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  1. cyberdyne systems

    [TC15] Hot Air Balloon

    Wow! And... Hoorray! I'm not the only zeppelin/baloon creator in this contest! Finally, at least someone remembered, that aircraft- is not only plane or copter!
  2. 2. The IRON VULTURE - HELICARRIER "We are pirates! Sky Pirates" -TaleSpin The most impressive airship, the Iron Vulture. Don Karnage's flagship and mobile base acting like aircarrier and flying fortress! It was created to dominate in the Skies and above the Seas! More than 2000 parts form it's unique shape of an Eagle with folded wings. And 7 motors for all functions. This massive aircraft is an absolute leader in rotors count. It has 14 of them! FUNCTIONS: -All 12 horizontal rotor spinning (M motor) -2 Main Rotors spinning (M motor) -4-Speed Gearbox for rotors (M motor) -Front "Beak" opening (L-motor) -Bottom hatch (M-motor) -Hangar winch (L-motor) -RailGuns! (M-motor) VIDEO: MORE PICTURES: Discussion topic:
  3. "We are pirates! Sky Pirates" -TaleSpin So, here it is. My entry for the "aircraft-crafting" contest! I've already seen a lot of different planes and 'copters, but where are airships? And if speaking about them, the most impressive airship, of course, is the Iron Vulture. Don Karnage's flagship and mobile base acting like aircarrier. The most challenging part was to recreate the complicated shape which makes it look like an eagle with folded wings. Additional problem was the fact that in different episodes of the show it had differently drawn proportions :)) Rear wing is the most durable structure in model. I think, you really can lift it holding just this massive stabilizer. While building this monstrous thing, I've tried to put as many references to the TaleSpin as possible. So, the functions (as it a technic contest) are: -All 12 horizontal rotor spinning (M motor) -2 Main Rotors spinning (M motor) -4-Speed Gearbox for rotors (M motor) -Front "Beak" opening (L-motor) -Hatch doors on the bottom (L-motor) -Winch inside the hangar (L-motor) -CargoLift with opening hatch (M-motor) -RailGuns! in the front section "baloons" (M-motor) And of course it's full RC! SO here is the video! P.S. I think I have to win at least in 'propellers amount' competition ;)) I think no one will have more than 14 of them at once!!
  4. This halloween I decided to make something more than just a moc of scary thing. The really scary movie fits perfetly. So I think It's the most scary movie ever made with lego. Happy Halloween for everyone!
  5. cyberdyne systems

    [ MOC-IDEAS ] World Of GOO PLanet

    The last goo balls have finally guessed that something has to be done. They started the adventure, the bravest adventure ever in their live. The Sign Painter. Here it is. The first Lego copie not of certain level, but of the whole Goo Planet itself. On the day of 10 years anniversary of this brilliant game, I decided, that it is the perfect time to release the project on Lego Ideas. To remind people of one of the best indie games ever! Every island was transformed into microscale model with it's unique architecture and style. Everything you have ever seen in this game is represented: -The Mighty Blimp easter egg -Little miss World Of Goo -Product Z Launcher -Recycle Bin location -Observatory station -And even more of little details. Like all three types of WoG Corp. island that changes during the game. Background which represents the Game's main menu. And little detailing, like flying goos, clouds, goo trees and more... The video with original soundtrack was also created! The last goo balls started building the tower, the highest tower of Goo. To make everything possible to reach the skies... ...To bring their Planet to life! Ambitious Sign Painter. Now everyone is welcomed to support the World Of Goo Planet on Lego IDEAS!
  6. cyberdyne systems

    [ MOC ] [UPD] Rough Terrain Crane

    Well, has finally finished the video!
  7. Well, I think it's time for me to release my version of RTC too! This all seems like some spontaneous Crane Contest. Main differences from 42082: Claas tires, Full RC, absence of mudguards, horizontally positioned boom and finally real yellow color. Stickers are taken from some old town sets. AWD and four wheels steering. Crane has two independent RC structures: chassis and crane (so, there are two battery blocks) Driving 2XL Rotation XL Steering M Boom tilting L Outriggers 2L Boom extension Train motor Hook M Detailed interior and manually operated cabin Two-staged outriggers. Enough robust to look good if you dont try to lift anything. Two variants of boom extension. It can barely lift just it's own hook. But from another side hook is really heavy. I hope this is not the last RTC this week :). Here is the video.
  8. cyberdyne systems

    [ MOC ] Halloween Skeleton

    Meet one of the worldwide known halloween symbols. Skeleton in his grave. Or may be out ! He can open his tomb and pull out arms. And also he is able to bite somebody. I think he will look perfectly with my Pumpkin Scary video is here: HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!
  9. 19. KitchenWarerior It's just warrior made of different kitchenware or another stuff like: iron, lawn mower, Xbox, shopping cart wheels, ceiling fan, etc. Full RC driving and individual channels for each function. Driving by the wheels of lawn mower with rotating blades and fan. L-motor Rear wheels are for steering. L-motor Wacky functions: -Blender/mixer. M-motor -Knives shredding everything. M-motor -Detachable TNT car. M-motor
  10. 17. CAT B : HammerAxer Signature move name : The Axe of Fear, The Hammers of Terror. Motors used : -2XL-Driving -2M-Folding Hammers -2L-Moving Hammers -L-moving Axe [/url
  11. cyberdyne systems

    [TC11] HammerAxer

    So,here is my entry for the battlebot contest. To show my robot's suitability for 45x45x45 rule I've built this model of XYZ axles You can see that it's equipped with an Axe and two big Hammers ! Hammers can be folded as they makes robot be wider in transportation mode than allowed. I took two wheels from Claas (42054) and added front and rear racks with little wheels and suspension. By the way I think I used almost every type of red panels. Video as always. P.S. Excuse me please for quality of photos , mu ordinary cam is broken so I had to use cam on my phone.
  12. cyberdyne systems

    [ MOC ] 2017 New Year Special

    I promised to post my last creation for this year very soon, I did it. As you may see it's transformer which can change number "2016" to "2017" All works using two XL motors because all other i have already used Mechanism is surrounded by box painted like christmas gift. Video of course: Thanks everyone for watching, I wish you merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
  13. cyberdyne systems

    [ MOC ] Dutra DR-50SD

    After a long pause (because of problems with posting)I'm ready to present you my brand new creation Dutra. It's a copy of a real Hungarian dumper.Wikipedia,help us! There are: -L-motor for driving -Servo for steering -2M for dumping and loading -LEDs[/IMG] ( that photo doesn't want to be posted and I don't know why ) It has self loading function as real truck it uses rear bucket to load smth from ground into dumper But it doesn't work properly due to height of a standard lego part . I think it can be fixed with some angle parts on the backside of bucket. It also has front suspension with hard yellow shock absorbers.Which provide enough big movement. Here's video about my Dutra. Hope you enjoyed, new creation will be very soon.
  14. cyberdyne systems

    Trump Lego Mexico Wall Stopmotion

    :) looks scary in some way