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  1. Strv.-103C

    If @Sariel is commenting, its gotta be good! (kidding) The cut-away render really gives it the attention it deserves. How tightly packed and strategically placed everything is just makes this a superb model. Well done and thanks for sharing.
  2. We get comments all the time requesting for non-vehicle (or at least with no wheels) builds. This is where I seen builds like these being especially cool. Technic....but not your typical vehicle build. reminds me of the U-wing I did earlier this year: I would also love to see this, perhaps on a larger scale, but with some actual function to it. Great submission, I wish this was more of a "thing" - i.e. see more "other" types of builds with Lego Technic other than just vehicles.
  3. Hello All; Similar to this project: is another rat-rod turbine-styled dragster. This time with the rim from 42056 serving as the rotor/fins, as opposed to the 75mm motorcycle rim. Fun project, not meant to be very serious, in fact, nearly could qualify as a submission for our current (TC12) competition But I did want to compare the different pieces in similar builds and how they would preform. Won't rehash all the details here, full write up of details, etc. is here: Video: Pics:
  4. RC Trabant 601

    Wow......terrific job. Love it when others give a shot at uncommon builds. Looks and functions are spot on. Off to now check out the Pagani....
  5. Thxs for doing this Blakbird. Such high quality as usual. I rarely build other's creations, but, this one I am considering. Built, and still have my vampire GT and loved the experience.
  6. Land Carrier Khagaan

    Way too much fun. Thanks for sharing.
  7. [MOC] Lego Technic Cactus Crawler

    As a builder of your previous chili crawler.....I had to watch and comment Two motors for the back and one for the front? Interesting. Innovative....don't think I have seen that before in a Lego crawler. Much faster than previous versions. Looks like it helps with the crawling quite a bit. The video is spectacular. City in the background and then the beach? Such a pleasure to watch.....
  8. [MOC] Lego Technic Chilli Crawler

    These changes are great.... its fun to try and tinker with things. But using the wishbone pieces instead of the links....that will decrease any chance of side-to-side movement, and only allow up and down. When climbing, there is very little, but still present, side-to-side movement needed. So, I think you actually will have less movement in your suspension.....
  9. Redneck Muddin' Truck

    Actually no water got in. The seals between Lego tires and rims is not bad. Unlike trying to mate some third-party tires with Lego rims. Well, not even rims actually
  10. [MOC] Lego Technic Chilli Crawler

    Excited to see your new additions. Not sure how M motors can improve XL motors.... so excited to be proved wrong :) Curious to see your new arrangements for the links. Mine would also occasionally pop out. Better??! Yes, please ... excited to see how.
  11. *sigh* Not meant to defend myself, but just as a little insight about the person such attempts to display moral superiority are geared towards: - I currently serve in the Military and have done so for many years. For what nation or branch of service is not important, only that as I counsel and work with other serving members and their families I relive those wars (referred to in others’ comments) every single day. I just got back from a trip assessing the damage done by Hurricane Harvey and helping re-build a family's home and will also spend the next months and possibly even years re-living through the voices and tears of others their experiences of living through that trauma and loss. Com’on guys and gals. This is a LEGO forum. All comments should be interpreted with this in mind. The inability for some readers to distinguish between world or human history between that of the history of Lego or Lego Collecting is astounding. I made no reference in my comments dealing with the History of Lego collecting as they pertain to history of the world, humanity, etc.. This sounds ridiculous as I even voice it. A good example of what my comments were directed at might be: I am largely a Technic builder. Most of my sets are Technic. In the Technic world, especially as we approach the 40th year anniversary of Technic, we think of 8860 as being a “classic” model/set. Certainly part of the “history” as it pertains to Technic building/collecting. UCS MF is a perfect corollary in the SW UCS line. In fact, most would define it as the defining or most iconic set as applied to the SW UCS line. THIS…. Is the context in which my comments were meant to be interpreted. This comment, as others, as an attempt to take the moral high-ground on a forum about discussing toys can very easily be taken as nothing more than a reflection of a need to feel superior to others. I am not a moderator, so I will not speak like one, just personal observations from an engaged forum member. Please don't use the forum to go off on tangents. It is not used to display religious, political, or moral beliefs. It is used to discuss lego and lego-themed topics only. And material read should also be interpreted with this in mind. If an OP posts something as it relates to Lego, it is not designed to be interpreted with religious, moral, or political overtones. It is not meant to go on soapboxes and discourses about the relative world significance of plastic bricks versus World Wars So… with this in mind…. Lets keep it Lego people !
  12. Redneck Muddin' Truck

    This is the best part, IMO, in being a part of this forum. With no technical training or experience whatsoever, there is so much to learn, and lessons come best from those with real-world experience and knowledge. Thanks for this. And yes, I agree that Lego IS meant for the outdoors! I also really love the engine. It ate a lot of the torque, as there is a lot of friction to it... but totally worth it. I did not lose any gears.... but if I would have..... they would not have been found . I don't even think that the phrase "needle in a haystack" does justice to the difficulty in trying to find one of those in my muddy pond. Smaller would be better. In hindsight.... I scale more like @paave blue truck submitted a while ago would be better. Although motors may have to be more like L size as opposed to XLs. Also, I wanted the engine too much.... which resulted in the larger scale. Perhaps putting a little V6 or something would be possible with the smaller scale. THanks!
  13. Redneck Muddin' Truck

    Clearly the tires were mounted incorrectly, and accidentally. I wish I could say that is was purpose, but it was not (given away by the fact that the orientation is different for left and right sides) My embarrassment aside...... it was a fun build and even fun to film. Got a little muddy myself. @TechnicSummse - The diffs. were actually on purpose. I focused on authenticity for this build.... and at least in the videos I saw, there clearly were diffs on many trucks. This was not a "mud-racer" - There are clear differences between the two. My build focused on being similar to a truck you saw in the first posted video. Mud racers like this are much different: The other reason it was on purpose .... which I hope to write about and even test in the future, was about the U-joints. I went through several of them. Direct drive, with no slipping of tires, killed too many. Lego was NOT meant for driving in the mud. (which we already knew). I do think I figured a way to strengthen the end of joint that takes the axle, but the middle area still is too weak. Adding diffs decreased my worn apart Ujoints by alot.....Even though the tires slipped at least it saved such important parts....
  14. The idea for this MOC came immediately when the Claas set was released. The tires were perfect. Now, I should clarify, I truly do not mean the title of “Redneck Truck” disparagingly. Also, although I am in Texas, despite my truest desires, I cannot in good conscience consider myself one with this crowd. I have never attended one of the mud-fests you see below. That is not said in defense, rather, out of jealously. The idea for this truck and the ensuing video came from watching youtube videos such as the one below and I could not help but notice how fun I thought they looked. Details of this build: - Weight: 1492 grams - Length: 43 studs - Width: 15 studs - Final drivetrain gear ratio: 7:1 (1.667:1 x 1.4:1 x 3:1) - Opening Hood, doors, tailgate - Working (fake) V10 engine - Full Suspension Really not much more to say. Truck is driven by two XL Motors, direct-coupled together. Powered by BuWizz. Steering is by one M motor. Steering motor and overall configuration are a little weird in that they are mounted very high. That was intentional. The purpose of the truck was to run in mud and water and since PF motors and electronics are not water proof they needed to be mounted high. The bodywork is a little bulky, but again, this was on purpose. I have noticed in my hours of wasting time (watching muddin’ videos) that these trucks are often older Chevy or Ford models that in real life have blockier, less-rounded bodies. So I tried to emulate that. Also, naturally, in a real-road worthy truck you would not have an engine halfway out, exposing cylinders, piston-heads, etc. Yet, Redneck Mudders aren’t really supposed to be logical or reflections of realism, so again that was all done on purpose. The engine was inspired by @BusterHaus. Fun build….. hope you enjoy the pics and video! More pics and details @