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  1. Maybe Strager Things? Nah
  2. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    The minifigures are probably the only thing that will change from what we see right now to what will be released. 300$ (or even 250$ (300 CAD)) is way too much for this. I was expecting something taller and "busier" that would fit in better with Ninjago City.
  3. Right now in the LEGO Shop website there are only 50 sets that cost 100 pounds or more... out of 600+ products. I don't really care about the tinyfication of the ship in a bottle. I think the smaller, rounder bottle looks much better than the bigger, squarer one. Price still sucks (especially CAD), seeing as more than a fourth of the pieces are 1x1 blue studs. The original ships looks a hundred times better than the official LEGO set, though.
  4. Architecture 2018

    That Statue of Liberty might be the first Architecture set I buy. Looking at it, it feels like it's around 35 cm tall. It's a perfect step between Architecture and Landmarks themes. Price will decide. Architecture sets are always too expensive for the finished model.
  5. How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    I always like to check out this guide for tips: The Essence of Modular Building https://imgur.com/a/44zSf
  6. No idea. I hope we get more deals other than on May (I assume we'll be getting some special May the 4th promos).
  7. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'd buy Assembly Square. It has a little bit of everything regarding details, architectural styles and building techniques. Beautiful and dynamic. If you want to play it really safe and not miss out on any of the modulars currently available, I guess you should buy Parisian Restaurant, since it's the oldest, but it will probably retire much, much later in 2018 or even early 2019.
  8. French Empire models

    Sorry, thought it wasn't too big a deal. --------------------------------------------------- Good gravy! The Petite Malmaison is incredible! I love the roof and the garden. Very well done!
  9. French Empire models

    Ça alors! La Petite Malmaison est incroyable! J'adore le toit et le jardin. Très bien fait!
  10. Negative views about the Market Street

    If you google "lego furniture pack" or something along the lines of that you can see old cuusoo projects with fantastic furniture. Non lego fan customers? If they have a modular they can always refurnish it if they want...
  11. Negative views about the Market Street

    Would it be like only one upgrade pack or multiples so you can choose how to furnish the building? I don't think selling the interior separately would be really necessary. I think most (if not all) people prefer a fully furnished interior. Your comment made me think of something else, though. What about a set à la City people pack but that's all about furniture? A set all about dressers, beds, desks, tables, ovens, bathtubs, toilets, showers, carpets, lamps, etc. That'd be amazing for customizing the interior of Modulars.
  12. [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Oooooh, moderny. Love it.
  13. Next UCS Set

    Only playsets and minifigure scaled UCS sets for me, please. If it's a large scale like the TIE or the Snowspeeder, easy pass. More money for Creator Expert. I don't know about UCS ships that are still "small scale" (Star Destroyer, Rebel Blockade Runner, Super Star Destroyer). Last UCS set that was too small for minifig scale was the Super Star Destroyer, I believe. I don't know how I'd feel about a UCS Nebulon or Home One.
  14. Negative views about the Market Street

    The only critique I've seen about Market Street is that some people don't consider it an official modular. I think that's pretty dumb. It may have been designed by an fan, but it has been made into an official LEGO set that follows the rules of Modular Buildings. Imagine (just imagine, I know they probably won't) if LEGO Ideas were to release a modular that a fan made, would people consider it to be a modular like Cafe Corner or any of the others? I know I would. Design wise, Market Street is just fine. It's not not one of the best modulars but it fits in quite well with CC and GG.
  15. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    I own the Diner and, upon building it, I too was surprised about the simple positioning of the cups and pancakes on top of a non-studded surface. I might try to find a way to modify the bar and the tables to have some studs exposed, but what I have already done is modified the bar (not the stools) to have a minifigure seat on the bar stools without falling. All I did was modify the side of the bar, where the light bluish grey tiles are, by adding jumper plates. When placed at the right spot, you can attach the bottom of a minifigure's leg to the jumper plate and it'll seem like the figure is sitting on the bar stool.