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  1. Test Poll 2

    Works here too, Firefox on W10.
  2. Hey, here are the pictures ! Sorry for the quality, potato phone, bad lighting and whatnot. Also don't worry, I've printed a little page to put besides your car, crediting you and listing its features.
  3. Hello, I've built this in the last few days, and it's a very nice thing ! Extremely sturdy, quite dense and heavy (in a good way), very reliable so far. I didn't have all the small red panels, so i substituted with white parts, here and there. I'll post pictures soon, as this is going to be shown next week-end at an expo in France, near Paris.
  4. Hello imurvai, I wanted to test your app with a MOC of mine, very straightforward : 2 sbricks, 1 RC motor on each for propulsion and a servo on one for direction. Works great with the official app on my phone (Galaxy S5 mini) or tablet (Galaxy Tab S). I downloaded your app but can't seem to make it work with the assortment of controllers that I have : Wiimote, WiiU Pro Controller, xbox 360 wired controller and a cheap USB snes controller. Is there a step that i'm missing ? How do I know if the controller is recognized by my phone ? Is there a way to test the inputs of the controller ?
  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Very well done indeed!
  6. Excellent review, Jim, as usual. But It needs to be said again. Such incredible work you've made. It's a shame such an impressive looking set has as huge flaws as these. Hope TLG can correct this, but I doubt It.
  7. Yep, Middle one is PP or F1 wheel, not Tumbler. Tumbler wheels are much smaller. I think you could fit PP or F1 tires on the Porsche rims, even if it's a bit narrower.
  8. Ah, I was eagerly waiting for those. Thanks a lot, Blackbird and Courbet. I'll be building this one soon.
  9. Wow Courbet, that's very cool and so soon ! Glad someone did that, I love this module !
  10. Interesting, I tried those exact changes on the ball picker as well. In the end the L-shaped liftarm didn't change anything for me though, but the 5L liftarm with axle holes did fasten the balls a little better.
  11. What ? There are thousands of parts retired since Lego exist. Look at the old bricks, old gears (pre-Technic era), or the old fingered hinges, for example.
  12. Ok, so I showed the Ball Factory at the French Brick Expo last weekend, and here's my feedback... It was a nightmare ! It woulnd't run more than 2 minutes without something breaking. Here's a sample of the problems I had : Balls get stuck in the bucket dumper, the chain on the second bucket conveyor would jam and tip buckets over, even though I reduced the size of the brick at its start to 2 plates, the ball picker would not release balls, or release them before the bucket, or stress the entire system which would jam and lose timing, the 8L axle with stop on the pusher mechanism would fall and balls wouldn't be pushed anymore, the long axle running from the bucket wheel mechanism to the ball return conveyor would disassemble near the bucket wheel, thus losing timing again. I stood for the first 4 hours behind it, and then I just stopped caring and just turn it on for a few seconds, when people seemed interested, which they were a lot, unfortunately for me. It was such a mess that in the end, I had to manually help the ball picker go left and right or It would break. Next year I'm trying other Akiyuki models, I hope they'll be a little bit more reliable.
  13. Technicopedia

    Nice update, Blackbird. Error report: the angled panel (24116) was introduced this year and not in 2015 as mentioned, if i'm not mistaken.