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  1. Thank you very much for your kind words @brickhappy, your model looks great as well! I love the shaping, and seeing the whole thing outlined in Lego gives me a better sense of what mine might end up looking like. If you would like I would be happy to share my gearbox design once TC15 is over and I have time to draft some instructions. As far as your yellowed panels are concerned, I've used hydrogen peroxide and it works fairly well. For best results you'll want to completely submerge your parts and set them in the sun for a while (weird I know but it works). I've used this technique with my Shuttle Expedition which saw extensive yellowing and most of the parts are phenomenally better. Hope this helps, and best of luck to you!
  2. I really like your suggestions, I guess my biggest worry is that with as complete as the front end is I don't want to skimp on the rear and make it look half-baked. I suppose I can try and open up the front a little to balance things out... Might have to make some time between classes to try some of these things...
  3. Yes, I've had the most trouble with the engine housings since they're a long half-oval sort of shape, very hard to to replicate. I tried a system-built solution but didn't get very far, and the half-shell 3x11 panels are too wide when put together. I'm also concerned with paneling the tail but I haven't gotten that far yet so maybe it wont be as hard as I'm thinking.
  4. Yeah, I'm not gonna make it. I hit a snag somewhere along the way trying to wrap up the bodywork, and I felt the dreaded builder's block setting in. I really didn't want to force it because I'm never happy with forced work, but I am a little disappointed that I couldn't finish in time. Now that I'm back at university I've got a lot less time too, and there's a lot of other conflicting things that are demanding my attention right now. So the Firehawk sits on a shelf in my dorm for now, but I'm certainly going to finish it. That's probably the best thing TC15 did for me was to get me started on it, because I was afraid once I finished the gearbox I would never start on any of the bodywork. Now that I'm halfway there's no reason to not finish in due time. Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for inspiration to strike again, and for the "itch" to win me over. Good luck to the rest of you! Cheers, Jonathan
  5. jwarner

    [TC15] Sea Knight CH-46 (hkp4)

    I really like the looks of this. I was afraid to build in black or gray thinking it might not be as visually appealing but for this particular model it works.
  6. Hello everyone, quick update on the helicopter. I haven't really had any chance to build over winter break so I'm really afraid that I Won't be able to finish this project in time. That being said, I would rather take my time and finish the model properly than try to rush it to meet a deadline. Sikorsky S70-C Firehawk MOC - WIP by jwarner1718, on Flickr As you can see I'm starting to run out of parts due to the sheer size of the model, so the color vomit is starting to set in. Another reason I'm afraid I won't finish, since I'll have to order parts when I'm finished designing, which will probably tack a week or more onto my build time. Here's a minifig for scale, and this is probably just short of half the final length: Sikorsky S70-C Firehawk MOC - WIP by jwarner1718, on Flickr I've gotten the gearbox hooked up to the motor and battery box, and I've started moving the bodywork towards the back. The stacks of white 1x4 bricks are placeholders for these in white to mimic the outline of the windows. Where I'm really starting to stall is the engines, they're a very weird shape that's hard to replicate. I might have to try a system solution to get something I'm happy with. I'm trying to fight builder fatigue and get back into the swing of things, and I hope I can in time to enter.
  7. Feel free to borrow whatever helps The balljoints have to back aligned otherwise it puts too much strain on the dummy linkages (I like that term btw) and they won't along with the rotor properly. As for combining it I've gotten it attached to where they hold well enough, but I'm in the process of packing to head home for the holidays so it will likely be a few days before I can get a few more photos. Thank you! My intention was to build the gearbox as a separate unit so anyone could use it if they wish, instructions for the whole helicopter might be beyond me right now though
  8. UPDATE I got a small order of parts in the mail today and with them I was able to finish the gearbox: Sikorsky S70-C Firehawk - WIP by jwarner1718, on Flickr I haven't hooked up any motors yet, but it will use a servo motor on the rear side to switch between collective, left/right cyclic and forward/backward cyclic controls. The gear on the fornt is in lieu of an M motor, which controls the actual adjustment of the swashplate. In all there are 4 driving rings controlled by three of the new orange changeover gears, one each for switching between collective/cyclic, engaging/disengaging the left-right pair, and engaging/disengaging the front-back pair. Sikorsky S70-C Firehawk - WIP by jwarner1718, on Flickr The red switch marks where the servo will attach, and the yellow axle drives the rotor. Also here you can see a couple of these in black on the center cross gear. This is crucial to the function of the gearbox, as it will rotate the neighboring right gear when the servo rotates one way, but not the other, allowing either cyclic pair to engage individually. Sikorsky S70-C Firehawk - WIP by jwarner1718, on Flickr The rotorhead uses the turntable piece as swashplate. To keep its rotation aligned with the rotor axle, I used a couple of idler linkage constructions (the beams in black). It keeps both rotating together, but I'm having issues with vibration, particularly during cyclic pitch. If anyone has any advice on how to stabilize the rotor axle I am all ears. Finally a quick video demonstrating the gearbox in action: Moving on to bodywork, will keep you guys posted.
  9. Yes, I am afraid the blades are starting to look too small. Not sure how I'd prefer to go about fixing it but I suppose that can wait until I have a better sense of the size of the completed model. Thank you! The coast guard Jayhawk was one of my first picks but I was afraid the color patterns were a bit out of my league. Appreciate the enthusiasm!
  10. jwarner

    [MOC] Compact Log Loader

    Impressive how many motors you've crammed into here! Do you ever have issues with the IR signal with both your receivers facing inward like that?
  11. Very creative indeed! I wonder how much more complicated trying to suspend and drive such an axle might get though as you mention
  12. It seems about time for me to get into the TC15 spirit. I've been building up a storm in my dorm room every chance I've had when I haven't been studying, and it seems about time I share my progress. I noticed that there are notably few helicopters so far, I think just steph's Chinook and Eric's Skycrane. So I decided to join the fray, and I'm going big on this one, the Sikorsky S-70C Firehawk, the cousin of the military Blackhawk. Unlike the blackhawk though, this one comes in pretty colors: Sikorsky S-70C - N2FH FireHawk by Christopher Ebdon, on Flickr I want my model to focus on playability, so I plan on making the swashplate RC controlled with PF. I also wanted to use as few motors as possible, so here's what I'm planning: 1 L motor - rotor blade rotation 1 M motor (or L motor if needed) - swashplate control 1 Servo motor - switch between collective, left/right cyclic and forward/backward cyclic So few motors means that the gearbox is naturally a beast, so it will likely be taking up the entire rear of the helicopter. Waiting on a few more parts to arrive before I share what I've concocted on that front. In the meantime, here's what I've been working on: Sikorsky S70-C Firehawk - WIP by jwarner1718, on Flickr I apologize ahead of time for the wild colors and stickers, my selection of panels is pretty slim so I'll be playing 'rainbow warrior' for a while until I have most of the design down. Easier to order everything at once right? Sikorsky S70-C Firehwak - WIP by jwarner1718, on Flickr Both cyclic sticks are synchronized using a few linkages. They will not be linked up to the swashplate movement, something I had debated for a long time, but decided that with the route I had taken with the gearbox it just wasn't feasible to fit it in. I guess this makes a fair consolation prize though. Sikorsky S-70C Firehawk - WIP by jwarner1718, on Flickr The battery box sits behind the pilot seats, and the fake collective lever acts as a pin that can be removed to slide it out. I'm really excited for this contest, hoping to finish in time and that I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. If I don't make it before the contest though I'm definitely finishing this one. Cheers, Jonathan
  13. jwarner

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    I might be a bit late to the party here, but isn't this the first time we've seen a mini-v8 in an official set? I know the Mack had a straight-six that was similar but i don't recall a seeing a v8
  14. jwarner

    Show us your Working Place

    There seem to be a lot more university-age AFOLs on here than I thought, and it seems that moving parts back and forth is somewhat of an issue, so I thought I'd share my solution: Traveling Bricks - Mobile Collection by jwarner1718, on Flickr I picked these toolboxes up at a local hardware store for roughly $20 apiece, and they're wonderful. Probably not suitable for larger stationary collections, but they make it much easier to take a reasonable amount of parts with me. They stack nicely so I can fit them fairly easily into a dorm closet. Traveling Bricks - Mobile Collection by jwarner1718, on Flickr There's a top and bottom section to hold both large and small parts. The individual compartments can be removed so I don't have to sit the entire box on my desk while I'm building. Usually they litter the floor all around my feet when I'm busiest. Traveling Bricks - Mobile Collection by jwarner1718, on Flickr One more normal toolbox for larger parts. The CLAAS tires wouldn't fit in the other boxes at all, so I just put all my tires in here. PF parts and pneumatics, as well as flex axles and rotor blades. Just thought I'd share how I'm making LEGO work with college, maybe it will help some people find solutions that let them build anywhere too.
  15. jwarner

    [TC15] Heliplane

    Right there with you! My first exam is Friday but I've spent the whole day building. Oh well Best of luck to you!