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  1. It is indeed ingenious. I guess the reason you chose not to use double crossblocks was to prevent the slack a 3L axle would give, right? I am a bit surprised that the pivot point seems to be half a stud more inward, apparently I never really checked the geometry of the normal hubs...
  2. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Thanks for all the positive comments. The pricing certainly has spiked some discussion, so I will comment to that further down in this post, but let me first answer the other questions. I will make a video of all the functions, but it will take some time. Days are short here in the Netherlands and I have to rely on natural light for the shooting. Thanks. The AMG is finished and ready for shipment, but my client lives in Puerto Rico and as you can imagine he has other priorities at the moment. I'll post the model when I have shipped it to him, but I have no idea when this will be. I'll make photo with some reference for scale. A LEGO Technic figure is about the right scale I think. Is that a Freudian typo or do you refer to the pneumatic hoses? These hoses are tough to work with, they are so out of scale that I normally don't use pneumatics. However in these wings I could not think of another option. Thanks. If I would put this model on LEGO ideas the first thing that would happen is that I sign away the rights on this model, regardless of the number of votes. And if even the Landrover of Sheepo didn't get through the selection committee I have very little hopes that such a military plane would go through. Thanks for the advice. I'll take another look at the stand, there is indeed room for improvement. So a few words on the price. As Brunojj1 so eloquently puts it, it is up to the market to determine whether the price is right. Nobody is forced to buy this and it certainly is not a necessity of life. Most people think the price is too high and I can understand if you feel that way. For me this is also a learning experience. I have not done extensive marketresearch to see what the market is for high-end technical models (if there is such a market at all). Maybe there is nobody in the world interested. If so, I will lose on this deal and I will learn from it for my next project. And maybe there is a market. In which case I will be able to spend significantly more time on designing more models (including models without a commission). I love what I am doing when I am designing with LEGO Technic and finding a way to make a living out of it is an interesting journey and this is a step towards (or maybe not) that goal. Thanks again for all the positive and constructive comments. Part of the love of what I am doing is coming from that feedback. Jeroen
  3. Hi, It has been a while since I posted a MOC, but I have not been sitting idle. Here is my latest creation, a LEGO Technic replica of the infamous F14A Tomcat: It is as densily packed as I possibly could with features. It has seven electrified functions (driven by one M-motor), six pneumatic functions and four manual functions. Driven by one M-motor and using a manual gearbox the following functions are electrified: - The engine turbines (directly coupled to the M-motor) - The rotating Gatling gun on the port side - A small pneumatic pump - The canopy - The landing gear - The eight landing gear bay doors - The main adjustable wings (in the picture above they are in the low speed, extended position) Next to that there are six pneumatic valves controlling the following functions: - Switch between the internal small vacuum pump and the external large vacuum pump - The bleed doors in the air-intakes of the engines - The delta wings at the side of the air-intakes - The arresting hook - The front and rear flaps on the main wings - The two air brakes on the main wings and the three air brakes at the end of the fuselage The plane also features a couple of manual functions: - A knob to control the pitch of the aircraft. The rear horizontal wings and the joystick are controlled with this knob. - A knob to control the roll & jaw of the aircraft. The rear horizontal wing, the vertical control surfaces and the joystick are controlled with this knob. If the landing gear is down, the front landing gear is steered with this knob as well. A special differential control mechanism is used to combine both pitch and roll control and feed only one signal to each wing. - The nacelles that contain the turbo engines can be opened and the engines can be taken out. - A double lever to activate the ejection seats. The canopy is ejected at the same time as well. This model is available as a limited edition exclusive set on my website. Finally some fun facts: The model weighs around 4 kilograms and is just shy of 4000 parts It is 87 cm long, 101 / 66 cm wide (main wings open / swept back) and 33.5 cm high when put on its stand It has ten small pneumatic cylinders and nine shock absorbers It has 549 axles, 110 gears and 111 panels Most of the functions are color coded so that you can distinguish them during the building process Comments and questions are welcome as always. Leg godt, Jeroen Ottens
  4. 42074 - Racing Yacht

    It looks like steeringwheel is connected to the sailboom as well. So there are three ways to control the rudder and sail. That's really neat. I'm normally not so much into these midrange sets, but this is a good one!
  5. [Help] Chicken mech legs.

    These parts have a very high friction. They click through different angles and it takes some force to do that. It most likely will hold the weight of your chicken, but if you want to motorize the legs you will need a very strong mechanism to do so.
  6. And +1 for the modular construction. That is an unexpected bonus
  7. Great looking model, it looks sturdy and the steering is ingenious.
  8. [HELP] 60° degres stepper

    That is a nice stepper, but I don't understand how the gearswitching works. As far as I see the switchingknobs have 4 positions instead of the usual 3. So how do they engage the driving rings?
  9. Lego Black Aura Supercar

    Squished and out of proportions in all possible ways, but I like it . It has a chubby vibe to it and packs a lot of character. I really like the small panels in the front grille, those have definitely a BMW-esque feeling to it. I might steal that idea one day.
  10. Another great model from you The front fenders do look a bit busy with all these connectors, but I guess that is the only way to get some rigidity into the shell. I like the fact that the bodywork can be separated, it's one of the things I still have on my todo list. The red accents really work for me as well.
  11. Impressive Is there a reason you used the old crown gears? Theoretically they have a much worse efficiency than bevel gears. Of course in LEGO everything is inefficient, so maybe in practice this doesn't matter.
  12. Jim will love the catamaran , a lot of new dark azure pieces: 1x7 beam 1x9 beam 1x13 beam 3x5 half beam, quarter ellipse 3x11 curved panels #5 & #6 and something with a 3L length, like the 3x5 beam or a dogbone frame
  13. How can I find the B-models?
  14. I was curious about that part as well, but I think it is just a 1x3 half beam in blue. At the front there are two 1x2 half beams.
  15. Ropa Maus 5 Sugarbeet Loader

    Wow, that is incredible. I'm looking forward to hear more details about the functions.