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  1. Grizzly IV

    I am kinda saddened this has not got more attention. I think it actually has quite a bit of potential. Being mostly a Technic builder myself, although there are not many functions, the connections are fairly complex. Couple of questions..... why all the different colors? It is not that the colors are a bad combo., there just does not seem to be much fluidity to them. Also, if it is finished what happened to the arms, hands, and feet? I really like the torso, but it looks like you got bored and quit after the torso, shoulders, and legs.....
  2. Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    Lego Scale building at its finest. This is just fantastic.
  3. [MOC] Ikari VV

    Wow..... just a wonderful build. I also love the back shot, pretty much no gaps and the pieces are in pristine condition.... makes the ship look real. I would have never guessed the Duplo piece.....
  4. Wow.... placing it next to the BWE really puts it into perspective.....
  5. Benny's Space Suit, Space Suit SPACE SUIT!!!

    pose number three made me laugh.....
  6. +1 to this and pretty much all other comments. Summary: Those that have bought the product are happy with the performance, but not with the reliability nor the app. So, to have more performance but no news about increasing the reliability nor the app addresses issues that pretty much no customer had (performance) while not addressing concerns that nearly all customers had (reliability and the app). Doesn't seem to follow the first rule of business...... identify the demand and create a product that will fill it.
  7. looking very compact. Wonderful that you can get the odd-shaped battery box in such a small space. I will also keep tabs on this project, IMO we don't see enough non-wheeled vehicles on here.... although we are making some progress! aka.... Jereon's recent jet post....
  8. I have experimented quite a bit using lego pieces as fans/wind turbines. http://www.moc-pages.com/folder.php/198856 Still need to post at least one more build as well. What I have found is that ore fins = more speed of the propeller. Your recommendation would provide more torque, because it is so large, but more fins would be faster. Given the angle of your recommended piece though.... it might be perfect. I love this build. Quite clever. Reminds me of Theo Jansen's Strandbeest creations: http://www.strandbeest.com/ of which there are plenty online Lego versions that are PF powered. HOwever, I don't think I have seen one powered by wind/air.
  9. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Not a problem at all. But wonderful response nonetheless. We'll put the issue to bed and get back to Jeroen's wonderful build.
  10. [MOC]: Bridge Girder SLJ 500-18

    Yup, you found it. This is just the final model of the WIP shared earlier.....
  11. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    @Lox Lego I love your builds and love your contributions to the community. Your supercar builds are second to none and your have taken some building methods to near-perfection.. .. so take the following with a grain of salt. Your rational here is just plain incorrect. M motors, or PF functions period may have the appearance of being the most expensive elements out there, but a well-seasoned builder such as yourself should know different. Pneumatic pumps, cylinders, rare panels, hoses, hell, even the rare flex axles often cost similar if not more amounts. Technic is not different than regular system bricks in that if an element is desired and rare, it will become expensive, regardless of actual size, function, or cost to manufacture it (think about the satellite disk from the 2007 UCS MF and #3 red connector). Also, and this applies to other parties as well, part of being in a community is getting to know the members out there. Before any attack on Jeroen's pricing of the model was levied towards him, one ought to know a little about Jeroen. As a long-time, veteran member of the community one ought to have gathered that there is likely no mal-intent behind his pricing. He likely is not trying to gouge any buyers, has actually been a professional builder for TLG (therefore has a better understanding of pricing and what people will pay), etc., and is not guilty of anything those assuming the worst of his pricing are accusing him of. As others have said, he will not sell all his sets, and your reasoning that led you to your conclusion of him earning a million dollars is just plain error in reasoning due to extrapolation. I can see your frustration if the end result is making the guy a millionaire, especially in a community about toys. But as has been a well-discussed topic in the community now for years..... no one is becoming rich off this stuff, even the popular @sariel and his wonderful youtube channel. A few people will pay the price, and it will help Jeroen recoup some of the $$ he has spent in the expensive hobby of Lego building. Maybe even make a couple of bucks. Good for him. But we certainly aren't gonna see him on the front of Forbes' magazine any time soon because of this, or other Lego models he has created.......
  12. [MOC]: Bridge Girder SLJ 500-18

    I think this has been shared before. Or at least the earlier versions of this build (this is the final version, we have discussed the preliminary versions of it before). This thread should probably should be merged with the former (if memory serves).
  13. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Many on the 2018 set thread have made similar comments about the mix of Technic and System bricks. Really, I don't think there are tons of system bricks, when looking at only the number. They are just very strategically placed. It does appear somewhat like a Creator set, or something similar, but I think it is less about the amount of system bricks as much as it is about how and where they are placed. Which... in my mind, is all about what building is about. So.... for my money, I love the look and don't mind the mix of parts at all......
  14. [Help] Chicken mech legs.

    Another thought was.... looking at the quick sketch provided by @agrof that would mean that two of the parts you initially provided would not be needed. You could get away with one, easily....b/c the actuator would provide the strength needed for the joint (by closing a triangular shape). However, thinking about what would be needed for the ankles would be a new challenge, as that would be your new area for potential weakness. Also, using a large LA would really increase the size of your purported build, but larger than 20-30 cm; you might want to think about how a small LA might work, if at all.
  15. [Help] Chicken mech legs.

    Here is another project I found similar to the one you are proposing. Using (2) of the very parts you will be using, and although not for leg configuration in a MOC, the angle and purpose of the build is similar. But also was thinking, just because you have a few Technic parts you are using perhaps doesn't make this the best place to post your question. Perhaps your thread might be better served in like the Sci-Fi theme or something similar. You might get more responses.