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  1. I rendered the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in its pristine state before the disaster on 26 April 1986. More photos and a 360 degree video is available on my Flickr: Hope you like it :)
  2. Hi all :) I have these Fabuland items for anyone interested. What you see is what you get. William Walrus is unfortunately unable to stand and it's all wobbly. I will ship via tracked post with proper packing. I will trade with Technic parts, City sets or pretty much anything as a matter of fact. If you don't want to trade, you may through Paypal. Just make an offer :) Thanks for looking and have a nice summer! (Those who are on the northern part of our planet, others should enjoy the snow!)
  3. cagri

    MOC: LEGOlophone

    Unfortunately no, each key makes the same stupid noise :)
  4. cagri

    MOC: LEGOlophone

    I have a lovely metalophone so I built it with LEGO bricks as well :) Here's the original for comparison:
  5. cagri

    MOC: Elegance Boutique

    Here's a little store for you :)
  6. Here is my little forklift :) Brickshelf Folder: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=555944
  7. I have three small MOCs so I thought I could share them on the same topic, at once. I hope you like them! MUSEUM ZOMBIEZ!! FAST FOOD STAND
  8. cagri

    GoH Collectible Minifigs Series voting time!

    13. two points 14. one point
  9. Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Reactor 4 Ever since I was a teenager, I have been interested in the apocalyptic world, deserted places, urban exploration and all those sort of things. Once I had enough financial resources, I took a deep breath and visited the disaster zone in Chernobyl. I spent 48 hours in the zone taking pictures and exploring all the hidden places. Last month I realized that I had never built anything related to the disaster so I went ahead and created this micro scale CNPP Reactor 4. It's not a "beautiful" building but I find it interesting and I'm very satisfied with the result. I hope that you will share the same enthusiasm with me. For more information on the reactor: For more pics: Here's a bonus photo which I took in the zone. Only 100 meters away from Reactor 4:
  10. cagri

    MOC: Bandit Tower

    I have recreated a castle set from 1992 (6075 Wolfpack Tower) for a contest of my LUG. I hope you like it. Cheers from Turkey :) More pics: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=548269 http://www.brickshel...ditTower/01.jpg http://www.brickshel...ditTower/02.jpg http://www.brickshel...ditTower/03.jpg http://www.brickshel...ditTower/04.jpg http://www.brickshel...ditTower/05.jpg 6075 Wolfpack Tower:
  11. cagri

    MOC: Zombie

    Just a lone zombie.. but it will eat your brainz
  12. cagri

    WIP: Campus

    This is just a segment of my university campus building (on a 16x48 baseplate). I will post pictures of the rest once I'm finished. Hope you like it :)
  13. Hi all, I have some extra figures which I do not need and I have not used ever. I like to send them to their new homes so that I can fund my new projects. But I could also accept trades for the full series of The Simpsons figures (with accessories). Please let me know if you would like to have these. Cheers! - I posted Bricklink price guides for your convenience but those prices may include certain extra parts (such as capes etc.) but my figures may not includes those. I will only ship what is seen on the pictures. What you see is what you get. - Shipping is 7.5 USD for any order and this price includes a tracking code. - Insurance is not mandatory but costs 7.5 USD extra for packages up to 150 USD. - Payment via Paypal only. You don't pay any extra fees for payment. - I can put these on my Bricklink store for 3% extra: http://www.bricklink....asp?p=legoadam 12 USD - 7 random figures as a group, no cherry picking 4 USD - Series 2 Karate Master - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col030 4 USD - Series 2 Karate Master - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col030 4 USD - Series 2 Weightlifter - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col026 4.5 USD - Series 2 Skier - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col028 8 USD - Series 1 Deep Sea Diver - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col015 6.5 USD - Series 1 Cheerleader - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col002 4.5 USD - Series 7 Swimming Champion - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col097 10 USD - Series 1 Forestman - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col014 10 USD - Series 1 Forestman - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col014 14 USD - Series 1 Super Wrestler - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col010 6 USD - Series 1 Ninja - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col012 4.5 USD - Series 2 Lifeguard - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col024 9 USD - Series 1 Spaceman - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col013 11 USD - Series 1 Robot - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col007 6.5 USD - Series 1 Caveman - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col003 6.5 USD - Series 2 Pharaoh - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col032 14 USD - Series 7 Bunny Suit Guy - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col099 6.5 USD - Series 2 Pop Star - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col027 4 USD - Series 10 Motorcycle Mechanic - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col160 11 USD - Series 1 Skater - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col006 18 USD - Series 1 Circus Clown - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col004 11 USD - Series 2 Disco Dude - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=col029 4 USD - Prince of Persia Princess Tamina - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=pop003 4 USD - Prince of Persia Nizam - http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=pop010
  14. cagri

    MOC: Trainyard

    It's a collage of my previous 4-stud-scale cars. Hope you like it ...