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  1. nerdsforprez

    [PART MOD] 49.5x16mm tires from 15413

    Cool modification but that is a lot of work for each tire! BTW.. I came up with another version to get a truck-like look. Posted it on the third-party tires thread. Inspiration for this came as I am working on a mobile telescopic crane at this scale. Quite possibly a rendition of our famous Grove 6400 crane (with 42009 tires) just at a smaller scale. In looking to see if a crane at this scale is possible I found that the tires are still to scale (more or less) but just appear small. I believe this is because the side wall seems too thin. On the real crane the hub is relatively small compared to the side wall. So, with this rendition of the same tire, but using a different rim, it gives the appearance of a bigger sidewall while maintaining the overall diameter of the tire. Created using Lego parts (4) Technic Wedge Belt Pulley, (2) "....." rubber belt, six gray 2L pins (without friction ridges). Kinda part heavy for one rim but they work well and solidly hold the tire in place. Before and after pics below. Yours would need to be thinner after your modification, but that would be easy. Just use three, or two (whichever works best) wedge pulleys instead of four. This gives both a larger side-wall appearance, but also the lugnuts appearance you are looking for (and no star from the rim appearance in the background).
  2. Second what others have said in terms of getting bored with a build. If it still invigorates you, who would you quit? But if it bores you, and you don't see a light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps its okay to leave it alone. I have often found the right time to quit a MOC is the same rule I use when I need a nap. I have found that I actually never take naps, THEY TAKE ME. Meaning the need is so overpowering I am helpless against it. Likewise, the time to call an end to a MOC isn't when I quit on a MOC, it is when IT QUITS ON ME....(i.e. stops giving me joy and satisfaction)...
  3. TY for the link. I have a few display models and 42110 will be one of them. So, I will be doing my own version of pimp my Landy soon. I will look into these tires.
  4. nerdsforprez

    LEGO Football - Kinetic Sculpture

    I am not sure it is the biggest sporting event in the world. In fact, I am not sure it breaks the top three. But... i do love football and your model is great. Looks kinda like Tom Brady.... though I know it can't be Tom Brady..... he would never stiff-arm ... lol....
  5. Great review. I agree that the box packaging is weird. Also, any idea with why they went with the bottom the way they did? Looks like greebling from a space or SW theme. Sure does not appear to fit...
  6. There are some systems out there like this. For example: Uses a very similar to Technic brick system, but different in that pins lock into pinholes - and there is a very limited set of parts. Not brushless motors, but still very powerful brushed motors. Crazy expensive. I have been tempted to by in the past... but we are talking 2x of 42100 for something very limited....
  7. nerdsforprez

    Lego Pneumatic Engine

    I did something similar to what you are talking about years ago. Not exactly, but somewhat. I don't think trying to fit a aerosol can with even more compressed air would be a good idea though. Even though, like you can see here, traditional ways of storing air just don't lead to enough run time. Also, here is a video with using the small pneumatic cylinders instead of the large ones. Less power, but much more run time. THough I would argue it appears the power is even less than PF or PU.
  8. Either way I am glad you made the poll/topic. Even though there are folks that are tired of this topic I think it is nice to discuss. Obviously, others are interested as it has been one of the busier topics in this subforum for the last week or so. As you and @Bartybumhave stated several times, it is no good to try and stifle other's voices. That is something we don't want to encourage and I agree with that. I just wanted such voices on the right topic which I think you have achieved! At least it is much better to discuss all this stuff than on the D11 thread!
  9. I like the reasoning. If we had an acceptable N size and we were polling from a true sample that TLG works with then perhaps. But lets face it, we are not, and currently we have a poll of what like 40ish? Again, the rationale is there... but lets be honest, this is just fun for our sake here on the site. But its not like the poll is representative or anything of actual Lego buyers. Even adults. Also, your poll is not measuring the issue I brought up at all. At least not the question I believe you are referring to. I brought up the every function motorized versus gearbox argument and stated it as a preference. Your poll, if I am getting your reference correct, is regarding question number nine. Which has nothing to do with the "every function motorized versus gearbox". In fact, and I mean this respectfully, I don't think the way you worded it is beneficial at all. Essentially think it is really "salting the oats" here. You give two absolute bipolar extremes (Technic RC is perfect, it is the worst), and then one intermediary choice that is worded condescendingly ("kiddie" sets) and then another option that is balanced, brings in a whole new topic altogether (value....which is a hot topic anyways), and worded the question in such a way that begs a vote (i.e. use of word "interesting" ... like pick me! pick me!). So, I like the thinking... but ultimately don't think it means "stating said preference for mechanically superior RC sets is now elevated to being a valid complaint". Way too much of a simplistic response. People will always desire something better if you offer it. Sets that folks have had relatively little problems with, like say 42043 or something like that would still vote for a "mechanically superior" set if it was offered. That is not a complaint. That is simply saying "yea I'll take something more of something I already like...."
  10. Also a good point but can I ask.... if sets have somewhere between 10-15% (I don't know if this is accurate, just stating this for argument's sake) of their pieces as color vomit, then this percentage of the set becomes less versatile and is unfriendly for B models, building into other things, etc. For example, 1/2 liftarms are often used in a chassis, like in the new Porsche model, but in ridiculous colors. What if I came up with a great B model, and it needed a 1/2 liftarm in the body, and its in some crazy green or pinkish color. I likely will not be able to use it not only in that set, but anything else I build.... or at least not easily or something that is covered like body work, the innards of a building, etc. Overall, polychromatic sets decrease the versatility of the multi-colored pieces. They are really hard to re-use. So my contention for such increases in color vomit is not a preference thing (at least not in my mind). It is a pragmatic thing. I think we loose 10-15% (or what ever percent of the set is color vomit) of the sets piece value (give or take). This in my mind tells me TLG is much more concerned about ASSEMBLY than building. Sets like the new Porsche, appear to me, more designed for the thing we all protest. A set that sits on a shelf as opposed to a medium that can be used to build other things. No, not the same thing. It is not in that people happen to agree versus not agree, the story is in the percentages. Taking from your example: color preference might be 50/50. Some complain, others love it. In cases such as these = preference. However, gearbox to work? I think you would be hard pressed to find folks that love a broken gearbox. Percentage might be something like 99/1. 99% complain of a broken gearbox whereas only one does not. A cracky gearbox? Doors that easily fall off? These really are not preferences at all. Also, it is important to realize that faulty engineering and complaints are not necessarily synonymous. Something can have faulty engineering but not bug someone..... but that does not deter the fact that faulty engineering still is present. I don't have the Lambo, but if I remember correctly the doors on the Chiron were pretty flimsily attached. Some it bugged, some it did not. That does not mean faulty design wasn't still at play....
  11. Would you mind posting a link to the actual tire you purchased? I have two sets of 1.9 Rc truck tires and neither fit. They fit the rim just fine but are too large and hit the wheel arch. But all 1.9's obviously are not all created equal because of my two pairs one is certainly larger in diameter than the other....
  12. Lol.... I actually agree. Not sure I would state it outright... as there are likely plenty of folks saying to themselves THEN DON"T READ IT..... but like I said... I actually agree with you. I will bow out and stick to more building-themed threads. At the end of the day it is a hobby and all about fun. No need to "adult"erize something that is meant to be light-hearted and fun... life has a tendency to do that too much as it is....
  13. Thanks for making this post @allanp. Just offered my votes. I have offered this in the past but it doesn't seem to take any traction. Thats okay... but IMO it does reflect my problems with some forms of feedback. I do get where @TeamThriftyis coming from, but I would neither articulate it as "endless childish moaning" (a tad bit dramatic IMO) nor do I think it the real issue. When folks complain about say, a gearbox that has too much friction in it and barely works, AND can be fixed fairly easily (AFOLs on this site have solved gearbox problems in 42056 and 83 in like a week) I think folks have all the right in the world to call foul. Spend 4-500ish bucks on something that does not really work? Yea....That is not gonna sit well with folks. My concerns lie in that there does seem to be tons of "complaining" about issues that are essentially only preferences; which I can think of no other interpretation to other than the belief that TLG should build a whole model, not to mention a flagship model, of one's specific desire for a certain thing. Which not only do I think is ludicrous, I think it is very self-centered. Complaints about gearbox versus all functions w/motor, color preference, or the motley of other similar gripes are not critiquing a model, or the engineering behind it, etc., they are simply gripes that YOU did not get what YOU wanted. The operative object of the gripe lies NOT in the design of the model (as it should be IMO) but rather in the desires or preferences of the person making the gripe.....
  14. 6: 107: 65: 427: 38: 29: 1 Great entries everyone. Admittedly, for me, there were some with so much going on and so many functions a video was needed to really see the build's value. I recognize it was not mandatory, but sure helped influence my voting on some entries.
  15. I think all your input is very valuable. TY for sharing. In many ways, I think many of us share your sentiments. But, in all honesty, NONE of us have time to modify every set the way we would like them to be. But I guess i have to ask, is it worth it to choose one, even if it is one a year, to modify and change to your liking? I have had to do this. I only bought one set this year. 42108. The original copy is nothing that I would want... I did not even waste time building it. But it had the pieces I needed and the overall concept that with enough modifying, will soon be what I want it to be. It has taken me, along with many other projects, the better part of a year to do it. In fact, when it is all done and ready to post (I hope here in the next 2-3 months) it will be a year from when I got it. but it was the only Lego project I focused on, and I have enjoyed it immensely. It has come at the cost of ignoring all other released sets, but isn't that life? Finding something you can sink your teeth into while sacrificing the rest? I like it....