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  1. Well the Hot Rod in Holodocs post is also more 4 or 5 than 6 wide I think...
  2. Very well said! And yes allowing movie cars is very good since I immediately started to build without even thinking about the "real car" rule. Also on a side note I already know this car will be a pain in the ... but ... it should be a challenge.
  3. Billund 2018 trading post

    Yes of course! One set in red reserved for you L@go
  4. Woho finally something to build again! Now I just need to be very creative since I actually never build a speed champion car... a very good challenge
  5. Billund 2018 trading post

    So many people find their Darth Revan! Looks like your search is finally over after all these years! One set each (red and yellow) is reserved for you
  6. Billund 2018 trading post

    I am very sorry that it is so complicated but I had a hard time writing that down since it is indeed confusing... But 32 is absolutely too much! Even tho there are people on ebay selling a set of 4 in red for 30€... For one set of red and yellow, so 8 2×4 Bricks in total, it would be 7€ haha I see you are a good salesman! Also I will look for this Darth Revan again... it can not be that I don't find it anymore...
  7. Billund 2018 trading post

    Ah this nice post again! It is getting close to the event then. My offers: (Prices are Bricklink average -10%) 80 € - Never opened (with price tag sticker on slightly damaged box) 40 € - Never opened (with price tag sticker on box) --> available 2 times 25 € - Never opened (with price tag sticker on box) 70 € - Never opened (Box slightly damaged) Also a good number of 2x4 Bayer Bricks (these are test bricks with 7 studs without Logo and one stud with A,B,C or D on top - undersite says "Pat Pend" --> ABCD is the scale of clutch power). I have 25 Red and 11 Yellow, and also 38 in a non existing colour (something between Bright Light Orange and Dark Orange - I could provide a picture if needed) There are 2 complete yellow sets of 4 of each A/B/C/D and then (2 with B) and (1 with D) There are 5 complete red sets of 4 each A/B/C/D and then (2 with A) and (1 with B) and (2 with C) There are 5 complete strange orange sets of 4 each A/B/C/D and then (11 with A) and (4 with B) and (3 with D) Sadly these special Bricks are pretty sought after so prices are high... these are used and some dirty so I would not take as much as you find on ebay. I would take: for all the yellow ones 8 € (one full Set 4 € each) [1 full set left] (one reserved for Holodoc) for all the red ones 15 € (one full set 3 € each) [3 full sets left] (one reserved for Holodoc and one for L@go) for all the strange orange ones 80 € (one full set 10 € each) [5 full sets left]
  8. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Program

    Ahhh true haha I really need to train for this Jim! Maybe I start with on blind eye first
  9. Jim, this was a fantastic read! So many really good questions and I am impressed how freely he was able to answer. Normally the designers are very conservative in answering. But then I can totally imagine you and Kitty beeing the nice people you are creating a relaxed atmosphere that was surely helping. Also very impressive amount of text! I know how much effort it is to transcribe that much so thank you for doing all the work.
  10. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Program

    That is a very good question!
  11. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    This will be the way I'll put it. It fits the height nicely and the tower of DD still sticks out a bit. Plus I have nothing at this side of BB yet
  12. [mod] A more streamlined Diner

    Wow, the one in the original height looks so good. I will for sure see if I can manage to mod it in a similar way too.
  13. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    This video is sadly not at all convincing me to buy the set. It is nice that they tell people inspiring details of being a Lego designer but I learned nearly nothing about Downtown Diner
  14. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Yay! In the end the tension was getting me this time again! I loved all the builds and am excited to check out the winners of tomorrow. Wish you all a merry christmas
  15. Thank you so much for handling this! Turns out to be more stressful than expected...