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Found 30 results

  1. BrickCurve

    The Cottage In Autumn

    An Autumn version of one of my previous creations. I really should be building for Brickvention MOC but I really wanted to use my new LUGbulk parts! Now that Summer has drawn to a close, one of the oldest retirees of the Avalonian military has further settled down into his quiet retirement home on the coast of the southern part of Avalonia.
  2. BrickCurve

    Desert Travellers

    As they get nearer and nearer to the Arkbri river, two travellers, weary from there exhausting trek across the Oil Road, begin to see trees, and more signs of life sprouting up out of the barren desert. Overall, pretty pleased with how this sand technique turned out, pleased enough to order some more of the parts for my next large MOC!
  3. BrickCurve

    [MOC] Lighthouse Point Expansion

    My entry for the 'Expand Lighthouse Point' competition over on Lego ReBrick. Yes, I made a micro one as well! For the contest, I also had to create a 360 degree view of the model using the new Creator app, which is essentially stop motion limited to 16 frames, which explains why the video is poor quality! (The app severely crops the pictures it takes).
  4. Built for SHIPtember 2016. Length: 106 Studs Bio: The Firebrand class of cruisers and shuttles have long been used for search and rescue operations in all manner of atmospheres, scientific research and testing, medical transport and general transport of passengers both on planet and for interstellar trips.
  5. BrickCurve

    Cottage Life

    A quick foray back into GOH before I start on my SHIPtember build. Somewhere on the Avalonian coast, an old soldier of the Avalonian military is enjoying his retirement. I would like to claim the UOP credits for landscape design, trees 3/3, and for Hydrology, Flowing Water.
  6. BrickCurve

    [MOC] The Test Pilot

    Racing across the desert of a small planet purchased particularly for this purpose, the galaxies latest craft is being tested!
  7. BrickCurve

    The Coming of Spring

    A build set a few months after the Algus were routed from Mitgardia. The Algus are defeated and some parts of Mitgardia are beginning to thaw out, much to the delight of the local wildlife. My entry for the natural beauty category of the summer joust. I would like to claim the UoP credits for: Landscape design, snow and ice trees (technique 1/3), and Brick built animals 1/3
  8. BrickCurve

    Beneath Anrarr

    Hidden beneath castle Anrarr, in a not so long forgotten series of cavernous cellars lies the headquarters of the High council resistance to the rule of the Desert King. The main story and all four builds from the rest of build are available in the [summer Joust 2016] Kaliphlin Team thread. I would like to claim the UoP credits for: Geography: Grasslands, Military Science: Fortification, General Building: Lighted Builds (LEDs)
  9. Recently discovered in an almost forgotten corner of Petraea university, this painting by the yet unknown artist 'BC'. See Flickr (link in signature) for images without frame and background. I would like to claim the UoP credits for: Trees (1/3), Studs up rocks and cliffs.
  10. BrickCurve

    Spice Islands Watchtower

    On one of the smaller of the Spice Islands, joined to a village on one of the larger islands Lord Parimere visits a newly constructed watchtower. I would like to claim UoP credits for: Architecture: SNOTed tile stonework, Advanced SNOT, and Geography: ocean side or riverside scene.
  11. BrickCurve

    The Forest Gate

    As the power of the Algus is beginning to wane, merchants, traders and travellers are starting to travel from Kaliphlin to the north now that the roads are no threatened by the Algus. My last build in the north of Historica for a while. I'm going back to Kaliphlin for warmer weather!
  12. BrickCurve

    [MOC] Lakeside Temple

    Something inspired by the old Castle Ninja, specifically set #6093 Flying Ninja Fortress. I used Ninjago minifigures because I actually don't own any of the old Ninja sets, yet.
  13. As Algus patrols begin to appear on the borders of northern Avalonia, the effect are far reaching. Snow clouds drifting from the north reach the hot Kaliphlin winds, the result is rain, rain falling in the wither woods turning the landscape from shades of reds and browns to a more lush, green forest. Lord Parimere meets with one of the guard captains, commanding one of the wither wood outposts. Guard Captain: Sir, do you think the Algus in Mitgardia could cause snow to fall in southern Kaliphlin? it would be a disaster! Lord Parimere: If snow began to fall in Kaliphlin... Well as you say, it would be a disaster. The Algus must be stopped! Guard Captain: I await you orders sir. Lord Parimere: Well for a start we can send a detachment of cavalry north to assist Avalonia. It could then be followed by soldiers on foot. See to it Captain. Guard Captain: At once Sir. 2 weeks later... ​Kaliphlin soldiers are helping keep the argus at bay in Avalonia. It is hoped that the wither wood will dry out soon, we can't have Kaliphlin turning into a second Avalonia can we? Main images. Drat, I accidentally typed affect instead of effect. ​
  14. Entry in the miscellaneous small creation category of CCC XIII This may end up being part of a series were I make a small MOC featuring a part of each of the four Guilds.
  15. After the original fell off a table, I rebuilt it into this version that I infinitely prefer. Bio: Orion class deep space cruiser have been used for years as a reliable way to transfer goods, passenger and other cargo on long haul space flights. Most versions of the cruiser carry two small shuttles to be used as an escape route for the crew in emergencies and as a way to unload cargo Length: 110 studs Parts: 1000+ Time To Build: One Month (off and on) Built for SHIPtember 2015.
  16. Just over a year since I first joined GoH I finally have a more detailed character backstory! As a boy Parimere grew up in the Ansfel border post (were his father was garrisoned) situated between Kaliphlin and Avalonia. During his late teens he journeyed with his father through three of the four guilds- Avalonia, Mitguardia and Kaliphlin, (his fathers diplomatic work never took him to the guild of Nocturnus). Following the passing of his father he was left with a choice, since he had spent most of his life in either Kaliphlin or Avalonia, he was left with a hard choice, the guild of trees or the one of deserts? In the end he chose Kaliphlin in the south as his home In the years that followed he became a lord of Kaliphlin, frequently wandering through the guild, especially near the coast and occasionally abroad. And that is the tale of Lord Parimere of Kaliphlin.
  17. BrickCurve

    The Final Battle

    The final battle between the elected champions of the Dragon and Lion knights for the control of the kingdom. Quick entry into the 2015 CBC ( Due to size restrictions I couldn't use a longer base to improve the forced perspective of the backdrop.
  18. BrickCurve

    [MOC] Tempest Battlecruiser

    My first space MOC! Inspired by Tim Schwalfenberg's Hurricane Battlecruiser" More photos in the flickr album-
  19. In the aftermath of the tragic Kaliphlin cival war, an embassy is setup in Mitgardia to promote trade between the two guilds for supplies valuable to the rebuilding efforts in Kaliphlin. Edit: I have no idea why the photos from flickr are no longer showing, the flickr album can be found here I will redo the deeplinked images when time allows.
  20. BrickCurve

    Lions Mane Tower

    I built this 2 months ago and only just realised that I hadn't posted it. Not much of a backstory, I was just experimenting with the waterfall technique.
  21. A last minute entry for the High Council in warzone 5. Into The Desert... by BrickCurve, on Flickr As the leader of the convoy reached the first few metres of desert sand his thoughts returned to all those who had been lost over the years. From the unlucky traveller who had almost reached civilization in days before regular patrols around the edge of the great sands, and then there were those that just wandered in, never to be seen again. Still it could happen for there little party, a sandstorm to get them lost in the middle of the desert was all that was needed. For in a desert with no permanent landmarks getting lost and running out of water would spell death to all but the luckiest of adventurers. Still the supplies they were carrying were needed by High Council troops in this great civil war. Into The Desert... by BrickCurve, on Flickr He looked back for the last time at the honour guard that the patrol behind them had formed. He wondered to himself whether he had tempted his fate in the desert too many times to get away with it again, wondering whether he would see any of the patrol, or any other soldiers of the high council again or would he and the convoy behing him become nothing more than another pile of bleached bones soon to be hidden by the great shifting sands that formed this great desert. On another note, I cant seem to get the deeplinking working between here and flickr, I've seen similar images missing around the forum so is deeplinking no longer possible here? <edit> Fixed, it was a problem Google chrome.
  22. BrickCurve

    Achiran's Falls

    My first attempt at a waterfall. Far in the outer reaches of Kaliphlin...
  23. BrickCurve

    Valhiron Valley

    Valhiron Valley is located in the far north-east of Kaliphlin. This fertile patch of land is perched among the rocks and craggs of the Rakath mountains. Colonized by Mitgardian dwarves in search of minerals and iron ore, it is overseen by a Kaliphlin outpost.
  24. BrickCurve

    Valhiron's Valley

    An updated version of my original model ready for Brickvention. I would like to claim the UoP credit for Hydrology: Flowing Water.
  25. BrickCurve


    Of the towns and villages surrounding castle Anrarr FaraTown is by far the greatest. Built over a river the town has one of the best fresh water supplies in Kaliphlin.