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  1. [WIP] Light up all Modulars with LEDs

    Well, your solution has taken place somewhere else, too - I’ve seen this several times already. However, “bringing the city to life” is also a major aspect for me, not only in terms of lighting - I’m just stating that you don’t need any Nonlego stuff to accomplish that. And that’s because we’re living in great times where all the amazing things TLG has produced over the years is just a BL order away. And it’s even more fantastic that all that stuff can be easily combined with the technologies we have nowadays (see the pics below). It’s true that lighting the inside of a building with PF LEDs is difficult - that’s why I mentioned the Light & Sound lights (see which come in handy here (and which aren’t even that expensive). Of course all this takes some effort and consideration but in my opinion it’s worth it. Anyhow, whoever is interested in 100% Lego lighting solutions might want to take a look at this album:
  2. (MOC) LEGO Hockey Rink "MSG"

    Wow, that's an ambitious project! However, since it's still at a rather early stage I guess I’d think over the scale - even if you have postponed the plan of building the whole thing. I don't know how large a MSG in 1:48 would be, but I’d guess much too large for Lego purposes. Bricks (and of course the necessary minifigs which would have to be thousands) will cost you a fortune, much thought will have to go into transportability (i. e. modularity) in case you want to show it somewhere else when finished. I guess a large structure like this should - and can - be built in a much smaller scale and still look good. You might want to take a look at the work of the pros of the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg (probably the largest model railway in the world): Their soccer stadium is 1:150 - in a surrounding of 1:87.
  3. [WIP] Light up all Modulars with LEDs

    Ouch, that drilling pic really hurts … However something like this really makes me concerned because it keeps me thinking what’s going to happen to our hobby in the long term. There doesn’t even seem to be a moment of hesitation if using such Nonlego products in a Lego setting might be okay or not. Personally, I think it isn’t, because solving Lego problems with the help of Nonlego makes no sense to me. A common statement in such cases is that we have to look for ourselves because Lego hasn’t this and Lego hasn’t that as if Lego is something imperfect which it isn’t in my opinion. It’s just Lego, not scale modelling. And it’s definitely not imperfect when it comes to lighting: There are quite a few options, regarding especially the older stuff like the ingenious Light & Sound system - even minifig scale cars can be enlighted with 100% Lego solutions. No offense, it’s just my personal opinion, of course anybody can do with his or her Lego as he or she pleases, however presenting Nonlego solutions in a Lego forum might not be appreciated by every FOL.
  4. As @supertruper1988 has kindly pointed out I'm also dealing a lot with the scale problem, also because of the collab layout I'm working on together with some fellow AFOLs for quite a while now. I agree in practically every aspect with Ron, and I also think it would be nice to have a completely consistent scale system. However I've chosen a different way by using a variable scale system depending on the absolute size of an object within the layout which means that larger objects have a smaller scale. Also train modelers do that e. g. by combining 1/43 scale cars with 1/48 scale trains (if I'm correct). The main reason for this is that I'm a car builder in the first place, and a scale of about 1/35 for passenger cars allows me to build relatively good-looking and realistic cars of every kind - be it a vintage or sports car (usually 6w), a full-size car or a pick-up truck (usually 7w). It also allows me to fit in minifigs in at least quite a few cars (not all of them). Large trucks or semis are smaller in scale - as are trains which are 9 studs wide throughout our collab layout (quite exactly 1/43). 9w for trains also has the advantage that 7w containers fit in nicely - 6w containers are much too small in such a surrounding. Fellow builder Steffen builds his great passenger aircraft in about 1/50 - they are still huge and most impressive yet are going well with the vehicles. The system is far from being perfect but works quite well for our purposes - like other scales may work for other FOLs with a different approach. Whoever is interested in what I call "Larger City Scale" may take a look at this album:
  5. Semis

    Thanks, in fact the loco (and the running stock so far) are 9w+ (9-wide platform plus railings), scale is about 1/43. This is also due to the fact that the passenger cars have a rather large scale for minifig purposes (~1/35), plus dealing with 7w containers is probably easier on 9w rolling stock. It's obvious that any decision in this field has quite a few implications, but with 7-wide for the trucks you're on the safe side, I guess. You'll need quite a few jumper plates though ... Regarding the tires: No, everything is 100% Lego. The tires are turned inside-out to get at least a little bit of profile on the outside. But today I rather think it isn't worth the effort, the effect isn't that impressive, I guess.
  6. Semis

    Those are some good thoughts, in my opinion there should be much more communication between train and City builders about scale subjects. I agree with the others that 7-wide may be the suitable width for your purposes. As an example you might want to look at Steffen Kasteleiners great 7-wide semis (there's a lot more of this kind of stuff on his Flickr account): I have built this more modern 7-wide container truck - a consequence of this approach is that you get 7-wide containers, too. Also, there's a Flickr album with quite a few pics regarding scale between several kinds of vehicles, trains among them: Hopefully this will give you some inspiration. Great semis indeed, however calling them 7-wide might be misleading - they are what I call 6w+, which means a 6-wide base plus attachments like mudguards, steps or fuel tanks. It's the usual City truck configuration. Consequently, the semis above are in fact 7w+ since they have 7-wide bases plus attachments.
  7. 1979 - 80's ish Mclaren F1 car

    Looks much better and more prototypical in my opinion - at least from this angle. From a front view the whole thing might seem a bit narrow now - but well, that's where things get interesting.
  8. 1979 - 80's ish Mclaren F1 car

    I really like the shaping - simple but effective, you caught the typical design of the era very well in my opinion. Two suggestions: Could the front tires be replaced by the newer Town tires which are considerably smaller (more typical of the era)? I can see there might be a problem with the width of the axle, but using 2x2 round bricks as rims might help here. By using hinge bricks and 1x6 tiles you might be able to close the cockpit more - of course at the expense of taking the fig off. Anyhow nice realization of a classic F1 racer!
  9. True, they always look better. But if you want to combine all types of cars (and all sorts of other models: buildings, trains, aircraft, boats etc.) on a layout like I do you must find a way to get relatively good-looking cars also in a smaller scale (1/35 for passenger cars to be exact). That's why I try to rather shrink SC models down - which isn't as difficult as one might think because the width is already matching, at least in most cases (of course, not in terms of the Porsche 917K which had to be 7-wide throughout but that thing is rather a flying saucer than a racecar). By mounting City mudguards and wheels, shortening the body and setting down roof and windscreen (e.g. the MOD of the GT40 - one of the lowest sports cars ever - is three layers or one whole brick [!] lower than the SC version) you get a much sportier look on a considerably smaller car.
  10. Same procedure ... Cars too narrow and much too tall, but well, it's Speed Champions. The series has had quite an impact on car moccing both in good and in bad ways - we see more and more 6w+ cars with that inglorious 4-wide windscreen which rarely looks good (that's why you hardly see any front views of them). On the other hand we get a lot of great stickers and quite a few interesting parts for our own purposes. Some thoughts on this batch: From my point of view as a dedicated modder of SC sets the Ferrari Garage is very interesting - a downsized version of the GTO would probably be a nice addition to the "Speed Champions Classics" in minifig scale (Porsche 917K and Ford GT40 so far). The 312T (which one is it exactly?) looks very nice, too (look at the different tire sizes, did we have this before?). Maybe this is something to be turned into a smaller version to complete this series (also based on SC, but considerably smaller - with different tire sizes): A third interesting model is the Mustang, mostly because of its colour - for film fans without stickers, of course ... However that will be a tough one - probably not all the necessary parts exist in dark green to turn this into a well-proportioned minifig scale model. Anyhow I'm looking forward to at least these two sets.
  11. MOC: Police Interceptor of the Year

    Hi all, first off, a video of last year's vehicle moving on the slot circle together with the school bus: This year's cop car: Police Vehicle 2017 - Hummer H2 Super Secret Police edition 7-wide, 1/35 scale, 100% Lego. No motor, no suspension, no steering, not even lights - just a straight and simple build. Plus chrome rims. Stickers are taken from 70802, one of those great Lego Movie sets. I guess the 7-wide form factor works quite well here, surprisingly I didn't find another H2 in 7w (6w is tricky proportionwise, 8w of course would be even better but is too large for minifig purposes). Thanks for looking!
  12. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Modulars meet Friends ... I wasn't sure about the leaked pic being a fake or not, and that means something. While I like the window front and the shaping of the roof, I'm not sold on the upper floors which look rather plain and too small. The car seems to come straight out of a Friends or Simpsons set, it rather looks like a pimped Mini than a proper landyacht which would be required here. All in all: I'm underwhelmed by this.
  13. Brig "Aurora"

    Thanks a lot Kurigan, also for the time and effort you put into your comment. This is why I came here, and I don't have a problem neither with the criticism nor with the tone - I wish we had more of this kind of constructive criticism over in the Town forum ... Also thanks a lot for all the links and suggestions. Regarding the guns, I'll check out the links. It's interesting what you say about the general type of the ship and especially the stern - I had the impression myself that the stern and bow don't really match. However, I wanted to keep some traces of the original set I had at hand (the Barracuda in fact) und keep at least the windows. Still don't know if I'll change this aspect but I'll definitely try your suggestion of a fantail. Anyhow I like the idea of a "benign back story". Concerning the pre-fab hull: No, I'll leave it as it is - at least for now and for this ship, although it might indeed be interesting to combine the flextube/flag technique with, say, a curved hull. I guess this would be too much at once. Anyway I have nothing against prefab parts as such - it depends on how you use them. Even the cockpit parts you name can be put to a good use on a car: Regarding the "100% Lego" thing: I guess Lego was never intended to simulate a lot of things and yet we build them out of Lego. And that's already my point: I'm just not interested in solving Lego problems with the use of Nonlego. Of course this gets a bit weird when there's no actual difference between Lego and Nonlego, for example regarding strings for a rigging like in this case. But well, 100 % Lego means 100 % Lego, that's what I tell people on a convention when presenting my builds - it's a kind of label I want to keep throughout. Anyhow regarding rigging I'll surely be happy to take your advice. Anyway I won't exaggerate here - I'll try to find a compromise that works for me. Again, thanks a lot for your thorough comment which I highly estimate. Now I guess I have some homework to do!
  14. Brig "Aurora"

    Thanks again, this is all very helpful! I'll try the arched windows at the cabin. There are 3 hull sections. I tried 4 of them, but the proportions of the whole thing were spoiled by doing so. I instead lengthened the rear a little. Compared scalewise the ship is quite small regarding my other builds (~ 1/40 scale) but as a larger structure on the layout the scale may be smaller anyway, I consider it to be about 1/50 (there are such small brigs). Thanks for the hint regarding the anchor. I can't even take credit for the modifications - it was taken straight out of the Fishing Store set I modified recently (see first pic). However I'll try to brickbuild the anchor. Thanks for the link, looks very nice indeed! Regarding guns: The standard guns don't work here anyway, there's not enough room between the deck and the gunports. I even thought of omitting them completely, but well, as a museum ship it may have some guns on board. I'll try to brickbuild at least one or two of them. Thank you! I've tried several solutions, however the flags are quite nice (I also use them on the fenders of my oldtimer cars) since they are pretty thin so that everything melts into each other nicely, there are hardly any gaps or offsets. However on a larger ship your suggestion might work, too. Thanks a lot! As said, there aren't many details to show right now, but this will change, of course. Even if it was a quick build so far (at least by my standards) I'm well aware that building a Lego square-rigger is rather a time-consuming and laborious process. Thanks again all for viewing and especially for commenting! The next time I'll have some more details to show you - in any case there's a to-do list now!
  15. Brig "Aurora"

    Thanks a lot, that's very helpful! Regarding the pics: At this early stage of the project I was rather thinking of the general impression - measurements, proportions, colours and such. More detailed pics would only show the many unfinished spots and missing details. But it's no problem to upload a close-up of an important aspect if necessary. Thanks for the hint regarding the side windows - I completely agree. In fact, I didn't have a proper idea so far. There isn't much room, and I don't want it to stick out too much - in any case, hints are very welcome. Regarding the prow, is this what you think of? You may also spot the fixation of the shrouds (in case that's a new aspect anyway): Maybe the prow is a bit sharp on a ship like this, but I somehow like the shape of those arch bricks. Thanks again for the nice and helpful comment!