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  1. Jeroen Ottens

    [WIP] Koenigsegg Jesko

    I'll be following this build with interest. From the pictures on Flickr I think I see you only use one side of the gear selector ring, right? It is an easy solution to have at all times maximum only one gear engaged, but have you thought of a gearbox design whereby you can actually use both sides of the gear selector ring? I've always thought it should be possible to do that with some sort of adder/subtractor mechanism between the front and back gears, but I never figured out how. It would save 5 cilinders, 5 switches and 5 servos I guess. Or did I misinterpret the photos and do you actually use both ends already?
  2. Jeroen Ottens

    [WIP] Datsun 240Z

    This is shaping up to quite an interesting challenge. Using that many system parts at this scale will be a challenge for the suspension though. My advice would be to try to do as much as possible with Technic panels (and flexaxles). They are much lighter than brickbuild surfaces and curves. BTW I love that front suspension, I hope it is stiff enough, both in structure and in spring.
  3. Jeroen Ottens

    Gears-efficient gearbox

    Yes they would, but if you combine this with the idea of making a 8 speed gearbox you can maybe use the other side to engage when this side is at the 'wrong' gear? I haven't tried to think it through, but there is something like half of the settings are not used on either side. BTW: A very original and smart idea to begin with!
  4. Jeroen Ottens

    large scale telescopic crane

    Very interesting solution. You can reduce friction by adding small wheels to the front (bottom) and back (top and bottom) of each section. You'll have to puzzle a bit with the various wheels & tires that LEGO offers, but it is possible to find a combination that will put the edge of the wheel just a bit higher than the beam. Since the beams are not exactly one stud high, but a bit less, you can make the whole section run on wheels without the beams touching the beams above or below them. The wheel in the front has to guide the next smaller section, the ones in the back are for guiding the section itself. You mention that you want to double the sections in length. Without any sides on the sections you basically have the bending strength of only the beams in the top and bottom layer. With sides you get a much, much stiffer section. But who knows, maybe that is overkill anyways. I would recommend to test it though, bending stiffness goes with the third power of the length, so a double as long section will be 8 times less stiff... And allthough I love the use of panels for their stiffness, those pesky holes in them are 1 stud deep and therefor stick out just a few tenth of a millimeter. You have to take care how you slide your sections along those holes to prevent them getting stuck. Finally I can imagine that those new 7x11 frames could be put to good use here as the endpoints of some of the sections. They will provide a nice and stiff base for the rest of the section (and maybe you can use a 5x7 frame in the back as well? Keep up the good work.
  5. Jeroen Ottens

    large scale telescopic crane

    It sounds really interesting, but I'd also like to see some pics. With a cross-section of 7x11 I wonder how you managed to get 6 sections inside. With normal 1 stud thick walls, you can only get 4 sections at best (with the last section being 1 stud wide). So I assume you have a different kind of wall structure?
  6. Great model! I'm impressed that you managed to get an 8 speed in there. I'm intrigued by the pullrod suspension in the back. Care to elaborate on that? Have you considered using darker shades of red and/or yellow? I did consider building a F1 car in Red Bull livery as well and I thought the yellow is a bit too bright.
  7. Jeroen Ottens

    Advice needed, MOC car

    On the original car there seems to be very little angle on the stripe. I would go with the solution of adding a little rake to the car like you suggested as your last solution.
  8. Interesting article, but they missed another obvious geometrical feature of the holes: Some holes are actually at the position of the pythogarian triangles with the square corner of the triangle in the center of the circle. They use the 6x8x10 triangle in two orientations. This gives the following coordinates that are all perfectly on the circle: (0,10) (6,8) (the hole next to the middle crosshole) (8,6) (the other hole next to the middle crosshole) (10,0) And then you can also mount the circle 45 degrees rotated (hence the crosshole in the center), which gives another 2 extra holes that fit in this rotated pythagoras triangle (the holes next to the outer crossholes to be precise) The middle crosshole is close to the (7,7) coordinate, but it is just off sqrt(2)/2*10 = 7.1 studs.
  9. Jeroen Ottens

    MOC Container Truck with Cable-System

    Fantastic job! It looks like a set LEGO would release themselves.
  10. Incredible model with so many functions at this scale You've captured the lines very well given the scale. At some areas it looks a little cluttered, but again, that is mostly due to scale. I do concur with @Zerobricks that the engine powertrain looks a bit complicated, but that is really nitpicking. Great model
  11. Jeroen Ottens

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    I couldn't have phrased it better myself. @Speedlabdan: you can contact me directly on my website if you want (you can't send me personal messages here on Eurobricks until you have made 10 posts)
  12. Jeroen Ottens

    [WIP] 2019 Formula 1 car (help wanted)

    It doesn't change the stiffness indeed, but it does increase the pre-tension of the spring. That way it will take more force before the spring starts to compress.
  13. Jeroen Ottens

    [MOC] Reform Muli T10X

    Wow That is packed with functions while maintaining the light look in that chassis. Very impressive how simple & clean everything looks.
  14. Jeroen Ottens

    [WIP] 2019 Formula 1 car (help wanted)

    This is all about geometry. If you want to have a stiffer suspension with the same travel on the wheels you'll have to make sure that the springs are compressed more with the same limited travel. One way to do that is by making the lever that connects to the springs longer, or make the lever that connects to 9L link with balljoints shorter. Your current setup has a 2L length (it's a 3L beam with crossholes, but center to center that is 2L long) lever towards the spring and a 2L length towards the links. That gives you a 1:1 ratio between movement of the 9L link and the spring. The spring can move 1.5 studs, so the link also can move 1.5 studs. If you would make the lever to the link only 1 stud long a 0.75 stud movement of the 9L link gives you a 1.5 stud travel of the spring. So you'd get a 2x stiffer suspension. Obviously you can also increase the length of the lever to the spring to get the same effect, but that will require a wider body. To get the same 2x stiffness your 3L beam will have to grow to a 5L beam, making the body 10L wide (or figure out a way to have these links crossing each other) In your setup the 9L link is almost horizontal. As a result the vertical movement of the wheel is translated only into a small horizontal movement of the link. So another way of improving the setup is by angling the link more upwards, than you also get a better ratio between the vertical movement of the wheel and the horizontal movement of the link. But I guess that was the kind of look you wanted to try to avoid. You can also make a more elaborate linkage system in the body of the car that amplifies the movement of the lever that would normally go the spring, but I wouldn't advice that, since it will introduce a lot of play in the system. I hope I explained it well
  15. Wow That is a fabulous looking car! I love the headlights, the front airintakes at the sides, the smooth paneling, the red details in the suspension and the functionality. One question, in the HoG version, will the doors and clamshelf-tops be opened manually or electrically? The only thing I am not sure about is the red dash. But I guess that can be changed to white or something if wanted, right? Brilliant model!