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  1. I'd advise you to look for specs on the 458 or 488, because it's definitely one of those underneath.
  2. Where did you get that perpendicular pin connector in black ?
  3. Hello, I'm in the process of modifying my design, so i'm not gonna release the LDD file quite yet. Sorry for the delay ! Thanks !
  4. bj51

    Help creating a turntable?

    Have a look at 42082, its turntable is 21L large and can support a lot with great stability.
  5. bj51

    Axle Collection Thread

    Not in between the wheels yes, but you can add one behind, from the two axles coming out.
  6. This wasn't an exhaustive list. ;)
  7. Dang, first time I hear of this and it's too late. Was there an announcement for the contest in the Town forum, where Speed Champions live ?
  8. It's a spoiler from cars in the City Theme. There's also one on the Speed Champions Chiron.
  9. No problem, I'll try to build it anyway. That is, if my current project leaves me enough spare parts...
  10. I get the basic dimensions from what I build from documentation or measurments on blueprint if the info is missing (happens a lot). Then I put all the dimensions in an excel file to get lengths to scale (in mm, studs and plates), you can do that with Sariel's tool if you like. Then, after building a base with the right dimensions (say for instance for a car, put 4 wheels on a basic frame) I try to integrate all the needed functions. And finally, it's free-form building from there to get the right shape, using many images with different angles of what I build.
  11. That's great news, as I have no BuWizzes (and don't plan on buying any, seeing what I read here between the customer support and the very poor handling of the recent contest). I have plenty of sBricks though, and absolutely love your designs. I'll give this a try, definitely, and it should be on display for Mennecy in september !
  12. Thanks ! I'll be making instructions in a few weeks, or at least i'll post the LDD file if i'm not done by then.
  13. Wow, great stand, especially the minifig addon. Might think about getting this one, even though efferman's Lego version is very nice as well.
  14. Additional notes on the Bricklink page say the mold was changed during the production. I assume the newer ones (with the larger hook) are sturdier than before.