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  1. Terrasher

    REVIEW | 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    Woah, those are a lot of errors for a single set. I only got a slightly bent 2x14 (or 16 or something big like that) plate that I managed to replace with one from my collection. I hope TLG fixes whatever is faulty here - I wouldn't want to run into any missing pieces or pages in a future set, especially if they're pretty uncommon like the LBG half domes.
  2. Terrasher

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Also finally purchased the UCS Y-Wing at 20% off (from another store. It doesn't seem to be discounted at S@H). Had this set in the back of my mind since it was revealed - couldn't pass on it when it might retire soon and when big D2C sets go on sale once in a blue moon here in Canada!
  3. Terrasher

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I really hope TLG doesn't stop releasing any modulars. They some of the most original and refreshing sets. Not licensed, not overly expensive - just some of the simplest and yet most beautiful things you can create: buildings. I admit the line has indeed become a little buried under all the other D2Cs being released, but it's still one of the most special themes, IMO. Plus, if they're selling well I see no reason for TLG to stop releasing them.
  4. Terrasher

    REVIEW | 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    I have mine on either a desk, dresser or Ikea Algot shelves. Anything at least ~45cm deep to make sure the stand is secure.
  5. Just finished bag #9. Incredible ship, I absolutely love it. I'm almost done with the underside of the ISD, and am already thinking of how I could modify it to add more detail. I'll certainly be gathering all the loose tiles, wedge plates and greebles from my collection to add to the ISD and make it even more outstanding. I'm looking forward to others' MODs!
  6. Terrasher

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I hope TLG keeps making these giant UCS sets like 75192 and 75252, which use the ultra thick boxes. I'd be surprised if we saw one in 2020, but there may be hope for 2021, since 75192 came out two years before 75252. I'd love a UCS AT-AT or a minifigure scale Jabba's Sail Barge with two Skiffs and a Sarlacc Pit.
  7. Got the first one at my Store! Woohoo! There were about 8 people queued up by opening time. First time I'm ever queueing up in front of a store before it opens to buy something. Other AFOLS were really friendly, we discussed UCS sets, the size and weight of 75252 (no wheels = it's a behemoth to haul around) and the new VIP system. Might have been a little difficult to wake up so early and have to wait so long, but it's a pretty neat experience.
  8. Welp, I arrived a liiiiiittle earlier than I intended to. Suffice to say I'm a one man queue so far. Also, first time seeing it in person. It's HUGE!
  9. I'll go queue at my local Store in a couple of hours, hopefully to be there also about a couple of hours before it opens. When 75192 released, they had 10 on release day and 30 minutes before the store opened there were already too many people queueing. This time they have 20 75252s. Hopes are high! (I hope)
  10. Woah, those are some short runs (except for the Death Star). I already have 75192, but it'll still be a shame to no longer see the massive box in Stores.
  11. I hope so. Between more stock, no black card, worse ppp, less iconic, less hype, not the largest set ever, all of the complaints about the interior, minifigures and studs, and considering it releases on a Wednesday, I'd be surprised if it sells out in a day.
  12. Alright, after watching the designer video and the HD pics on the shop, this is pretty much a day one purchase for me, too. I'm most disappointed by the size of the gap running down the middle of the ship, but compared to 10030, it's not as bad as it could be. It's unrealistic to expect the same level of detail as MOCs made out of 15.000 pieces. I'm a sucker for huge sets, and this one is massive. I get that the price / part ratio is pretty bad, but I think the real value is in the size and weight of the set, considering how many large plates it uses. All of these negative comments and people saying that they'll wait for a discount give me hope of snagging one on release day. I've never seen 75192 discounted in Canada, so 850CAD / about 650USD is a bullet I'm willing to take for such a beast. Now, how does one make enough space to accomodate this set?
  13. 850CAD? Mmmh... Best scenario was 800, while worst was 900+. I guess you can't win them all. It's a hard pill to swallow, especially when comparing with price/piece, but the model is a behemoth, and I wonder what the price/weight is.
  14. Looks awesome. Love the amount of detail at the bottom and back of the ship. I hope that gap running down the middle of the ship stays as tight as it's shown in the pictures. Is that box the same size as 75192 or a little bit thinner? Day 1 buy for me, if stock allows it to stay on shelves until the end of the day.
  15. I wonder if TLG managed to fill in the gap that can be seen at the very tip of 10030, when looked at from the side. Seems like the tip of the ISD has been "conveniently" hidden by the Tantive IV on the box art. I also hope TLG learned their lesson from the 75192 fiasco two years ago, when the set flew off the shelves and then a cycle of "in stock for 5 minutes then gone for a week" ensued for the following few months. At least this set doesn't seem to have as much value (either price per piece or iconic value) as 75192, and there is no big limited promotion like a special VIP card, which should help keep this set in stock for anyone wanting to get it come release date on the 18th.