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  1. Thanks for this. I've been meaning to get myself a few RCX bricks, since I have acquired an abundance of 9V motors and RCX sensors second hand, and have mostly used them with NXT via converters. With your findings, it should make it less daunting to set everything up.
  2. Okay, now that I've managed so sneak a peek, I can finally comment. Harvester looks interesting. Color scheme is debatable, but I'll be getting it for its uniqueness and because I love pneumatics. Also, great to see some studded beams on the crane. Futuristic loader looks really out there. Return of the big bucket! Should fit right in with the Futuristic Tow Truck. Crane looks good, I dig the red color and seemingly plate-built stabilizer pads. Will be interesting to see why the box is so big. These look to be some great models and I can't wait what the flagship is like.
  3. Very excited for the X-Wing, might be the first one I'll buy. Looking forward to clearer pics.
  4. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Hmm, I might have to check up on my long-term storage boxes, to see how my ziplock bags fare.
  5. Frankly, I prefer the open approach. To me, Technic is all about seeing awesome complex mechanisms at work. I haven't yet opened my Porsche, but from what I've read, pretty much everything interesting gets covered up, which is one of the reasons I was having trouble deciding whether to buy it. All in all, I'd prefer a conservative usage of panels. But I still prefer the current panel generation to the old ones which often had shapes that were complicated to mount/not enough mounting holes.
  6. Technic Pub

    Not too much. I generally use it to unwind from university/job stress, though that's mostly building sets. Not enough space for building at my current apartment. Yup. I love snow. Doubtful, since my family likely won't get me any LEGO. Not really, I might build a set, either Volvo EW160 or CLAAS. Uhhhh, that's hard... I like yellow or red for heavy machinery.
  7. What did you buy today?

    I've been looking at Ninjago Destiny's Bounty for the past two weeks at my local Mueller store. Finally took the plunge and bought it for 140 EUR, since there were only two on the shelf left. Also managed to snag 70632 Quake Mech for 54 EUR, yay.
  8. What did you buy today?

    Managed to get the last Old Fishing Store box in my local store!
  9. Snagged a 75144 UCS Snowspeeder at an okay discount, for my area at list. Still debating getting UCS Slave
  10. Custum water tanks for LEGO

    Oh man, this is super neat. I may have to give this a try with the 3D printer I have access to at my uni.
  11. What did you buy today?

    Almost finished up my 2016 Technic collection by buying 42054 CLAAS. Now I need to decide between UCS Snowspeeder and BWE...
  12. Heavy mobile drilling platform

    Nice job, I especially like the pipe crane mechanism!
  13. What did you buy today?

    Finally bought Ninjago City. Now it gets to sit boxed on my shelf until after exams
  14. I've been testing leJos with my old NXT brick and something seems to be wrong.When I flash the brick with latest leJos firmware, it works fine. After some time, it starts spewing some garbage onscreen: The only thing I can do is press Off button, but then it doesn't boot up again and I need to try multiple leJos/official firmware reflashes to get it to work. Has anyone encountered anything like that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Bob the LEGO Janitor

    Very familiar sight, yes And that mop is ingenious