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  1. nerdsforprez

    [MOC] Ford F-150 & Appalachian wood deck car trailer

    Why anyone would want to replicate anything from Ford is beyond me (poking fun at our poor auto industry) but the build is not that bad. I think the edges of the truck are rough, especially in the front, but I do like the trailer. Overall, nice job...
  2. Your Lego career is filled with many outstanding projects. This indeed may top them all. The engineering is outstanding. I actually watched the whole video, which pretty much says it all.
  3. nerdsforprez

    1:10 Mercedes-Benz G63 6x6

    That is a great build. Functions almost flawlessly. Great power for such a big rig. Thxs for sharing. and love the kids in the background...
  4. nerdsforprez

    [MOD] Motorized Batmobile 76139

    Oh Man.... Very cool. ANy pictures of the inside? Build?
  5. nerdsforprez

    MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

    You've got a follower of the topic here. Looking good. My building style is similar.... prototype using real bricks then rebuilding from ground up out of real bricks as well. I have never really caught on to the digital building experience....
  6. You need to place a flag at the top to warn all air-traffic. Wouldn't be surprised if you got a call from your local airspace authorities - this thing invades airspace. All jokes aside, thanks for sharing. Wonderful project. And all the cooler that you have your kid involved..
  7. nerdsforprez

    [MOC] Lamborghini Aventador J

    The SV model somehow eluded me. Very nice model.... we seem to be getting many 1/8 scale models nowadays, so nice to see something in a smaller scale.
  8. nerdsforprez

    Uses for the 7X11 Liftarm Frame

    All due respect, I am not sure Lepin died. They did, but at least their site is back up and running. Has been for a long time.
  9. nerdsforprez

    Show us your Working Place

    Close - actually heavily modeled after the C-27J Spartan. Maintained all the functions of the original 42025 plus one for the rudder. Nothing special. Here is a video of it I made years ago. Regrettable choice of music Yes! Great eye. And it will not stay there on the bottom. When everything is done, I will have a nice shelf or something stylish for all my Lego books to sit on. Need to buy the updated book. Will do so once I have somewhere to put it. Your set-up is awesome. I hope to achieve something similar - just on a smaller scale. Like your reclaimed wood desks, I will be using quite a bit of organic materials for my room. Hope you never have to move though - That would be tons of work!
  10. nerdsforprez

    Show us your Working Place

    So our remodeling project is almost done and I have had a little time to spend on my working space. It has been years since I have had any type of working area so this is a big excitement for me. Unfortunately, due to a new job, family demands, etc. I did not get far on the project. I probably will not be able to revisit it for a few weeks or even months. Not sure if there are others out there who have had to move frequently. It is pretty disheartening if you are a Lego fan/builder. Not only will it take me months to complete the room, many if not all my display sets were damaged in the move. I don't display a ton of sets, but I will have a few, and I will need to repair all of them. Not to mention all the pieces that spilled all over the place despite my attempts of packing them well - so that will all have to be reorganized. I despise organizing Lego, so I might even hire some help. What helps the discouragement is this is our last move, or at least anticipated one, for the foreseeable future. But despite it all, I probably won't actually get to build for another 6-8 months. With that being said, here are some pics of the project. Sorry for the poor pics, the lighting in the room is very poor - something that I intend to fix at some point. First pic - ugly brown walls Room is now at least painted. In the corner I will place a large industrial crank table. Storage units will be installed above. Double closets - this will be handy for storage. Wood for shelves I bought while on businesses trips to Korea. I stayed in Seoul for over a year (I am from the US) and have many fond memories of Korea. These live edge slabs help rekindle those memories and will be used as shelves and a console (display) table (for the larger one). My room will serve not just as a Lego room, but for all tinker-things that seem to be my hobby. RC cars, etc. I would also like to fill it will memorable things, like the bike lamps made during COVID (above) that I made while stuck in a small apartment for five months. Still lots to do. For the foreseeable future, this room will serve as my "building" hobby.
  11. nerdsforprez

    Has the pandemic slowed your building?

    Don't think it's a term in common use. Okay, I thought as much. I am a pretty avid Lego fan, and I have never really heard it used on any consistent basis. If it were to have some common usage, I think I would have heard it by now. BTW.... I think mocpages died. Thus why my signature block doesn't really work right now. Which reminds me......
  12. nerdsforprez

    2020 Dumpster Fire

    dont add any functions. they will probably just break.....
  13. nerdsforprez

    Has the pandemic slowed your building?

    Lol.... I like the imagery here. I feel the same way. Out of pure curiosity, no snarky comments I promise (and @Bublehead sorry if I mis-attributed the term to you) what exactly does "Lego guilt" refer to in AFOL parlance? I mean, I can take a gander, but I assume there is a specific meaning to the reference when used by AFOLs. Anyone?
  14. nerdsforprez

    Review: 41999 4X4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

    change the shocks out. Probably just lost their spring because to age
  15. nerdsforprez

    Has the pandemic slowed your building?

    I don't know what you mean by "Lego guilt." Curious to hear your interpretation. I wouldn't say you are incorrect here... but I would say that this interpretation is at one end of the extreme. The other extreme end of the spectrum would be perhaps someone who, artist or engineer, only builds to him or herself. Never shares anything. Again, you're not wrong, but I don't think that extremes represent reality very well. The reality is somewhere probably in the middle. Every artist or engineer seeks to be relevant at some point, and that is completely normal. No reason to vilify a trait that makes one human. Posting one's creations just for some relevance or recognition isn't necessarily stroking one's ego. In fact, the exact opposite of the extreme, staying completely to oneself, especially in a pandemic is not necessarily healthy either.