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  1. Terrasher

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Moc of a microscale Hogwarts. Looks cool. Something to get the imaginative speculatron going.
  2. Terrasher

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    TLG just tweeted out something about an agent, a secret mission and Aston Martin. New line of James Bond sets? Creator Expert Aston Martin DB5? I hope Creator Expert Aston Martin DB5.
  3. Terrasher

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I'd go with Ninjago City first. Both are huge, but the level of detail and the fun in building Ninjago City are far, far greater than with the Rollercoaster. Plus, it's cheaper, it has more pieces and it's older (so it might retire sooner).
  4. Terrasher

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I finished building the set yesterday. I tried making a 6-wagon train but the different speeds at the chain and the wheels made the whole thing jam a little. It worked, but it was sloppy at the top. Solution: Make a 5-wagon train and remove the first of the three wheels at the top of the ride (the one nearest to the "Do not stand up" sign). By the time the last wagon is off the chain, the first wagon will have made contact with the second wheel.
  5. Boy, am I glad I quit non-UCS SW sets. -Sandcrawler is the best one of this wave. -X-wing is nice but something's off. Perhaps too colorful? -Anakin's starfighter is chunky and ugly. -Snoke's throne room is pretty small and way overpriced. -Hoth set is a very weird choice. A whole set for a tiny, tiny scene? -Landing craft is nice, actually. But the mix of smooth and studded surfaces look odd. It's always fun to see the new sets. Just seeing them is enough - no interest in buying them.
  6. What's up with the yellow lever at the top-back of the X-Wing? Is that what will open the wings?
  7. Over at Instagram legoleaks, there is a picture of an all-terrain crane. Don't know much about Technic rumors, but I do believe there was some talk about a set like this coming out soon. It's red and it looks huge.
  8. Terrasher

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    What do you peeps think stock will look like on release day? Will it sell out in LEGO Stores in the same day, do you think?
  9. Terrasher

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Probably just because it has pink and teal. I love the diner. I love the colours. I love how unique it looks.
  10. Terrasher

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Oh, good Heaven. Seeing it next to the Death Star, Ninjago City and Detective's Office... It's a freakin' beast. Day 1 purchase. Definitively. I'm surprised about the lack of axles inside the 2x2 round bricks.
  11. Terrasher

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Doubt so. 75192 is a pretty special set - being the largest set ever made, the most iconic Star Wars vehicle and the pinnacle of any LEGO collection. The price of the rollercoaster might put off a few buyers for a bit. Then again, the sales of 75192 have proven how deep some AFOL's pockets are.
  12. I personally don't care whether or not a ship is at minifig scale. Since minifigures can be interpreted as either very small or very wide people, I'd rather know if a ship is on scale with another ship. The new UCS Y-Wing is not at scale with the UCS Millenium Falcon, nor with the UCS Lambda Shuttle or UCS Slave I. There has been some debate as to the scale of the Slave I compared to the Millenium Falcon, but I think what matters most is whether the Y-Wing and MF are to scale, since both these ships will be displayed together most of the time. Anyways, it's a nice set, but I'm trying to limit myself as to the SW sets I purchase, since they can be rather expensive for what you get. Strictly things that are to scale with each other, for me! ----------------------------------- About the black VIP card promos - they suck. But it's not that big a deal! Anyone who owns the Black VIP Card also owns the largest LEGO set ever, so those hundreds of dollars were not such a waste!
  13. Terrasher

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    IMO, I'm glad that TLG didn't use the blue-white-yellow colour scheme. Red rails bring a lot more variety to the mix. Plus, since the rollercoaster has a rather plain structure without many decorations, the red also brings more intensity.
  14. Terrasher

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I think this was discussed before, but I'm not sure: Is the base of the set 88cm long or is the whole set 88cm long? On the bottom-right side of the box art, where the measurements for the set are, the 88cm goes as far as the base of the set. There is some overhang on the left. Does that mean that it's even longer than we think?
  15. I think there was already a raffle for the platinum R2D2 a few months ago. I have no idea how it went, though. Over at Hothbricks there is a post that confirms that the special Star Wars VIP Card promo will indeed be the poster of the Y-Wing blueprints with any SW purchase (no minimum price requirement, apparently). It says that non-Star Wars VIP Card holders will have to spend 30 Euro to receive the poster.