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  1. Thanks ! I'll be making instructions in a few weeks, or at least i'll post the LDD file if i'm not done by then.
  2. Wow, great stand, especially the minifig addon. Might think about getting this one, even though efferman's Lego version is very nice as well.
  3. Additional notes on the Bricklink page say the mold was changed during the production. I assume the newer ones (with the larger hook) are sturdier than before.
  4. Hey, thanks a lot!
  5. Hi, This is my first (real) Speed Champions MOC : the 2016 Nissan GT-R Nismo. I've presented these for the first time at the 2018 Brick en Bulles Reims expo in France, last weekend. This is a car i am very fond of, and in my opinion has been missing from the Speed Champions lineup. I've used techniques to try and get the right shape and minimize "accidents". For instance, the two slopes on the back of the cockpit are offseted by half a plate to avoid the "staircase" effect. I'll probably make instructions. There aren't many rare parts. One last family picture, can you spot the intruders ? The full article on my blog: Thanks for reading!
  6. Very nice spots ! I'm hoping to find the new sets today at my local Toys'r'us, as I need that Fiesta for parts already...
  7. Liebherr LR 11000

    Such an inspiring work ! I'm very eager to see your turntable !
  8. 2017 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Here's a pic of 2 of the boxes : You can see it's not officially Lego, even though the layout is very similar (and there are LEGO logos on the side, still). Edit : Annnd Renault just unveiled the prices for both these sets : 375€ for the Creator and 44€ for the Speed Champions...
  9. 2017 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Have you seen this ? It's not a Speed Champion Set per say, beacause it's not an official Lego Set, but it was created by a Lego Certified Professionnal for Renault. There's also a Creator-style set of the F1 car (828 parts) and an exclusive set of the RS 2027 Concept Car (375 parts). All of these sets will only be available on this Saturday (the 9th) at the Atelier Renault in Paris. I'll be there, hoping to buy each of them, but the quantities are very limited, at least for the Creator and the concept Car (100 and 40 of each). I'll keep in touch !
  10. Test Poll 2

    Works here too, Firefox on W10.
  11. Hey, here are the pictures ! Sorry for the quality, potato phone, bad lighting and whatnot. Also don't worry, I've printed a little page to put besides your car, crediting you and listing its features.
  12. Hello, I've built this in the last few days, and it's a very nice thing ! Extremely sturdy, quite dense and heavy (in a good way), very reliable so far. I didn't have all the small red panels, so i substituted with white parts, here and there. I'll post pictures soon, as this is going to be shown next week-end at an expo in France, near Paris.
  13. Hello imurvai, I wanted to test your app with a MOC of mine, very straightforward : 2 sbricks, 1 RC motor on each for propulsion and a servo on one for direction. Works great with the official app on my phone (Galaxy S5 mini) or tablet (Galaxy Tab S). I downloaded your app but can't seem to make it work with the assortment of controllers that I have : Wiimote, WiiU Pro Controller, xbox 360 wired controller and a cheap USB snes controller. Is there a step that i'm missing ? How do I know if the controller is recognized by my phone ? Is there a way to test the inputs of the controller ?