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Found 174 results

  1. All players must post here, with links to all of their new builds so that they can be scored. Each player shall make ONE POST in this thread and one post ONLY. They will continually update their original post as they progress through the game. This is for tracking and record keeping purposes.
  2. Featured in this topic is Dreisenburgs Main Battle Tank. It sports state-of-the-art communicative and combat features. A remote controlled weapons station protects the gunner from direct fire. The Tanks main armament consists of a 120mm smooth bore auto loading gun. GBW - Dreisenburg MBT by Henrik S, auf Flickr GBW - Dreisenburg MBT by Henrik S, auf Flickr GBW - Dreisenburg MBT by Henrik S, auf Flickr ( Features working suspension and 360 degree turret rotation. Build roughly in 1:45 dimensions )
  3. After ironing out some bugs and errors in extensive field testing, Dreisenburg Military launches it´s new IFV. Featuring a state of the art remote controlled turret and weapons station, aswell as a better armour plating to protect its crew, the new IFV bests its old predecessor in every way. GBW - Dreisenburg IFV by Henrik S, auf Flickr GBW - Dreisenburg IFV by Henrik S, auf Flickr GBW - Dreisenburg IFV by Henrik S, auf Flickr GBW - Dreisenburg IFV by Henrik S, auf Flickr (The model incorporates an opening rear hatch and working suspension. Build roughly in 1:45 dimensions, based loosely on modern IFV designs.)
  4. West Coast of Soalon: Grid Location Golf-1 BoS Client Requests D.A.M. against occupying garrison Fireteam Alpha Designation Wolf 1 with support form Fireteam Bravo Designation Wolf 2 are tasked with retaking enemy-occupied zone for client 2200 hrs August 5, 2021 It is a peaceful night in Soalon, and a small garrison that recently occupied and partially renovated a small farm is making good use of their downtime. Some are having a drink while others are either sleeping or chatting with their loved ones far away. There hasn't been much activity at their temporary checkpoint so these members of the 39th Bandaud Army Reserve aren't apprehensive. But that is about to change with the stealthy appearance of a drone high above them, circling the farmhouse. Wolf 2: “Wolf 2 to Wolf 1…” Wolf 1: “This is 1, send traffic” Wolf 2: “Have visual on target area..Break...Multiple hostiles in the open with possible OpFor inside structures...Break...Sentry with possible thermal scope facing west, over” Dark figures with their faces covered begin moving along the unlit sides of the farmhouse. Wolf 1: “Understood Wolf 2..We are in position and waiting on your signal, out” 1-Golf: “This is 1-Golf...I’m in position and have good L.o.S. On targets...over” Eurobricks: The Great Brick War Wolf 1: “Copy 1-Golf, good hunting” The small force in the distance readies their attack. Wolf 2: “Wolf 2 to all wolves...splash in 3,2,1” A pop is heard in the distance and seconds later..Boom!...The APC's turret is launched into the air from a HEAT round hitting the magazine in the vehicle. The soldiers are temporarily stunned as the shadowy figures begin their assault. 1-Bravo: “Frag out” One of the figures throws a grenade into one of the rear windows of the farmhouse. The reservists are still stunned from the initial attack but are quickly gathering their wits to respond to the threat. In the ensuing firefight a round strikes one of the assaulters, throwing them to the ground. 1-Bravo: “Man down” The black-clad figures continue to dominate the fight, taking down the remaining soldiers. 1-Delta/3-Charlie: “Right Clear” 1-Bravo: “Left Clear...Hey Parker, you good?” 1-Alpha: “Yeah [Grunt] hit the plate...Wolf 1 to Wolf 2, area cleared and beginning egress” Wolf 2: “Roger, will meet you at the rendezvous point...out” 1-Bravo: “Heads-up, we got a live one” The operator points to a severely-wounded vehicle crewman. The apparent leader of the team suddenly takes out his pistol and fires a round into the wounded man's skull. 1-Alpha: “It's better if he were dead than to be captured by these BoS radicals. Besides he was gonna bleed out soon anyways... Ok team, time to exfil...Burns’...Lay out the welcome mat for our clients” 1-Bravo: “Copy” One of them breaks off pulling out a large folded-up flag and drapes it over the farmhouses roof. Another operator pulls out a small flag-patch from their pocket. 1-Alpha: “Sigrid, what's with the Kozmari Flag-patch?” 1-Charlie: “To sow more confusion in case of a counter-attack” 1-Alpha: “Good idea...Let’s get a move on, Wolf 1” The team leaves, fading back into the dark and leaving a pile of corpses and a burning vehicle behind. In the early hours of the following morning a white armored truck with more black-clad figures drives up to the checkpoint. BoS Insurgent: “Al-Wadiya, the occupiers are all dead” Nasir al-Wadiya: “Good...our friends have earned their pay...Bring in the rest of the force” BoS Insurgent: “As you command” -APC based off of Brickmania's M113 APC-
  5. Prior to the KLR invasion of the airport of Soalon, in the far east, a detachment of the Spetsialnoye Morskaya kommandos was sent to gather information. There were rumours that a Su 25 given to Soalon for tests was in a hangar. Its use against Erotema troops could be devastating, so they had been ordered to verify its presence and disable it in case it was airworthy. 20210728_175531 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr This is the lonley hangar. 20210728_175559 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210728_175609 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The first member of the kommando approaches. 20210728_181542 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Followed by the others. 20210728_181618 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210728_181741 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr A lonely terrorist is the only enemy present. Or, at least, it looks like. 20210728_182152 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr In order to prevent a reaction, a crossbow is a very useful weapon. 20210728_182249 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Taking out the terrorist silently 20210728_182447 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr And storming the hangar 20210728_182708 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The hangar is like a treasure chest. 20210728_182722 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr A Su 25, two scout vehicles, three quads, bombs, crates, fuel...The commander decides not to destroy anything, as it is useless for the enemy. It is confirmed the Su 25 is not airworthy, as one of the engines is outside the aircraft. 20210728_182816 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210728_182819 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210728_182822 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210728_182832 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr So, as they are fed up of crawling, walking, running and even swimming, they decide to use their own previously leased material to return to their files. They have returned valuable assets for the people of Erotema. Paul Ratchurch, supreme leader of Erotema, should be delighted. 20210728_183613 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Enjoy!
  6. Location: B1 (Old abandoned bunker) Intel: The leader of a local para-military organization is hiding there. Plantasea forces are ordered to capture and interrogate him. The Bunker - Cartoon - GBW by BoBKiD206, on Flickr The Bunker - Cartoon - GBW (Part 2/2) by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0007_000 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0009_001 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0003_007 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0004_006 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0005_005 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0006_004 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0002_008 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0001_009 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0000_011 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0000_010 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr Facts: The squad on the boat is none other than the "April giveaway" gift!! Many thanks to @Eurobricks and of course to @TheBeeze for everything he does for GBW! Contest Time! by thebeeze111, on Flickr
  7. Much of the Anti-Brotherhood propaganda found in both PSIC and KLR nations portrays the Brotherhood as bloodthirsty killers who only desire death and destruction to appease their god. Many sympathizers view that as extreme stereotyping, claiming that they are only trying to take their country back. However, certain individual and/or groups within the Brotherhood aren't too far from the claimed "extreme-stereotyping"; such is the case for Nasir al-Wadiya and his followers. Nasir al-Wadiya, a.k.a "The Butcher of Balafi" was already seen as a religious extremist before the collapse of the Soalon government. He had been responsible for the killing of certain government officials because of their views on the nation's religion. He is very reclusive and very perceptive, being that no military has been able to track him down. His Ruthlessness has given him renown amongst the more fervent leaders within the Brotherhood, especially the Shaykh, and landed him the position of being their main headhunter. on Flickr
  8. On Erotema homeland, the Supreme Leader Paul Ratchurch, Ministry of Defence N´Dongo and Ire Nemountain are visiting the first model of the newly developed SU 25 frogfoot. This is a jet-powered for close air support, being a step ahead from the Picarón Mk2 (inspired on the Argentinian Pucará). It has 11 hardpoints (5 per wing and 1 in the belly) and can carry up to 5 tonnes. This pictures show a wide selection of weapons, with two of them I am particularly proud of: the 30-mm anti tank cannon, inspired on the Ju 87 G anti tank Stuka, and the 8-barreled 12,70x108 machine gun, nicknamed "Little Irina". Not very suitable for highly armoured targets, but will cause havoc on unprotected troops and vehicles, as well as BOS terrorists (including civilians who support them). 20210501_095032 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210501_095103 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210501_095200 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr -Good morning from EADS testing ground, this is Tonoff Stonemanoff reporting from the only TV channel in Erotema, on "Allo Supreme Leader". He is here visiting the facilities. 20210501_095808 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr -Supreme Leader, it is our pleasure to hear you speaking. What´s your opinion about this glorius artifact made by the brightest minds in Erotema? 20210501_095851 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr -This will give us the chance to break fascism, terrorist, anticommunism, the PSIC, the BOS, anti-veganists, bullfights supporters, members of the resistance, all of them. -Oh, Supreme Leader, your words inspire all of us. Later, Paul and Ire go and see a "Little Irina"... 20210501_095909 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr -It is not large enough, I will have some of the technicians sentenced to force labour. -Oh Supreme Leader, you always so munificent...
  9. Somewhere, at C1... [GBW] the Beginning by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [GBW] the Beginning by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [GBW] the Beginning by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [GBW] the Beginning by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [GBW] the Beginning by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [GBW] the Beginning by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [GBW] the Beginning by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [GBW] the Beginning by BoBKiD206, on Flickr
  10. Grid K17 A few meters below the ground... EROTEMA has built its first underground HQ, able to withstand any attack, even weapons of mass destruction. A small control room allows the operators to receive information and even play the guitar in their spare time. Besides, spiders are not welcome here! 20210415_180058 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210415_180050 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210415_180038 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210415_180004 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Enjoy!
  11. Let me introduce the glorius guard of the supreme leader of Erotema. Equipped with state-of-the-art AK style gear (including a Dragunov, an AK with a Picatinnoff rail and another one with a grenade launcher). This unit provides external protection to the fence that surrounds the great leader´s countryhouse. If the snipers or troops can´t take the intruder, the barbed wire will. 20210401_104837 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210401_104153 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210401_104121 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210401_104057 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr As they are not expected to find armed resistance, they don´t use any kind of bullet proof vest or other capitalist gear.
  12. Somewhere on the continent, the crew busies itself for the changes to come. Eurobricks: The Great Brick War by ODA 401, on Flickr Mr. Tyr Helgason (a.k.a, Boss): "I'm sure you've been keeping up with the news in Soalon, therefore I will have you know that I am working on securing an old facility over there where we can set up a sort of FOB." Connely: "It sounds like the right idea. I'm sure we'll be called upon in the near future." Boss: "Brief your team tonight. . . I will give you all the necessary details when we get to my office. I want to start shipping the supplies over within a week." Connely: "Will do." The two continue their talk while Merlin and Krueger work on the teams APC, a modified Buffel Mk. IIA.
  13. Meet Plantasea's special operations squad: 00_squad by BoBKiD206, on Flickr 01_BoBKiD by BoBKiD206, on Flickr 02_Marie by BoBKiD206, on Flickr 03_Gus by BoBKiD206, on Flickr 04_Adams by BoBKiD206, on Flickr 05_Fiber by BoBKiD206, on Flickr Flag and logo coming soon!
  14. While the rest of the alliance is already marching ahead, Plantasea's forces stay back to regroup and resupply for the next round. [GBWv2] Preparations by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [GBWv2] Preparations by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [GBWv2] Preparations by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [GBWv2] Preparations by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [GBWv2] Preparations by BoBKiD206, on Flickr
  15. The Tank In an effort to modernize their army, the Plantasea forces develop a new enhanced armored command center vehicle... or at least they are trying to! [MOC] The Tank [GBW] by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [MOC] The Tank [GBW] by BoBKiD206, on Flickr [MOC] The Tank [GBW] by BoBKiD206, on Flickr Extra detail: The differential is a 100% working model. It only needs a power functions motor to make the tank run! [MOC] The Tank [GBW] by BoBKiD206, on Flickr
  16. The Meetin (pardon some grammar or other mistakes. It was 2:00 Pm when i tried to make the image :) )
  17. Map Name: Studica Grid G2 This is Filace Brick News Correspondent Cindy Tiles reporting LIVE from the Northern Filace. We had been receiving numerous reports of construction in this area but had been denied access for a week. Rumors were abound about many high level meetings in the capital for the past few weeks with the Ambassador of New Brickika. The Government's of Filace and New Brickika signed a new treaty over the weekend furthering their alliance. Both countries agreed to build bases and allow troop housing on their respective lands. Security is very tight today as the press were finally allowed access to the site during a Joint Press Conference from the President of Filace and New Brickika's Ambassador to Filace. Both countries share an interest in preserving peace and putting an end to foreign aggression. Originally this project was due to start next year. However, due to the rising tensions in the region, this project has been expedited to the top of the list. Both leaders stood in solidarity and spoke of the shared values of their nations as they strive for peace. Filace's press secretary briefed the media on the situation while we were being bused to the site. The base is expected to be operational in a little over a month and construction to be completed shortly after. Filace is utilizing a new modular interlocking bick building material design system which is making this process go very smoothly. Whatever the time table may be, things are surely heating up here in Filace. This is Cindy Tiles reporting from Filace.
  18. Welcome to the Great Brick War, Generals! You are about to embark on a new strategic brick journey. Before posting, please be sure to read all of the rules below and in the General Rules Thread. The following countries will be available for selection at game opening. We will allow 2 players per country after the first 12 countries are selected once. Please try and select countries that others have not from the onset in the interest of making the game more diverse. Players who sign up during the initial rollout will have options to change countries and alliances that will not be given to players who join later. GBW Phase 2 Map CLICK MAP FOR HD Phase II All available slots are shown by a (?). When these are all filled, we can then allow more than 2 players per country. Alsarh - (marvelBoy123) (?) Balafih - (VenomBricks) Bandaud - (Satsok) (?) Bolintia - (?) (?) Briolui - (?) (?) Coral Islands - (Giggs) (?) Commonwealth of Southern Territories (CoST) - (Jansued) (?) Deland Republic - (Faladrin) (Frenchman) Erotema - (Sigpro) (?) Filace - (?) (?) Fulkasho - NOT PLAYABLE Isla Sorna - NOT PLAYABLE Isle of Rahz - NOT PLAYABLE Latveria - NOT PLAYABLE Nak-Hu - OPEN New Brickika - (Adamsons) (?) New Selussia - (Johannsued) (?) Plantasea - (Paintballman) (?) Plighia - (ODA 401) (Parmbrick) Priunulia - (?) (?) Refnor - (?) (?) Spriznulo - (Stash2sixx) (?) Swintoc - (?) (?) Toohati - (Leonardo da Bricki) (?) Tosul - NOT PLAYABLE Trioluan - (Bobkid) (?) Tyera - (LegoRacer1) (?) Val Verde - NOT PLAYABLE Walara - NOT PLAYABLE Phase I - Complete Briolui - (RoN) - (Available) (Available) Filace - (CoAC) - (Captain Genaro) (Available) Erotema - (CoAC) - (Sigpro) (Available) Refnor - (CoAC) - (Lord Buckethead) (Available) Toohati - (RoN) - (Leonardo da Bricki) (Available) Swintoc - (RoN) - (Silvasio) (Available) Alsarh - (CoAC) - (Lo var Lachland) (Available) Isle of Rahz - (RoN) - (Umbra-Manis) (Available) Plantasea - (CoAC) - (paintballman) (BoBKiD) Commonwealth of Southern Territories - (RoN) - (Stash2sixx) (jansued) New Brickika - (CoAC) - (Spud The Viking) (Adamsons) Deland Republic - (RoN) - (Faladrin) (French Man) Plighia - (CoAC) - (ODA 401) (Available) Tyera - (RoN) - (LegoRacer1) (Available) Balafih - (RoN) - (Johannsued) (Available) ______________________________________________________________ Players must post in this thread with the name of the country they wish to join. This is a first come first serve basis. Please refer to the country index thread to read summaries of the countries and help make a decision. Remember the goal of this game is to enjoy yourself. Do not pick a country solely because you believe it has an advantage, things change in war on the drop of a dime. Players who work harder with lesser countries may be rewarded more so than those who perform mediocre with greater countries. All things to consider. Be sure to introduce yourself and list: Your Alliance, Your Country, and post a 100 x 100 Picture of your character. Tell us about your country (be creative) and what you hope to accomplish in the game. If you have questions, post them up here. ______________________________________________________________ Show your colors with our custom signature banner! Great Brick War by Jesse Beeze, on Flickr
  19. In here I will mention details and explanations about my builds Campaign 1 The Meeting The throne is inspired from Games Of Throns of course The name of the president is the reversed name of president (and LUG Ambassador) of Greek LUG "Gricks" - Spiro Gero(poulos) -> Orego Rips. He is actually a big guy also The war "Destruction of the Twelve Colonies" that mentioned and in where many chatracters fought is a fictitious interstellar holocaust first depicted in the 1978 motion picture Battlestar Galactica "George Saunders" is my SigFig, me "BoB Falldark" is my buddy from our LUG and co-player here in Plantasea, BoBKiD Secret Rooms The quote that judge Stolz says "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace", seems invariably to be attributed to Jimi Hendrix. However, William Gladstone once said (prior to Hendrix): "We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace." ( William Gladstone 1809-1898) . In addition, at around the same time that Jimi Hendrix said his words, Sri Chinmoy Ghose said, "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then there will be true peace." . While Jimi Hendrix may have been influenced by the quotes of the others, the words "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" appear to be his own (or at least his own spin on theirs). The room of the meeting in the mansion of Duke Carceran is full of deitails of real and fictional wars: Ancient Greece, Medieval, Vikings, Vitenam, Ninjago, Fallout, explorers era, Nexo Knights, 2nd WW, UN missions, Star Wars, HALO, Samurai, Gears Of War, Minecraft. Pirates. As the final comic strip was not very well set and most of the details lost, you can see more pictures here. The Deal The drug lord is named after Captain Hector Barbossa from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" Hell Legion Selection The obstacle course came from the final trial of Greek Ranger School from which I proudly graduated many years ago. The idea behind the unit "Hell Legion" and their soldiers, came from the France Foreign Legion For the pictures of each recruid file, I tried to copy any players sigfig was presented until then Base In Filace -center section The building in the corner is copy of HQ building level 20 of the game "Boom Beach" ( to be continued...)
  20. 25 September, 2019 Timfield Highway route 45 - Carrefour outskirts - siege day 3 1 battalion, 232 Royal Brioluian Rifles advancing to support defence of the city. Orders to rendezvous with remaining elements of 4 Fielder Rifles (reserve) and civilian volunteers in defence of Military Research Bureau. Strategic value... absolute - loss of area and capture or destruction of classified weapons prototypes unacceptable. "Bloody hell" Private Maxim Throstle said as the truck passed a car that had gone through the barrier on the side of the highway and straight into the backyard of some terribly designed houses. What scared Maxim the pool of blood and arm sticking out from the bottom of the car. On a normal day, Firefighters, Police and Journalists would be everywhere, but there wasn't anyone around, even the houses through the hole looked abandoned. That's when it hit him, the world had changed and it was never going to be the same again.
  21. The drone has send us photos from C2-C3 According to the policy against terrorism, Bandaud is sharing the info F.Y.I. More photos:
  22. Two Undercover Balafih Operatives have successfully infiltrated local arms dealers to what seems to be an Tosul official buying weapons (and other items) purchase off of C-14 Coast. The operatives are in deep cover with the full trust of the local arms dealer during this shady deal with the heavily guarded official.
  23. Bandaud has send Alexandra at G10 disguised as a reporter ... Alexandra: Hi... i m a reporter i want to take some photos for my newspaper. Soldier 1: Move or we have to arrest you !!! Soldier 2: Pfffffff ... stupid people We mange to have some photos of the borders. as you may see there is no way to pass undetected more photos:
  24. Reporter: Hi all and welcome to a new episode of "Show me your House" Reporter: On this episode we are invited in Commader Gus' loghouse, the tip of the spear of our forces. Gus: Thank you for coming ... Gus: Actually its a "mancave" with a small workshop. Love my dirt bike :) Gus: Hope you enjoy it. .
  25. The Brick of Nations The Brick of Nations is an International Organization composed of Sovereign Nations and other International Organizations. The Brick of Nations is aimed at establishing International Law and serves as a forum for Nations to both air and resolve the grievances. The Organization has served for decades as a lasting moderator and advocate for global peace. This is where nations are free to bring forth their issues or seek to invoke international laws. Nations that have more than (1) Player must ensure that they have only (1) representative at a time to voice concerns at the Brick of Nations. This will be left to the individual nations to decide who their representative will be. The format for addressing the Brick of Nations Shall be as follows: 1. A player wishes to motion for a new international law - A player must post in this thread that their nation is seeking to institute an international law. That nation must... Build a case in their post as to why this needs to be done and... The player must get (3) other nations to co-sign their motion by posting agreement to said motion in this thread. If a player achieves the (3) cosignatures, the council (myself and staff) will determine if the cause can move to a general vote. If it is determined that the Brick of Nations is not going to vote, the issue is dead and cannot be resurrected unless circumstances provide building a substantial case. If the council approves the motion to vote, a separate thread will be opened to vote. Each nation will have (1) vote. If multiple entries are posted from (1) nation, the first one will be the vote counted. 2. A player can air a grievance with another nation - A player can seek to resolve an issue with another nation directly or they can ask for a council resolution. If a council resolution is requested, it must be detailed and show cause for a resolution. The council will determine the outcome of any resolution and may open the floor to a vote as outlined in #1. 3. A nation can make a formal declaration - this is used for nations to state intentions. Declarations of War, territorial outcomes based on battle, intent to break a treaty or alliance, ultimatums. Any country that is seeking to use military force against another must formally declare war against the country it is using force against. Any nation that uses military action against a sovereign nation without declaring war may be subject to action from the Brick of Nations. All posting in this thread is to be done in character and as a representative of your nation. Players are encouraged to create a unique Minifig to represent them as their nations Ambassador to the Brick of Nations. Staff may create ambassadors for your country to use for promotional content to drive the game. It is important to keep an eye on this section and try to build (pun intended) off of what the staff creates. This area is not to be abused or cluttered with endless back & forth ranting. Be professional and diplomatic. Accepted Laws through Legislation Passed by the Brick of Nations: Resolution BW001- The use of all Nuclear, Chemical, and Bio Brick Weapons is outlawed. Countries are to cease all programs furthering development of these projects.