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  1. This is exactly what I mean. Well done you two....
  2. This is one of the first lessons I learned when reading your books. I agree with @Sariel's statements. THough driving a model straight into a wall, or at such high of an angle is not normal driving for Lego, they DID market the truck as a trial truck. They also, marketed, quite aggressively, the purported steep slope in which the truck can climb. Seems like there are many, many examples of sets being released with fundamental design flaws. Whether it be a gearbox (42056- too much friction and other issues), suspension not returning (42083), other gearbox issues (Landrover) and being fixed by AFOLs in a week or so. We often hear of TLG being a business and really being concerned with running like a business. Well, if that is the case here is some advice. Like all successful businesses, CONSULT. Have a few highly regarded AFOLs, not full-time designers or employees, but AFOLs on retainer or something to adequately test these models before release. Not only could they adequately test them, but time and experience has also shown they can correct problems, and FAST! I think this has to be an embarrassment for TLC. Seems like this keeps happening over and over and over again....
  3. nerdsforprez

    Mechanical stone sculpture

    Wow!!! Extremely creative!
  4. nerdsforprez


    Got it... and from a cursory review I see a gear rack in place of an actual or pneumatics to raise/lower crane boom. Brilliant use of pieces!!
  5. nerdsforprez


    Naw... com'on. Our skepticism is running amuck here. Lets be rational. We can't just focus on the coincidence that these two were released at the same time and their similarities. This a C model. Even IF if were created AFTER 42128 it was with restricted pieces with only the parts list from 42098, and it would take weeks if not months to do even a copy of 42198 (which it is not) given the limited parts palette. Naw, this build indeed was started long ago, with the limited parts anticipated, planned, etc. before pertinent details of 42198 emerged. Lets not besmirch this C model...... Great job @dyen - watching details now I just wanted to put the kibosh on this other stuff from the get-go -
  6. nerdsforprez

    New Technic Gear Ratio Calculator Tool

    Wow... this looks great! Is there a way to highlight power flow/direction through a gearbox? For example, around 14:45 onwards there is a gearbox and it shows the differing speeds as one goes through certain gears. Can it also highlight the flow of power transmission?
  7. nerdsforprez

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    Ahhh... THxs! I can agree on the overall sentiment that Lego builders do a great job. They also have tons of restrictions placed on them we know nothing about. That being said.... I gave up after the Chiron, so I don't know about the Sian. But both 42082 and 42056 were fixed (gearbox and suspension issues), literally in just a matter of weeks (days for 42056 by Paul Boratko) by AFOLs. Same with 42110. I could go on and on.....
  8. nerdsforprez

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    Wow.... no reviews yet? Its okay, I can wait, this isn't a reflection of impatience as much as it is a comment trying to understand how the release of videos and embargo process works. I thought folks who have the model would be chomping at the bit to get reviews out like midnight on the 16th or something....
  9. nerdsforprez

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    I see across the globe out technically is the 16th. So reviews could be posted anytime now?
  10. nerdsforprez

    Is my leg, legit?

    Cute stuff..but u can probably just place all these types of builds under one thread. No reason to create a whole new one for each character.
  11. nerdsforprez

    What is the REAL cost of new molds in 2021?

    I have not read all the responses, for forgive me if this has been stated already in some form. But, some might call me the Lego Cost nazi. While so many critique Lego prices and conjecture theories between price and piece count I have quietly been running analyses for years and have effectively shown there is a greater relationship between a set's weight than their piece count. This, indirectly measures the actual amount of Lego ( in terms of ABS used, and other Lego elements, booklet, PF or PU, etc.) as opposed to piece count which also measures this, but less effectively. But, as I have looked at this obviously there has always been unknown contributors to overall set counts. Licenses for sets obviously play into this. But, and I have yet to prove this, I have conjectured on my own that the uniqueness of a set, or in other words the ratio of unique elements to overall piece count may indeed be related to cost. In other words, sets with more unique elements (i.e. use more molds relative to overall piece count) may be more expensive than those who use fewer molds per piece. This is easy to measure; simply take overall piece count and divide by unique lots. A set with say...... 14 pieces per lot versus one with only like 3-4 pieces per lot has to be more cost effective for TLG to produce....or so I would think....
  12. nerdsforprez

    [MOD] 42121 Compact Excavator

    Very clean, playable and presentable sets. Well done....
  13. nerdsforprez

    Show us your Working Place/LEGO room

    Well, that is weird. That was the story I got when I purchased it. Which is funny because it was unsolicited, and I was already in the process of buying it when he told me that so it is not like he needed any special story to get the sale. Also, it truly does have a chunk out of the side of one of the cylinder walls (deep in the cylinder) so I don't doubt this was from a blown engine. Oh well, that you both for pointing that out. Thanks! Actually they are over two years old. Survived the boat ride from Korea to the US (highly doubt climate controlled) and stayed in storage for a year (climate controlled). I have since had them treated and now they have a new home in climate controlled room. If they have not warped yet, they won't in the future
  14. nerdsforprez

    Show us your Working Place/LEGO room