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  1. [MOC/WIP] Small 4-axle mobile crane

    Interesting and good that you found a compact solution. One question though: Why don't you use the 7L gear rack with 12T gears? Adding a beam above it (oriented sideways so that the curved edge acts as a natural guidance for the 7L rack when it is extending) should then be enough to limit the tilt of the outrigger... Or do you need the space above the 8T gears?
  2. The rear suspension looks great, but it is a bit flimsy... It is only the friction on the stud of the jumperplates that prevents the whole assy from rotating, right? I do love that slight taper in the grey beams
  3. 42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I would bet on a cage structure inside. Why would they use the 2L bar with balljoint otherwise?
  4. [WIP] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Thanks for all the positive comments everyone , I really appreciate that. For now I am thinking 4 stage telescopic. And yes the Y-arms will be on there as well The speed of raising the boom is indeed really, really slow. It takes about 3 minutes to fully extend the cylinders. I tried to gear it down to get enough power to lift the boom, which is going to be very heavy. But it can well be that even this much downgearing is not enough to get it going (the first few degrees are the hardest). If it turns out I can't get it to move the first part I can gear it up a bit and compromise on the boom lifting capacity.
  5. [WIP] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Thx. I wasn't planning on adding more body, but maybe I should reconsider. You mean in the triangular areas?
  6. [WIP] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Hi, Time for another update. This time it is the superstructure: It is packed with functions, all RC, 13 in total. 12 are actual functions organized in 4 groups of 3 functions each and one is the switching between the groups of functions. I use 4 motors in the carrier, 2 L-motors and 1 XL motor for the functions and 1 M-motor for switching between the groups. Together with the 4 motors of the carrier this gives a total of 8 motors, which means that it is possible to use 4 remotes and control everything with this one ├╝berremote (in practice I use only two remotes, I simply switch channels when going from carrier control to superstructure control. Here is an overview of the function groups: Group 1 Yellow: Rotating the arm of the cabin Black: Raising and lowering the cabin Red: Tilting the cabin Group 2 Yellow: Winch 1 Black: Winch 2 Red: Boom function 1 (which will be extending the boom. This way it is possible to extend the boom and wind down the winches at the same time) Group 3 Yellow: Boom function 2 Black: Boom function 3 Red: Rotate the superstructure Group 4 Yellow: Boom function 4 Black: Raising and lowering the counterweight Red: Raising and lowering the boom As you can see there are 4 functions going into the boom. Since the load on the pivotpoint of the boom will be massive I made sure that the gears that transfer these functions to the boom are not loadbearing. Here is a close-up shot of the area where the boom will be connected: The four red clutchgears at the top are the ones that will connect to a similar set of gears in the boom. This construction will also make it fairly easy to dismount the boom. It will be a simple matter of pulling out four axles and then the boom is loose. Here is a video to showcase all functions (or at least the ones that are in the superstructure itself): And finally a shot of the superstructure mounted on the carrier: Comments and questions are welcome as always, Leg godt, Jeroen
  7. 42081 - Volvo Autonomous Loader

    In one of the images on Brother Bricks you can see a second large LA at the rear bottom. It looks to be directly coupled to the lowest 12T gear in the middle of the body: From a function perspective it looks quite simple. All linear actuators look to be driven (alomst) directly from 12T gears... Just wondering what the gearrack function is for. I guess it is driven with the gear at the back of the body (which is again a direct coupling between the gear and the actuator...)
  8. What don't you like about the rearaxle? BTW I love the use of the F1 nose as the center console
  9. Nice clean lines with a good set of functions. For me the fuselage is a bit too straight and boxy to make it a believable jet though. A two-inlet, single engine jet usually tapers towards the single engine I think. And I would make part of the vertical fin fixed and part of it moveable.
  10. Grum's Shed

    Congratulations! It was again a pleasure to follow your build. I hope to see more of your ramblings in the time to come.
  11. It looks brilliant! Such clean lines, wonderful. It looks still pretty rigid as well, is it?
  12. [WIP] New Supercar

    What gearbox did you implement? Is this the 4+N+R?
  13. [WIP] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    It switches three functions at the same time (just like the 8043). In the position it is now the motors drive the three outrigger functions (spread, extend, lower). When switched to the other side the motors drive the drivetrain (drive, steering, switch steering mode). In total the carrier has four motors, three for the functions and one to switch between the functions.
  14. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    Keeping the proportions will be a challenge indeed, but I think there will be just enough space under the bonnet for the engine in it's current position. If you look closely in the sideview sketch you can see that the engine was sitting quite a bit below the bonnet, so a stud higher should be possible. The choice for dark azure will haunt me for some time I am sure... However I am not going to use third party hoses. If needed I might use black or silver flexaxles to shape the body more. "Graenser skaeber kreativitat" I learned at LEGO. "Constraining yourself forces creativity", so I hope I will find an interesting solution for this lack of flexaxles
  15. [WIP] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Those black gears are part of the drivetrain that pushes the outriggers outwards into the X-shape. I think that function is at a decent speed. (and no, it is not possible, there is a 16T gear below it at a 1 stud offset. That would have to change to a 20T gear, but then it would mesh two 16T gears at the same time). I used the colourcoding also on the gears (where possible). So the black function (spreading the outriggers) uses the black 20T gears, whereas extending the outriggers (yellow function) uses tan 20T gears and the extending of the feet (red function) also uses the tan 20T gears. It is the 8T gear to worm gear that is making the extension of the feet really slow. But I don't know how to get rid of that one, since the space is very limited there because the superstructure will be right above it. But thanks for thinking along.