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  1. Is actually still alive. Currently in what could be called a "Dark Age", I suppose.

    1. VaderFan2187


      Are you out of your "Dark Age" yet? :classic:

  2. Thank goodness this 'circle of strife' is over. Good game to everyone who died/lived.
  3. Wow. That was reeeaaally close. Sorry for doubting you, Dick.
  4. Trust me, I'm definitely laughing, sitting down, and watching the battle overhead. The sitting down part and the battle, sure, but laughing? No, not really. And the battle is more in front of me than overhead. I'm going to Vote: Mr. Freeze (Zepher) for his suspicious behavior.
  5. I'd rather you had just waited for what was left. It would make you look less suspicious. Also, your "explanation" is kind of weak.
  6. ... This is your defense for picking it?
  7. 1. Mr. Freeze's Coolant Zepher 2. Gandolf's Pointy Hat 3. Iron Patriot's Helmet Lego Spy 4. Storm's Lightning 5. Flash's Lightning Cowl piratedave84 Wait, when did this come about?
  8. Oh... That's what the whole uzegnaramo thing was about.
  9. For lack of time, and evidence toward anyone who is a viable voting option in my opinion, I'm going to Vote: Brickelodeon (Brickelodeon). If anyone provides me any substantial evidence against Lind, I'll consider changing my vote if I'm online.
  10. Thanks for the detailed reply. I'm really not sure who to vote for now. Day One I thought you were Scum, but since then you've seemed much more like a Townie. Brick I'm really not sure about, and Dave... I don't know.
  11. What is the reason for voting for Lind? What I mean is what are the current evidences?
  12. This is correct. The Falcon Wings were the Watcher.
  13. I'll have to read through the accusations for Lind and try to participate later. Also, my radar has been totally off track. I did not think MT was Scum. 1. Captain Jack's Crow 2. Storm's Lightning Darkdragon 3. Gandolf's Pointy Hat Lego Spy 4. Iron Patriot's Helmet Zepher
  14. Well I have to vote, and due to other questions at hand, I'm going to vote for the person I'm most suspicious of. Vote: The Flash (Walter Kovacs)
  15. Oh no... What could this be? Town switched with Scum?