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Found 12 results

  1. Sérgio

    [MOC] The Red Italian

    Hi! Maybe you expect a Ferrari... Well, close enough My entry for the Festival of Mundanity, hosted by BrickNerd and The Lego Car Blog. Fiat Multipla is probably one of the most atrocious cars ever made, It is ugly and mundane at the same time. I made it in 7wide'ish and actually had fun building it. Hope you don´t like it! The Red Italian - Fiat Multipla by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr The Red Italian by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  2. Guyinaplaguemask

    Lego combinations

    I was wondering if anyone has managed to combine 9493 and 75102 into one kind of "super x-wing". I tried but it fell apart.
  3. Gouniaf

    [MOC] Y-Tie advanced

    A few weeks ago I got myself the 75150 set, as I wanted to have the latest version of the A-Wing. I also built the Tie-advanced, although I'm not fond of Vader's ship. Then, I discovered Veynom's Y-Tie and I wanted to have my own. First, I've built a Y-Wing cockpit from spare parts, trying to get as close as possible from the incoming 75172 Rogue One's Y-Wing. After that, I removed some bricks from the Tie front part. A long Technic bar connect the both parts. It replaces the missile-launching bricks, beneath the Tie's cockpit. Then, I've rebuilt the top face of the Tie, replacing the hatch by the canopy, so one caracter can take place, as a passenger or a gunner for the Y-Wing's turret. I'm rather satisfied with my Ugly, but I think a few details could be improved. For example, the lack of landing gear (It's a recurrent issue with the original Tie-Advanded), and the turret's design, a bit too simple. Also, I wonder if I should replace the top canopy by the original hatch. What do you think ?
  4. The Star Wars expanded universe (Legends) offers a wide variety of inspiration for MOCs and MODs. Here are 2 simple MODs based on the excellent sets that are the #9492 TIE-Fighter and the #9495 Gold Leader's Y-Wing Starfighter. Take both of these sets, mix them with the rich Star Wars expanded universe, add an inch of colour, shake all along, and serve them hot. You get Uglies on the rock! Uglies by Veynom, on Flickr Uglies are un-registered spaceships assembled from scavenged parts and recycled modules of other ships. These part's origins range from battlefields, crashes, decommissioned vessels, military leftover and so on. Everything which can be reused will be reused, sometimes with luck, most of the time without. Uglies are mainly used by pirates, mercenaries and other para-miliraty organisations looking for cheap and untraceable ships. Uglies offer the advantages of being cheap to produce and are relatively easy to find on the black market. But those are the only advantages that one can find them. I have decided to build two of the most famous Uglies: the Y-TIE and the TYE-Wing. Y-TIE The Y-TIE is the improbable combination of a Y-Wing cockpit and body with the wings and ionic engines of a TIE-Ln. This model is quite common among uglies during the Galactic Empire's rule due to the numerous battles between Imperial forces and rebel fighters. The resulting surprising spacecraft is a heavy, slow, and barely manoeuvrable ship offering good resistance and impressive firepower. Y-TIE by Veynom, on Flickr Side view showing the full length of the Y-TIE and how the cockpit is exposed outside of the wings: Y-TIE by Veynom, on Flickr Top view where I simply added some details and played with colors: Y-TIE by Veynom, on Flickr Y-TIE by Veynom, on Flickr Y-TIE by Veynom, on Flickr And a back view showing that I decided to keep the flicker missile for playability purpose. (kids...) Y-TIE by Veynom, on Flickr TYE-Wing The TYE-Wing - kindly nicknamed DIE-Wing by the pilots and their mechs is the hybrid fruit between a TIE ball cockpit and Y-Wing engine pods. This very lightly armoured fighter also benefits from a very light armament. The DIE-Wing succeeds in combining the worst of bith the TIE-Ln and the Y-Wing with the added challenge of avoiding all of their advantages. This is no surprise how it came to get his nickname. TYE-Wing (DIE-Wing) by Veynom, on Flickr A few 4x4 round plates are required to correctly adjust the engine pods. Based on your available colors, you may end-up with another painting job. The sticker is there just because I could. TYE-Wing (DIE-Wing) by Veynom, on Flickr Backside: TYE-Wing (DIE-Wing) by Veynom, on Flickr Frontview: TYE-Wing (DIE-Wing) by Veynom, on Flickr During Lego fairs, these 2 Uglies complete very well my displayed collection of TIEs and rebel Wings, while offering a nice touch of colours and raising many questions. Comments welcome. ;)
  5. This is my entry for the Contest. Probably won't beat the Wild Karrde or the Howlrunner but here goes. My Entry is a Tie Ugly (Z-Cepter) Here is a link to a side picture since I can't get another upload in :P And a link to the Wookiepedia page.
  6. Seltz

    [MOC] X-11 Sageburner

  7. AYB 10, is the Hal Datta clan's classification of ugly made up of two B-Wing airfoils attached to a Y-wing cockpit by a TIE frame, and powered by a dangerously overclocked A-wing fusion reactor. The reactor feeds two relatively underpowered ion engines, upgraded from stock TIE fighter engines. The majority of the power goes to exciting the tibanna gas held in the tip-tanks, which consequently lets out an incredibly powerful blaster bolt that can penetrate every grade of armor up to that found on AT-ATs. In addition to that, it has twin proton torpedo launchers in the nose, and two high-intensity rapid lasers in the wingtips. The AYB 10s are only sent into battle when accompanied by either airspeeders or YB-3030s, depending on whether or not the battle is in-atmosphere. This particular AYB 10 belongs to a skilled Duro pilot by the name of Gleska, meaning "free-spirited sky". She lives up to that name by being the top AYB pilot in the entire Hal Datta fleet. More images>>>
  8. Seltz

    AY-L4M40 "Jacknife" Ugly

    Sold as a TYE-Wing from a Sullustan to a Duro member of the Hal Datta clan, this ship has been modified so much not even the frame is untouched. The Hal Datta clan of the planet Dondo Tissmar have reproduced the frame and basic structure of the ship, and are now using its variants as patrol craft designated AY-L4M40 Uglies. The Jacknife, however, is the original. With its upgraded sensor suite and beam cannon on the starboard nacelle and nacelle strut, this specific craft is a jack of all trades. More pictures >>>
  9. More Uglies of the Hal Datta clan, these portmanteaus are designed to operate in pairs. While the pilots have permission to modify their ships, they must retain their hyperspace capabilities, have sufficient armaments, and be able to reach a top speed of mach-5 in standard Coruscant-tier atmospheres. Their gyroscopic cockpits allow for surprising maneuverability, even without the salvaged Y-wing engines having conventional steering vanes. These ships are the backbone of the Hal Datta clan's intimidation machine. All YB-3030 pilots must wear pressure suits capable of keeping them alive in a vacuum for up to three weeks, fed via intro-vascular protein drips. Their suits are fitted with two homing/scanning devices, one in the helmet, and one in the armored breastplate. They can identify whether or not the wearer is dead, and pinpoint their exact location so long as it is between two or more homing beacons. More images >>> Crits and comments please! <3
  10. Definitely the strangest ship in the sector, UC (unconventional craft) 1-110, or "Montauk", has been referred to as a "memetic craft", or "ghost ship", only being seen or encountered after one has heard of it. It is unknown if the ship actually exists, as the myth cannot be traced back any further than two generations before hitting a dead end. It is known to appear only as a heavily modified TYE-Wing, and is extremely hostile. Most of the Montauk's front end is peppered with pneumatic cannons and blasters of every size. The main weapon of the Montauk is its ball turret, firing a multicolored beam that can penetrate even the toughest of hulls. In addition, it has an upgraded sensor cluster on the right engine. One of the many odd things about the Montauk is that it is reported to have its twin ion engines intact, and expanded. This is unusual considering most TIE Ugly jockies remove them in favor of life support systems. This ship must have a cabin empty of air. So, first MOC on Eurobricks, how'd I do? :3 More on my Flirckr Thanks for looking!