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  1. Yea... thanks for the reply. I should have specified I obviously meant my question directed to this set, not the rationale for the CF axles in the first place. As far as I understand, they are not needed for this set. Without having the instructions handy, I know there are three. Two for just under the doors (which carry no load and are not under stress) and the third I cannot remember without the instructions. I have decided to keep them and use them in a motorized model or at least something that will need the strength of CF over ABS axles
  2. Can anyone tell me the rationale behind the carbon fiber axles? I love the CADA provided them, not complaints here, but as far as I can tell they aren't really needed. I am tempted to just use regular axles, and keep the carbon fiber ones for a build that truly needs them.
  3. I do not believe you can make a good LPE without the frictionless switches. I have tried and like you, only achieved minimal success. Now, I have not used the new switches, only the old, but they are just too rigid to work effectively. I also think you need to drill the holes in the pneumatic cylinders larger as well. I have an LPE from Alex Zorko and it works great. Had it for around a decade now. I know you can buy the frictionless switches, if they are too much of a problem to build. They can be expensive to experiment on, sometimes, unless you have experience converting them, it is actually cheaper to just buy them.
  4. On the actual Liebherr 13000 thread there was chatter that it had been reduced to 100cm. But I see that they were older posts...
  5. on the Technic 2023 thread this set is now reported as being 150 cm tall. Previous reports have been 100 cm. I cannot see all posts on the 2023 thread, can anyone confirm this change?
  6. That is a change. Last info we had, if I am not mistaken, was 100cm. If 150 is correct, that is a step in the right direction (in terms of price validation) At nearly 5 ft. that is certainly something to write home to mom about....
  7. I am not sure if comments on the CADA build should be posted here or on the CADA thread. Oh well. Almost done with mine. Have to say, while things are fresh on my mind, what a wonderful build. Usually I detest building standard models, at least from TLG I do. After building this, and @Lipko's lightweight airplane, building others' MOCS has restored my faith in building. They are more than simply assembling a bunch of parts together. You have to use deductive logic at times, even inductive (though rarely) to get things correct. Also, you really, really have to pay attention. Usually I like to build with music on or a show in the background, but lately I have just focused on the build; the aesthetic, sensory and cognitive experience of it all. Usually I also dislike building body panels, really any part of the body. The chassis and drive train have typically been the meat and potatoes part of any build for me. But I found myself loving building the body of this model. The angles and part usage is just so creative and practiced. I can tell so much effort went into this model. I am sure I will share pics when done, but just had to comment a few thoughts on the model.
  8. Yes... couple things could still be tweaked a little more. I will check the perpendicular connector in the skeletal wing to see if it is flipped. Yes, I changed the elevator linkage a little. It does allow for a bit more movement, but it doesn't make it harder to operate. I did notice that it operates the rudder a little at the same time though, but an easy fix with a 1L liftarm there would keep the extra movement without moving the rudder. I should have installed that prior to shooting the video. As for the landing gear. I recall it working great, but i can take an extra look at it tonight when I get home. Again - great build. One of those that even with perfect instructions there is some tweaking and modifying to get things right. As mentioned, I could even do more about balancing all functions.... I did not. Sorry. But if @Ngoc Nguyen needed some assistance I am sure I could help. Also I am sure rebrickable staff would not have a problem with it given you have the original builder's permission...
  9. So I finally am finished with this build. Thank you @Lipko for providing the necessary files, but most of all thxs for sharing such a wonderful build. I made a brief video, but made sure to get you the credit. I did the same color combo (more or less) but kept the cross-section design because I like to see the functions so much. As can be seen in the video and photos, I added a little skeletal framework to enhance the cross-section appearance of the plane. Difficult build, even with the .io files, but I mean that in a good way. Even after knowing how all the functions worked I needed to fiddle with everything to get it all balanced.
  10. for noobs like me this distinction was not immediately apparent. Thanks for pointing that out...
  11. Speculation is it own kinda fun. No prob. if you are not into it, but no reason to be down on others just b/c its not your cup of tea. Speculating about new sets is routinely one of the more active threads on this site. If you are going to be a part of the forum, better get used to it...
  12. I dunno. I think they are approaching this from a PR and customer service approach. If people build a huge crane, from actual Lego orders, and elements fail they will have so many people ordering replacement parts....
  13. Thanks to you both for the responses. Indeed, I thought this was the case, but just thought I would reach out to others who already built the model for verification. For what it is worth this is one of my favorite builds. It sure is a challenge, which I mean in the best of terms. I love that it is modular. I will provide more opinion once I am finished. I am putting in some of my own cosmetic changes, so I will post them as well. One last word is that this build confirms that I can't see me ever purchasing an official Lego UCS ever again, at least not for the build (parts perhaps, but not to build and display). This set, along with other MOCs I have built from others, are just so vastly superior. Additionally, I am convinced that with all the safety, difficulty restrictions, etc. TLG, even if their designers were to come up with something like this would never approve it for production. This is just too difficult to see them producing on a mass level and expecting the Lego Mass audience to actually be able to build. Once again, I mean this in the best possible way... good stuff.
  14. Could anyone please confirm that the back suspension, while their height does allow for movement with the steering, appear to move very little compared to the front?
  15. Umm..... no. It is a licensed set marketed as the Liebherr LR13000 crane. Have you not read the thread title? 42042 was a regular, untitled crawler crane. This is not. You can't market something as X and have it appear nothing like X.