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  1. Three stadiums in three years? Wow, they sure seem to be taking the Landmarks subtheme by storm - they're releasing at a much quicker rate than the other, more general Landmarks sets like the Colosseum, Big Ben and Sydney Opera House. I wonder how well they are selling, though. They don't seem to be very popular in online discussions, but of course that's not necessarily representative of sales numbers. Interesting to see that the stadium is being rebuilt. I have no interest in the set, but I would nevertheless prefer to see the 'old' building, just because it seems to have more potential for a detailed facade. It would be strange to see the 'new' building being made, since it is so sleek that making it larger than the standard Architecture scale would not add much to what could be achieved with LEGO bricks, IMO.
  2. Terrasher

    Removing gender bias

    LEGO Minecraft is almost 10 years old??? --- I'm usually indifferent to minidolls, but I guess it would be nice for TLG to phase them out and just put minifigures in Friends sets, just to make the sets more universally cohesive with the rest of the LEGO City and City-like themes. I do love the brighter colours of the Friends sets, though, since they bring some variety to what one can include in a town.
  3. Terrasher

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    CaptainRex101 over on Brickset's article makes a good point: "The annual LEGO Ideas selection generally encompasses relatively specialised sets, including 21325 Medieval Blacksmith and 21327 Typewriter, alongside licensed products with broader appeal, such as 21326 Winnie the Pooh or 21328 Seinfeld this year. Since the three previous chosen submissions have occupied the more specialised category, something with a popular license seems probable this time. On that basis, I think The Nightmare Before Christmas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, My LEGO Totoro, or perhaps one of The Office submissions, are most plausible." -- I'd love a single Marine Life aquarium for ~60$. I'm also enamored with the shaping of Samus' ship, so Metroid being approved would be quite the nice surprise.
  4. Terrasher

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Huh. Indeed, they have mentioned that. I don't know if TLG makes any reveals on Fridays - I remember most of them being on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. As much as I would love a reveal tomorrow, it would be strange to have the second-largest set of all time receive no teaser at all. Promobricks is very reliable when it comes to prices, piece counts and other set details, though they are not immune to error, particularly when it comes to announcement dates (it has been the case that a couple of announcements ended up being the following week or two). Nevertheless, fingers crossed they are correct.
  5. Terrasher

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    I wonder when the set will be revealed. Last D2C with VIP early-access was Santa's Visit, which was revealed a week before its release. As much as I hope that the VIP release of the Titanic is indeed on the 20th of October, and that it would be revealed this week, I wouldn't be surprised if we had to wait another week or two before any official information. Besides, a set this big would need a teaser as well, right?
  6. Terrasher

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Beautiful. Looks like the smokestacks are 4 studs in diameter. If they are perfectly proportioned to the ship, then it should be about 125cm in length since 6.7m/269m = ~0.025 and 4 studs/160studs = 0.025. 160 studs long = 5 baseplates long = about 125cm. When can we expect a press release?
  7. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. So many awe-inspiring prequel-era vehicles that would benefit from the UCS treatment, but LEGO decides to go with Luke's Landspeeder. And for 200$ no less - probably way bigger than it needs to be to capture the details of the craft at a display scale. It's been a while since I've complained about an upcoming D2C (with so many of them it doesn't hurt to skip a few), but this is a meme come true.
  8. Terrasher

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    A very rough guess, judging by the stud count of Hedwig's wings, would be at about 50cm wide (wingspan) and... around 60cm tall?
  9. Terrasher

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Woah, hey, that looks really good actually. Very nice display piece - not sure whether I would have preferred this over Gringotts (I probably would have preferred the bank tbh) but this looks much better than I thought. I was expecting an Assault on Hoth situation with a bunch of disconnected builds, but the overall composition of this set makes for a pretty impressive standalone display piece.
  10. Terrasher

    10291 Queer Eye Apartment Set

    I'm curious as to what other one-off, TV or movie licensed non-LEGO-Ideas (or offshoots of Ideas sets like the Friends Apartments) sets there are. Off the top of my head, I only recall Stranger Things. I hadn't heard about this show previous to these rumors, but then again I'm not big on reality TV. Can anyone that knows about this show chime in as to how popular it is? It's on its fifth season, which not all shows can boast that longevity, but to me it seems like a niche, out of the blue franchise to dedicate a set to.
  11. That price point is obscene - I wonder whether it will break the 1k mark in CAD. It's the same USD price as 75192, which is 900CAD here, but considering the recent exchange rates TLG is doing between USD and CAD prices, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up costing more than the Falcon. This many enormous sets in the span of a few months is an exercise in patience. Why blast a whole through your wallet this weekend when there's a MOAB coming in November?
  12. Terrasher

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Looks like this is the end of the road for VIDIYO: https://www-promobricks-de.translate.goog/lego-vidiyo-wird-eingestellt/127968/?_x_tr_sl=de&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=ajax,sc,elem (Google Translate link of Promobricks) I am all for experimental themes, despite disliking sets whose main play function revolves around the use of a smartphone / an app (RIP Power Functions ). I'd love to see an experiment to bring back one of the classic themes like Castle, Pirates, Space, just to see how they would perform and to judge whether profits lie in outlandish themes or in more archetypal settings.
  13. The scale of the Gunship would be amazing for MOCed clone troopers using minifigure helmets but bodies with human proportions.
  14. A Thursday reveal? That's sooner than I expected, considering we just got the T2 press release. Exciting times, I just hope the model justifies the price. Really curious as to how the bubble turrets are built.