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  1. nerdsforprez

    [TC17] Mad Nomad - Added W16 fake engine

    Ive always criticized TLG for brown elements. Even moreso when these brown elements are used for cylinders. But.... your submission and the whole contest is making me eat my words! This looks great!
  2. Likewise, and I also don't mind to be off-putting, but questions that show one has done at least a little research or put a little effort into things is likely to get a better response rather than one that shows little to no research. The internet has a wealth of information on all things Lego. This poster's question is no different. Do a little research, and in so doing, if there are specific questions (that come from that research, like which brand is recommended, Lego PF vs. third-party lights, etc.) I think the response will be much better than a question that is so broad, so generic it is difficult to respond to.
  3. nerdsforprez

    Large Technic Super cars MOC sale

    Where is the updated list? Clicking on the original post I only see the past update in Nov.
  4. nerdsforprez

    1:1 Scale BuWizz powered Motorized Go-kart

    Jerry got it right. My comments were meant in praise of this project. Fun, huge, and certainly a feat. I meant no disrespect by them. I actually love this project! But I do stand by them. Redundancy is not a bad thing. Modular cranes, with huge booms are redundant and mechanically simple as well. Yet, anyone who knows me knows my deep love for cranes and admiration I have for them. Structurally, they are a marvel. I see this project much the same. A structural marvel. Mechanically, simple. Again, this is not a bad thing. A ton of gearing calculation and experimentation to be sure, but just that.... experimentation to get the ratio right. Not a bad thing, just a different type of thing
  5. nerdsforprez

    1:1 Scale BuWizz powered Motorized Go-kart

    Wow, surprized this hasnt got more attention. Very large project. Mechanically easy. Structurally redundant, but looks like tons of fun and a lot of a shock factor b/c of size.
  6. Perfect. Thanks for the info. Can you also clarify for those you bought on aliexpress, when advertised as (2 pieces) do you actually get two rims for the listed price? Or is one rim and one tire considered 2 pieces? On the website it is not clear.
  7. Hey @brunojj1 - can I ask where you got the rims done? TLG only offers them in black, and your from the original (orange) seem to be done in some form of metallic (matte) silver. Thanks!
  8. nerdsforprez

    [MOC] 1966 Classic Batmobile

    Not easy in Technic. Fantastic job.
  9. nerdsforprez

    Video: The Spider Lives Uner My House

    Oh no no no. I don't like this model at ALL. That is only because I hate spiders, not b/c your model is bad In actuality you resembled a spider TOO much, which is why I hate it......
  10. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Love all the special-colored elements. I would love this to become a real set, though I don't think it will. I am kinda surprised though with TLG's lack of jumping on board to the "steampunk" genre. It is currently very popular and harmless.
  11. So many said this could never be achieved all with real Lego. Technically, it still hasn't, b/c of the B packs not being used, but this is as close to Lego flying as I have ever seen.....
  12. Interesting..... Looks based on what you covered the new one might have several advantages over the old....