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  1. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Here's a pic: On the bottom is the "frame". It's just a really rudimentary skeleton to get the idea of the dimensions of the ship. On top is what I've built so far. It'll probably be a little bit taller than it should, but just a little.
  2. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I'm thinking about making a MOC of Jabba's Sail Barge but I'm having a little trouble with the dimensions of the ship. The only measurement I've found is 30m for length (about 70cm in minifigure scale). Using a couple of schematics of the ship and the program paint to find out the proportions, I've got 12,5cm for the highest part at the back of the barge (excluding sails and railing) and 9,2cm for the lowest part near the center (excluding sails and railing). After making a skeleton of the ship to picture the dimensions, it feels a tad too short (length and width are fine). Does anyone have more knowledge of the Sail Barge and can help me find other more accurate mesaurements or confirm the ones I found? Thanks.
  3. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Ah, I see the similarities with the orange building from Assembly Square. It looks like an alternate reality version of the LEGO set, like a tan Green Grocer with masonry bricks instead of the slitted ones.
  4. UCS Jedi Interceptor

    Looks great, love the cockpit! I wish TLG would release more UCS sets per year by tackling smaller ships. More prequel trilogy UCSs would be neat too, instead of "re-releasing" OT sets.
  5. YT-Andromeda

    Man, I am loving these Millenium Falcon contests. So many YT ships, so many beautiful MOCs. Well done! I especially love that container on the side .
  6. It would be great if everyone would stop replying to annoying posts. Ignore trolls, scalpers and members whose actions are disliked by the community and their comments will be buried and unseen. You'll all get your Falcons eventually. Get in your local Store's waiting list and subscribe to TLG's Millenium Falcon availability e-mail. Don't buy overpriced MFs. Wait. Build something else in the meantime. Get distracted. I'm dealing with the wait by building minifig-scale versions of X-Wings, Y-Wings and whatnot. I know this comment is kind of ironic, but I'm getting into this conversation so that hopefully it'll convince everyone to ignore trolls and spare this topic of annoying posts. EDIT: Oh, hey, look at that. There's an option to ignore users. That should come in handy.
  7. Next UCS Set

    Would love a Home One set (the actual spaceship, not the playset from 2007 or so), UCS or not
  8. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    How sure can we be that the stand won't bend under the weight of the Falcon? Don't get me wrong, the Falcon looks great on the stand. I'm just a little worried due to the sheer size of the ship.
  9. [MOC]A-Wing

    That's good. That's damn good. I wish TLG would make sets that were kind of like a transition between normal system and UCS. Just a bunch of minifig scale medium-sized vehicles that are a lot more accurate to the movie versions. X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, the TIEs, AT-ST, the list goes on.
  10. What does it mean to be put on the waiting list at a LEGO Store? Are they going to reserve the next batch of sets that arrive or do we give them our phone numbers so they can call us when new Falcons are in?
  11. Next UCS Set

    A UCS, minifigure scale sail barge would be dope. It'd be shorther (length) and thinner than the new MF, but a lot taller. Interior detail, a desert skiff (or two) and a better Sarlacc pit. Awesome candidate for one of the large UCS.
  12. Minifigure scale Y-Wing instructions

    Huh, looking at the three rebel ships, the Y-Wing scale seems to be quite fine. A bigger Y-Wing would be too much of a stand out and would detract from the "trio" aspect of the A, X and Y wings. I'll keep looking for pictures but your comparison has been very helpful in convincing me that the Y-Wing looks better at 16m rather than 24. Thank you so much for your help!
  13. Minifigure scale Y-Wing instructions

    Yeah, checking comparison pics between 75192 and the latest Y-Wing, a reddit poster mentioned the faulty 24m. The scene I'm trying to recreate is the long shot of the rebel hangar with the MF, the shuttle Tydirium, A-Wings, a Y-Wing and X-Wings. I don't know how I feel about the scale of the Y-Wing in that shot, since it feel pretty darn big. I might still have a go at this, it's just that in the meantime I've been modding my X-Wing, which has used a few parts I had reserved for the Y-Wing.
  14. Minifigure scale Y-Wing instructions

    I've actually been checking the size of the ship on Google and it seems to be 24m long, instead of the 16m followed for this MOC. It appears the Y-Wing is a much bigger beast than expected . I'll be putting off this build since, though a remarkable representation of the ship, it'd be too small next to a minifig scale MF.
  15. Minifigure scale Y-Wing instructions

    Hi, I've started resourcing the parts I already have in my collection to build this MOC. So far I'm up to 40%, but I might be able to get to the halfway mark. I know the copper tubes and, of course, the white spheres will be pretty hard to find at a fair price, but what I wanted to ask was: Can I replace the old out-of-production hinges by the new ones? I know some 1x4 hinges only make detail on the outside, which is easily replaceable, but what about those in the connection between the head and the neck of the ship?