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  1. Günzburg 2017 event - the photos

    Wow Holodoc! This was the perfect review of such an awesome event. I had some good laughs seeing all the fun again. I am already looking forward to next year in Billund
  2. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I totally agree. I need a lot of them! Really too bad tho that there seems to be no more of these in the other Ninjago sets...
  3. Günzburg 2017 event - the photos

    Hahaha I did not see that one!
  4. Günzburg 2017 event - the photos

    Beautiful pictures Holodoc! (I also love the rat spitting sequence ) It was such an amazing event once again! I will post a few pics too now.
  5. Thank you! I will write you if there shoud be a delay in anyway.
  6. Event countdown 2017

    Congrats Cecilie! that is a well deserved win.
  7. Event countdown 2017

    Ahhh well... I had my chance.
  8. Tomorrow already (so today when i write this)? So wait, when is the first day? Wasn't it wednesday travel day and thursday first day? I am somewhat confused now...
  9. I am taking the train from Ulm so that is the other direction but I checked and if Mike and Peppermint are catching the train at 16.51 at the munich airport they would arrive at 18:46. So 5 min after me. If they have to take the train after that it would be the 17:44 train that would arrive at 19:46 if I got that right.
  10. Hey Dfenz! Does your offer still stands? I will arrive by train at 18:41 at the Günzburg Train station. And I just saw that with the bus it is still 22 min to walk. Soooo if you could pick me up I would be more than happy! Also I could wait there of course if more people would arrive at the train station around that time so that we fill up the car... Also are there any dinner plans for wednesday evening? I know I will be hungry at least
  11. Event countdown 2017

    I will try my best. Maybe I should consider staying up all night and make it 24 hours refreshing the forum (or maybe I sleep too long again like I did today )
  12. Event countdown 2017

    Ahh you are finally back in the game! (my subscription did not send me an email... too bad!)
  13. Event countdown 2017

    Well I would say this is always a good skill to have but the race for the win is over I guess. 3 points open is not enough. But this also makes me realise that it is only 4 days left!
  14. Event countdown 2017

    that happens when I try to write Lego setnumbers down just from my mind. Haha I guess I should train this!
  15. Event countdown 2017

    Ohhh you are too good. I did edit it tho guess I was too slow with it...