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  1. LOVE this set- as an avid ttrpg player I'm for sure getting it! Confused on why people are saying it's too expensive though, it seems chunky enough and hits a little under .10 cents a part, no?
  2. Thanks, found it! Loving this, def buying a case. Excited to see the Mindflayer, Warlock, Tiefling, and Strahd! I feel like there's a couple things missing though- would love to see some characters from the OG Baldur's Gate- I know those are M, but like... Strahd got in. I remember him being a little intense. I guess cool vampire may sell well though
  3. He just made a video on them, so take that as you will.
  4. Expect: 60+ Willing: 30-50$ (I got the Majestro GWP NIB for like 45$ I think, but it was free after I got store credit for a Killow bigfig hehe)
  5. Super cute, but no interest in buying enough to get it. I'll pick it up at my local Bricks n Minifigs like I did the Majestro GWP, lol.
  6. novareb

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Thanks! My eyes gloss over while I learn new rules sometimes. And yeah... I had a switch on that turned off Signatures. Whoops!
  7. Same here- while I was waiting for Jay mech set to launch, I grabbed that polybag and loved the Kai lol
  8. novareb

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Done! Although I can't figure out how to add the link to my signature, did signatures get removed? Swore they were a thing...
  9. novareb

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - Heroica Hall

    livvytrabriccropped by Nova EB, on Flickr A click and a woosh is heard, and a figure walks in. They are wearing a mixture of bright green and dark green armor, with a black visor down and holding a large piece of hardware. There is a large occult icon scrawled on the chestplate in chalk. The figure walks up to the bar and pops up their visor. "Hey, 'Tender! Y'all serve cocoa? The shipping area of that freighter was mighty cold..." She sips on a mug of cocoa, happily unaware of how silly she seems to look. There's a whipped cream mustache on her upper lip. "Any jobs around? I need some new armor... and a new music disc."
  10. livvytrabriccropped by Nova EB, on Flickr Liv Trabric (novareb) 29 year old Human FemaleCharacter Points: 0/10Vitality: 5/5Velocity: 2Strength: 2Skill: 3Smarts: 3Proficiencies: Melee Weapons (1), Engineering (1), Occult (1), Technology (1)Credits: 10Equipment: Broken Scythe Prototype (Standard Energy Melee Weapon), Utility BeltInventory: Minor Energy Grenade (2)Locker: Empty
  11. novareb

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Cool! I'll have to read up some on how to play then and make a character! :D
  12. novareb

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Is this ever planned to come back? I'd love to play but it seems dead :(
  13. That's exactly what happened with me- I saw the little Jay mech, got excited about a Jay mech pilot figure, and that caused me to have a resurgence of Ninjago fandom and buy a bunch of the sets, haha. Love impulse sets.
  14. Yeah, not to sound nostalgic, but early Ninjago had a lot of good small impulse sets (those little Kai/Cole sets, Venomari Shrines, Spinners and especially the Booster packs, and those little vehicles from 2014-2016. I felt like Seabound and some of the waves around it really lacked sets like that. It's good to have little sets like that com e back.