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  1. Sunder

    [MOC] Tsurumi heavy cruiser

    Thanks. That's render, you know :) "Space" lightning is simplest: just one hard light source.
  2. Sunder

    [MOC] Emperor II ironclad

    Thanks. No, there is no certain prototype.
  3. Sunder

    [MOC] Tsurumi heavy cruiser

    Tsurumi and Akikaze over D-1735b by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  4. Sunder

    [MOC] Reactor control room

    Thanks. Living in Russia gives some benefits in catching aesthetic, you know.
  5. Sunder

    [MOC] Reactor control room

    Reactor control room by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  6. Definitely (not) Evangelion by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  7. Sunder

    [MOC] Air Carrier

    It's a kind of magic, magic... I mean anti-gravity. There is no other way.
  8. Sunder

    [MOC] Air Carrier

    Aircarrier by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  9. Sunder

    [MOC] Air Battlecruiser

    Thanks everyone. I tried bigger ones, it looked too bulky because of bigger pylons. May be. I just scrolled throught random photos of different battleship and picked random ideas. About a week. It's not very solid. I don't build whole internal structure to minimize parts count. However there is a lot of space inside to build a rigid spine. So sides can be fixed.
  10. Sunder

    [MOC] Air Battlecruiser

    Air Battlecruiser by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  11. Sunder


    EFCS Van Allen originally was build as colonial ship, late modification of Patriarch class. She was almost ready when huge colonization programm had been canceled due to deep political crysis. For several decades this ship was drifting in orbit without any purpose. Van Allen was partially disassembled, most valuable modules as reactor or hypercore were removed. Finaly, her empty shell was sold out as scrap. However new owner from one of peripheral colonies decided to rebuild Van Allen as construction ship. Due to lack of finances old equipment was used. Artificial gravity ring was replaced by radiation sheild to protect crew from old unsafe reactor and engine. Most secondary systems also were outdated or missed. Despite this Van Allen is still valuable costruction ship capable of assembling key sctructural parts of space stations or supermassive ships. About one third of outer rim's trade hubs were build with help of this ship. EFCS Van Allen by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  12. Sunder

    [MOC] EFNS Integrity

    EFNS Integrity by Sunder_59, on Flickr 3D-view on Mecabricks:
  13. 3D-view on Mecabricks:
  14. 3D-View on Mecabricks: Karasawa class battlecruiser by Sunder_59, on Flickr