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  1. Fantastic creation. It is a worthy tribute to the great MOC's you have made over the years. I hope your family & personal troubles will be solved. Best wishes for that.
  2. Too bad about the Jeep, you were onto something with that one in this scale But if doesn't give you joy, then don't do it. I like the idea of the universal chassis and to see a 4WD/RWD/AWD in this scale is quite an achievement Keep up the good work
  3. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    Yeah, that was bothering me as well. I had an idea of how to shorten it by two studs, but that didn't work so I went back to this solution. After your comment I started thinking again and now I may have a solution anyway, so I'll give that a try. So thanks for pushing me The brakes can be seen in the first post, I'm sure you of all people can deduce the working from that . I'll post another update with the first sketches when I have them.
  4. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    After a month of silence I thought it is time to make an update. Here is a photo of the chassis as it is now: Not much has changed with respect to the digital model so the good news is that it is buildable.The bad news is that I discovered that I missed some essential gears in the gearbox so I'll have to redesign that. Even worse is that I somehow lost the digital files. So I'll have to design it all over again in LDCAD . But the biggest update is actually not visible (yet), which is that I can now proudly announce that I will start a cooperation with Marco van Overbeeke for the design of the exterior. Marco has designed already the exterior of some real life cars (like the Dendrobium). You can find more of Marco's work on his website and instagram. I am superexcited to see what we can come up with in terms of design for this model. If you are interested (and if it is allowed by the mods) I can share the sketches he will make here as well.
  5. Great model with beautiful detailing
  6. You've got some cool curves around the headlights But I am not too sure about the middle part, I can't really put my finger on it. It maybe a bit too high, or maybe it is too flat, or maybe it is because it isn't finished yet, but it feels a bit too boxy to me. I like the knee-mechanism for the adjustable rideheight. It is a good way to guide the forces of the suspension into the chassis without overloading the parts. I'm sure you can miniaturize it when you tinker longer with it.
  7. Goldfish... I'll remember that Good to see you back into action. I hope you will recover even further so that you can give us regular updates of your intrepid adventures. It has been a while since I built this one, but in my memory the base was the most difficult part to assemble. But I am a bit of a goldfish myself so don't get upset with me if more tricky parts emerge. And of course the size of the thing can become an issue as well. Have fun
  8. [WIP] The Medium Big

    The front looks really good, but it is indeed too long. I would try to shave off 1 or preferably 2 studs. You might have to compromise on the front fender... Is the suspension already compressed at the front? There doesn't seem to much space above the wheel for further travel.
  9. Large Manual Crawler Crane

    I like it. It has an old-school feel to it: But the batterybox is a bit of an eyesore, that's a shame. And a bit more colour variation also wouldn't hurt. Having said that, there is a clear progress in your models. Keep up the good work
  10. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I did, but I would not know how to make a 7+R gearbox out of this. The trick I used was that I doubled the gears of a 4 speed gearbox with that extra knob to make it a 8 speed gearbox. I used a separate D-N-R switcher to add the reverse gear.
  11. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    My bad. I shpuldn't be trying to read while driving to an airport in a jetlag state
  12. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    And the color is the same as the new driving ring extendrt
  13. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    No I am reffering to a 20T variant of the red 16T clitch gear. Unfortunately LEGO uses the word clutch for both gear types. The driving ring is right next to it, that doesn't make sense to me unless it can engage with that gear
  14. If I build a section I have the tendency to detail it out. Not entirely sure why though. Maybe because I like doing this kind of bodysculpting. But every now and then I find out that the section may look good in itself, but that it has lost connection to the overall proportions (too low, too high, too wide, too curved, too flat, too... well, you get the idea). I then have to take such a section apart and start again. Which is a decision that has it's own natural resistance. It can take days before I can commit myself to take it apart and start over again, basically throwing away hours of development. Hence my feeling (in hindsight) that I maybe should first sketch out the proportions, before investing into the details... But your approach also makes sense. It is just that in my commissioned work I typically have only one style, so that decision I don't have to make