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  1. flailx

    MOC: Azure One Hotel & Suites

    Amazing, truly brilliant! Corner layouts, curved rooms, unusual angles and still everything is beautifully laid out. Fantastic!
  2. Jinkies! That's pretty sweet! Love the engine and parachute - great piece usage!
  3. flailx

    Brickbuilt roads for my modular layout.

    Great roads! I love the bike path, and the bridge. Yeah, it's expensive. I used 3x4 panels for most most of my roads. My roads are black (as it was cheaper) but I prefer the dark grey you have. You can see my road here if you like:
  4. Maleficent, Ariel and Ursula are probably all I'll be getting. This line is worth it for Maleficent alone - GREAT fig!
  5. flailx

    MOC: Visit the Riviera

    The shutters are genius. Great build!
  6. flailx

    [MOD] Mystery Machine 75902

    I have an LDD file. I can't seem to add the attachment to the post but I can email you the file if your interested. Thanks! The doors aren't perfect - there's some stress when opening and closing but it's acceptable. Yeah, the wheels really bugged me. I didn't like the style, that they stuck out and especially, that the hubcaps didn't move. I fixed all three issues. I also didn't like how square and open the wheel wells were so I fixed that as well. Only the exterior front, lower sides and lower back are true to the original. The gutts of the build are almost completely different.
  7. This is my mod of the Mystery Machine. I think LEGO did a great job with the set but I wanted the van to be able to fit all of the gang. The sides no longer open but the van has doors that open in back. The interior is chock full of detective gear and can fit 3 figs in the front and two in the back. More pics can be found here. Let me know what you think!
  8. flailx

    [MOC] 1938 cadillac v16 convertible

    This is great! I may have to build this for my Palace Cinema as the car in that set is awful.
  9. Wow. This is a great looking set! I love the working doors and that they all fit in properly. Love the wheels too! I'm not real excited about this reboot but I'm probably getting this set.
  10. flailx

    21108 Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Mods

    The file is in the first post. :)
  11. flailx

    Project M- Dump Truck

    Love this truck! I dig the way you did the opening in the rear. Solid.
  12. flailx

    [MOC] Lion Building

    My first street modular. This is a 16 wide structure built in the modular style. It has 3 floors. The front exterior is finished but it has no interior and the back is incomplete. It's still a WIP. Please go here to find other views. Thanks for looking!
  13. flailx

    5 Recent Modular Buildings

    These are all very nice but I especially like the Coffee shop and Hardware store. The truck is wonderful too!
  14. flailx

    MOC: Phil's Diner

    This is great. Looks great with the other buildings too! Did you consider dark green over the door? Or perhaps alternating dark green and black curved pieces on the roof?
  15. flailx

    [MOC] 1966 Batmobile

    Thanks guys! I will probably try to make the boat at some point as well.