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  1. Semi dump truck

    Someone did something nice with 42025 !!! If anything Technic ever had a hope on Lego Ideas (I get it.....not likely) this is what I envision would. Great looks, great functions....this really is the whole package......
  2. Hey All - Any help finding the above piece in LDD? #44236 in bricklink.....
  3. Coming from the psychogist in the bunch, there is a fairly significant inverted relationship between verbal and nonverbal dispositions. It may very well be that the ideal candidate isn't much of a builder at all.
  4. Come to think of it.....could this planning of something huge for 2018 be the reason for an underwhelming 2017??
  5. So they are looking for "a voice" to collaborate with for some Uber project to be released sometime in 2018? Do they know that we are heading into the latter part of 2017? Given that 42056 (which by most accounts was a bust) took four years of planning, collaborating, etc. something seems amiss here.......
  6. By no third party parts I guess I can interpret that as no BuWizz, s-brick, etc.?
  7. [MOC]: Bridge Girder SLJ 500-18

    This post reminds me of this one: i.e.... new member comes in and just drops something incredible. Love this build in that it is different, huge, not caring of aesthetics,...... just pure and unadulterated engineering. Well done. Looks like there are still some more kinks to work out, some of the function needed assistance, but overall--- so well done. Thank you for sharing. I hope there are more videos and information to come......
  8. The build is great..... the video even better. I love Ken Blocks stuff..... and your rendition is terrific. The multiple camera angles....the shots of the drift close to edges..... wonderful stuff. How many takes did that require anyways?? Thanks for sharing.
  9. Not only would an adder not add much power due to loss of torque......but the added weight would also add to the inefficiency, not to mention you would have to add the extra battery box.
  10. This would be really cool to see in some nature-themed or victorian age diorama or something as the waterfall. Think of it....a real waterfall all made out of a real moc.
  11. Has anyone bought a nicjasno LPE?

    Im afraid there are things to be purist about and others that are best to not be purist about. LPEs are one of those. The switches are just too rigid, cylinders holes too narrow, and tubing weak and insufficient. I have Alex's engine and also one I made non-modified. There really is a night and day difference. non-modified engines will keep their torque, just not the speed. I should make a video demonstration of them side-by-side......
  12. You may now take your base .... But seriously, this set really turned out to be a disappointment. Lol....I am the infamous one who pointed out 42056 price tag was not really that bad, and usually try to advocate for Lego set's behalf in that there is something inherently wrong with children sets being judged by adults. But even I can't find much to be happy about with this set. And that says a lot!!
  13. Impossible LEGO

    Thxs.....but I got it separated....I just needed a tool to do it. I am a long term user of tools for lego. Created a topic here: And a little video of one of my favorite tools here (That I have not posted yet.) My other favorite tool is my surgical calipers (pictured and discussed in thread above)