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Found 15 results

  1. Hello I want to share my first MOC in many, many years. After building the official Saturn V set I was inspired to start building again. My first idea was to accompany my Saturn V with my childhood favourite rocket, the moon rocket from Tintin’s “Destination Moon”. I searched and found a lot of MOC’s of this rocket, but all of the were either too big or in the wrong proportions to fit my needs, so I ended up designing my own MOC. So here I present “The Moon Rocket”. It’s a pure digital build this far. I hope you like it. About the model In 1950, when space travel and journeys to the moon where still science fiction, Belgian cartoonist Hergé (Georges Remi) published the serialised version of what would become the two album Tintin adventure “Destination Moon”. Hergé was known for his sense of detail and perfection and put huge amounts of research behind this album to make it as accurate as possible. The adventure tells the story of a maned mission to the moon, something that was yet to be achieved in the 50´s. The vehicle that transported Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock and professor Calculus to the moon was a bright red painted, cigar shaped rocket with three large fins and a white checkered pattern around the mid-section. This rocket has become famous for its elegant design and is now synonymous with Tintin. The design is instantly recognised by millions of people which has read and loved the Adventures of Tintin over the decades. This model is a tribute to that rocket. The model is designed at a scale of 1:110, to match the official Lego Saturn V rocket. But scale is tricky with an imaginary rocket. Even if Hergé included a detailed drawing in the albums and built several scale models during the work with the album to get the pictures as accurate as possible, there is no official record of how tall the rocket is. To get a plausible length, I started out with the drawing in the album and concluded that it was possible that the drawing was made at a 1:300 scale. In combination with information from the book "Spaceship Handbook" (Jack Hagerty and Jon C. Rogers) and measurements from the album art, I ended up with a total length of 66 meters, including the antenna. At 1:110 scale, this makes the rocket model 60 cm (23.62 inches) tall. The model is made up of 1.575 Lego bricks. A display model This model is meant to be a display model only. The different sections of the rocket are held together by very few Lego pieces. The model will most likely hold together when standing upright but will very likely break apart if tilted or held horizontally.
  2. Typhon Tournesol by Hugo, sur Flickr Typhon Tournesol by Hugo, sur Flickr Typhon Tournesol by Hugo, sur Flickr Tryphon is one of famous characters of Tintin, a belgian comic.
  3. BillyG

    [MOC] Pirate Brigantine

    Me again, this time with a take on a small pirate ship. I like how it turned out really classic-looking due to the colour scheme, it wasn't my intention going in but I'm actually really happy with it. The idea for it came from trying to use the bow pieces as a hull. If I add rigging it will probably look more ship-like and less 'toy'-like but for now I think it works well. Maybe the masts could be redesigned too I reckon. Let me know what you think! The stern could use some redecorating at some point maybe. No interior details just yet but it is ready for it. Here's a rough photo of the first version of it before I remade it. And finally next to the massive Unicorn, barely fitting in the frame together!
  4. BillyG

    [MOC] Tintin Unicorn Ship

    My first post! My rendition of the Unicorn from Tintin (mainly based on the film). Just edited with better photos. Would love to hear your thoughts! And here's Tintin and Haddock with the Unicorn model - please forgive me using a cat for Snowy!!
  5. paupadros

    [MOC] Tintin Moon Rocket

    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ignition! Tintin needs no introduction really. Created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi (Hergé), Tintin is a reporter and adventurer who travels the world in search of adventure and stories. Over the course of the 20th century, Hergé drew a series of 24 comic books with Tintin as the protagonist. Two of the most fascinating are Objective: Moon (Objectif: Lune) and Explorers on the Moon (On a marché sur la Lune) which in the early 1950s showed what a Moon mission could look like, something that would not become a reality until some fifteen years later. One of the key elements of these albums was the rocket to the moon: the red-and-white V2-inspired machine is one that has captured the imagination of many (including me, of course ) Here's a little video of my rocket in motion: I tried to make the rocket itself move upwards, but I couldn't find a proper way of doing so without intersecting with the already moving clouds of smoke or destabilising the whole model. Truth be told, the clouds are pretty weak and as much as I would love to make instructions for the whole model, it's just way too flimsy for my lax standards to even approve. I'm planning though on making instructions for the rocket alone with a simple base, which is definitely secure enough. And pretty cheap too: I think it was somewhere along the 270-piece mark. This origniated from my father, who is huge Tintin fan. For his birthday earlier this March, I gifted him this kinetic sculpture of the famous rocket lifting off. The clouds of smoke move thanks to two simple camshafts, creating the illusion of the rocket really lifting off. Most are positioned parallel to one another except for the second-to-last row which is angled to give some more interest to the model. You can find a complete album on my Flickr and on my Instagram.
  6. I created the Rocket from Hergé's The Adventures of Tintin, Explorers on the Moon! This project has also been submitted on LEGO Ideas if you'd like to support it :)
  7. Floundie

    (MOC) Marlinspike Hall

    I present to you my WIP MOC of Marlinspike Hall, Captain Haddock's home from Hergé's wonderful Tintin books. Hergé partly based the exterior of this iconic fictional building on a very real one, the Château de Cheverny, located in Loire Valley, France. I designed my model to split into three sections in the style of TLG's modular buildings, so that the interior could be easily accessed. As far as the interior goes, there is limited detail at this point. The ground floor at this moment is considerably plain. The lower right wing only contains a couch and the left wing is left completely empty. Here you can see the marble staircase clearly. If you physically built the set, you would notice a chunk of one of the steps is loose.. And the stairs continue up to the more furnished second floor. Here in the upper left wing we have a room with a comfy chair, a small table with a telephone, and Iago on his perch. And in the right wing a bedroom with a large bed, two chairs, and a painting. The top section is inaccessible from the inside as the roof had to be strengthened with 2x4s so it would hold up in real life. I might end up making room for a small attic in the middle part at some point. Check out all the pictures on my Flickr. So, tell me what you what you like or what you think could be improved!
  8. This is my version of the Tintin rocket standing on the Moon! From the albums: "Destination Moon (Objectif Lune)" and "Explorers on the Moon (On a marché sur la Lune)" TintinRocketTop by gonkius, on Flickr TintinRocketView by gonkius, on Flickr TintinRocketBase by gonkius, on Flickr TintinRocketAwayTeam by gonkius, on Flickr TintinOnTheMoon by gonkius, on Flickr
  9. I Finally took some better pictures of this build that i made many months ago.
  10. Hello Eurobricks! These are my first custom minfigures which I have devoted to Tintin, first of all I would like to say a huge thanks to: Hound Knight-for inspiring me, and by suppling decals for Tintin, Capt. Haddock and Calculus.- Second to (Dutch) -who spent countless hours making me decals :)- and finally to JopieK and his team at for printing me these great decals (buy them here! Enough talking! Here's the buckling reporter himself! Tintin by SandMirror38, on Flickr Decal by Hound Knight, whilst I myself made the hairpiece using games workshop's 'green stuff' *Edit* -Added Haddock and Calculus- Captain Haddock by SandMirror38, on Flickr Professor Calculus by SandMirror38, on Flickr More minifigures coming soon! *UPDATE 2!* WIP Nestor! WIP Nestor -Front- by SandMirror38, on Flickr WIP Nestor -Back- by SandMkr *FINAL UPDATE* Woah, long time no see!!! (Admin'll probably hate me for bumping this... ) So after a long process of anything and everything to do with getting these minifigures made they are FINALLY done and I am happy to present my custom printed Tintin minifigures!! Custom Tintin minifigures. by SandMirror38, on Flickr Which ones are YOUR favorite? I'd be happy to answer any questions you have :) Kind Regards, SandMirror38
  11. SandMirror38

    MOC Marlinspike Hall

    Hello all! Another Brickvention has come and gone and I present to you my main MOC from this year.. Marlinspike Hall from The Adventures of Tintin comic series! Marlinspike Hall by SandMirror38, on Flickr This has been a long going project for me but I am definitely happy with the results, more pictures to come as well as close-ups of the custom minifigures. C & C Welcome
  12. Hello all, I started on a Tintin project for Brickvention 2015, because there isn't a Tintin line I have needed to find someone who could create the minifigure parts (torso and heads) for this project. After a long time of research and going through some expensive quotes. I am still looking at the moment for a cheap pad printer company that can do 1 or 2 of each print still at a low price, if you know anyone please help out!
  13. SandMirror38

    PROJECT: Marlinspike Hall

    Hi everyone, Im pretty new here and seeing as there are so many amazing people on Eurobricks..... I would like some tips for a moc Im building......Marlinspike Hall from Tintin! If anyone has any reference photos or tips that would be great Its being made across 4 48 X 48 gray boards if that helps! Thank you in advance. Will update this page with pictures Bye for now, SandMirror38. UPDATE TIME!!!!!!!! Pictures!! First Up: Captain Haddock 'Blistering Barnicales' LEGO Captain Haddock by SandMirror38, on Flickr Next: Cuthbert Calculas 'A little more to the west' LEGO Calculas by SandMirror38, on Flickr And Finally....for now Thompson and Thomson 'To be precise' LEGO Thomson and Thompson by SandMirror38, on Flickr They will in the end have the same face I'm waiting on my Bricklink order and wanted to show you guys SOME of my to show this is actually happening. Tintin and Snowy would have been uploaded but I need to fix up that decal...... Thanks for everyones great support.. OVER 1220 VIEWS!!!! YEAH!!!!! I have a contact in Lego so even more support and we'll see what happens :devil: Like I have said before more pictures are coming...which means more LEGO building :wub: :wub: :blush: :sweet: Bye! SandMirror38
  14. Hey everybody, As some of you will know I am in the brisk of madly creating LEGO Tintin MOC's and so forth, so my question is how would I make tintin's iconic hair? Obviously I will need to customise a lego hair piece, I'm thinking this piece... In orange, though I will need to create the quiff of hair. I call for help from the amazing customisers or Eurobricks! Kind Regards, Sand