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  1. nerdsforprez

    [MOC] 1:10 Aston Martin Vantage AMR

    Great job. I actually like the front, very characteristic of the actual vehicle. You fit a lot of functions into a 1:10 scale model, which is refreshing given the amount of 1:8 models we are seeing these days. Pleasure to view.
  2. nerdsforprez

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    I am going to bring up the cracking issue again and refer to the following video: I understand it is not entirely the same issue, but demonstrated below is a pic of the problems of not aligning input and output axles connected by a U joint. Now I know that it appears input and output axles are aligned in our Lego model, but the two are at different angles to eachother, and represetn different input and output angles, albeit on different axles. Could this also add to the problem? Does this also contribute to the high friction in the transmission? If a modification were to be made that both axles were at the same angle would this not also help with the transmission?
  3. nerdsforprez

    [MOC] Rubbish Terrain Crane

    Hidden in the superstructure is one of the most realistic-looking technic engines I have ever seen (at least cylinders). Don't miss it readers.....
  4. nerdsforprez

    Ferrari F12

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Love each color variation, but honestly can't take my eyes off the black and yellow. I see that you use a ton of chromed pieces. Can I ask who you use to chrome all your pieces?
  5. Well, I have now found these. Obviously they work. I am not sure I like the shipping prices to the US, but it may have to do. I guess the one main difference would be that these cases are 4 mm thick and not 3 mm thick, perhaps that is why the cases can be stacked..... For safety precaution, I think actually will go with these so my plan is back on
  6. I was looking at the box dimensions versus car dimensions and it looks like for each the Bugatti, Porsche and now the Sian TLG made boxes that are a tiny too short to house each set fully built. A lot of thought obviously went into each box, and I get it, they are already all very cool, but it really would have been nice that with a little more planning to make the boxes large enough that the sets could have been stored in the boxes they came with.....
  7. Honestly, if you have 50 ish sets and you want to keep them after the home renovation...which should what, take 1, two, maybe three months? I don't know where you live, and don't know if this is an option in other countries, but if it were me I would simply rent a storage unit for a few months. Renting a storage unit for just a few months (at least here in the US) would be less that one new large set, and probably less or at least equal to buying all the storage materials for 50 sets. Soooo.... much easier as well. If a storage unit is not possible I assume you don't want to break things down to pieces. Right? For 50ish sets, taking them all apart, doing house renov., and putting them back together would take forever. As others have said, just take off the elements that make storage difficult. Tires, (boom for 42082), etc. make storage difficult and can be taken off in a modular-sort of way. Easy to put back on later... Not sure this is a helpful thread. By the title and first post, it seems the OP is not looking for advice how to organize/sort Lego for the long term, or even down to the element-level, rather just as easily as possible for the short term during a house renovation. I would assume he would like to keep things together as much as possible. OP, please confirm if this is correct or not.
  8. nerdsforprez

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    cool that the cargo does open both upper and lower simultaneously.
  9. nerdsforprez


    Are you meaning the modifications made by @M_longer? I purchased them as well and they work fine. If this is correct you understand you must purchase them right?
  10. That is indeed very bad news especially since these gear racks are expensive parts. Not to mention.... from BWE which really is not that old... yet. I mean we have seen similar problems in pieces >10 years oldish (I know there is a lot of variability here) but in something relatively recent it raises my concern even further....
  11. nerdsforprez

    What's a good Technic starter set in 2020?

    Well, that was certainly a much better planned analysis than my response. 42082 certainly is a great set and I think either options would really help out the OP. That being said, here are a few things to think about. I need to pay better attention to euro prices, especially since most users on this site use this as their primary currency. But as a stereotypic American, I guess I only thought of prices in US dollars . For US dollars, 42108 is 100 bucks. 42097 is selling for 85$ on Amazon, but I am sure there are better deals out there. That brings us to 285$. 42082 is still in production it looks like, at least on the US Lego site, and 299 is its price. I did a quick search and at least here in the US, 250$ is about as low as I could find..... and not sure about the reputation of the sellers. Admittedly, I am not much of a bargain hunter for Lego, so perhaps there are others who can find better prices. But I get skittish about buying something overseas from some unknown company. Either way, if we meet somewhere in the middle we get 275 bucks. 275 versus 285. difference? Yup. but not sure it is all that huge. At least this is my thinking why I posted what I did. As for unique pieces in the sets, I like to think of sets this way. Take total piece count and divide by unique lots. Generally speaking (and I have written several threads on this and looked at data sets as large as 100 sets) you will find that larger sets have more pieces per lot. I look at it as less uniqueness ( at least in terms of difference pieces) and can be viewed as less variety in a set. Without droning on... it makes sense because huge sets need redundancy for structure... etc. Its pretty much a law of nature.... large entities have lots of redundancy (this has been shown in biological systems, engineering, political systems, etc). But... onto the sets. Lets look at the values. 42097 is 920 parts and has 103 unique lots = 8.93 pieces per lot. 42108 has 1292 pieces and 144 lots so that equals 8.97 pieces per lot. Average the two and you pretty much get 9 pieces a lot (8.95). For 42082 you get 4056 pieces, but only 263 lots. 4056 divided by 263 lots gives you fifteen and a half pieces per lot. Thats alot of redundancy!! 6 and a half more pieces FOR EVERY SINGLE LOT than the comparison of 42097 and 42108. As you can see, you have to consider much more than just pins here. Also, 42082 was pretty much famous (or infamous) for suspicion of stat-padding. Adding pieces it did not need just to reach the 4000 piece mark. I mean, just for the hubs there is what 10 pieces... non-technic? Times that by 4 and you have 40 pieces right there that really aren't even technic. Thats just in the hubs! It is pretty much well known (or at least heavily suspected) that 42042 engaged in some heavy stat-padding, even in the realm of non-technic pieces. But.... you got me on the electronics. 42082 offering battery pack and a motor could be fun and educational for the newbie. Also the above example is not entirely honest I mean, the numbers are but the comparison assumes that the 103 lots and 144 lots in 42097 and 108 respectively are totally unique and do not overlap. We both know this is likely NOT the case. I am not going to do the work of comparing the two inventories.... but honestly, I'll bet the figure of 9 pieces a lot is underestimating the real value if we add the two sets together and then compare against 42082. Still, something to think about.
  12. nerdsforprez

    What's a good Technic starter set in 2020?

    These are all great recommendations. I would vote for 42108 though. 42082 seems a bit extreme for someone with no experience with Technic before. Also, if you want something big and can afford it (which, if you go with 42082 you will be spending a pretty penny) perhaps I would recommend two 42108 (which would probably be still less than 42082 even given it is not new anymore). That way your cousin can build the official set but also build some of the alternative sets already pointed out by others. There are so many. IMO, at least what has been put out by the community in terms of alternative sets, this seems to be one of the best ever. If I were 12, I certainly would prefer multiple mid-size cool models to one huge model. Also, if you really wanted to be extreme, I would get 2 42108 sets and one 42097. Prices are already going down for this set and I think you could get all three of these for almost the same price of one 42082. This would actually give you more unique pieces (the large, several thousand piece sets have TONS of redundancy in PINS, PINS, PINS), a consistent color scheme for construction vehicles, gear racks for added functional mechanisms, and tracks.... so he could build both wheeled and tracked vehicles. With all the alternative sets out there plus tracks... I think the possibilities are endless with these three sets.
  13. nerdsforprez

    [MOC] Rock-Bouncer

    Really like the performance on this. And looks are true to rock-bouncers here in the US. Great job....
  14. nerdsforprez

    Third Party Tires for Lego Technic Rims

    No. The ones I bought were from a store called "the bricks club" on aliexpress. Less $$ than the page above and I was very pleased with the quality. ALso, yes, they work with 42056. But obviously, as pointed out by others, not 42083.
  15. nerdsforprez

    Show us your Working Place

    The wires are heavily insulated. No danger with them coming in contact with the metal bike parts. That would indeed be a bad thing. Btw.. they are made from either old bike parts I have actually found along the side of the road while biking myself, or old bikes that have been abandoned. So, they carry a little but of a nostalgic feeling for me. Especially for the parts I have found along the road while riding. Like the ball bearing sitting atop the lamp in the first pic, and the bearing casing (base) of the last picture. I remember exactly where I was riding when I found those parts.