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  1. ER0L

    LEGO Speed Champions - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    Some of my assumptions seem to be correct, some not so much, see However, we know now that both cars stem from designer Adam Grabowski (= Misterzumbi; if you're interested in minifig scale car moccing and you don't know who that is you should quickly look up his MOCs) The bad news is (if I understand correctly) that there won't be a "Bandit" Trans Am set, neither as a Speed Champions set nor in another range (which so far doesn't even exist). Too bad!
  2. Scale Check: Chevrolet K5 Blazer from set 75810 (design by Misterzumbi) I'd like to draw your attention to this vehicle since I think it is one of the best stock minifig scale cars of at least the last few years: I don't own the set thus I threw together a civilian version with what was at hand to check the scale and to take a further look into some design aspects. There are only a few minor changes, thus it can't be even called a MOD. The original design of this part of the set stems from Adam Grabowski (= Misterzumbi) which at least for me also explains why it's that good - as a car aficionado the K5 Blazer was the first thing catching my eye when I first saw the "Upside Down" set (in spite of the other eye-catchers the set definitely has). There are several aspects to be pointed out - first of all the overall scale which isn't too far from what can be used in a proper Town surrounding (see the scale breakdown above). Another aspect is that typical minifig scale vehicle elements like mudguards or large wedge parts are missing completely which makes the whole thing more individual. Finally, the subtle half-plate offsets at the frontend and hood plus those nice angles at the hardtop give the car some fine lines and make it easily identifiable. Compare this to your regular Speed Champions ride ... Anyhow, if you're interested in having a really cool K5 Blazer within your town (and you're not as picky regarding scale as me who thinks a full-size SUV like a Blazer should be a 7 studs wide vehicle) you should build one of these.
  3. ER0L

    [MOC] Street racer

    It's the exact setup as shown above. The "newer" (in fact produced for 6 years now) 21 x 9.9 Town tires had a big impact on Minifig scale car design because of the much more realistic (which at this scale means: hardly visible) profiling. However, the "older", more profiled 21 x 12 Town tires (which - for whatever reason - are still being produced by TLG and used in City sets) aren't obsolete: You may very well use them on 4x4 vehicles where a "rugged" look is more desirable:
  4. ER0L

    [MOC] Street racer

    That's a great concept, it's similar to the "City Champions" setup I came up with some years ago, see e. g. this "Lambo"-ish racer: Regarding the wheels you may get a better result by combining SC hubcaps with the newer Town tires (though this might not get through on an Ideas model): Anyhow good luck with your project!
  5. ER0L

    [MOC]: Lifeguard's Shack

    I have: Pretty sure I didn't invent it either though. However, it's a very minifig-friendly kind of staircase that can be actually used by them. Regarding the build I really like it, shaping and colour design are very nice. The 1x1 modified bricks with adjacents studs are put to a good use here. The door doesn't match the minifig scale in my opinion (as it hardly ever does) - I tried the same on my model but ended up with a brickbuilt one. In any case this would make a great set in my opinion, I'd definitely buy it. However I think it will need a lot of promotion to get the 10.000 votes done. Maybe chances would be better with a matching vehicle next to it, but that's just a guess. Good luck!
  6. ER0L

    LEGO Speed Champions - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    Regarding the wheels I don't think it's an SC model, though it's quite difficult to identify in the Video. But usually City scale and SC models don't go well with each other scalewise, so far I haven't seen an official pic where the two vehicle styles get mixed (correct me if I'm wrong). However the Trans Am reminds me a lot of Lichtblau's model, see Of course, the headlights are different, and for obvious reasons it has a 4w instead of a 5w windscreen, but the whole setup is quite similar. Not sure what that means, maybe he's behind this model in some way, but that's rather a speculation.
  7. Yeah, that's why I didn't touch it. That's the idea of the whole thing: Keep what's actually working and change what's necessary to match the builds you already have or the setup you're aiming at.
  8. #5: Sunshine Surfer Van/Volkswagen T2 "Bay Window" Camper Van (Creator 31079 MOD) Sunshine Surfer Van/Volkswagen T2 "Bay Window" Camper Van (Creator 31079 MOD) 6w, 1/35 scale. Another minifig scale conversion of a Creator set. Since I understand the original 8w vehicle as a reminiscence of a Volkswagen T2 „Bay Window“ Camper Van I tried to emphasize some typical design aspects of this classic, especially the rounded frontend. The end result is of course a compromise between shaping and playabilty. Scale is about 1/35 (instead of about 1/25 on the set vehicle) though admittedly the vehicle is still too tall (which for some reasons would be hard to fix even on a more sophisticated model). However It should be emphasized that this set is really worth a conversion, especially when purchased on a discount: It has lots of useful parts (e.g. you may use one half of the windscreen as a back window, and the back window as a windscreen), a nice interior which can be reused also on a consinderably smaller vehicle. nice accessories and last but not least 2 great figures (which by the way still fit into the cab). Even though you need quite a few additional parts there's a huge pile of parts left afterwards that can be reused for other projects. The furniture are taken from the set with the exception of the table - which I assume is not the first time it's done this way. Thanks for looking!
  9. ER0L

    [MOC] Ford Crown Victoria CVPI

    (Sticking to English since that's the common language on EB.) I’m talking about this windshield: If it proves to be too low (which I don't think it is) you may adjust the height by adding a layer of trans black plates underneath. Regarding side tiles, you might take a look here: 6w generally is the right option for a rather smallish super sports car like a Lotus Esprit. However the car didn‘t look right in plain 6w since these cars have a much different ratio between width and height than passenger cars. Thats why I added the "side planks" which give the car a more voluminous and profiled look. Within the scale system I'm using an American fullsize car like a Crown Vic wouldn't be built in 6w but in 7w for several reasons. But since you opted for 6w, my idea was to see if such side planks could make a difference.
  10. ER0L

    The Farmer's Van

    I really like the idea, and I do think, too, that such a set would be highly welcomed by Lego City fans. I'd certainly buy it. However, I'm not quite sure about the vehicle. In my opinion it can't be called a van, as a pickup truck (often used by US farmers for such purposes if I'm correct) it is much too large scalewise (which can be seen in comparison to the figs). At this size it's rather supposed to be a large flatbed truck, however a proper prototype for this doesn't come to my head (which could of course mean that I just don't know the vehicle you had in mind here). Also the colour seems rather unusual to me, perhaps it would look better in a normal green (with red rims maybe). But well, that's rather a question of personal taste. Anyhow good luck with your project!
  11. We tend to think that Lego stock vehicles going with minifigs are matching more or less scalewise, too - which is not the case: there's a large span between about 1:30 (some Speed Champions sets) to 1:60 (smaller trains). However this doesn't mean that there shouldn't be more variety in sizes, as you demand - a semi truck should of course be wider than a sports car. It's just that we can't rely on sets to achieve this, also because we need the odd widths, too, to get the whole spectrum of sizes (the new 5w Mini Cooper being a very welcome exception). But since we're dealing with Lego nobody can stop us from changing the scale of vehicles to our liking. Scalewise the mentioned Sunshine Surfer Van would look much more appropriate in 6w in my opinion - shouldn't be too difficult to get this done.
  12. ER0L

    [MOC] Ford Crown Victoria CVPI

    Great model, instantly recognizable! Especially the rear section is very well done in my opinion. My only point would be to set down the roof which is too tall scalewise (which could be seen with a minifig next to the car). I'd try the lower windscreen part for that purpose. Another suggestion - rather an option - would be to widen the car by mounting SNOT tiles at the sides between the wheel wells. The look would be a bit more voluminous then - after all the Ford Crown Victoria is a full size-car. Also, by doing so, you might get a more distinct door shaping. Anyhow, looking forward to further car models from you!
  13. Nice to hear from you bootz, thanks for your estimation, glad you like it!
  14. Thank you, glad you like it! As a comparison, both step vans side by side plus the new 8w semi truck: Group Shot The 8w version is more to scale, however I'll leave the Ice Cream Van as it is, I guess. Now there's still the Trash Chomper set 70805 though I don't have a proper design idea for that one yet - should be something from the seventies or eighties to match the other vehicles. Regarding Lego Movie 2 vehicles the sets as such are quite nice, however I haven't found something yet for this kind of approach. As a City vehicle, the Pizza Van 60150 is still awaiting a conversion (which has been done by others in the meantime, too).