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  1. Jeroen Ottens

    [WIP] Hennessey Venom F5

    Actually there is a 7x11 frame below the 3x13 panels. That frame is connected to the backplane with 11.5 double bent liftarms. I use this element to connect the 9L links with: This fits inside a normal friction pin (at least until this year it did). So the 3x13 panels are mounted with friction pins. The roof with the links is definitely stiffer in bending than without the links, it is only in torsion (around any axis) that the links offer no added stiffness at all. As for the 3x11 frame in the center: yes I have thought of it (I even started with that despite the annoying asymmetry of it), but one I had the dashboard in place I realized, that even if I would route an axle through, there would be no space behind the dash to do anything useful with that axle (although I now realize that I could use it for rideheight adjustment on both axles... hmm...). The 5x7 frames were my very first idea, but they are so oversized that that idea was very quickly abandoned.
  2. Jeroen Ottens

    [WIP] Hennessey Venom F5

    Thanks guys. Modularity is on the wishlist. I was about to write that the front suspension would be difficult to build as a separate unit, but I just realized a way to do that anyway . So thanks for the nudge in that direction Colourscheme will be lime on the outside, black and white in the interior and maybe some red accents. Functions will be pretty standard: - independent suspension - steering via steeringwheel (maybe also removeable HoG) - sequential gearbox (operated through a lever or knob in the back) - butterfly doors (manual, hopefully with a springloaded mechanism inside the door) Bonus function would be ride height adjustment This design will be more than usual focused on replicating the shapes and structures on the inside of the bodywork. One of the downsides of that is that it is virtually impossible to route an axle from front to back. The central column of the monocoque is so thin that even a single axle is difficult.
  3. Hi, I'd like to present my first steps in the design of a 1:8 scale replica of the Hennessey Venom F5. This time I've started with the carban fiber chassis: The plan is to try to stick to the original structure as much as possible. As is often the case I found that by following the original structure the LEGO equivalent is also stiff and sturdy. The combination of panels and frames make such stiff boxes that even the loss of the torsional strength of the A-pillars is not a problem. The front wheels are really close to the front of this chassis, so the wheel wells are functional. They are a bit deeper than the real counterpart because of the ridiculous width of the LEGO wheels (then on the other hand, the steering angle in the LEGO model is probably a bit smaller than in the real car). The dashboard is already detailed as well. With two big screens, and the double ventilators in the middle. I plan on using this part for the steeringwheel: I even made a short video to show it from all sides : Comments, critique and questions are appreciated as always
  4. Jeroen Ottens

    [MOC] Koenigsegg Jesko

    Another great Koeningsegg from your hand . The body work is smooth (if I nitpick maybe a bit on the cluttered side), it looks solid and sturdy and it has an interesting gearbox concept. Great model
  5. Jeroen Ottens

    8868 Air Claw Redux

    This looks really good. It was the model that brought me back from the dark ages, so I have fond memories about it. What is the part count compared to the original?
  6. Jeroen Ottens

    MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

    Quite impressive that such a big plane can stand on it's own landinggear
  7. Jeroen Ottens

    [MOC] Mercedes AMG GT Black Series

    Very nice for a first MOC. For me the highlight is the front grille area. It really has the roundness that the real car has in my opinion. The tilted arch is creative, but distracting. I am also not so sure what the small panels behind the doors are doing there.
  8. Jeroen Ottens

    [WIP] Ionos Sports Sedan

    Interesting build that I followed since the first post. Looking good so far. Have you considered swapping the 5x7 panel in front of the rearwheel the other way round so that the angled side is at the front?
  9. That is a very capable walker . Stable, steerable and good over rough terrain, I had expected a controller, but it is pure mechanics
  10. Jeroen Ottens

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    Much better indeed. For the shoulder you can maybe use system tiles? Or vertically oriented stacked beams at half a stud offset.
  11. Jeroen Ottens

    [WIP] UAZ 3151

    To jump straight in: First I would add the fenders. They are a big part of the look. Put the two headlights closer together Get rid of the vertical grille, but use horizontal beams instead. The grille can be made with either fence pieces (although that is difficult due to the one brick height) or use black beams (possibly with a sticker) The characteristic 'shoulder' in the bodywork should be there over the whole length of the car. It looks like the bonnet is slightly tapered, the long 3x11 panels that you already use can be used to show that taper. The bonnet also has a bit of curvature when looked from the front. I would ignore that (like you did now as well). That is nearly impossible to recreate. I hope this helps.
  12. Jeroen Ottens

    MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

    That is a good looking plane knowing what you crammed inside that fuselage . It is also impressive that it can stand on it's own landinggear, that is not trivial with planes this size...
  13. Jeroen Ottens

    Help Me Save Power Functions!

    They just released a free programmable app. The PoweredUp app now has the MindStorms like programming interface
  14. Jeroen Ottens


    Actually LEGO does have a concept of purism. It is called ‘the system’. Any new part that is added has to be vetted and approved by the LEGO parts system committee. I had a big discussion at the time about adding a 45 degree brace to a new brick (two 1x4 technic bricks that are perpendicular to each other). It was a deviation of the squareness that defined most of the bricks up until that moment. The funny thing was that in the end the part was approved, but I didn’t need it on my model. Later I found it was used in other models made by other designers. Which shows that in the end this part actually was indeed generic enough I think. There is certain logic to the parts in the way they are designed (like thin liftarms with axleholes will have the axleholes at the endpoints). That logic only very slowly changes, it is just applied to new parts every year.
  15. Jeroen Ottens

    Liebherr LTM 1250-5.1 with crab steering

    You have a very high standard! I have been thinking about a similar setup for the steeringmodes, but I thought the long beam would not be stiff enough to give proper steeringangles for all axles... Did you do something special to reinforce it? For the rest it is a masterpiece