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  1. [MOC]: Bridge Girder SLJ 500-18

    Thanks for the elaborate answer. I must say this is the first time I hear about the issue of bending pins causing sag. It does show that you are really on the edge of what is possible with LEGO. And so I think it is understandable that you opt to use some non-LEGO components to compensate the inherent weaknesses of LEGO. I know how frustating it can be to have a model in hand that should be able to function, but can't. And not because of sloppy engineering, but just because of the weakness of the plastic itself. So I'll keep my stones in my pocket for now
  2. Yep it does:
  3. The actual car is Magnogreen, which is close to bright green. My version is white (with a black roof).
  4. [MOC] Big ferris wheel

    That thing is much bigger than your photo suggests... , I like the octagonal carriages.
  5. Semi dump truck

    Great model. The proportions are just spot on. I really like the way you balance between functionality and aesthetics. I know that making designs look good in a small scale is even more difficult than on a larger scale, but you pulled it off beautifully.
  6. Not a commission from Mercedes unfortunately, it is from someone who wants to buy this car and wanted to have a LEGO technic version next to it. The four wheel steering gave me the most headaches in the designphase, but when it finally worked it was well worth it. So go for it and keep improving your design until you're completely satisfied.
  7. [MOC]: Bridge Girder SLJ 500-18

    Incredible creation , I have never come across this monster before, so that was interesting, but to make it out of LEGO is amazing. I am surprised it still bends so much, even with 5 5x11 plates stacked on top of each other. Prestressing it with a cable is a smart solution. Did you try other (pure LEGO) solutions as well? When the whole structure moves forward to put the bridgeelement in it's place you have to hold the sliding leg to prevent it to topple over. I assume that is needed because you drive the model with the wheels in the back and because of the friction the sliding leg is moving with the beam instead of sliding. It does have it's own motor though. Is that running at the same time to move the leg back against the beam? Or would it even be possible to use only that motor and let the wheels run freely?
  8. Trust me, the slack will kill the steeringangles. Using a linkage system is the only way to make a variable steering (and even with a linkage system the slack is a concern, especially when you want to have a somewhat realistic steering angle in the back). And I know it is possible to implement a 42054 system in a independent-suspension car I won't be able to post WIP pictures from my version since it is an exclusive commission. I can show a belly shot once it is finished though.
  9. Good to hear you have found a solution. And yes, I was also doing an AMG GT R I expect to be able to show it here in a couple of weeks.
  10. I have been following this topic with interest since I have just nearly finished my version of this car, albeit in a smaller 1:10 scale. The shifting mechanism can be made smaller for sure. Have a look at my DB11 thread, there I show another implementation of a 8D+N+R gearbox which is more compact than your solution. In my version of this car I was able to put in a standard V8 LEGO engine, a 4 speed sequential gearbox, 4 wheel steering that is dependent on the gear in which you are in and a fully detailed interior with adjustable seats. So at your scale I wouldn't compromise yet on the amount of functions you want to put in. You should have space enough to get everything in. So hang in there, redesign the gearbox and go forward again.
  11. [MOC] FTF FS-20 Roseboom heavy haulage (1:16)

    Wow, At first I thought you used Unimog tyres to work in a scale that offers the room for all these details, but then I realized that you used the standard 62.4 mm wheels... Incredible amount of detail for that scale. EDIT: My 1000th post, I thought it would be nice to post a MOC or something for my 1000th post, but this model deserved that honour
  12. Medium Size Mining Dumper

    Good progress! Very nifty linkage for the bed Is the pneumatic pump still in? Or is that now part of the nightmare?
  13. [MOC] Jaguar D-Type 1956

    Yes that is the one. And it indeed does not have an axlehole.
  14. That is a fun little drive. Great video with the bullettime shot of the jump. How did you make that? Is that a real bulettime recordingsetup with mulitple cameras?
  15. [MOC] Jaguar D-Type 1956

    Time for 3D-photos. I also have this 'issue' that my model is flattened when photographed. Maybe some of the photograph experts on this forum have some tips for this? There is this piece (and even available in LBG):