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  1. Hi yepp, im wondering about scheissse tonne as well, never heard it. Maybe hes referring to "Kackfass". Its a barrel full of poo and the methaper is used manly for old, worn used cars or machines. Dino
  2. Darth Dino

    LEGO Star Wars Pricing Discussion Thread

    Hi outing myself as an investor. Of course im an AFOL too, play with my set and the ones of my kids. Lego investing became a hobby when i realized that Lego is expensive (breaking news!) but its easy to finance your hobby. As usual, if your spend time for something and you are curious, your get better and become insider info. I dont see a problem buying the DS 10188 when close to EOL and selling it right before the next one is to arrive. Made that way 45%on rop of my investment, so basically one DS for free for a ourchase of 3. And thats exactly what i did, sold two, kept one for me and my kids. I sold for example the Gungan Sub to Malaysia, a hard to get set over there.The purcaser was pretty happy to get it from me. I simply want all Lego Star Wars set (only movie sets) but cang afford them (all). Buying the right things at the right time and selling part of it makes that happens for me. Dino
  3. Hi do you guys think the Porsche will come back? Or will it be a lmited one time thing as the 41999 was? Dino
  4. Darth Dino

    Review REVIEW: 75098 Assault on Hoth

    Hi if someone would set this set rathing (66%) in releation to the average set rating we see on sets, especially Star Wars, its the worst set of all. Honestly, we dont see set rating below 70%, whatever the rating is based of, or whoever did the review. With that background im happy about the revoew and the honest opinion of the reviewer. I. a normal world 6 66% is quiete ok or even good, for a Lego review, especially a Star Wars review, its a bad set. Bob, its a good review with lots of great pix. Its not your fault that the Bacta Tank is the highlight of that set. Ooops, there is no Bacta Tank.... Dino
  5. Darth Dino

    10253 Big Ben

    Hi when a set with over 4k pieces has a mrsp of 219€ than even the last one should realized that its NOT and NEVER about the piece count but the weight of the plastic. Big Ben will have lots of small and smallest plates and parts. I bet, if someone would weight Big Ben and the Sydney Opera both having the same/similar weight/money value. Dino
  6. Hi Jim, first, i like all of your reviews, they are made both with passion and professiknalism, So please dont be too offended. But seriously, you dont have the need to advertise your upcomming review with a frontpage post. Post it these when its done. I really dislike WIP MOCs for example, just compare it with other MOCers that just posted their work - when its done. Its dosent grant you a "first" if you have "nothing" announced. The internet is for content, conetnt is kind, addvertisements are not. As much as im looking forward to "a" revoew of that set and as much as im looking forward for "your" review of it, i dont like seeing frontpage "adds". Does that make any sense? Especially you (as honored member and mod) dont have the need for that, Dino
  7. Hi can anyone confirm if this set will be a limited edition like 41999? Both had/have these unique number/license plate. 41999 had 20.000 copies so far i know. Cananyone confirm too, if that set is the start of a (anual) series of super (cars) sets? Dino
  8. Darth Dino

    Elysée Palace

    Hi i miss the UCS Plate with sticker..... Very unusual for you, but very well done too :) Dino
  9. Darth Dino

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    Hi i m a huge Hoth fan and so i was really looking forward for that set. As previous posters worte, its sadly a bunch of medium and small sized sets without any unique feature. No, the ball canon and the power plant wont make it into that class. I believe it will be fun to huold that, with smaller kids especially, because these small builds and many steps and pauses. I alwas have a look to SW sets from the investing perspective. Since this set isnt a must buy, nothing new but expensive, not many will purchase that (unlike the Ewok Village). So, this may be an jntersting investment in a few year after EOL, since there wont be many sealed sets outside left. Dino
  10. Darth Dino

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Hi like you i have only interests in movie sets, so i fully agree with you list. But i would like to add that the Droid Escape set has one huge advangte over the old one, which i have: Javas. Javas are hard to get and have been a Sandcrawler only fig. Yes, ther are older Javas, but in recent sets a 300€ Sandrcrawler is teh only source - so far... I may buy the sandrcrawler for investment but the Droid Escape set for the Javas because: "These are the figs im looking for" Dino
  11. Darth Dino

    Chameleon [ Gold - Green ] Effect

    Hi this kind of paintjob is called "flipflop lack" in germany. Since you are from switzerland, its a good start. Its NOT a single color, its a rather complex paintjob with special light reflecting component that reflect the light in diffrent colors regarding the viewing angle, Dino
  12. Hi i totally forgot about the straight wings of Kylo Rens shuttle.Thats a bummer, I should defenitely have the ability to angle the wings. But with respect to the Lambda shuttle there would have been a strong mechanism to turn them. The wings of the Lambda seem to be a way lighter than the ones from Kylos shuttle.Maybe a technic "lock" solution with two positions would help ratjer than a geared turning, Dino
  13. Really??? And that is called and ADULT FORUM? Arent we adults enough NOT to read what we dont want to? Did i SPOILED anything? No! I wanted to compare set and movie aperance! Its about SETS. Im glad that even the most in this topic got that - except one admin. What are you going to do, if some post in a set review a movie screenshot to compare? Delete for spoiling as well?? Im so dissappointed that this is deleted and edited as well - as id i had spoiled anything. Dino
  14. "What I typed is borderline spoiler so it has been removed by an admin" Dino
  15. Darth Dino

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Hi 75139 is kinda cool. I will get the villain, his stormies without the need of high ugly looking shuttle thing. I. so glad they made this set. Dino