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  1. The event is in town, I better sign up! I guess I'll take care of my own accomodation since I live here Small heads-up: I might not necessarily partake in all of the program and will determine that once that has been published.
  2. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Heads Up

    I hope it doesn't clash with my Japan Brickfest plans (to be determined by good friends of mine I'll be traveling with and a bit outside my control). Very bad manners if I wouldn't show up at an EB event being held in my hometown Very much looking forward to seeing all of you again! Best Markus
  3. Munich, hands down! Connections into Stuttgart are the worst and expensive. There's a reason why I rather take the train from Frankfurt home instead of flying into Stuttgart. You might be able to even get direct flights to Munich, it being the second biggest airport in Germany and LH's second hub.
  4. I won't be able to make the new date either. Have fun emptying the Fabrik!
  5. [MOC] Harry Potter Christmas Baubles

    Thanks, Andy! I made indeed multiple ones of each, to give away as small Christmas presents. After all that's what they are in the first place, with my parents receiving a set for our tree. Thank you! Cheers! He came out great if I may say so myself - really happy with him I try not to stop - I'm definitely building much less than before but that's due to not having my collection with me yet. Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone! As it is tradition by now, my family's Christmas tree will be decorated with LEGO Christmas baubles. After my series of Disney Princess baubles last year I obviously had to create another series of custom decorations for this Christmas. As creative as I am I chose something quite unusual for me as this years overall topic - or maybe I just hadn't build enough Harry Potter creations this year already. Either way I had great fun covering Harry's adventures in seven different baubles with one bauble per book capturing some of the most iconic scenes. I loved working in this totally different scale and enjoyed the challenge to find something more light-hearted for the final three novels that as we all know are quite dark. Here they are - I hope you find all of them recognisable :) Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments by rolli, on Flickr In case you are not that well-versed with the Harry Potter novels or movies I will list the scenes that my seven baubles cover here: 1. Hogwarts with small boats on the lake 2. The Chamber of Secrets, with the phoenix Fawkes fighting the Basilisk in front of the giant head of Salazar Slytherin 3. Buckbeak taking off from the pumpkin patch next to Hagrid's hut 4. The second task of the Triwizard Tournament - or: How to steal an egg from a Hungarian Horntail and survive. 5. Hogsmeade, the tiny village close to Hogwarts that is constantly covered in snow. Fancy a tea in Ms. Puddifoot's? 6. The Quidditch pitch - today we have the grabbing match between Gryffindor and Slythering 7. Diagon Alley with our heroes escaping on the back of one of the Gringotts guard dragons I hope you like it just as much as I do - let me know, feedback in any way is appreciated :) Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Best Markus
  7. Well, I guess I might have to skip this one, too. Which is a shame, with the event being so close to my family's place in Germany. A week later would have been perfect.. *hint* (also that new way of doing Saturday to Wednesday is VERY weird...) My mom might want to take part though
  8. Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The 1x8 tile is old "Dark Gray" which 2003/2004 got replaced by "Dark Bluish Gray".
  9. Hey all! A surprise leaving gift for my good friend Sanel who fittingly goes by the nickname 'Boga' this was a model I tremendously enjoyed building. I had great fun bringing Boga to life with bricks and even though this represents about 98% of my collection of dark green (which now proudly sits at Sanel's place) it was more than worth it. I wanted to tackle Boga for a while and this now created the perfect opportunity. For some reason our favorite lizard never got the replica out of LEGO it deserved (no, we won't mention the set from back in the day). Boga - Obi-Wan's Varactyl by Rolli, on Flickr It came together quite quickly over the course of two evenings and then a third one after a couple of Bricklink orders brought the sought-after dark green hands and some other small bits for the last details. I especially enjoyed building the head – I seem to have a thing for animals and creatures lately. Whereas the feathers around the neck were totally straightforward, especially the golden decorations cost me quite a bit of time. Well... All worth it! Sanel was over the moon – and so was I, seeing him so happy about the model. Hope you like it - let me know what you think! Best Markus PS: Obi-Wan's fancy new hairstyle obviously results from Boga's speedy movement across Utapau, not my atrocious collection of dark orange hair styles ;)
  10. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    Sorry for the belated response, the Fanweekend In Portugal had me pre-occupied. Thank you all for the kind comments, I'm glad you like my adventures with Harry! Certainly! Most of them were built in a day each but the Basilisk for example took me a couple of days. Also had to take a break in between as I was traveling. Great choices! :wub: Thank you, I appreciate it! :) The nostaligia I got with Marcel's series was the reason I started doing this. Harry meant so much to me as a kid so I jut had to do it Thank you! Without Marcel this wouldn't have been possible (he even borrowed me minifigs when mine were left behind at an event ) and the whole collaboration concept makes this project so special. So I'm glad you like it! If you'd like to see the third book being done check out the photo stream of a friend of ours who's tackling Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in his own style. Thanks again! Best Markus
  11. If you're following me on flickr you probably didn't get around seeing these - and you probably asked yourself once or twice if I lost my marbles. The past weeks I posted a series of vignettes following Harry's adventures in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - with an almost daily upload (and a break of almost 4 weeks) from beginning to end. I was inspired by Marcel / marcu44, whose series I was following up with. Now I'm parting ways with Harry and the following weeks Kevin / StarWarsKev will cover the third book. Its about time that I present my vignettes in one post - there are 30 in total. One thing upfront: Some of the vignettes only work thanks to a little wizardry in the photoshop department. If you're offended by that - well.. your loss I only used this tool in a few exceptions and if you know me you should actually be used to it by now I didn't quote half of the book like I did over on flickr. Thats just too much - but if you haven't done so I recommend that you read the Harry Potter novels or watch the movies. And now... Off to Hogwarts! #001 - Dobby's Warning #002 - Petunia's Masterpiece #003 - The Burrow #004 - Breakfast and Letters #005 - Floo Powder #006 - Borgin and Burkes #007 - Flourish and Blotts #008 - King's Cross #009 - Flying to Hogwarts #010 - Snape's Office #011 - The Howler #012 - Mandrakes #013 - Pixie Pandemonium #014 - Eat Slugs! #015 - Mrs Norris #016 - The Rogue Bludger #017 - The Polyjuice Potion #018 - The Duelling Club #019 - Fawkes #020 - The Slytherin Common Room #021 - The Polyjuice Potion, Pt. 2 #022 - Tom Riddle's Diary #023 - Spiders, Spiders #024 - Heading off #025 - In the tunnels #026 - Revelations #027 - The Basilisk #028 - It's over #029 - Choices #030 - Freedom And this concludes Harry's second adventure. Many thanks if you paid attention until now. Many thanks also to those that supported me with their feedback during the past weeks - without you I would probably given up sooner or later Do you have a favourite scene? Here are all of them one last time next to each other: With magical regards Markus
  12. That must be the best EB group shot ever and is probably a very good representation of how awesome the event was once again! Thank you, Stefan and Tom, for organizing it and to everyone for making it special by being there. I had a blast! Valentin, my mom and I arrived safely in my place about 1.5h ago. I think I want to catch some sleep now, still somewhat tired after delivering some Norwegians to the airport this morning... ;)
  13. I've seen it. Its very imaginative!
  14. So we'll be having THE big competition of the evening? Ace vs Quarry for the last spot?
  15. Event countdown 2016

    Top row, left to right: Marco Reus, Andrè Schürrle, Toni Kroos, Shkodran Mustafi, Julian Draxler, Karim Bellarabi, Manuel Neuer Middle row, left to right: Mario Gómez, Jeróme Boateng, Mario Götze, Lukas Podolski, Sami Khedira, Thomas Müller, Joachim Löw Front row, left to right: Bastian Schweinsteiger, Matthias Ginter Lets see how wrong we all are