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Found 38 results

  1. Get ready to blast off into the unknown vastness of outer space! This model was inspired by set 3831, (Rocket Ride, from the 2008 Spongebob line) albeit with a pointier nose cone, and gray color scheme. The model now has a enlarged engine section with longer tail fins and four more engines, along with a crew of two humans and a robot helper. One of the human astronauts can even be seated in the fold-open cockpit. (The below story line is 100% fiction.) This ship is the forerunner for all of the other Lego space ships: in 1969, this crucial piece of history launched from LegoLand Space Port for a mission to the moon. This was very soon after the failed 1965 launch of 801-series Space Rocket, which killed the the brave crew of Kat Aclysm: female rocket science genius and designer of the experimental ship, and Abraham "Abe" Normal, the best test pilot in the academy. Their deaths at the Samsonite launch pad were not in vain though, as the newly founded LegoLand Aero-Space Authority (renamed Classic Space Command in 1978) rebuilt their reputation as the premier brick-built space agency by launching the "Innovator", also known as LL002 which in early August 1969 made history as the first mini figure - built object on the moon! This rocket and it's crew (Bill Fold, Penny Wise, and S1L-V3R the robot) made history with their two days on the moon's surface, providing the foundations for the Classic Space Moon-base series of missions. The model without the figures The model now has a enlarged engine section with longer tail fins and four more engines. The rocket features an opening section to get at the interior which now only consists of the cockpit. The model was too weak in real life when the whole thing opened up, so I was forced to solidify every section to keep it from falling apart. The trans-clear windscreen part should have this print. The crew of this fateful mission was commander Bill Fold and scientist Penny Wise, along with their robot helper S1L-V3R. (nicknamed Silver) The robot is inspired by the robot customer in the 2007 set number 4981 (another Spongebob set called The Chum Bucket), while the astronauts were inspired by the Sandy Cheeks mini-figure in set 3831. The mini-figures should feature this torso print. MISSION NOTES: Here is the inspirational set 3831, courtesy of Brickset... ...and here is the original real life version of the rocket. The LDD file for the updated rocket itself is here. As usual, comments, questions, complaints and suggestions are welcome! EDIT 6/24/17: LDD file and pictures updated for the larger and now multi-engine rocket.
  2. GRID D4. An Advanced Command Post of the Erotema Army in the middle of a forest area. Mushrooms, trees and grass cover a dark gray land. 1 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The crew of a new Rocket Launcher Tank has been called to the HQ tent. 2 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr As a polite crew they are, asking permission is the first thing they do. 3 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr And the Officer in charge lets them in. 4 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Another view of the Command Post. 5 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Inside the tent... 6 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr And the orders are given soon... 7 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Other views of the rocket launcher. 8 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 9 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The real thing is that I have been inspired on the US MLRS, because I refused to reuse -again- the SPH hull for another build in the same campaign, but it would have worked too. This design lacks the aft drive sprocket and there is a stud separating the 3rd and 4th wheels. This is a classical Christie drivetrain without support rollers. A remotely-operated .50 HMG on the roof provides light defense against infantry. The launcher has 12 cells, each of them capable of storing any missile or rocket up to 600 mm (approx, 2 studs are 68 cms) in diameter and 4 meters in length (approx). There is another version with 48 rockets. You´ll see it soon... Enjoy!
  3. This is my version of the Tintin rocket standing on the Moon! From the albums: "Destination Moon (Objectif Lune)" and "Explorers on the Moon (On a marché sur la Lune)" TintinRocketTop by gonkius, on Flickr TintinRocketView by gonkius, on Flickr TintinRocketBase by gonkius, on Flickr TintinRocketAwayTeam by gonkius, on Flickr TintinOnTheMoon by gonkius, on Flickr
  4. This LEGO set is inspired by upcoming human missions to Mars. According to some present projections we can expect first humans on the Mars surface sometimes after 2030. In this LEGO Ideas project, 4 crew members of the Mars orbital vehicle ‘’Elijah 1’’ are orbiting the Mars and making preparations for landing on the Mars surface to collect some soil and rock samples. As the Mars gravity is only 0,376 G and the air pressure is avg. 600 Pa the vehicle doesn’t need ablation shield and the fuel requirement for descent to Mars surface and ascent back to Mars orbit is much lesser than one required for breaking from Earth’s gravity. The command and orbital module is fully detachable from fuel tanks and rocket engines so you can use them for various space missions. The command module has the space airlock so the astronauts can exit the module and make needed repairs on the vehicle if needed. This set can easily be combined with other LEGO Mars sets.
  5. BrickCurve

    [MOC] The Test Pilot

    Racing across the desert of a small planet purchased particularly for this purpose, the galaxies latest craft is being tested!
  6. Hi Everyone! Today i want to show you my latest creation. It's a Classic Space Truck with Rocket Launcher Trailer. It's inspired by set 462 or 897 and with 6927 colour scheme. Because this is Classic themed, so i make this like old shape. This is the pictures (Sorry for bad pictures quality): Picture for just the truck: Picture of the spaceman on his "computer": Picture of just the Trailer (or with the Rocket): The Function of the landing gear are inspired from set 75875: This is the Picture Gallery/Album. This is the LXF File. All parts colour are exist in real life, but i make substitution for the print of the minifig torso, i use benny's print instead of regular spaceman torso print. Hope you like it.
  7. The rocket's crew. Based off of the original nexus astronauts. The rocket itself, which is built using the main rocket instructions but has many changes. I hope you enjoyed my MOC, and I apologize for the blurry pictures that were originally there. Edit by Hinckley: Pictures turned to links due to violation of size restrictions. Please see the Site Guidelines and adhere to them when posting. Thank you.
  8. Sunder

    [LDD MOC] Rocket engines

    Some types of rocket engines without any fiction. Liqued fuel engines are the most usual. As for nuclear engines, they were tested in USA and USSR and were ready to be produced. Ion engines are also not a fiction. They are used by long rage probes. The only unreal engine here is the photon engine. In theory it is possible to make it, but there some problems with anti-matterial "fuel".
  9. I've Been seeing people making great MOCs based Action figures from years gone by, and it cot me thinking about one from my yonger days (grew up in the 90s so not it's not as old as some of the one's i've been seeing but its a personal favorite. Deluxe Boba Fett: With Wing-Blast Rocket Pack and Overhead Cannon! yikes what a mouth full! well with out further ado here is my Minifig ready version of that wordy Rocket Pack: Retracted Wings: Wings Readied For Combat: Free standing Rocket pack: and reference pic of the Lego and Hasbro models: Hope you enjoyed that! next one i will be building is the Imperial CruiseMissile Trooper!
  10. Something different. In the middle of June I was at a Drag racing contest close to where I live. At this competition there were a few front engine dragster, built like in the old days, where the driver sits right on top the final drive..:D The ones that in the 60:s-70:s were running on alcohol got the nickname "Moonshine Dragsters" This is my attempt to recreate one of those old school dragsters. The biggest challenge was to be able to create something that looked like a tubular frame. I admit that it is a bit fragile, but on the other hand not as fragile as you might think. Anyway - I can live with that since my creations are made for display and not meant to play with. I long tried to implement steering but it always ended up to bulky and heavy. So I settled to get the looks right and ditch it. Instead i focused more on the details to make it as real looking as possible. I hope I came fairly close. Cheers! If you like motorcycles you can see my other mocs on my Flickr:
  11. Hello, and welcome to my first (not contest) MOC on Eurobricks! Today I have the Galaxy Squad Mosquitoid Model Rocket! I hope you like it. _________-Nosecone-_________ ---------------------------------------------- ______________-Middle-______________ ---------------------------------------------------------- ____________________________-Fins-____________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________________________-Top View-________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to see more of my stuff and better/larger images? Then check out Lego Spy @ Flickr! Please Note: All images with this image (my image logo): On them are My Property! Misuse can be punishable by law! Oh and one more thing. Here's a quiz: What piece(s) did I use to attach the 4 fins together? For whoever answers correctly there shall be no prize except that you will forever be in my favor. Lego Spy @ Flickr
  12. Something from my MOC backlog... This is a variety of stationary turrets, AA, railgun, grenade launcher, etc. Every turret has a camo, such as snow/Arctic camo, desert camo, urban, swamp. The can rotate 360 degrees and most can adjust the angle of firing. ANti-armor and anti-infantry stationary railgun, effective on medium range. Medium ranged rocket launcher, snow camouflage, with laser guided ammunition (note the red dot laser on the side) Anti infantry two barreled turret, snow camo. Laser guided grenade launcher in snow camo. Coastal defense artillery (think Atlantic wall), effective against battleships, classic urban camo. Long ranged, anti-infantry turret, urban camo, high accuracy - sniper turret. Four barreled anti-aircraft gun in snow camo. Double barreled anti-infantry turret in swamp camo. Comments and critiques are welcome
  13. "God Speed John Glenn" ... These infamous words heard around the world, spoken by fellow Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter, accompanied John Glenn's historic launch from NASA's Launch Complex 14 on February 20, 1962. Glenn became an instant celebrity and source of great pride as the first American to orbit the earth proving that America had caught-up with the Russians in the space race. This MOC shows Glenn's Mercury Atlas rocket just leaving the launchpad and features: - Atlas Rocket built using chromed panels to capture the gleaming stainless steel appearance of the prototype. - Compact, detailed pad and Launch Umbilical Tower of Launch Complex 14 - Rocket blast backlit using high-power LED and 4 layers of transparent bricks. - Scrolling green LED message board on front announces "God Speed John Glenn - February 20, 1962" reminiscent of Times Square marquee. Full photo set on Flickr: