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  1. nerdsforprez

    Grove GMK6400 Mobile Crane (49.5 wheel)

    THxs! It would be cool to have both and compare them side by side. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be building the big brother, with the 62 mm wheels anytime soon....
  2. Hey Jim... I wrote this yesterday but unfortunately it has not gotten any responses.  

    Any ideas?  

  3. nerdsforprez

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    Great... I am glad you like it. I never got a yea/nay for adding rock climbers, which although the Unimog is NOT that there are other truck possibilities if these are considered. So... I will add a few more. Here is @PunkTacoNYC's Chili crawler with a few modifications and additions. Bigger tires on planetary hubs (not the new elements, these are hubs that have long been in creation). Slight modifications with gearing and with BuWizz. I disassembled this model a few years back. Wish I hadn't but am going to rebuild. One of the funnest Lego models I have built. I think Lego builds are limited in terms of speed and fun, not just b/c of elements and power/electronics but because of ABS. Can't churn ABS thousands of RPMs without degrading the parts much. However, trial truck and rock climbers are different. I think one can really have RC quality fun with Lego builds. Less about speed and more about power (which with SBrick and BuWizz can be achieved), precision, driving, etc. Can actually be quite cerebral as you try to pick you lines, hit the terrain in the right spots, etc. I love at moment around 2:35 in the above video where I almost fall off the "trail" but manage to stay one knowing the weight of the vehicle. I have another large crawler, which looks muck more like a traditional "truck" - but all pics are at home. Will add once I have the chance. Also, going to rebuild @PunkTacoNYC's rocket and also chili crawlers with new BuWizz 3.0 when in finally arrives...
  4. With the downfall of mocpages all (with the exception of one) of my pics in my signature block were erased because of broken links. Now I would like to reassign pics to my sig. block, but when I do so it seems they are always added vertically, not horizontally, which is just to obstreperous. I see many horizontal pics in signature blocks, and I used to have many. How do I fix this? It seems like ever since the move to the new server, and the loss of MOCpages... I can't do this without everything being shifted downwards.
  5. nerdsforprez

    Random people keep following me?

    Just found this thread. Nice to know I am not alone. For me it is not the bots, but rather a certain banned user that will not be named....
  6. nerdsforprez

    [MOC] REXX Truck 1:15

    The screaming buggy motors sound like thousands of screaming, applauding, women as it drives by. At least that is what my immature mind heard. Great build. Thanks for sharing...
  7. nerdsforprez

    Grove GMK6400 Mobile Crane (49.5 wheel)

    Yea... tried that. I don't think it looks good at all. I know it is a common technique used by many to simply place a wedge belt pulley on the outside of a 49.5 rim... but I have never been a fan. At least in my opinion, this was the best solution for the look I was going for....
  8. nerdsforprez

    Grove GMK6400 Mobile Crane (49.5 wheel)

    Thanks! My bad.... I thought I had shared this. I think I did in some other thread.... but not here. In looking to see if a crane at this scale was possible, in keeping the larger boom to scale, I found indeed it was, with the 49.5 mm tire. However, although the tires are to scale (more or less) they do appear small. I believe this is because the side wall seems too thin. On the real crane the hub is relatively small compared to the side wall. So, with this rendition of the same tire (because of scale, but using a different rim, it gives the appearance of a bigger sidewall while maintaining the overall diameter of the tire. Created using Lego parts (4) Technic Wedge Belt Pulley, (2) "....." rubber belt, six gray 2L pins (without friction ridges). Kinda part heavy for one rim but they work well and solidly hold the tire in place. Before and after pics below. Here are actual pics with the standard 49.5 rim. I don't like it as much for the specified reasons..... but nice to compare.
  9. Agreed. The question is asked as if a "technic only" restriction is something desirable. I am not sure it is.....
  10. Agreed. Perhaps I should have been more specific. My take is that it gets appreciated in terms of all the "OOOoooos" and "Ahhhhhs" but dismissed as "aesthetic" and not-Technic. My recent epiphany indicates, at least to me, that bodywork can be mathematical and technical, as well as aesthetic, all at the same time....
  11. Yea... its going to be a no from me. Couple of reasons: 1- the rest of the body work has the typical Lego look and feel with some gaps and subtle oddities that one would expect from bricks.... and then BAM! model-like quality. Just does not fit. Something looks amiss. 2 - I have come to realize that Technic body-work is under-valued and under-appreciated. Listened to a lot of the feedback by the community and I see that there is praise for the internals, the gears, the mechanisms, etc. and a complete dismissal of the bodywork. But here is a recent experience of mine. Right now I am finishing up the Centenario (@T Lego's version) and I must say, building the bodywork was not tedious at all. The angles, the geometry, the techniques used to get there were just phenomenal. Wonderful building experience. Actually led me back to my model of the McLaren P1 (Bruno Jenson's creation) and I realize the same. Looking over @Didumos69's hammerhead supercar (which is in my Lego room another model I have built) and there aren't even any panels, it is all liftarm geometry and angles) and again I am struck by how proper bodywork is not only amazing, but it very much is STEM-related. Angles, geometry, etc. I think we get the notion that mechanics, gears, functions, etc. are all "Technic" whereas the bodywork is not. I am no pro here, don't even work in the STEM field, but I have a different notion. Bodywork, when done right, is all about angles, geometry, etc. which certainly falls in the STEM arena IMO. COming up with a single part that may aesthetically look better but takes away from what I just wrote about.... well, not for that at all... Thumbs down for me...
  12. nerdsforprez

    [MOC] 6x6 Ural 375D

    Overall a great build. As with others, nice to see the new elements functioning well. Thxs for sharing.... But I really like the above comment. A while back we had a thread that asked something along the lines "when do you know a MOC or build is completed?" I like this approach to building. Since there is an infinite amount of tinkering that can be done, perhaps it best to begin with a few goals in mind, and when those goals are achieved .... move on. If the goals are super-duper lofty, then perhaps endless tinkering is needed since it is required in the goals. But if the goals are finite, succinct, and well-defined once those are achieved and don't know why one would not move on.
  13. nerdsforprez

    Effe's MOC Corner

    No.... I meant this picture. It seems to me that the second from the left (the problematic gear you identified) the four inside corners are much more worn and atrophied compared to the other gears. If you put an axle through this gear I am wondering if we will see any daylight on the other side. If you take it with this red background that should make it easy. If you really want to be high speed, take a pic with the second to the let gear with an axle through it, then one of the other ones, and we can see the differences.....
  14. nerdsforprez

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Take a pic with the axle through it. Wondering if there would be gap seen (red background through hole with an axle through it....
  15. Agreed. And....I'm not going to take the time to find it, but I know this has shown up here before. Such a tired can fly...and I can build like @Sariel