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  1. jwarner

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    I might be a bit late to the party here, but isn't this the first time we've seen a mini-v8 in an official set? I know the Mack had a straight-six that was similar but i don't recall a seeing a v8
  2. jwarner

    Show us your Working Place

    There seem to be a lot more university-age AFOLs on here than I thought, and it seems that moving parts back and forth is somewhat of an issue, so I thought I'd share my solution: Traveling Bricks - Mobile Collection by jwarner1718, on Flickr I picked these toolboxes up at a local hardware store for roughly $20 apiece, and they're wonderful. Probably not suitable for larger stationary collections, but they make it much easier to take a reasonable amount of parts with me. They stack nicely so I can fit them fairly easily into a dorm closet. Traveling Bricks - Mobile Collection by jwarner1718, on Flickr There's a top and bottom section to hold both large and small parts. The individual compartments can be removed so I don't have to sit the entire box on my desk while I'm building. Usually they litter the floor all around my feet when I'm busiest. Traveling Bricks - Mobile Collection by jwarner1718, on Flickr One more normal toolbox for larger parts. The CLAAS tires wouldn't fit in the other boxes at all, so I just put all my tires in here. PF parts and pneumatics, as well as flex axles and rotor blades. Just thought I'd share how I'm making LEGO work with college, maybe it will help some people find solutions that let them build anywhere too.
  3. jwarner

    [TC15] Heliplane

    Right there with you! My first exam is Friday but I've spent the whole day building. Oh well Best of luck to you!
  4. jwarner

    [TC15] Concept Aircraft

    Microscale Technic is a rarity, but a beauty nonetheless!
  5. jwarner

    [TC15] Mission impossible

    I'm already excited for this one. You've put out some amazing helicopters but this one just might take the cake!
  6. I am so ready for this. I've had a concept festering for a while and this is my motivation to actually make it. Really excited!
  7. I tried using non-Lego weights to balance but I needed way too much to make any difference. I agree, playability is the most important aspect!
  8. Nice! How does the superstructure fare with the boom at a lower angle? Any tilt? I'm revisiting my own mobile crane and having some trouble counterbalancing.
  9. jwarner

    LEGO Technic Rainbowgatti

    I have to ask, when you build these do you strategically choose what "random" colors to use or do you just reach into a drawer and use the first part you get? Looking very nice by the way
  10. jwarner

    [MOC] Rocketship - ADP Submission

    Can you explain what you mean by fully plated? Also yeah, red probably would have looked really nice, but deep in my heart I knew I wanted green Classic Space. I'm sure red would look just as nice though
  11. I was initially hesitant to share this model since LEGO discourages sharing ADP entries, but I had to post a video to YouTube for my submission so I may as well share it here as well. Stud.io's renders look better than any photo I could get at the moment, so this is what I have: Rocketship - ADP Submission by jwarner1718, on Flickr The initial idea for this creation was something along the lines of "what if we made, like, a missile, but it was supposed to be flown?" Obviously this has seen quite a bit of refinement but I'm glad it could all come together it time for ADP. The rocketship itself can be removed from the stand and swooshed around quite nicely, and the stand doesn't use any rubber bands or dampers to hold the model in place (the ADP palette doesn't have rubber bands). Rocketship - ADP Submission by jwarner1718, on Flickr The ADP palette also has very strict limits on minifigures, so the submission version gets a simple astronaut. My personal model has a green Classic Space minifig at the helm, and I think he suits it much better. Rocketship - ADP Submission by jwarner1718, on Flickr Finally, a video demonstrating the stand's removable function.
  12. I for one am really excited about this program! I've got my entry finished on Stud.io but I'm waiting on some parts to test it in person. Can't wait to see what we get from this!
  13. jwarner

    Signature Technic Quirks?

    As many as I have Most of mine went into my mobile crane, I think it's the only yellow piece in the whole model. Those accents right
  14. I haven't been very active here as of lately, I've been working on a fairly large project. But I got to wondering, what are some of your signature quirks when you build? Me personally, I hate the look of bushes; just can't stand them for some reason. I replace as many of them as I can with two half bushes; I know it's not efficient but IMO it looks a lot better What about you guys?
  15. Quoting TBB: "The car was made from a total of 339 different types of Technic pieces, including 58 new custom elements recolored to match the vibrant blue hues of the skin of the Chiron." I wonder if we'll be seeing any of those new recolored parts in the future...