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  1. Looks fabulous, congrats! you beat me to it, just started one of my own today
  2. Ahh, I see it now, read right over that
  3. Like the look of it so far, what do you have planned for the gear shifter?
  4. Totally agree, dissecting these models before we lay hands on them diminishes a lot of the "wow" factor that makes the building process so enjoyable. I personally like a few surprises along the way!
  5. Definitely not, but an internal axle hole will make pneumatics much easier for MOCers to control by remote as opposed to having to motorize the actual switch itself.
  6. So what kind of applications are we going to see with this valve?
  7. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    Not so sure about all-wheel steering, the box only shows steering on the front wheels. Wouldn't TLG want to show it off like with the Claas and other sets with all-wheel steering?
  8. Hi everyone, new to EB. I'm working on a mod for 42052 and I need to link the switch to the battery box to a driver shaft I'm adding in. The driver shaft needs to shift to the left gear when the switch moves right, and vice versa. I also want to be able to operate it from the battery box switch rather than another switch. Everything I've come up with so far is either just barely off or not strong enough to force the driver gear to switch. Any ideas?