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  1. Great Build! Wonderful choice at this scale and executed great. I love that front end, looks so beefy and rugged.
  2. A manual model selected to represent a vehicle known for its off-road capabilities is an interesting choice. Surely a first modification will be to motorize it. I don't mind that it is a manual set, but I hope there are some interesting functions so it pays some homage to the actual thing. Will be paying close attention to this thread as well. I also share others concerns about the neon yellow color. I hope that is not selected. Not only do I think it looks bad, it will limit what the pieces can be used for in the future...
  3. Pure, silly fun. Thxs for the post. Enjoyed hearing grown men laugh in the background and enjoying themselves...
  4. Nope. Well-played... as in expertly executed. But well-paid is a whole new application!
  5. Brilliant. Looks are spot on. Great job.
  6. Saw it too. My goodness. Great news. I have been wanting new engine elements for a while. All the sudden, I might be purchasing this set... or at least buying many of these new elements once they become available on B&P....
  7. This is my concern as well. I think one would be evaluating a demographic rather than actual building ability.....
  8. Oh yea. Not correct. There truly is "American" speak (said in negative undertones)
  9. Fun to participate in the voting. Great submissions. As always, Thxs @Jim and @Milan for hosting.
  10. nerdsforprez

    Lego Light solutions

    TY @Toastie and others for the responses. The build is near an outlet, but I will have to do some finagling if I wanted to use it. Which I may. I can also add a new part to the build that would be outside of the rest of the build, to cover up a power bank and also make it easily accessible. I have some options. I was also thinking about something like these little light bricks, or something similar. They are popping up everywhere on Temu and Aliexpress. I guess, after reading, you place an axle inside, twist, and it turns on. Anyone have experience with these? Really, I would only need the lights on for display, and not a lot of light, nor would it have to be focused, so this would be an acceptable option.
  11. nerdsforprez

    Lego Light solutions

    Anyone have any good recommendations for light systems for your Legos? I know there are many options to choose from, and yes I have done my homework, but what I am looking for is something with a very long battery life, or something with near-infinite power source. I have a long hx of working with different systems, but the problem is that usually my lights are embedded deep into a build. When the battery source wears out I have to disassemble too much to make it worth my while of exchanging the batteries. Something with an alternative PS, or perhaps even external PS would be great. Or the use of watch batteries or something that doesn't really ever need charging....
  12. I will be posting a whole new post, hopefully it will revitalize this post but also add something to it. I have a similar, but also, different question re: Lego lighting solutions
  13. Great job for anyone. Absolutely superb for your first post. Wow. Thxs for sharing.