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  1. Jeroen Ottens

    Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

    Looking very promising indeed
  2. MOC’s are copyrighted by default. MOC builders rarely enforce their copyright.
  3. Jeroen Ottens

    [MOC] The Universal LEGO Sorting Machine

    This is absolutely amazing! I never thought it would be possible to make something like this, but it does an amazing job.
  4. Very clever, I love it . It looks so natural!
  5. Jeroen Ottens

    Need Help Replicating Historic Engine System

    Technic cam, part 6575 is that what you are looking for?
  6. Jeroen Ottens

    The blue brothers

    I'm afraid not. Both the 7L flexaxles, the 3x11 tapered panels and the 3x4x5 panels are not available in orange. And I fear there might be some systemparts that are unavailable as well. Dark Azure is also not possible because of the same panels. And the fenderpieces make all other colours impossible too.
  7. Jeroen Ottens

    The blue brothers

    There is no gear indicator, but forward is Reverse.
  8. Jeroen Ottens

    The blue brothers

    Glad you like the roof. It is a tricky mechanism, but in the end it is worth the effort, right? Thanks for pointing out the mistakes in the instructions, I'll ask Ivan to update them. The chair can be positioned more backwards so that the 24T gear is located under the armrest (i think moving it back 2 studs from where you have it now, the back of the chair is then really tight to the panel behind it). I'll see if we can get a cleaner shot on how to mount them. And another shot from Il Toro Azzurro:
  9. Jeroen Ottens

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Return of light azure in the stunt truck bike thing???
  10. I like it. A lot. Pure, simple, honest, packed with functions, LEGO Technic model. Any idea why we have 3 control knobs on the superstructure? Of which two are ratcheted? One is for the LA-XL, one is for the rope. But what is the third for? Also for the rope? It is at the same position (but just at the other side), but since both these knobs have a red ratchet mechanism it would require three hands to operate. For rotation of the superstructure? That also doesn't seem logically since it is not a nice way to operate rotation, plus, why would it need a ratchet? Cabin tilt? Again, why a ratchet? And why not on the box...
  11. Jeroen Ottens

    [MOC] SUV Racer Mk II

    I’m not much into the fast RC-model scene I’m afraid, but I just love that smooth and tidy bodywork
  12. Jeroen Ottens

    COPPA and Technic Youtube creators

    Nope, I also read it that if you put up a video that you say is not targeted to kids, but YT decides it is targeted for kids anyhow, than you can be fined. Where can you see that?
  13. Jeroen Ottens

    COPPA and Technic Youtube creators

    I face the same question. I am afraid that the Google algorithms will automatically tag anything with LEGO in the video as aimed for kids, no matter how complex or big the build is. If I look at the stuff my kids watch, LEGO-related videos are even the most kid-related videos TBH. Stuff like how to make your own sword out of iron ore is strangely popular with them as well... So if the boundary is going to be drawn somewhere there than LEGO related stuff will definitely fall within the 'targeted for kids' arena I would expect. @Lipko: It is not that simple I am afraid. YouTube threatens with penalties if you mislabel your videos. For me it is not clear what the consequences are when you do label your videos as targeted for kids. What will change?
  14. Jeroen Ottens

    The blue brothers

    , and thanks man The movements are a replica of the real thing: - The decklid moves backwards, then upwards and tilts open - The roof comes up and folds open with the tailends sticking upwards - The decklid comes down again, slides forward and moves down a little to close flush with the surface - The tailends of the roof tilt down I think that in the real car three motors are used instead of two. The tailends of the roof are motorized separately I think. The decklid has some more complicated 4-link mechanism to achieve the movements than I use. But other than that it is pretty similar .