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  1. Sadly not but I hang out with the people that know how to. My job is to archive them.
  2. Ok, since everyone is posting it in here I will also do that too. The name of my town is Ravensburg
  3. Yeah! Great! I am happy you have fun and I am already excited to learn more about all the towns!
  4. Skalldyr

    Günzburg 2019 trading post

    I can get 70822 Unikitty's Sweetest Friends Ever! 7,99€ 70841 Benny's Space Squad for 7,99€ 70824 Introducing Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi for 14,99€ at Kaufland if someone is interested.
  5. Skalldyr

    Günzburg 2019 trading post

    Hahaha sorry my bad. But after asking I got it for 9,99€ so all good and no need anymore.
  6. Skalldyr

    Günzburg 2019 trading post

    Sadly my Rossmann has it for 14,99€ If you can get one for 8,99€ I would take one.
  7. That was my thought too... I know that there are lockers at the central station. 24h for 3-5€. It will be included in the train ticket I think. That is how it was last time.
  8. I hope there will be some Mustangs left. Would be a nice price with the discount. I think going by train is also not really that expansive with 10€. (Gas and Parking will also add up I guess) And then we can have fun in the train! I like these Options! Englischer Garten is really nice with good weather. Same for Viktualienmarkt. Flea Market would be maybe nice to hunt for some LEGO And I have never been at BMW World but I have heard that it is amazing!
  9. I actually think they look very pretty. But I see your point
  10. I finished one third of mine; then came carneval and I was too drunk to build... Good there is still some weekends left
  11. Waaaait a moment! I share my city with ca. 49.999 other people
  12. Yes they do. On sunday for 19€ and it will take 2 hours from Günzburg to Munich Airport with just one change of train.
  13. It's up! So I would say happy building everybody
  14. Hey there lovely Eventees! 6 weeks until we will see each other in the beautiful south of Germany and it is time for a event building challenge! This year it will be: Build your own town in style of the LEGO Architecture Skyline Series. So get creative and show us what your surroundings have to offer. That way we also learn even more about each other. The rules should be easy (if you have questions just ask) and as following: Use LEGO to build a skyline in style of the LEGO Architecture Skylines. Use some nice buildings or interesting sight seeing spots of the town you live in. (If it would be suuuper small and there is a bigger town near by I guess it would be fine to use that town. But e.g. don't build the skyline of Copenhagen if you would live in Billund) Keep it in roughly the same size as the models form LEGO. A nice paper print out with some informations about the skyline would be nice too. Have fun! The event-set we got on our last visit to Günzburg in 2017 would be a nice example: See you soon and happy building
  15. Great! Thank you that should be good for us all then!