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  1. nerdsforprez

    [TC15] Skycrane helicopter

    I am loving this competition already. This build looks very promising..... glad that you have entered. I will be following this build....
  2. If a large six-bladed rotor, you may want to consider changing the name or something. Six bladed rotor would be something large like a Super Stallion or something. Anything but generic. In fact, I may side more toward your build..... Sup Stallions are among my favorite 'copters out there....
  3. I'm so glad that you decided to enter! I recall quite a few posts on how Lego has been dull for you as of late, so happy that the bug has bit you again.....
  4. Great idea for a contest. I have always felt that aircraft are underutilized in Technic. I am as excited, or even moreso, for this contest as I have been for any for quite some time. GL to all contestants....
  5. nerdsforprez

    Millennium Falcon

    This is exactly the direction I think Technic needs to go. Not necessarily moving completely from their bread & butter (cars, construction equipment, etc.) but something in addition to everything we are used to. I did the UT-60D a year or so ago with functioning retractable wings and opening bay door: and it was a blast. Didn't get much attention but it was different than I was accustomed to with official sets and even others MOCs. In your model I do like the looks and I think the size is spot on. I wish there were just a few more functions though. Landing gear would have been awesome. At a slightly larger scale I think pneumatic landing gear would be totally possible. In one of my first projects back from my Dark Ages I bought 7965 x2, increased the dimensions, and added pneumatic landing gear to it. Overall I think the project was a train wreck (I was new to the hobby) but the pneumatic landing gear totally worked. Disappeared when retracted and supported a near 4,000 piece set (non-Technic) when deployed. Overall, great Technic rendition of a favorite. I actually think a set like this would open some doors to others currently not into Technic.....
  6. nerdsforprez

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    I try not to be too critical of these models. I mean, even flagships are still considered builds for adolescents. I still, despite what everyone thinks, don't think that even the large sets are primarily developed with adults in mind. So Ackerman steering, etc. just are not primary concerns. So, double-down that rational for the smaller sets. I mean, com'on, what is the age range for the set, 11-16, and we as adults, many of which have advanced degrees in engineering of some similar field, sit around and gripe about things on a set like this? Seems weird. I think @Paul Boratko said it best on the Porsche thread that if he were a kid he would be thrilled to get a set like this. Kids simply don't have the expectations adults do. That being said..... on topic but certainly not specific to this model.... can we get the 3L axle with stop (not stud) in another color other than brown? I mean, there is nothing, IMO, more of a buzz-kill to finally have TLG adopt alternative fake engine layouts but with BROWN cylinder heads. I get the yellow. They make things stand out.... but brown?
  7. Feel free to PM me if interested. I am a clinical neuropsychologist and while I mainly work with adults I have done my share of working with adolescents and children. Good comments above, but to be more specific perhaps if you PM me let me know if the areas of difficulty are verbal or nonverbal. I would assume verbal, due to that is a main characteristic of anyone who falls on the spectrum, but, to borrow from old categorization, if he falls more in the Asperger's range then perhaps verbal abilities are fine. Hopefully the child has had some testing, and if nonverbal skills are within normal limits or above then Lego is perfect. Make sure that you really focus on his interests, regardless of the actual complexity of the model initially. Kids on the spectrum typically have very intense and specific interests, and if this child does focus on that for his first buy. For example, if he likes engines make sure the vehicle has a fake engine. If it is steering, motorization, etc. whatever it is. And trust me when I say that interest may be VERY specific.... there may even be a hyper focus on color, shape, type (racing vs. street) etc. Make sure this is a priority even if the actual model itself is simple and may not seem much like a learning tool. This approach can be like a foot-in-the-door technique, especially for children on the spectrum because once you get them hooked, because of their intense interests and ability to focus if you find that interest, you will be well on your way to later opening him up to more complicated, suitable for learning/cognitive exercise, models down the line.... Good Luck!
  8. So I bought the Grand Prix. Having lots of fun building it. Here are a couple of thoughts: - The engine is spectacular. Nearly the size of Lego Technic engines (slightly bigger) it is even more intricate.... and it is made out of wood! I can't believe the 8 cylinder engine also comes with the 16 valves. Makes me think that it is about time for TLG to redo their molds for the engines of Technic models. I mean, if this Co. can make the 16 valves out of wood then I think it doable. The whole model is pretty intricate. Excellent quality. I will be posting a video with the whole drive train, steering and other functions once I am all done with it. One thing of notice however, is that on the website it recommends the ages to be 14 and above. This seems a little too broad, for the varying complexities of the models they offer is vast. But I will say this, I don't think that most 14 year old could EVER put this thing together. It is more than a follow-the-instructions assembly model like Lego is, there is some deciding and deductive reasoning that has to be involved as well. Don't even think about trying to build it without sandpaper, a utility knife, and a variety of other tools. Though I found the lazer-cut wood pieces pretty accurate, but they do need to be cut from their wood sheets which definitely introduces a safety concern. Lastly, just the motor skills needed to assemble this were far more than anything else I have done. I have built RC cars, 1000-dollar crane models, and nearly every Technic Flagship for the past 8 years, tons of MOCs, and this is by far the most complicated and difficult model I have put together. But very rewarding and fun.....
  9. As a clinical neuropsychologist I can say with some affirmation I do believe there are some legitimate geniuses on this site. At least in the non-verbal category. I would love to test several people on this site (no names) and I think the OP is one of them.
  10. nerdsforprez

    Liebherr LR 11000

    Simply astounding. Anyone who has tried to build large, lego cranes understands what an amazing build this is.....
  11. nerdsforprez

    Build The Impossible

    Woah, woah - easy there. Actually, the post about the 1:1 Chiron didn't make the claim that it was all bricks. From memory only, I think it mentioned something like 90% or something. Not going to look it up, but the official post was more than transparent that the whole thing was not bricks....
  12. nerdsforprez

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Yea we all know why it is done. That was not the point of the post. Again, the point is it counters all the rationale of why it is okay (according to apologists). Why it is okay, according to them, is because it has a benefit (building ease) and no downfall. However, I am curious to see if it is still okay with folks even if there truly is a downfall (it does show through in some circumstances). I especially thought this example was relevant because the showing of color vomit is actually very obvious in the Chiron (not alot, but it is obvious) - AND from what is described by others as the most beneficial aspect of the model; i.e. its looks, and in the back (most appealing according to reviews) no less.....
  13. nerdsforprez

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Wasn't sure to put this response here, or on the more general "color vomit" thread... but I guess here is as good as any place. There has been a lot of complaining about color vomit, on this set and others, and the main justification is always "well you can't see it when it is covered by the exterior" - Well, what if this was not the case? Would it crush all color vomit apologists? I say this because in building 42083 I came across something that I am surprised no one has made comment on. I definitely constructed it correctly as can be shown here: The left side is LBG while right side is black. This is something that is NOT covered when completed.... This actually really bothers me. This is not shown only when spoiler is deployed, or at certain angles. Any direct shot at the back will show the asymmetric colored beams. The back is supposed to be the most beautiful part of the car. I actually stumbled upon this because I wanted to add a light kit to my 42083, but now i actually have the wind kinda taken from that sail, because one of the main points for doing that was to show the back; which now I don't really care to do. Some might think this is trivial, but this is the exact reason why color vomit is a bad idea. Additionally, I am usually somewhat an apologist for TLG; but this was an easy "miss" in the final approval of the model. This liftarm should have remained black.....
  14. nerdsforprez

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I'm a little surprised about some of these comments. The overall size parameters doesn't mean much in terms of piece count (comparing 42056 with 42082) when the density is so different. As mentioned by others, 42082 is very dense. I have 42056 and relative to both 42083 and 42082, it is not nearly as dense. And I have no problem with giving 42082 the title as the largest set. Do I think that they inflated the piece count for that title - yes. But that does not mean they did not for 42055 as well. I mean, I would actually argue that 42055 has more "fluff" parts than 42082. Necessary fluff yes - to complete the model, but still fluff. I mean, consider the "rocks" - 40 1x1 round bricks both in LBG and DBG - thats 80 pieces right there. Then also the larger rocks, 16 of the 2x2 round bricks both also in LBG and DBG - so, another 32 pieces. thats well over a hundred pieces right there. Others have mentioned the dumptruck which is no small thing. That is actually a whole other set within a set. I estimate like another 200-300 pieces there as well. Again, I think the "fluff" elements are necessary to complete the overall set.... and I would agree that perhaps 42082 has more unnecessary or obvious "fluff" elements. But I think it is also a practice they did for all previous sets that tried to vie for the "largest set" distinction prior to 42082 so I really don't have a problem with it.
  15. 1: 10 5: 6 10: 4 12: 3 2: 2 8: 1 Wow, one of my favorite contests ever. Great mechanisms involved in all these entries. Loved the use of all the Technic and Lego minifigures. Those who added carnival or park music to your entry kudos to you. And as aside, if anyone is interested I will be opening up a medical insurance Co. for Lego Technic and minifigures. Please send any potential clients my way.......after watching these videos looks like there are many......