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  1. Medium Size Mining Dumper

    Keep it simple
  2. [MOC] VW XL Sport RC

    Very nice. I like how smooth the bodywork looks without felling cluttered. Well done Even the squarish wheelfenders do not distract from the overall flow of the body. I'd say this is your best blue model to date.
  3. I'm sorry I wasn't clear. I mean switch the one from the left to the right and vice versa and then mount them upside down from how you have them now. You currently have the pointy bit at the top pointing backwards, you then get the pointy bit at the bottom pointing forwards
  4. Have you considered to place the 5x7 panels in front of the rear wheels the other way around so that they conform to the angle of the door? This will leave a gap above the flex axle, but you get more room for the 3x11 panel there then.
  5. [WIP] Dino 246

    Very nice. The front reminds me of the Citroen DS though, I think it can do with a little less taper down of the hood, but maybe it is also because of the angle of the shot. The rear looks greatI especially like the top flexaxle that shapes that rear fin
  6. Ah, very clever. I should have known better
  7. Nice one. It is not RC, right? How do you operate the different motors?
  8. [MOC] Passenger Airplane (Jetliner)

    This is shaping up nicely. Scalingwise it is a bit confused between a small private jet (big chairs in the cockpit) and large jetliner (big engines below the wings). The wings are angling backwards quite steep and aren't very wide either. The crank could do with a couple of stud more away from the fuselage to give the wing more heft. The engines can move with them. You (plane's) rear end is miles better than in your previous plane. It can still improve though, as it is now does not yet have this nice continuous line of a real plane, but given the size of the plane it is a good compromise I would say Keep up the good work
  9. RC Chevrolet Corvette Z06 MOC

    Welcome to Eurobricks Good looking, but the suspension looks terribly weak. Never a good sign when you have to lift the model to show the suspension But like I said, I like the aggresive looks of this model. And to squeeze in a V8 engine in such a low hood is quite an accomplishment. The rear also improved over the first version. I'm looking forward for more models
  10. Flexaxles work fine as well. It does show how powerfull the framework was that James Jessiman developed at the end of last century.
  11. The mpd format is universal between the lego CAD SW packages (except for LDD), so that is no issue. Looking good so far, but step 76 is maybe a bit complicated still
  12. BMW vision M power

    I really like the flow of the front of the bonnet with the slanted grille and the transversal flexaxle, but moving more towards the rear it becomes a bit clunky. I am not sold on the M-colours in the sides, even though it is a very original idea. I don't know the source material, but to my knowledge the three stripes are usually very small. The headlights are awesome, but on the photo it looks like eyes looking sideways instead of forward. I guess that is distortion because of the camera distance (too close by). It might not be the most credible advice coming from me, but this model could actually become a more flowing solid by using less panels and use the flexaxles to show the lines. Still, a good model with some very good details
  13. Mclaren P1 Hypercar MOC

    Wow, what a way to enter this forum! Welcome I really like the style of your creation with the minimal use of panels and the abundance of flexaxles and connectors. You managed to find a good balance between showing the lines and keeping the internals not showing through in a distracting manner. Interesting video, but I don't know if LEGO appreciates you using their logo... Do you have a video of the gearbox and how it works when driving the car? The way you make the lines along the doors connect to the lines beside it is just brilliant, so smooth What is the travel of the suspension? The car sits so low it can't be more than half a stud it seems...
  14. I just built this set and the 42069 and I must say I enjoyed building this one more than I did building the 42069... But the thing is, I enjoyed it more because it was following a lot of rules that I learned when I worked at LEGO (a long time ago). It has almost perfect colourcoding to keep parts apart. It uses a relatively small collection of different parts. It is a very 'efficient' design in that almost every element is used for more than one purpose (as a benchmark you can look at the ratio between 2L pins and 3L pins. The more this ratio skews to 3L pins the more efficient the design is since you typically use 3L pins to connect beams in more than one direction). It is an incredible clean design for the amount of functions it has cramped into it. When going through the build I noticed that most of the beams in the gearboxsection are yellow, which I liked as a concept. Unfortunately it was not executed to maximum possible extend even within this virtual ruleset. However, is this what we (and I mean this wider than just AFOL's) really care about? Are these unwritten rules that are now obeyed really needed for customer satisfaction? The 42069 on the other hand was a continuous search for parts. My guess is that the amount of parts/parttype is a lower on this one than on the 42070. Call me crazy, but I like designs that use a few parttypes in great numbers over designs that just use whatever part is available. This is apparently one of these unwritten rules that I picked up as well at the time. And Uwe is a master in this. For us that can be frustating (look how few different bright green parts we got with the 42039 24H racer), but there is an elegance in that way of designing that I can admire from an aesthetic point of view. It is a form of minimalistic design that I can relate to. Having said all this, I also think the pricetag was wrong...
  15. I started my own LEGO Technic design company this year. I'd like to think it is pure coincidence that it coincides with the 40 year anniversary. But who knows, maybe it will become something that will grow into something worth celebrating as well