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  1. It does look like dark azure and dark blue.
  2. I feel like this might be in part due to the lack of really any useful brown technic parts though. If we had more brown pieces available I think we might occasionally see it used an appropriate way.
  3. 42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Oh the irony, a rough terrain crane with no suspension! Unfortunately I've probably got to agree with you, I don't see it fitting in, and if it does there's very little freedom in it
  4. This entire project is simply mind-blowing. Can't wait to see the final product!
  5. Original and quirky. I like it! Something we don't see all the time.
  6. Attitudes and mindsets

    I think it's beneficial to receive constructive criticism like we do here on EB, because there's a lot of AFOL communities where there is an absence of any criticism, and while this may make us feel better as builders, it doesn't help us improve our skills. One of the benefits of having so many avid Technic fans in one place is that us aspiring young builders can learn a lot from those that have in the hobby for years upon years. I do agree that hypercriticism and nonconstructive critiques tend to detract from the community. However, I think most of us have good intentions when it comes to criticisms. We all want our models to be their best As far as self-promotion is concerned, I attribute it to the fact that it can be really hard to understand someone's tone and the intention of their words just from a block of text. Online we lose a lot of the inflection one might pick up from a face-to-face conversation, and this can make it really hard to distinguish between healthy pride and brash egocentrism, so a lot of people may come off as arrogant and self-righteous when they're just really proud of what they've done. Then of course there are some people that are actually arrogant and self-righteous, but that's a different story
  7. Bugatti Chiron 1:8

    Absolutely stunning! If I'm disappointed with TLG's version I'll blame this
  8. Very nice! I love seeing these smaller models.
  9. Wonderful! I guess the real trick is controlling it. I would love to see more done with this concept in the future. Also, kind of irrelevant, but we have the same door mats
  10. , that's part of what makes it Lego and not your average scale model IMO. Makes it unique, even if we aren't all satisfied
  11. Looking good so far, I personally like that you're using a studded frame. It really makes your model (or what you have so far) unique. Can't wait to see five-axle suspension! Are you using live axles? I'm still learning the technical jargon. +1 on that decision, it's nice to see something that's not your run-of-the-mill construction yellow.
  12. Looking very nice! The hatch is a lovely idea, and will surely save you some pain later on.
  13. Same here. Guess we all had the same idea
  14. Looking very nice! I love how much functionality you've managed to cram into this project
  15. Are you planning on putting a working fake engine in the compartment?