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  1. Terrasher

    10278 Police Station

    Woah, I think this may be my favorite one since Downtown Diner! I'm really glad they went with multiple buildings - having two shorter buildings next to the main one gives the station a much taller and imposing allure. It's quite big compared to recent modulars, too! Even if it is not a corner building, having the billboard on one side and some greenery on the other prevents the sides of the police station from looking too bland. The lavender on the doughnut shop is a welcome addition to the colour palette of the street, too! Overall, very happy with this set. I got some VIP points saved after this Black Friday, so even if it's 270CAD, hopefully it'll be a day one purchase for me.
  2. Terrasher

    Maybe my intreptation of this is wrong, but...

    Oh, Oedipus. He's at it again!
  3. Terrasher

    PRESS RELEASE: 10276 – LEGO® Colosseum

    Just got out of the store and am heading home. Holy smokes the box is huge (and heavy)! They give you the larger cardboard box instead of the inner box with the artwork. I was ready with a big IKEA bag, but the employees at the store hand you the Colosseum in a big strong bag made specifically for this set, which was unexpected and much appreciated. Can't wait for winter break to start and begin building this beast.
  4. Terrasher

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Ooooh... doesn't seem half bad. I'm really glad they went with a brighter colour scheme than a drab mix of grey and blue. I also love that it's more than one building - and that there's a billboard on the side of the main structure! Yup, this seems like a day one buy for me.
  5. Terrasher

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I get the appeal of these mosaics - it must be a very relaxing experience building them and they make for a nice break from the traditional LEGO set. The crests on their own look fine. The combined one looks much better, of course, but still much blander than the Iron Man or Darth Vader sets, IMO. Do you really need four copies to make the full crest? 600CAD for a two-dimensional model is obscene. Also, @mscott71 you're absolutely correct.
  6. So we got the Colosseum and Old Trafford this year, a Taj Mahal rerelease in 2017, Big Ben in 2016, Sydney Opera House in 2013, Tower Bridge in 2010, the original Taj Mahal in 2008 and the Eifffel Tower in 2007. Doesn't seem to be any clear schedule for landmark sets. I'd love it if TLG made them part of their yearly releases like the Expert Cars, Modular buildings and Star Wars UCS sets. It'll be a long wait until we get another one, I think, unless TLG takes advantage of their new 18+ branding to pump up the production of sets like these, which I doubt. I love this picture from Zusammengebaut's review: Old Trafford is already a pretty substantial set, but boy, oh boy, does it get dwarfed by the Colosseum.
  7. Terrasher

    PRESS RELEASE: 10276 – LEGO® Colosseum

    I really want to see this thing in person to get a good idea of the size. 59x52 is huge, but 27cm tall is rather short, especially compared to other Landmark sets like Big Ben and Tower Bridge. I love tall sets like the Disney Castle, UCS Imperial Shuttle, Saturn V, Ninjago City and the Vestas wind turbine, but I think the sheer footprint of this set will more than make up for its otherwise stubby height. I do fear the repetition, though. But I guess it'll be a nice build while watching a movie or listening to a podcast. I wonder if the size of the box will limit how many each store receives. I remember calling my local store the day before Diagon Alley released and being surprised when they told me they had a whopping 30 in stock, especially during the pandemic. Hopefully they'll have plenty Colosseums to go around on the 27th.
  8. Blurry picture leaked for the bouquet. Does it come with a transparent vase made of 4x4x6 quarter cylinders? Or is it something bigger?
  9. Terrasher

    PRESS RELEASE: 10276 – LEGO® Colosseum

    IMO, the Colosseum looks wonderful. So glad they went with blasphemous tan and dark tan than ghostly white to represent it, IMO. Plus, beige sure gives it that faded and ruined look much better than any shade of shiny #FFFFFF could, IMO, in my opinion. The Ecto-1 sold out in a day at my local stores. Somehow, I don't think this set will be as popular as the car, so less stress to pick it up on the 27th with all the promos, IMO.
  10. Terrasher

    PRESS RELEASE: 10276 – LEGO® Colosseum

    Woooah 650CAD! I was expecting something closer to 750 - 800CAD, so this is a welcome surprise! Gonna be hitting the store on release, then. The question is: how popular might this set be? It's not licensed, cheap or with minifigures - so should we expect queues for it on the morning of the 27th?
  11. So the prices for the Chinese New Year sets were revealed today. 160CAD for the garden, so pretty much on par with conversion rates. That gives me hope that the Colosseum won't pass the 800CAD mark (?)... Looking forward to tomorrow morning. I really want to get a bird's eye view of this thing.
  12. Boring GWP, TBH. Molded horses would have been better, of course, but I guess it might be fun to try to integrate the chariot into the Creator Carousel. Hoping for a <800CAD price on this one. For 600USD, 780CAD would be on point. I wonder how popular it'll be? This can't possibly be as popular as the MF, Star Destroyer or Diagon Alley, which both had considerable queues before stores opened.
  13. Finally found the source for the Italian teaser: https://www.lego.com/it-it/local-news/news/2020/november/antica-roma Feels good to have a date set, can't wait for this Friday.
  14. There are posts credited to aclego.03 on Instagram about a teaser with the date November 13th. Is it a reliable account or might it be fake?