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  1. In honor of Good Friday during the Coronavirus pandemic. We need look no further for hope than the atonement of Christ. This is my first attempt at a fully articulated figure ... and also my first Bricklink Studio render. The body is colored with a combination of dark orange and medium nougat. All 5 wounds are represented with wands used to show the blood dripping. The use of angled curve slopes and tiles hints at musculature. Claws, minifig hands and a round plate with handle are used to represent the delicate details in the hands, feet and face. The King's crown of thorns is made from a barbed wire element.
  2. Its time to start thinking about Brickworld Chicago 2018 is only 4 months away. What topics would most interest you for the Train Round Table? Here are just a few possibilities... or suggest one - Third Party tracks options for wide curves, turnouts, metal rails (Like BrickTracks, 4D Bricks, ME Models, etc) ? - The new Lego Power Functions 2.0 standard ? - Third Party power options (like PFX Brick, S-Brick, etc) ? - Building Narrow Gauge ( using either narrow gauge or new Roller Coaster track ) ? - Rechargeable battery options (alternatives to the Lego LIPO battery) - BMW
  3. I likewise was able to examine these closeup at Brickworld Chicago. I must say the fit, finish and color are very satisfying. The track sections definitely have a Lego feel about them. They snapped together firmly and stayed put the entire show with plenty of live trains running over them. Coaster, one point I did notice is that while the clutch on the bottom (tubes) is solid, the clutch on the top studs is a little weak. This may become an issue when attaching ties/ballast. Perhaps this can be addressed when engraving the "BT"s. I must say the combination of R104 + R120 single section tracks is encouraging, and I look forward to purchasing a loop.
  4. BMW

    ME Curves for Railmodeller Pro

    Update: Great News: Railmodeller Pro now supports ME Models track geometries! So you can now plan layouts using those create R104 curves (among others :-) Upgrade to version 5.3.4 or 5.3.5 on the Appstore See the latest supported track geometries here: - BMW
  5. BMW

    My Bad Experience with ME Models Curves

    I think it can be safely said that Lego too realized issues with brick built track coming apart in the original 4.5v system. When they retooled the system in the late '70's they switched from stud attachments on the sleepers to clips. Sadly most track from the grey-rail era era that was left assembled will have its clips crack off if disassembled today due to stress cracking. And of course they later went to single piece track sections for the 9v system.
  6. In a previous thread, I proposed a collaborative Nostalgia Train Layout for this Summer's Brickworld Chicago: This is a new thread is to determine participation so this is your chance to sign up :-) We hope that this collaboration will attract many participants by recreating the nostalgic look and feel of the older train layouts featured in Lego catalogs and the train idea book. Unfortunately Brickworld won't permit us enough floorspace to do the large "L E G O" layout I first proposed. Therefor we are moving forward with the alternative shown here: a moderately sized "50" nostalgia layout to celebrate 50 Years of Lego Trains! Here is a description: - The overall size is 16'x13' - Only official Lego sets will be featured: track, trains, stations and other sets. We have limited space so priority will be given to train specific sets first, then to general town sets as needed. Upgrades and part substitutions are fine as long as the trains still look original (for example replacing 12v traction tires, re-gearing an Emerald Night, etc). - This is a floor layout. The green and tan areas are created with colored roll paper taped to the floor. Tracks will be laid down over the colored paper. - Scenery will consist of loose trees, vehicles and figures placed on the paper between the sets (just like in the catalog pictures :-) Open areas will remain so people can step around for access. - Security will be addressed by having special stanchions up all show days (not just the weekend public days). These stanchions will feature a additional lower horizontal pipe to prevent young ones from entering the layout area. There should be about 30" between the stanchions and the outermost tracks. - Once we know what everyone is bringing, we will develop an operating schedule with hours when who's trains will run. The signup sheet is here: Please list what you can bring and then Please signup by May 15.
  7. BMW

    [MOC] Australian Narrow Gauge Horse Tram

    Lovely and full of charm!
  8. I've updated the original proposed plan to Version 2 based on feedback so far. Other ideas - please speak up :-) Several people have requested more MOCs so now MOCs (both trains and buildings) are now permitted anywhere on the layout. But If they are inside one of the historical loops then they need to reflect the building style and elements of that system / time period. For example, a customized Emerald Knight and carset would fit in nicely. Someone suggested we could do "before" (stock set) and "updated" versions of iconic sets like the #4554-1 Yellow 9v Train Station, #7722 Battery Steam Cargo Train, and #4558-1, etc. We really want to attract participation from people who are town builders but perhaps casual / lite train builders. So custom buildings and cars, trucks could be welcome too. Other ideas you can think of? - The background color is now green. Which do you like better, RED or GREEN ? (red is the company logo but green looks like grass and easier on the eyes) - There are now three ME outside loops with lots of sidings. This is where the latest and greatest fan-based MOCs are. PF 8-wide Big-Boys hauling 15' freight trains, modern train station, etc. - The "50 years of ..." sign at the bottom is made from 15"x15" baseplates. As are the system signs. The large "50" is the upper left is made from 5"x10" buildings... its an idea while its "YEARS" are made from vehicles lined up to spell "YEARS". - This perspective view shows how the layout would look at floor level. Who won't want to run to the side to see the big L-E-G-O and count the number of trains running ! - This shows the classic Lego Train Catalog look that the Nostalgia Train Collaborative layout will try to capture. Simple paper background with trees placed around the tracks. It is inexpensive and places the focus on the trains and structures.
  9. Update: A big thanks to everyone who has voiced support for this exhibit so far. Enough people have come forward that we could make this happen. However, we are still negotiating the details with Bryan B. so stay tuned.
  10. Certainly there will be custom MOCs and modified sets. The outside loops are all MOC trains and buildings. And modified sets and MOCs could run on the historic loops as long as they fit in.
  11. IF you are a Mac user AND use Railmodeller Pro to design layouts AND use the ME Models wide radius curves... THEN please vote for this new feature to add support for ME Models wide radius curves to the Railmodeller Pro here: The higher the number of votes, the sooner we get support for this track. - BMW
  12. A couple of the train enthusiasts have been talking about pulling together a special collaborative at Brickworld 2017 this June (thanks Eliot for initiating this). The proposal is to build a 25' x 50' Classic Lego Train Layout featuring only catalogued sets, trains, and minimal scenery - just like in the classic train catalogs! This will be built on the floor with colored paper underneath and stanchions around the outside. Many individual loops of track will operate simultaneous divided into the 4 areas: 4.5v, 12v, 9v, and RC/PF with the loops for each system spelling out a letter: L-E-G-O. Trains from each vintage run on their corresponding area. Along the tracks we place the various sets: train stations, grade crossings, freight depots, etc. appropriate to each system. We can even throw in some monorails and wooden trains. Running around the entire layout are a couple loops of ME wide radius track with fan-designed trains. And on the corners we can place large informational cards describing the history of Lego trains to inform the public. To start we are looking to socialize this and get feedback. So everyone please let us know your thoughts. Also, we need coordinators to own each area / letter. We are thinking of two people for each area who will design the loops, and coordinate assembly and disassembly of their area at the show. Just to get an idea of the scale, the proposed layout as shown requires 2080 track elements total with each area / letter requiring between 250 and 450 sections of track. Obviously the amount of track used will depend on how many people bring what. But if we only outline each area / letter and skip all the interior loops, then the minimum track needed drops to between 125 and 175 for each area / letter. Once BW17 registration is further along we will email all registered attendees to solicit participation. Sounds good? Well, probably not if it just winds up being a couple people. But if we can get dozens of contributors then everyone only has to bring a little bit. We will work out logistics for setup, take down, and marking track, etc. so everything gets back to its original owners. So if you plan to be at Brickworld 2017, please consider joining us! Thoughts? - BMW Detailed image:
  13. Thanks Cale. Its great to have all the Railbricks issues accessible again! - BMW
  14. BMW

    [MOCs] New Haven Boxcab Electric Locomotives

    Matt - I can't overstate how much your detailed, and may I add prototypical, lighting adds to these models. When you get a chance please consider posting a couple night shots as these were really impressive while running at the world of lights at Brickworld.
  15. BMW

    Hello from the past...

    Hi and welcome back. Divorce is painful and sorry to hear about this. The train museum is a great idea as you can mix so many diverse prototypes. As for selling your sets - I agree with the others that you might wait a few years before doing this. With time the pain will recede but the original fun you found with these sets will likely remain. I've known men is your situation who have parted with various hobby items and later regretted it. Perhaps your daughter can hold onto them.