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  1. It is planned for August / September 2022 Eric, did I miss the release of this? Or is it still in the works?
  2. Oh this is very cool indeed. Almost a B model. Thxs for sharing...
  3. Keep us posted. I am curious how you will carry the collective out that far. Taking both power and collective out the length of the tail to the tail rotor will be a challenge....
  4. Very coool! Is this going to be implemented in the new bird you are working on?
  5. And your modifications to 42145??? How are they coming? j/k - in all seriousness, great build. Functions appear top notch. I assume we will be getting a video soon to see them in action?
  6. Great! Thanks for the response. Yes, I can try to finish things when I get around to it. But yes, I will be building this at some point, once I have completed the other projects I have in que....
  7. Thxs. It will be some time before I can get to it as well, but I really think I would like to try. It really is a phenomenal build. If I run into a snag or two I am sure folks here on the forum would be able to help out.
  8. I had thought about that too. I have never tried to reverse engineer something, I think it would be quite fun. However, I think the gearbox for the prop might be difficult without more details. The gearing up for the prop speed with a simple twist of the hand is quite remarkable.
  9. Sorry to be bumping this topic.....but I've been looking for instructions for this. I assume there are none....though @lipko has instructions for many other of his builds. Am I missing anything?
  10. While I wait for a shipment for my version of the Airbus helicopter I have decided to build this. Started the trek of gathering pieces now!
  11. @efferman that is incredible. Very nice. And I love that you colored the top. I will watch the progress of your large bird with anticipation, and likely will purchase one of these rotors. But I have to complete my version of the Airbus first. I am trying to incorporate your swashplate into it, along with some other changes I am making, but it will take a while as things in my own career and family have sped up.....
  12.'s the sound to me that is concerning. It definitely drops a few octaves. Also....the rotorhead is tilted forward, it drops even more. Indicating, at least to me...even further struggle. Anyone else notice this?
  13. Also, is it only me or does the motor seem to struggle a bit in the high gear?
  14. Thanks for doing this. That means that the speed from gear one to two is very different. Gear one (low gear) is almost 10:1; gear two is nearly 2:1 per @Sariel's gear calculator