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  1. Sunder

    [MOC] ORS Hindaun

    Type-84.7 tanker is very common in frontier systems due to high automation. There is no need in large crew, all docking and loading/unloading operations are made by ship's AI. ORS Hindaun by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  2. Sunder

    [MOC] Boiler room

    Boiler Room by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  3. Sunder

    [MOC] M-Type Destroyer

    M-Type Destroyer by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  4. Sunder

    [MOC] Paddle wheel steamer

    Thanks. No, there is no actual prototype/ I also kinda hate it, but it is what it is. A was always obsessed with closing all the gaps everywhere no matter the cost. But some day I realised I just have to accept gaps to be more efficient. Also I've made some animation as an experiment.
  5. Sunder

    [MOC] Paddle wheel steamer

    Paddle wheel steamer by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  6. Sunder

    [MOC] Launch Site

    A launch site of a fictional light class rocket. Launch Site by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  7. 3D-View on Mecabricks: Tirmino castle by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  8. Sunder

    [MOC] Necropolis

    A bit more of HMM3. Necropolis by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  9. Well, this year's SHIPtember was quite hard for me due to lack of time and ideas. Almost 3/4 of work was done last week or something like that. So I couldn't make everything I want and ship is a bit crude and unpolished. One of standart type drone carriers, designed to assist in construction of orbital port hubs. Ship isn't supposed to have much materials onboard, so she depends on cargo haulers during construction. DCV-08 "Barra" construction drone carrier by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  10. Sunder

    [MOC] Dungeon

    Just a castle from Heroes of Might and Magic 3. 3D-View on Mecabricks: by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  11. Sunder

    [MOC] Tsurumi heavy cruiser

    Thanks. That's render, you know :) "Space" lightning is simplest: just one hard light source.
  12. Sunder

    [MOC] Emperor II ironclad

    Thanks. No, there is no certain prototype.
  13. Sunder

    [MOC] Tsurumi heavy cruiser

    Tsurumi and Akikaze over D-1735b by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  14. Sunder

    [MOC] Reactor control room

    Thanks. Living in Russia gives some benefits in catching aesthetic, you know.