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Found 20 results

  1. Hi all! old pics are gone so take a look at new one on 2 side ;) TX
  2. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Batman vs Black Mask

    Batman vs Black Mask Bullets fly as Batman attempts to take down the powerful drug kingpin Black Mask in his run down narcotics warehouse. This is the largest Batman creation I’ve made, and in addition to being packed full of details, it’s also the first time I’ve made a scene where Batman is after the Black Mask. It’s also my first creation that’s greatly inspired by the Arkham games, with the character choices stemming from the soon to be released Arkham Origins. The build itself features tons of details from twin conveyor belts moving drugs to six large windows. There’s also two wall mounted ventilation fans as well as two celling fans. There’s also three large support beams on the roof that hold up three large lights that Batman is running across (Dodging fire at the same time!). A small office is there too, as well as two gargoyles for the Dark Knight to perch on. Clean up in the narcotics aisle... This creation was actually first shown in an interview I had with Beyond the Brick. You can watch that interview .Inverted Takedown Enjoy ~Captain Nemo
  3. Captain Contractor

    MOC: Sideloader and Pallet Truck

    Today I have a pair of MOCs that I deem the first of their kind on the internet. I felt that the world of Lego was lacking in little-known warehouse vehicles, so I built a Hubtex-style sideloader forklift and an electric pallet truck. I have only seen one other sideloader, however it was a technic model with power functions. Hubtex 1 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Hubtex 2 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Hubtex 3 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr As you can see, my vehicle is heavily based on the Hubtex MQ40, however I placed the door on the back, and the wheels are unable to pivot. Hubtex 4 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Hubtex 5 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Hubtex 6 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr The other model I built was an electric pallet truck. Pallet Truck 1 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Pallet Truck 2 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Pallet Truck 3 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr This last picture shows both of my models working together in a military warehouse. Western Arms Warehouse by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr C&C is greatly appreciated and I hope you all have a wonderful day!
  4. The East Terran Trading Company has established a warehouse in the Corlander settlement of Black Beach on Gunpowder Island. The island is distinctive because it has a volcano in the interior, resulting in black sand beaches. Gunpowder Island is rumored to have rich veins of copper and abundant saltpeter, which provide ample reason for the ETTC to express interest. While the settlement is still fledgling, ETTC clearly sees the importance of the future resources to be extracted. The island is also rumored to be inhabited by hostile natives, so a complement of ETTC sepoys secure the facility. A soldier from the nearby Martello Tower brings a bag of outgoing mail to the warehouse, where it will ship out for Port Woodhouse. A friendly monkey helps stand guard.
  5. As part of our fully automated train layout (see more at our blog here:, I have started to build a fully automated container warehouse. The warehouse should be able to store a large number of candy containers. I want to build four rows with shelves to store the containers, served by two robots that can store and retrieve the containers. The first thing I needed is to build the vertical lift for the stacker crane. I looked at other builds and found out that there are three possible mechanisms to create the vertical movement: Gears climbing a toothed bar (element 3743), a nice example can be found here: Cables pulling the lift up, an example can be found here: Chain links, an example that uses the small elements 3711 can be found here: And as you may have guessed, I have tried something different. I use the worm gears (element 4716) to get the vertical movement, this is the first test setup: If you stack the elements 4716 on top of each other, they should be aligned correctly to create one, long worm gear. I just finished a first prototype of the stacker crane. The crane has two forks, in order to store or retrieve a container from either the left row or the right row. The lift can move up and down, the (horizontal) movement along the row needs to be build. One EV3 M motor is used to move the forks either to the left or to the right. It uses a color sensor to determine the middle position. One EV3 L motor is used for the vertical movement. A touch sensor is used to detect the bottom position. Watch the video to see a demo: More details will be added later. Enjoy watching and please let me know what you think. Hans
  6. The second build in Breshaun, the red warehouse in the harbour area. It is next to the Matelot Tavern. This shady part of Breshaun beloved by Sea Rats when they arrive in the harbour. Thanks in advance if anyone of you has any feedback. Greetings, Fraunces
  7. The right forklift for every circumstance. My latest build has been commissioned by a german leading pallet truck and forklift manufacturer. I've built the entire line up of its truck range plus three different warehouse scenarios: unload/upload, storage and picking scene. Every scene is fitted with the right forklifts. The three different subjects are the advertising campaign of the company and in these days my work is featured on many logistic and transportation specialized magazines. It's been very challenging and even funny building all the pallet trucks and forklifts and the company has been really satisfied by the work. Below few photos. Unload/upload: Storage: The entire line-up in all its glory : More info and pics on my flickr. Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas to all of you Eurobrickers!
  8. With the evergrowing economy in Trador, MAESTRO founded a warehouse in Puerto Desafio. Due to its central location, it was the perfect base to trade with the surrounding villages. --- Will be licenced as a large commercial property (Challenge 5 (Eslandola) free licence/price for participating in every category) The road was really a struggle :p
  9. lightningtiger

    MOC - Warehouse Style Hardware Store

    Now for my latest hardware store and this one beats all my others hands down. "rt' stands for Rural Traders, a boring name so I call it "rt" The huge glass frontage allows everyone to see all the detailing, and yes it has a roof - a rare thing to come from my drawing board. The pump display gets another outing, but the racking is all new plus the hardware and irrigation merchandisers are also new. The chain saw display contains a fresh saw design - more realistic offset chain drive than the inline city style chain saws. On display also is a red ATV with roll-cage and chunky balloon tyres. Both the chain saw and ATV branding comes under the CITY banner. The irrigation brand is called Rain Brick, based on the real life brand Rain Bird. Garmadon is the brand for fencing and gate hardware, it's real life brand is Gallagher fencing products. Yes, I know and that's why I dropped the Lord bit off Garmadon ;) The chemical department has two products on display in bulk, Muster herbicide (weed killer) based on the brand name Round Up and Brick Chemicals Terrashield soil insecticide based on a Bayor product called Confidor Guard. You can see it's one of my largest builds in a long time, even bigger than my last modular in both build and detailing. Feel free to comment, oh yeah it will hopefully be up on Lego Ideas soon fingers crossed. Thanks for reading everyone and Brick On !
  10. Norton74

    [MOC] Warehouse life

    Hello mates,today I show you my latest MOC: a little diorama of a warehouse. Recently I've visited a warehouse and I was stricken by the layout. The new MOC is complete with pallets, boxes, shelves, hand pallet truck and a fork-lift.Below a couple of pics Thanks for stopping by! Andrea | Norton74
  11. Rumours throughout Corrish New Terra and beyond of a mysterious organisation consisting of some of the richest and most powerful notabilities of Corrington are spreading fast. Not much is known of its purposes and and plans, but hear-say suggests that it is growing more and more influental. Fueling such rumours is the opening of yet another warehouse, this time in King's Harbour on Cocovia. This island is home to some very exotic goods and demand for these in the old world is growing rapidly. Further, the new colonies need manufactured goods and supplies to support their growth and to handle these flows of goods, organisations and infrastructure is rapidly building up. One such is the newly established warehouse in King's Harbour, licensed by the mysterious ETTC. Located on a line of new stone quays inside the cove, it is already bustling with activity, and the store rooms swiftly filling up, creating the need for an extra outhouse for further goods. Barrels of cocoa for the old world, salted pork for the Royal Navy, and gunpowder for its guns are stored and ready for loading onto the next vessel in need. The presence of Ibn al'Sayeed in the upstairs office and store room might suggest Montoyesque involvement in the ETTC. It sure seems like al'Sayeed is the one in charge of this branch, as he conducts all dealings regarding the goods of the warehouse. Further, his crew appears to be handling much of the logistics of the warehouse. Rumours aside, this warehouse is one of the first to open on the harbourfront of King's Harbour, and its imposing facade sets the bar for buildings in this new settlement. The activity is bound to grow over time, and this is surely not the last warehouse to open its doors in New Terra. _________________________ A warehouse for the ETTC, which will be licensed as a medium commerce. C&C welcome.
  12. LittleJohn

    Nordheim Docks

    This is the first module of a large collab build that Isaac and I are building for Brickfair, Virginia. We’ll be posting one new module a week. The warehouse has a full interior and working doors. I would like to claim UoP credits for the following: Landscape Design: snow and ice Hydrology: still water Anthropology: life in Mitgardia The docks of Nordheim are a busy and bustling place during the summer, but once winter arrives and the ice forms, things quiet down considerably. Still, ice fishing is a popular past time, and dock workers still inspect the warehouses to make sure all the goods are where they belong. More pictures on Brickbuilt C&C very much appreciated
  13. I have some difficulties in placing this topic in correct section. Should it be Trains? On the other hand it is supposed to work in a modular town, that's why I put it in Town. This is my biggest creation so far. Actually those are two modulars designed to be placed together on a display. The depth is 48 studs instead of regular 32 because of tracks and platform. I decided it was unrealistic to stick to 32 and still have decent building. Anyway, on with presentation :) What I hope is apparent from the picture above is that I incorporated some lights into these structures. The old 9V battery box is in the warehouse and gives power to all six pairs of lights (2x 9V in warehouse and 4x PF in station). There is also old style 9V switch that controls turning lights on and off without the need to reach for the battery box (black switch on the side of the warehouse). Before I show you the warehouse let's have a look at the platform: The warehouse: This is how the electric parts are distributed in the warehouse. You can also see the inside with some pallets and a cupboard for employees. Now, let's have a look at the station building: First - the roof. This is where I put all the lights that go with the station. This is how it looks like from the underside: That's 4 pairs of PF lights, one PF extension cable and one 9V cable to provide easy to disconnect outlet. The station itself has some nice flowers on the front, benches for passengers, some roof over the platform and a phone booth. That's what you could already see from the outside. So let's have a look inside :) There is a bit o a stir at the moment because of some careless passenger. Don't worry - this is being cleaned as we speak :) Looking from the front of the station you have confectionery that sells ice cream too and on the right your typical railway station fast food stand (with microwave in case your yesterday pizza is cold! :D) Looking from the platform side on the left there are some tables belonging to the restaurant, ticket booth and some waiting area. On the right there is an obligatory public toilet :), two gaming machines and luggage deposit lockers. If you wonder how it looks in town - its natural environment - here are just a couple of pictures: Full gallery is available as always on my Bricksafe:
  14. Weelond, like Bardo, is a company town, and the company keeps it busy! At the MCTC warehouse, cargo handlers are busy sorting crates and barrels of the latest trade goods. Trade is the lifeblood of this settlement on An Holli. Corn, cotton, and textiles are the primary exports currently (although there are rumors that rum and ale may soon be produced locally), and various exotic foodstuffs and equipment are imported. Local MCTC officials are anxious to see more properties go up in Weelond. * * * * * A couple of new pictures have surfaced of this warehouse. Apparently there's more to it than initially illustrated. The warehouse extends well back from the street front. A side alley allows the workers to move goods out of the main street while they work. But they better watch what they're doing. Two pigs have escaped!
  15. This was a really fun build, that let me try a few new things: mainly the curved roof design, and using the new lavendar leaves. The crane and doors actually work, and the posts of the dock go down into the ‘ice’. There’s a full interior as usual. You can see tutorials for both the lower roof, and curved roof. The city of Daydelon has many warehouses, most are equipped with a crane, and large doors on the second floor for easy unloading of cargo. In the summer, boats are harbored at the dock, but the winters of Mitgardia are so cold, that carts and wagons can be driven on top of the ice. See more pictures on my website, here. Feedback always appreciated
  16. dr_spock

    [MOC] Order Picker

    I made a little order picker and warehouse rack for my daily photo project. I took a forklift course last year and was told to always wear a safety harness when working at height. This could happen if you don't. Day 148 of 365: Order Picker by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  17. And I've finally caught up to my Flickr posts...
  18. legofrik

    MOC Railroad warehouse

    Nothing special. Just an old railroad warehouse.
  19. Hi All, This is the last section of my castle - the Warehouse. A cart has just loaded up and is heading off. Now that I've completed all 12 sections I now have to put it all together for some photos. C&C welcome. Thanks.
  20. Wedge09

    Steelworks Warehouse

    Here we are with another industrial MOC: Steelworks Warehouse. Steelworks often employ trains for the handling of materials and finished products and this is the case: at one of the warehouse, we can see a wagon awaiting to be delivered with a steel beam on, two workers controlling some data about it and, near them, two section bars waiting to be loaded too. In front of the wareouse there are two conducts going over the railroad coming from the main sectio of the steelworks. I'm really enjoying building contemporary industrial MOC, I find a lot of inspiration from browsing in DeviantArt photograpy and this time I decided to do one finished, depicting a place still active. I'm thinking about another one and I think it will be a ruined one, so stay tuned! C&C are always welcome, I hope you Enjoy!