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  1. Good news, everyone! I'm not sure if this is appropriate to post such meaningless things, but my YT channel "COG in the Machine" has reached 100 subscribers!!! So I've made this trailer for my channel. It features a lot of my old MOCs and some that will be released soon. Enjoy! And Thank you for this achievment!
  2. cyberdyne systems

    [MOC] Lego 42100 Mini-Replica

    I'll certainly make time-lapse video. But it won't be any time soon :( So, meanwhile, it is an interesting challenge for you. If you can make the replica of my replica! May be you will improve my ideas. Good luck! / Удачи!
  3. cyberdyne systems

    [MOC] Lego 42100 Mini-Replica

    Good (random time) everyone! I was fascinated by the 42100. So, as I still haven't got one, I've decided to make my own version, but a bit smaller... I came up with an idea of an extra small excavator with all possible functions on board. No RC this time, of course. Only manual controlling. The bucket was a hard thing to do. But this quarter-cylindrical piece and a rope served me really well. I tried to make it as close to the real set, as possible. All the pipes, railings and barrels were recreated in my replica. The mechanisms inside the haul are both simple to understand and hard to invent: First boom section is raised via small linear actuator placed inside superstructure The same LA lifts the second section Worm gear to turn the levers system which tilts the bucket The bucket can be opened by pulling the rope Big turntable supports the superstructure. I don't really know what else to say/write. So the video is at your service. This video is a bit humorous. I hope, you would like it. Thanks for watching!
  4. cyberdyne systems

    Darth Vader's SelfDriving WheelChair

    Thanks. Yep, You're right! Each arm is indeed connected to a separate wheel!
  5. Hello everyone! I've bought this BMW bike set and tried to figure out what can i do with this nice black wheels. And then I've noticed DV's figure on my shelf... The result you may see right there. The RC WheelChair for the Dark Lord! Vader's cloak pretends to be a cozy blanket covering his legs. Inside Vader's back you may notice some cogs which make him move his hands while driving. Actually this thing is just a pair of wheels with motors and BB between and with some Vader's bodyparts attached to the trail. Chair without it's owner. "Come to the dark side of the medicine. We've got wheels instead of crutches" Well, I suppose, if you are disabled, a full-equiped nurse would be ... handy! Video is here, at your service: Thanks for watching!
  6. Congrats to every contestant. And, especially, to @desert752!! Russia is proud of you!! Мо-ло-дец!!
  7. Good news, everyone! I've finished my current MOC. I know, it's been awhile, but i suppose, it worth waiting. This thing is based on the RoadHeader type of the mining harvester and inspired by the "Gnasher" which has appeared in the X-Machines show on Discovery channel ;) It has a big amount of motors, enormous size, huge weigh and a lot of abilities. It's boom can be elevated, elongated, turned and activated! Also there are lights on the boom. They can be switched via lever in the machine's cabin. It can drive and turn, lower outriggers and front shovel. Main conveyor belt also drives front rotors used to grab the rock's peices/ Rear conveyor is turnable. Additional belt drives the Drums armed with teeth to gnaw through the mountains. It weights a lot, it works hard, this machine is a MEANing of mining! Video will show you all it's abilities in action: Thanks for watching!
  8. cyberdyne systems

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    That is what we love SW theme for. HUGE things! I wonder, if anyone would make Thrawn's ISD "Chimaera" out of this. It'd look even more gorgeous.
  9. cyberdyne systems

    REVIEW: 71025 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 19

    I'm referring to the 76124 set. The helmet is a brand new mold and is in use only in this year sets. It also acts as Firefly's helmet in 76117
  10. cyberdyne systems

    REVIEW: 71025 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 19

    Great review, as always! I can't hide my emotions - we've finally got a piece for a pile of poo! It has finally happened! I suppose, that "built or broken" is just a lego's version of "live or dead" Also, sci-fi hunter's helmet has already been used as ant-man helmet in the new Avengers sets. And it's a pity, that a gamepad can not be held the proper way. :(
  11. cyberdyne systems

    [CONTEST] BSBA - Voting thread

    A: 2 - 3 - 7 B: 1 - 2 - 8
  12. cyberdyne systems

    [ MOC ] T-1000 Soviet Transformer

    Thanks a lot! By the way, your MOC is one of the few things that gave an inspiration for my work. Also I think, we should call such tracked/wheeled things - TruckTors
  13. Good news, everyone! From the second attempt, but I finally managed to create this monster from the past. So, T-1000, also known as TET - Turbo-Electric Tractor, was originally created in Soviet Union in the 70s. It has manually operated hood and simple door lock. And the most important and gorgeous function - Transformation! Yes, this unique tractor can be both wheeled and tracked! When tracks are unfolded, driver's chair turns aside to provide comfortable working conditions. All fuctions that are RC: -wheeled driving - L -tracked driving - 2XL -transformation - 3L -fake engine - M -steering - M -foldable plow - L Just for demonstration I've made a simple plow, which can be attached to the rear hook for transportation or to the side hook for working position. Plow's L-motor connects to the tractor's IR reciever and then it's folding can be RC operated as well. Video as always is here: Thanks for watching. I hope, you liked it. P.S. What do you think, what was the purpose for which this tractor was created by soviet engineers?
  14. After collecting enough cranes i've decided to try to compare them all somehow... So here is the result: The most interesting thing is the conclusion of all the tests in the video. P.S, It is not about some serious calculations. It is more about fun with cranes. So, have fun and rest with Mozart! P.P.S. I may say whatever i want about cranes' ability to lift things, but 42082 is the only set that actually had chains for attaching the cargo. :)
  15. cyberdyne systems

    [ MOC-IDEAS ] The Planet of GooBalls

    VOTE: HERE ON LEGO-IDEAS. Everyone is welcomed. The last goo balls have finally guessed that something has to be done. They started the adventure, the bravest adventure ever in their live. The Sign Painter. Here it is. The first Lego copie not of certain level, but of the whole Goo Planet itself. On the day of 10 years anniversary of this brilliant game, I decided, that it is the perfect time to release the project on Lego Ideas. To remind people of one of the best indie games ever! Every island was transformed into microscale model with it's unique architecture and style. Everything you have ever seen in this game is represented: -The Mighty Blimp easter egg -Little miss World Of Goo -Product Z Launcher -Recycle Bin location -Observatory station -And even more of little details. Like all three types of WoG Corp. island that changes during the game. Background which represents the Game's main menu. And little detailing, like flying goos, clouds, goo trees and more... The video with original soundtrack was also created! The last goo balls started building the tower, the highest tower of Goo. To make everything possible to reach the skies... ...To bring their Planet to life! Ambitious Sign Painter. Now everyone is welcomed to support the World Of Goo Planet on Lego IDEAS!