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  1. @Vaionaut is an expert with, even creating parts from scratch. Would love to attend a workshop by him, nudge nudge I know my way around it fairly well but I'm by no means the expert that Johannes is.
  2. Just for the sake of a complete record: I'll be staying in my personal bedroom. Its a bit of a walk to Lalandia but hey, nothing beats your own bed
  3. Frankly, you are being quite harsh, Stefan, and are stating things that aren't true. There still are plenty of ways to receive support for events just like ours through activity support requests via Eurobrick's ambassador through the LAN. Thats how my own LUG RogueBricks has been doing it for years and it works very well. Following the procedures will still provide the event with sets for prizes and potentially bricks for an event set, if using a project support request, if not more. Sure, that won't replace a visit to the p-shop or the factory but I guess LEGO has to treat every community or RLUG fairly and the same way so I presume thats why this program has been created. And regarding designer meetings I presume between all of us we know quite a few by now, no? I feel the negativity in your post is a bit unjust but I totally support your proactive call-out for shaping a new and different program. I'm certainly happy to help with anything, feel free to get in touch. Regarding activities I like Peppy's suggestion of a treasure hunt and being the local I guess I could be convinced to cook something up, possibly with Mr. Brickthing or one of the other usual suspects. There's a recent addition to the town in the Teddy Bear Art Museum which might be of interest to some, Minigolf in Lalandia has always been fun, and with a few good old games and contests (transparent madness anyone) I'm sure we can kill almost a day between us, no? Whatever the program ends up being I'm certainly looking forward to it!
  4. Considering I moved earlier this year and the distance to the LEGOLAND Holiday Village has doubled as a result I had to think hard... ...but yes, I'm still willing to make my way across town! Looking forward to seeing all of you again! My mom would have loved to attend as well but sadly she's vacationing elsewhere the same weekend.
  5. Myself, @Cecilie, @ace and @Ryushi will be in Chicago attending Brickworld as per usual. Having done Windsor once before I'm actually okay with missing out :) Enjoy the event everyone! Best Markus
  6. Rolli

    Event countdown 2018

    I'd like to award Holodoc 100 points for this answer. He's outdoing ALL of you
  7. Rolli

    Billund 2018 trading post

    Maybe a long shot but does anyone have (functioning) micro motors they don't need? Potentially with cables?
  8. Rolli

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Program

    As @WhiteFang pointed out I'll be there!
  9. Rolli

    Billund 2018 trading post

    We can talk about it, so far no one had any interest in the figures. PM me what you have in mind. DJ & FO General are yours. Oh, perfect, thank you! Haven't seen the first one in a while so I doubt it but to be perfectly honest I never really paid attention to that set. Airports were still available two weeks ago though :)
  10. Rolli

    Billund 2018 trading post

    Will put them aside for you, thanks! Also thanks for checking :)
  11. Rolli

    Billund 2018 trading post

    As promised I had a look and found the following things I can part with :) Numbers are indicated for the ones I have multiples of. Links go to Bricklink. Minifigures: From left to right: Batman – Classic TV Series [x1]; Robin – Classic TV Series [x1]; – The Riddler – Classic TV Series [x1]; The Penguin – Classic TV Series [x1]; Luke Skywalker (Celebration) – White Pupils [x3]; Han Solo (Celebration) [x2]; Darth Vader (Celebration) [x3]; Harry Potter, Yule Ball Vest and Bow Tie [x4]; Harry Potter, Black Long Coat and Vest, Dark Red Shirt and Tie [x3]. Pirates of the Caribbean Zombie Shark [x2] Minifigures from 850839 Classic Pirate Set [x20+] All minifigures from 10236 Ewok Village without accessories (plus additional Scout Trooper & Storm Trooper that are not shown on the picture) Complete series of Batman Movie 1 CMFs (opened, in transparent bags) Also: I have spares of Series 6, Series 15, Monster, Ninjago Movie as well as German DFB Team CMFs. If you're looking for specific ones, feel free to ask :) ----- Polybags: [x6] [x4] [x5] [x1] [x4] [x1] [x1] [x1] [x2] [x1] ----- Sets: [x1] [x3] [x2] [x1] [x2] [x1] (all MISB, Harry Potter set has a small price tag on the bottom) ----- And finally an oddity: This is an exclusive set that LEGOLAND gave out to Ambassador Pass holders. Its packaged in a gray LL bag and is essentially just the loose parts and an instruction. Never opened. The prices on BL for this are kinda crazy so just make me an offer. ----- Price-wise I guess BL Average -20% works out quite well? But honestly just make me an offer, I'd be more than happy to see these things leave my storage :) I also have quite a few rare minifig parts (Hoth Leia torsos, Rohan shields, etc.) that I'll bring to the event to swap there.
  12. Rolli

    Billund 2018 trading post

    Year of the Dog sets are currently available in the store we don’t talk about :) // @Bfenz
  13. I have a feeling that almost none of us would consider building cars their forte so... Please, join us in suffering! Although allowing movie cars makes this a bit more interesting
  14. Rolli

    Billund 2018 trading post

    If anybody happens to have any of the following polybags I'd gladly take them off your hands: Dr. Wu Polybag Electro Polybag Radio DJ Robot 30606 Nightwing Silver Centurion Polybag Except for Wu the figures on their own would do, too. Thanks for checking! I'll also take a look at what I have to trade. I'm sure I've accumulated quite a few things that I don't actually need if we're being honest about it
  15. Rolli

    Billund 2018 trading post

    Got you covered with that torso. How many do you need? Best Markus