions can be controlled via knobs on the sides and on the back of the tower. As bonus thing it also has a compartment for outriggers' plates. Here is the video which shows how all this machinery works. Thanks for watching. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
  11. cyberdyne systems

    [WIP] Mini Mining Excavator

    That is more than just impressive! When I was building my version, I thought that this is the most complicated thing to be made out of 42100 ... "I have never been so wrong in all my life"!
  12. cyberdyne systems

    [ MOC ] TESLA CyberTruck

    Impressive, but i've seen even more simple one. Out of 7 pieces! (Кстати, привет, Егор, приятно "встретить" земляка ;))
  13. cyberdyne systems

    [ MOC ] TESLA CyberTruck

    Because I had to change proportions to fit bigger wheels. But, you are right, they really make it look better!
  14. Hello, everyone! I was so impressed by Elon Musk's presentation of Tesla's brand new pickup, that I immediately have made a Lego recreation of CyberTruck! Here it is: It is full RC. 2XL for driving and a lot of other motors for functions. These propellers were the only possibilty to make smth like the original hexagonal wheelcaps. Interrior is filled with wires, but I tried to recreate some important parts like: -Big screen -Foldable third front seat -White dashboard -Wierd steering wheel Tailgate is made out of two parts. One tilts back down and another slides down for a Tesla Quad to get inside easier. Suspention is ajustable via 2L motors one for each axle. All doors can be opened with a help of a big amount of levers and gearworms. Video is here and I recommend you to watch it: Thanks for watching!
  15. cyberdyne systems

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    For me it looks really unproportional. Wheels are a bit smaller than they should be, or both cabins are bigger. Boom, on a contrary, looks really better than all medium scale technic cranes' booms! Which is still not the reason for buying it.